Valorizing Gay Marriage

General James Green

I SAW THIS TITLE on the internet for the first time. I thought about how utterly rebellious the GLBTQ activists are. What I mean, is that they will stop at nothing to MAKE the non-GLBTQ people miserable. Of course that is their intent: make them miserable enough to CAVE IN to their anti-Christ, anti-Christian, and anti-Bible agenda.

In an article previous to this one, I quoted lesbian activist and author Suzanne Pharr (“Homophobia, a Weapon of Sexism,” 1997, p. 45):

“So what do lesbians want? We want the elimination of homophobia. We are seeking equality … the elimination of homophobia requires that homosexual identity be viewed as viable and legitimate and as normal…”

I also pointed to Goal #26 of the Communist Party USA, from the Congressional record, Jan. 10, 1963, which states:

“Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as NORMAL, NATURAL, HEALTHY.” This anti-Biblical goal has been in the making ever since.

Isn’t this the BIG FUSS in America right now — “gay rights” (whatever the word ‘gay’ means!)?

Pharr writes: “Equality is more than tolerance, compassion, understanding, acceptance, benev-olence, for these still come from a place of implied superiority.”

Well, isn’t that just real smart of her? We who believe in God’s revealed Word, His Son Jesus, who died to set men and women FREE from sexual sins/abominations, are supposed to deny the Father, Son, and the Holy Bible in order to make sister Boo-Hoo happy! Oh, the HUBRIS!! God’s Word never even hints at such a thing. Get serious people, stop supporting those rebellious people and pray for their salvation. Her request (a command?) is typical of their whole movement.


VALOR MEANS: “Courage and boldness, as in battle; bravery.” Valorize means: “to establish and maintain the price of (a commodity), by governmental action.” So, “valorizing gay marriage” is a governmental job, not “we the people” as in the Constitution. This CRAP would have never passed if left to the people. This country was built upon Biblical principles, which abhor sodomy and sodomites. I have a dozen free booklets on this subject. Read for yourselves what the Bible says about “unnatural” sex and godly marriage.

If the people of America really wanted this moribund culture of death, there would be no need for valorizing it. The whole homosexual agenda is to destroy the little godliness left in this nation (the heterosexual perverts have done a fine job of tearing down their share too!). This “Pink Osmosis” really STINKS to high Heaven.

The Homosexual Movement is trenchant, and IN YOUR FACE as much as possible. Too bad the Church isn’t—it is languid to say the least…leaving the “good fight of faith” to a very, very few who will “contend for the faith.”

Actually, all along, the Church has had dastard bastards within, such as Jude mentions in his epistle: “certain men have crept in stealthily…impious, profane, ungodly persons who PERVERT the grace of our God into lawlessness and wantonness and immorality…” (v. 4).

Now there are whole Churches/denominations/ organizations that fight against, not for, God and His Word. Jude likens them to the PERVERTS of Sodom, Gomorrah and adjacent towns that were given to sexual vice of all kinds, especially male with male homosexuality. Second Peter 2:1 speaks about the same kind of perverts who introduce heretical/damnable doctrines. There were curmudgeon persons in the days of the early Church, persons “ill-tempered and full of stubborn ideas or opinions” — CONTRARY TO GOD! Such people have multiplied over the centuries. Is it any wonder that the Church is a WHORE??

Let’s remind those 5 liberal judges that passed the same-sex marriage ruling that the American public did not elect them. They do not represent the majority of Americans. Those who are guilty of marital alchemy will give an account to THE universal JUDGE, God Almighty. These 5 PAGANS in black robes are an ABOMINATION themselves, not to mention the abomination they favored above God’s eternal marital law of one man with one woman for life.

Chief Justice John Roberts basically called these “five lawyers” a national disgrace: “Do not celebrate the Constitution, it had nothing to do with it.”

He is right too.

The truth is that God’s institution of marriage is forever fixed and immovable, centrally defined by its binary male/man with female/woman requirement. This is what America always stood for until a few queers raised HELL!

The Acts 5:29 Stand

“WE MUST OBEY GOD rather than men.” We have released several teachings recently on this text, that address Romans 13 also. These teachings are called: “The Solution to the Pollution is Bloody Revolution” — 5 parts by me and several other teachings on this “Pink Stink” revolution by General Deborah. There’s lots of footage to go along with these teachings (about 8 hours altogether).

Matt Barber, founder and editor-in-Chief of BarbWire, who is an attorney on Constitutional law to boot, writes: “There are those who will prefer the path of least resistance and will cite, out of context, various Scriptures in order to avoid the possible persecution that may come as a result of obedience to God. For example: ‘Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God’” (Romans 13:1).

That verse is the springboard of my 5 part teaching. One needs to know that Romans really teaches on obedience and disobedience.

