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Fear Of Man

Gen. Deborah Green

P RAISE GOD. Welcome to Battle Cry Sounding/Battle Cry Pounding. Yes, it's true that our God reigns, and our God moves, and our God is triumphant, and our God is victorious, and He is the ONE that we are meant to fear, and He is the One that we are meant to trust in all of our days.

Now, today we're going to be reading out of Isaiah chapter 8, and I'm in the Amplified version. And the name of this message is, "Fear of Man."

Now, having been a refugee from the hippie revolution—thank God I found my refuge in Jesus Christ and not in marijuana—but the big tenet of those days was the fear of THE MAN. Everybody was living in the grips of the fear of the man—that you would be caught with your little bag of marijuana, or you would be caught with smoke on your breath, or a seed between your teeth, or something that indicated that you were of the counter-culture, and that you were doing the forbidden.

NOW THE FORBIDDEN IS THE STATUS-QUO. And all the states are rushing to legalize marijuana so they can get the tax money off of it. But, don't kid yourself, it will be taken away from them by the feds, that is the federal government, the bigger man. So, even the state man is going to have to live in fear of the bigger man—the federal man.

So, always there is, in cultures, in societies, in nations, this element of the fear of man. And as I started out to say, when we were young, stupid, dull, and dumb, and idol-worshippers of marijuana, and other forbidden substances, that we lived under this thing of the fear of man.

You know, like they said, "paranoia runs deep, and into your heart it will creep," because it takes you over. And it motivates your very actions, and in your mind you are always scheming how you can ESCAPE the man, and the man's not even there. But in your mind, and in your paranoid state of being, the man is always there. And what is that? THAT'S FEAR.

Now, God doesn't want us to collapse to fear; because we are living in a time when the man is a crook, and the man is a pervert, and the man is the spearhead of an evil agenda that's been thought up, conspired, and brought forth by other evil men. And so, we are living in a time when this kind of fear, that is the fear of man, is everywhere.

And, you know, everyday you hear of a new conspiracy, every day you hear of a new plot to kill, to steal, to destroy, to take your life, to destroy your children, to steal your inheritance, to cause you to be, you know, just devastated. SO, THE RAMPAGING OF FEAR IS THROUGHOUT THIS LAND, AND THAT IS A PUNISHMENT BY GOD BECAUSE, AS A NATION, WE STOPPED FEARING GOD. We stopped fearing God, and we took up all the fears that accompany, that plague, that pursue the heathen.

But, the thing of it is, let's listen to what God has to say to us today—because it's important that we pay heed to it, that we do not succumb to fear, that we do not get overwhelmed by fear, and devastated by fear that is raging, rampaging, and taking over humankind at large, and especially here in this nation that once feared God. Because, God will punish us with the very things that we put before Him.

Now, respect of persons is a big sin that needs to be repented of by God's own people in this Repentance Revolution that God is bringing forth, and the only ones that will be repenting are those that have an ear to hear.

Now, the sad part is that many of those who profess that they are God's people will never repent. That is, they will never turn from darkness, they will never turn from iniquity, they will never turn from corruption, but they will be in the throes of all those vices; because of what? Because they've chosen in opposition to the Lord. They will always be bound—because they've chosen in opposition to God.

Now, God does not want us to oppose Him, but God wants us to cooperate with Him. And if we learn what it is that God desires, and we are seeking to be well-pleasing to God, then we can put our total trust in Him, and not in the circumstance, not in the times, not in the Obama-trauma, not in the, you know, cracking and devastating of the stock market, not in the earthquakes, or the hurricanes, or the tornadoes that God sends; but rather WE CAN HAVE OUR CONFIDENCE IN OUR GOD, RUNNING INTO HIM AS THE HIGH TOWER OF SAFETY.

