Words Of The Spirit

MESSAGE SPOKEN Jan. 14, 2022

I speak to you this day and I say that the world is busy blowing its own horn about love. However they love they are declaring does not last longer than a day as the flowers fade and the chocolates melt and the love passes away. Love is more and that yet the world in its shallowness follows after the vanity of a passing love that is gone by the following day or the day after that. I do not call My people to such vanity. I call My people to commitment whereby they stay true to Me no matter what the consequences are of the same. The ones who are truly worthy of My Son are the ones who keep His commandments and are faithful until the end. Therefore is this wayward and perverse generation thank Me that you can walk in the integrity I desire in My own. So many have turned aside to the perversions of this age and think in the same they find love, all that they really find is confusion and delusion. Never did I intend for men to be giving themselves to other men, nor did I intend for women to be enraptured with one another. In the beginning I made them male and female, there is no third or fourth sex at all in My divine plan. However they are the ones who have sought out many inventions and thereby caused themselves to become abomination unto Me. I do not call My true ones to abomination, I call them to walk uprightly. I do not alter My standard for the world or the generations and their crafty intentions. My standard remains and those who desire Me will walk in My Standard of Holiness, not turning unto the practices of the heathen round about. Thank Me that True Love is True Commitment.


Dear Jesus, I come to you with all the sins I've committed and I beg you to forgive me. Rescue me from eternal damnation in Hellfire. I confess that I am a sinner and that I cannot save myself. Don't let me die in my sins. Please cleanse my body, soul and spirit with your precious blood. I need your help and I ask you to come and live in my heart. I want to serve you, obey your commands and do what is right. I want to live for you everyday and receive everlasting life. Please lead and guide me by your Spirit into righteousness. Help me live a clean and holy life that is pleasing unto God. Thank you Jesus for hearing and answering my prayer. Amen! Read the BIBLE!

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