Let it be known that the constitutional republic of America is formed up by “We The People,” therefore, they are the governing authorities, not the unelected or elected officials in congress or the pink house—the latter are hired help, subject to the people … and we ALL SHOULD BE SUBJECT TO GOD. Here is America’s problem: the majority are NOT in any way subject to the Higher Power, JESUS CHRIST THE LORD. THAT WAS, “LORD”!!!

Could this be one of the reasons, or THE reason, all this governmental takeover is upon the land? God has told us: “IT IS!”

Let it be said that the 9 unelected, unaccountable justices on the U.S.S.C. (U.S. Supreme Court) are appointed and confirmed by the elected officials we hire to represent the U.S. So, 5 out of 9 have defied the majority of the people of this land who still believe in and defend Biblical marriage which God instituted centuries ago. No one has the right to abrogate this institution.

Now we have a full-blown “Pink, Putrid” revolution…anything goes no matter how repugnant and lawless.

Where Do YOU Stand?

I KNOW WHERE we here at ACMTC stand: We stand with God, His Son, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible (not the Queen James either!). We refuse to bow to this very sick government, refuse to fear the queer, refuse to participate in and approve of or encourage rebellion against God’s Word that upholds clear-cut GODLY standards on sexual conduct. This is our human right to refuse, our civil right, and our spiritual right.

America is PAGAN! Most Churches have turned PAGAN! The whole Homosexual Movement is a culture of (pink) death: it is rotten and it stinks.

To Hell with all you who command/demand us to surrender our Christian faith. I mean this! While I believe in obeying the JUST LAWS of the land, I DO NOT, AND I WILL NOT OBEY IMMORAL ONES. Romans 13 plainly tells us:

“For civil authorities are not a terror to (people of) good conduct” (v. 3). This is the way God intends it to be. But, as we are seeing, the civil authorities have become terrorists!!

If we drop on down to v. 13 we find this admonition:

“Let us live and conduct ourselves honorably and becomingly as in the (open light of) day; not in reveling and drunkenness (one can be drunk on sexing also!), not in immorality and debauchery (sensuality/licentiousness)…”

One might want to look up those words. The civil government is supposed to deal with those who are “bad” — immoral. This is why Paul stresses Christian behavior that should be above reproach (if not, God’s ministers will deal with you).

Nowhere in Paul’s writings does he make accommodation for sinful behavior. He calls on the believers at Rome to: “lay aside the works of darkness” (v. 12). One translation uses words like: “wild partying and bouts of drunkenness, sleeping around...” (or: “sexual excesses”; koitai, related to G2845), and “unrestrained and depraved sexuality” (aselgeiai, related to G766, or: acts of licentiousness, debauchery).

There was a time in America that sexual perverts (hetero or homo) were arrested! Now, the ones who PROTEST sexual misconduct are considered the “bad” people, the “evil doers.”

Depraved sexuality needs to be “laid aside,” along with the other vices referred to in Rom. 13:13 (“unrestrained sexual activity” figures prominently in the middle of Rom. 13:13; see also 1 Tim. 1:9-10 and note the very end of 2 Cor. 12:20-21; these two references are two lists, the second of which deals only with “uncleanness and sexual immorality,” or porneia, G4202, and “licentiousness”).

Damned Supreme Court!

WHAT THE U.S.S.C. did was damn this nation by encouraging unBiblical, unnatural, and unhealthy behavior under the guise of “love.” Look at what Paul says in v. 14:

“…make no provision for (indulging) the flesh — put a STOP to thinking about the evil cravings of your physical nature — to (gratify its) desires (lusts)” (Amplified Bible).

So, dear “Homo Christian” and all other perverts, why are you celebrating what the Bible tells you to put a STOP to? Hubris Rebellion!

The word “desires” in Greek (epithymiais, related to G1939) means: “desire, yearning; (also) longing, passion; (generally) appetite; (especially) sexual desire, lust” (see BAGD). Desire can be positive, but also negative; when found in a vice list it is negative. Paul uses epithumia in a negative sense to refer to the desires of the sinful impulse (we all have to deal with this demon!) operating in the Spiritless-flesh of human existence (see also Rom. 6:12; 13:14; Gal. 5:16-24; Eph. 2:3; 4:22; etc.).

The fact is that the sinful epithumia (“desire”) was not restricted to unbridled or illicit forms of sexual lust, but Paul used it in relation to what he was writing in that context. So, the negative valence for epithumia is mandated by the context. One ought to look up all those Greek words that relate to sexual behavior (negatively) and do a word study. I have done my homework, folks; therefore, these GLBTQ “pinkos” cannot fool me with word games, and I challenge them all.

Murder on Demand

SINCE ABORTION (oops! I mean MURDER) was legalized by the U.S.S.C. in 1973, America has been going down, down, down.