Now, God wants His people to trust Him. I am not supposed to be trusting in the Bank of America; I'm supposed to be trusting in God. And see, God will allow things in our lives to shake us up—to see if we're going to live under the shadow of Egypt, that is the fear of man, or if we're going to live in the righteousness, the strength, and the truth that's found in Almighty God.

Ok, and, He will put us into trials that show us where we fear men—more than we fear Him. And He will do that to see, “What is it we're going to choose? Am I going to choose to lose by fearing man, or am I going to chose to be identified with the winner—who is Jesus Christ the Lord, and take whatever repercussions God allows me to have by trusting in Him?” See, we have to FACE THOSE REALITIES, and make the choices that align ourselves with God—rather than with the fear of man.

Now, in Isaiah chapter 8, beginning in verse 11, I am reading, as I told you, out of the Amplified version, and here's what it says. Now, this is Isaiah speaking what God spoke to him. And He says, "For the Lord spoke thus to me with His strong hand [upon me], and warned and instructed me not to walk in the way of this people, saying…"

Ok, we are living in a time, when if we are going to truly follow the Lord, we have to walk circumspectly. In other words, we can't join in everybody's conspiracy fellowship. There are thousands of conspiracies in this country. There are conspiracies to undermine our health. There are conspiracies to make us have to partake of pollutants in the air, you know, the chem-trails. There are conspiracies to make us drink fluoridated water, and take in all the repercussions of that.

There are conspiracies to absolutely devastate the food source by the genetically modified products that are coming forth; and there are conspiracies to kill off the kids with vaccinations and cause the adults to get all kinds of diseases and die prematurely; and oh, there's just every kind of conspiracy.

There's financial conspiracy, there's political conspiracy, there are all kinds of conspiracy with reference to education—like conspiring to turn every male into a homosexual, and every female into a lesbian. There are conspiracies to get babies aborted before they're even conceived. I mean UNBELIEVABLE CONSPIRACIES.

Ok, but, God is not wanting us, as He said to Isaiah, "Don't align yourself with those anti-conspiracy conspiracies. DON'T ALIGN YOURSELF WITH THAT." In other words, "Don't take on those coverings." Why? Because those coverings are fear. Not the fear of God, but the FEAR OF MAN. So He's telling Isaiah, "Don't be a dupe; don't be seduced into that thinking."

You know, my husband has had association in times past with many males of the patriot movement here in America. My husband is not a patriot, but he has had association with them—in the sense that HE'S BORE WITNESS TO THEM OF WHAT GOD IS SAYING—rather than the fear that they are living under—of the man, or the government. But, in all of those years, they have no resolution. They have no goal—other than short-sighted, a shoot-out with the government. Ok, a shoot-out with the government, what a future, what a goal to aspire to acquire!

You know, we know guys that have entire houses full of guns and ammo. And what's going to be the end of that? Their own death. Their blood shed for nothing. I mean there's no desire to see souls redeemed; there's not even a concern for their own soul; it's just "Where can you buy the bullets? Where can you get the guns? And where can you stock up for this great day when you're going to have a shoot-out with the man?"

YOU'RE NOT GOING TO WIN AGAINST THE MAN. The only way we can win in this present evil generation folks, is to STAY RIGHT WITH GOD, and to choose God everyday. I don't live in some invention of my own little mind that I'm going to be able to have this big shoot out with the government, and I'm going to come forth as the hero—the Joan of arc of the age, and you know, everybody's going to follow behind me, and I'll ride in on a white horse and be the victor. That's utter stupidity. Or, maybe I'll just drive in a white Mercedes or something, and everybody will say, "Oh, Hoo-rah, hoo-rah!"

Where do they get these ideas that they can prevail against the forces of evil by their own strength? THEY GET THESE IDEAS FROM PRIDE. Pride is a deceiver, and pride loves to spin the web of deception over your mind that you'll follow that—rather than the Living God.

So, what I'm saying is, you have to separate yourselves mentally from these anti-conspiracy conspiracies—because if you don't, your mind will get contaminated by the same deception of pride and delusion that will make you think that you're going to be ON YOUR OWN STRENGTH, some great victor. The truth of it is, all we'll be is a heap of blood, and guts poured out for nothing. And then our bodies will be taken off somewhere, put in a ditch, covered over, and that will be the end of us.

So, what we need to do, is realize that hey, we're called for an ETERNAL DESTINY in the Living God, and we are meant to tell other souls about the privilege that they have to repent, to get it right with God, to walk uprightly in God, to be kept in God.

Ok, and we have that privilege given to us—through Jesus Christ the Lord, the Savior, the Redeemer, the One who calls ALL MEN to repent. So, we need to grab hold of that, and convey that to as many people as we can in our lifetime—that we're not under the fear of man, but rather that we live in the fear of God, trusting in Him, believing in Him, and looking to Him as our life source.

So, going on it says, and this is God giving Isaiah the warning that he needed because of what was going on in the land. "Do not call conspiracy [or hard, or holy] all that this people will call conspiracy [or hard, or holy]; neither be in fear of what they fear, nor [make others afraid and] in dread."

So, in other words, He's saying that each one of them, in their little particular sects of conspiracy-fear are going to be covered with certain elements of fear. He's saying, "Don't take those fears on you, don't be covered with their covering, don't give way to that."

Because why? Because it will take you away from God, and you will find yourself governed by those fears—rather than governed by the Almighty God. Now, who are we, as true believers meant to be governed by? No one but God.

Ok, so going on, and it says, "The Lord of hosts—regard Him as holy and honor His holy name [by regarding Him as your only hope of safety]…" So, what's it saying? It's saying, "Don't look to this group, don't look to that element, don't look to these ones over here, and even when you hear somebody that may be telling the truth about the situation, if they do not lead you to Jesus Christ, if they do not give you the hope that's found in Him, if they do not give you the light upon the path that only He can provide.” What do they give you? Fear of man. THE FEAR OF MAN.

Oh, they say, "You know, this radio commentator really tells it like it is, and man he's right on, and you guys ought to tune in to him because he's really slamming it, and he's really telling it." But where is he leaving you? Where is he leaving you? Fear of the wicked agenda, or agendas. FEAR.

And then you got the green people, and oh, they can tell you how the earth is being destroyed, and every bite you take is generically modified, and your water is fluoridated, and your teeth are going to come out of your mouth, and your hair is going to fall out, and you're going to have birth control pills for all males—because you're drinking it in your water, and on, and on, and on. And that corn chip you just ate is a GM corn chip and you're going to die before tomorrow.

And you know, I'm not saying that's falsehood. Some of it is very clear, truthful warning. But, where does it leave you? Where does it leave you? You can't even eat your food because it's GM food. So, what are you going to do? Go look for an organic garden in Alaska? I mean the thing of it is, what I'm saying is, yes, there are things to be alert about, but WE CANNOT RESOLVE THOSE ISSUES when they are much bigger than we are.

And I could get myself a sign, and I could parade around for the next 90 years crying out against the evils that are found in this country; but I can't do anything for anybody, and even myself, if I am not rooted and grounded, and CENTERED UPON CHRIST JESUS as my only hope, and as my Lord.

Now, if I'm carrying a sign that says, "REPENT, AND TURN TO JESUS," then there's validity in my activity. But, if I'm carrying a sign that says, "Save the whales," then I'm lost. And I'm giving nobody anything except the same fears that govern me. So, that's why He's warning, God is warning Isaiah, "Hey, don't take on their coverings, don't take on their fears, don't live where they are at."