Now we have a new battlefront to deal with: the legalization of “gay” marriage. This is nothing but the continuation of the Communist agenda or The Sexual Revolution of the sixties…where sentiment was detached from reason. In this revolution (against godliness), romance and love (induced by music and drugs) became the “light” to shine in a brighter way, (not that ol’ Churchified light of do’s and don’ts /sexual restrictions, etc.) — whereby all prohibitions against fornication, adultery, incest, homosexuality, bestiality etc. could and would be broken. With all this came the “right to murder,” e.g., abortion, on demand.

So, with enough demanding of “rights,” the perverts have nationalized, acclaimed, and even celebrated SIN. Hello! Is anyone listening?

This erosion of morals (that started way before the sixties) prepared the WAY for the next step: “Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with social religion. DISCREDIT THE BIBLE AND EMPHASIZE THE NEED FOR INTELLECTUAL MATURITY WHICH DOES NOT NEED A RELIGIOUS CRUTCH” (Goal #27 of the Communist Party of America). Hello! Is anyone listening out there?

The Pill for a Thrill!

THE COMMIE REVOLUTION was well on its way…now the Church gets involved (by backsliding gradually). Unabashedly hedonistic, all areas of American society were affected.

Women could now have sex without worry when in 1960 the FDA approved the sale of a pill that would eventually have a great impact on America—the contraceptive pill…the “liberating drug” (that came in before the real “drug culture” got underway). This, in turn, fueled the feminist and pro-choice movements, and, of course, encouraged more open attitudes towards sex. But “the pill” was only one way, the “MURDERING OF THE UNBORN” was also an option. Love and marriage (monogamous marriage) were pushed aside as the 60's generation seized LIBERATION…and “LIBERATION” became the New Left “gospel.” Who needed restrictions?... “free love” in “free fall.”


AMERICA GRADUALLY became a society where it was “forbidden to forbid,” where godliness had NO place, and unbridled lust was the new guy/gal on the block. Biblical prohibitions became irrelevant: “If it felt good, do it!” Forward to 2015: “We’re here, we’re queer!” The GLBTQ people are America’s new standard-bearers (but God isn’t done with them!)

Goal #25 of the Communist Party USA reads thus: “Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in all forms of culture in America.” Hello! Is anyone out there?

Goal #40 reads thus: “Discredit the family as an institution.” Need I say “Hello! is anyone paying attention!”??? This is what valorizing “gay marriage” is all about. The queers want to disrupt the whole non-homo way of life; they want to take children (by adoption or other means) and raise them in a perverted way of life…EVEN MOLEST THEM. This “pink” osmosis (the gradual process of assimilation/ absorption) is well on its way. Duh!

Ode to satan!

WE MIGHT CALL this whole revolution — against God — “Ode to satan.” Am I saying that satan is greater than God? NO! I’m saying that all 3 institutions in America — Family, State, and Church — have, over a period of time, yielded to the demons in the land, and not to God. But the war is not over. Actually, God is using this to separate the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the tares, and the godly from the ungodly. He is very much in control.

While you churchites have been content on “playing the whore” on God, satan has raised up his church — these people are very religious. In fact, they are far more committed to his cause (which is DEATH!) than you are to His cause (ETERNAL LIFE!). If you had been awake, this whole watering down of truth and CHASING SIN (shall we bring up the “Interfaith Movement”?!) would not have grown strong. You have allowed perverts of all persuasions to infiltrate your ranks, in the subtle guise of “dialogue” and such BULL! And you perpetuate their poison that promotes GLBTQ sins and sinners.    


Soulforce defines itself as “an interfaith movement committed to ending spiritual violence perpetuated by religious policies and teachings against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people.”

What follows is Soulforce’s primary goal:

“We believe that religion has become the primary source of false and inflammatory misinformation about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people. Fundamentalist Christians teach that we are ‘sick’ and ‘sinful.’ Liberal Christian denominations teach that we are ‘incompatible with Christian teaching.’ Most conservative and liberal denominations refuse to marry us or ordain us for ministry. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that our orientation is ‘objectively disordered’ and our acts of intimacy ‘intrinsically evil.’ They teach that we should not marry, adopt, co-parent, teach children, coach youth or serve in the military. Members of Dignity (the Catholic GLBT organization) are refused the use of Church property and the presence of a priest to conduct a Dignity Mass. We believe these teachings lead to discrimination, suffering and death. Our goal is to confront and eventually replace these tragic untruths with the truth that we are God’s children, too, created, loved, and accepted by God exactly as we are.”

But all this about denominations not accepting them is changing now.

What these rebels mean by “Dignity” is “ABOMINATION” to God. They are right that “these teachings lead to discrimination,” for God’s Word PLAINLY DISCRIMINATES!! Got it? As far as “suffering and death” goes, you perverts have brought this upon yourselves. Did the conservative Church give you all your diseases…that have killed millions? NO! And as far as your last plea to be “loved and accepted by God exactly as we are,” IT WON’T HAPPEN.