Going on here it says, "The Lord God of hosts—regard Him as holy and honor His holy name [by regarding Him as your only hope of safety], and let Him be your fear and let Him be your dread…"

Now, see, we have a conjectured vision, imagination of God in this generation, "You're not supposed to fear God because He's your good buddy. You're not supposed to dread displeasing God because God doesn't care what you do, just so long as you pay your tithes and name His name, you've got it made. And He's really just santa claus in disguise, and all He really wants to do is get your christmas list so He can give you His presents all year long, and you can go around and teach a bless-me gospel, and a prosperity gospel, and all kinds of lies;" because you're living for a FALSE GOD.

But, the God of the Bible is the God that we are meant to fear. And, we are meant to dread to displease Him. Because He does have a wrath side, and He's sorely displeased with the sins of humanity, and He will ventilate His wrath, His fury, His indignation—if men persist and insist in their sin. So, what God is educating Isaiah is, "THE ONE YOU'RE MEANT TO FEAR IS ME. THE ONE YOU ARE MEANT TO FEAR IS ME." And that same truth is relevant, and evident for our day that we are meant to fear God. I'm not supposed to be fearing o, or o., or O. I'm meant to be fearing GOD.

So, going on here, it says, "[lest you offend Him by your fear of man and distrust of Him]." So, what it's saying is, "If you are fearing man, you are distrusting God." So, if you are distrusting God, what are you doing? You're giving more power to man, than you are to God. You're saying that the Obama-Trauma, which will not last forever, an emperor will not remain on the throne forever, but you're saying that the Obama-Trauma has more relativity in your life than the power of Jesus Christ the Lord.

And when you do that, you are offending God, I am offending God, and when we take any kind of a conspiracy, and attribute to that more power than God has, we are literally shoving God off and replacing Him with this element of the fear of man. And can you imagine what a grief that is to God—that we would rather fear men in all of their agendas, and oh, the elite.

Everybody loves to get on the ELITE HORSE, and ride the elite: “The elite this, and the elite that, the elite this, the elite that” and you know what? All the elite is, is a bunch of people with some money. "Well, they control the world's wealth!" So what? God can destroy the whole world if He chooses to, and all the wealth, and all the elite members. So why should we fear them? because our God is greater, and our Father has the cattle on a thousand hills.

OUR GOD IS RICHER THAN THEY WILL EVERY BE, with even all of their wealth combined—because all of their riches are earthly riches that pass away. And our God has eternal riches, and if we follow after Him, we'll have the riches that remain.

So why do we fear the elite? Because we're taught to, and because we take on the covering of these conspiracy buffs, and because we take on the coverings of these commentators, and these writers, and all these people that are yes, giving warning, but no hope.

Hey, it's one thing to WARN, but it's another thing to GIVE HOPE. And you can listen to the greatest, most clever, most adept of speech radio, or television, or commentator, but if they don't give you any hope, where do you end when it's over? When the program's over, where do you end? TREMBLING IN FEAR.

And what are they going to do for you when it all comes down; and the man is beating on everybody's door and collecting your guns, and your ammo, and your cigarettes, and your beer? What are you going to do? Give him your girly calendar? Come on.

Why don't we sober up and return to the fear of God—because that is the only healthy fear, that is the only way we are really meant to live. And let's QUIT OFFENDING GOD by putting these other power sources in the same statue as God.

What does it say here? "Let Him be your fear and let Him be your dread [lest you offend Him by your fear of man and distrust of Him]." Ok, then it goes on and it says, "And He" speaking of God, "shall be a sanctuary [a sacred and indestructible asylum to those who reverently fear and trust in Him]…"

You know, God has taken me through some encounters with fear. I mean fear of things you can't even imagine until you're faced with them, and then He's given me His Word in the midst of that hailstorm of fear. I mean you talk about some big old hailstones. "Bash, bash, BASH, bash, What about this? What about that? They're going to do this! They're going to do that! They're going to do..!"

Raging, ranting fear. And then in the middle of it, God gives me His Word—"TRUST ME. HOPE IN ME. BELIEVE ME. RUN INTO ME." I've got two choices: I can stay out here under the hailstone, or I can accept what God tells me, I can run into it, I can lock the door, and every time those hailstones beat on the door, "LET US IN!" I can say, "Shut up! I'm in the Will of God. God said such and such" and declare what God said.

And do you know what? The hail melts under the heat of God's presence. You think God doesn't try us? God will try us. God will see who it is that we trust in, who it is that we believe, who it is that we fear. And God does that to us with the purpose to bring us forth perfected in Him.

Hey, and when you see the other fears, and they try to evidence themselves and make you think that you are that, REPENT, because that's the ark of safety that God provides. You say, "God, I'm sorry

that I had that thought that you're going to let the man string me up."

Guess what? IF I'M REPENTANT UNTO GOD, GOD TAKES CARE OF MY ENEMIES. It's true. If we repent, God deals with enemies. If we think we can do it on our own, the hailstones get harder, and bigger, and bigger; and pretty soon they're the size of basketballs, and pretty soon they're the size of the whole globe, and pretty soon we're crushed.

So, if you want to live in those fears, have at it, but the safety that God provides us is Him—to trust in Him, to believe in Him. It says, "He shall be a sanctuary [a sacred and indestructible asylum to those who reverently fear and trust in Him]; but He shall be a Stone of stumbling and a Rock of offense to both the houses of Israel, a trap and a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. And many among them shall stumble thereon; and they shall fall and be broken, and be snared and taken."

Why? Because they refuse to repent, because they refuse to run into the Lord, because they trusted in the fear of man above the fear of God, because they made the arm of flesh their refuge, and it says that: "They'll be snared and be taken." Does it mean that they're going to be taken in a rapture? No, it means they're going to be taken in death.

And then going on it says, "Bind up the testimony, seal the law and the teaching among my [Isaiah's] disciples. And I will wait for the Lord, Who is hiding His face from the house of Jacob; and I will look for and hope in Him. Behold, I and the children whom the Lord has given me are signs and wonders [that are to take place] in Israel from the Lord of hosts, Who dwells on Mount Zion. And when the people [instead of putting their trust in God] shall say to you, Consult for direction mediums and wizards who chirp and mutter, should not a people seek and consult their God? Should they consult the dead on behalf of the living? [Direct such people] to the teaching and to the testimony! If their teachings are not in accord with this word, it is surely because there is no dawn and no morning for them. And they [who consult mediums and wizards] shall pass through [the land] sorely distressed and hungry; and when they are hungry, they will fret, and will curse by their king and their God; and whether they look upward or look to the earth, they will behold only distress and darkness, the gloom of anguish, and into thick darkness and widespread, obscure night they shall be driven away."

So, what is it saying? It's saying, "If you want to live in the place of the fear of man, if you want to live trusting in the power of man above the power of God, that this is your future, what is set up for you, that you're not going to have any hope, you're only going to have fear and anguish, you're only going to have darkness, you're only going to have distress because you've chosen to believe in and trust in the fear of man above the fear of God.”

Now, what are we meant to do today? Are we meant to fear man? Are we meant to be living behind closed doors and trembling every single day? Are we meant to be biting our fingernails till our fingers are bleeding and raw, are we meant to be taking all kinds of tranquilizers, and mood-elevators, and anti-depressants, and sleeping pills in order to cope?

Are we meant to be grabbing marijuana by the pound and engulfing it until our lungs are black as night? Are we meant to be doing all these things? Are we meant to be buying guns and ammo, and you know, AK-47s and all these other things, and hand-grenades, and tanks?

Or, are we meant to be realizing, "Hey, of my own self I can do nothing, and neither can anybody that I could align myself with. It's only through the Living God that I have any safety, it's only through the Living God that I find the sanctuary that I am meant to go into and be kept in the time of darkness—gross darkness on every hand." FORGET THE FEAR OF MAN; FEAR GOD AND LIVE. AMEN.

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; 2 Cor. 10:4-5


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