God’s Word PLAINLY speaks of both “love” and “hate,” not just “love” (order our two magazines on “The Wrath of God,” and read for yourselves, if you’ve got the guts, what His Word really declares — not what we, His ministers declare).

Culture of SEX Idolatry

LET’S BE HONEST, America has, for years plus years plus years, pushed sex. Grant it, it was simply “straight” sex, but it was nevertheless sex idolatry. Sex sells, but immoral sex also DAMNS! All one has to do is look at Esquire or Vanity Fair magazines: page after page of almost nudity. Women are presented as sex objects, and men are no better. And it’s all to “advertise clothing” (or the lack of it!). We could list hundreds of magazines that are totally “sexual,” not to mention movies, T.V. shows, etc. We are a nation POSSESSED with SEX. Now we have perverted sex to contend with, GLBTQers plus pederasty, prostitution, etc. Persuasion is the key: selling filth to the public.

Straight and natural sex between husband and wife (man and woman) is “normal.” Now the Homo Movement wants and even DEMANDS “normalization.” This war to normalize what is “unnatural” is a social, ethical, and moral conceptual war that transcends both the legal and scientific realms, and the weapon is PERVERTED PERSUASION.

It is Said…

“FALSE ETHICS presuppose a false worldview.”

This is what we are facing now:

* adultery, fornication, incest, and GLBTQ stuff is “good, not bad”;

* the Bible needs upgraded;

* who really needs God?;

* we are god; we establish our own ethics, morals, conduct, philosophies, and theologies.

The SICK ethics of our day stem from a SICK worldview and a DISTORTED moral foundation.

Now the BIG PUSH is transgenderism/ androgyny (which is a combination of lifestyles that are gender-typical/gender-atypical). It is sheer INSANITY to even flirt with this demonic stuff, yet this is the latest DARLING on the “pink” block to get media coverage. The desire to mix male/female into a new androgynous gender lies at the core of this sick and perverted homo ideology (we can thank Harry Hay for this SICKNESS — he was the founder of the Mattachine Society who even went so far as to say, “We, the androgynes of the world…”). Hay, Foucault, Mollenkott and lots more, view themselves as “special messengers/ambassadors for God.”

We meet some androgynous berdaches at our prayer booth (every Saturday) in Gallup, New Mexico — at a Native American market. We pray for these deranged souls. We have seen some, over the past 8 years we’ve been there, come to the Lord Jesus. And we have seen even more gays/lesbians/ bisexuals/queers come to Jesus. Some of the Natives are the counterparts of the Radical Faeries which H. Hay founded in 1979. Hay believed that gay men were spiritually different from other people. And they are...they are AS DESPERATELY LOST AS THEY CAN BE. Hay’s demonic radicalism had its roots in dissenting religious groups like the Levelers, Quakers, Ranters, and Diggers. All this demon activity is now within many religious “Christian” organizations.

So, my dear readers, are you going to hide from all this, or are you going to enlist in GOD’S ARMY?

The Homosexual Movement has crescendoed to a cacophony: the sound of “destroy Christianity” is loud and clear…and it’s queer! Hay had a holy hatred for God’s morality. He ranted about Judeo-Christian “oppression.” Trust me, Biblical Christianity will NEVER be overthrown; get used to it, GLBTQ rebels!

Nowadays, what passes off as Christianity is mere Churchianity, and the “Babylonian Jesus” is its founder. I have been preaching against this Babylonian Jesus for over 4 decades now. Actually, today’s modern Church is a religious cult (with few exceptions): an absurd cult that is joyfully deceived into believing that it is God’s possession. HA! It is of the DEVIL!!

The Root: Opposing God’s Purpose For Marriage

MARRIAGE BETWEEN ONE man and ONE woman is what Jesus upheld (search the Scriptures, see for yourselves). Intercourse was not just for pleasure (although God is not opposed to it), but for procreation and the consequent upbringing of children. The whole GLBTQ movement is the exact opposite. So, with all honesty, how can it be godly? Only in their minds it is (read Eph. 5:25-33 if you will). Sexual “lust” devastates both the individual and the social order: lust enslaves, chastity frees! Godly chastity liberates men and women from the tyranny and terrorization of concupiscence. Sadly, lust is too often found in the heterosexual camp too, even in marriage contexts.

The Push…is Over?

WELL, THE PUSH to legalize same-sex marriage is over…or is it? I think it is not. I read my share of books building up to June, 2015. Most advocates are typical of what Prof. C. Feldblum describes: “Real Change will come when the public recognizes gay love not just as morally neutral, but as morally good, to the same extent that straight love is good” (quoted in Laura Secor’s “Rainbow Warriors”). Note his words: “...when the public recognizes gay love...” Well, most Americans have not recognized it; hence, the valorizing of gay marriage.