Pope Francis Says Violence Should Not Be Equated With Islam!!!


Pope Francis says it is wrong to equate violence with Islam, adding that “I do not believe that it is true or right that Islam is terrorist.”


By: Jason Slotkin

On a flight back to the Vatican after a five-day visit to Poland, Francis was asked by a reporter about remarks he made following last week’s attack on a church in northern France in which an elderly priest was brutally murdered. The reporter asked the Pope why he refers to terrorists but never to Islam when talking about such violent incidents.

     Francis responded that the characterization of Islam as violent is untrue and that violence committed by extremist groups such as the Islamic State should not be attributed to the religion as a whole.

     “If I speak of Islamic violence, I should speak of Catholic violence,” the Pope said.

     “I believe that in pretty much every religion there is always a small group of fundamentalists,” he said, adding, “When fundamentalism comes to kill, it can kill with the language — the Apostle James says this, not me — and even with a knife, no?”

     Francis went on to say that the real cause of terrorism lies in the idolatry of wealth: “Terrorism grows when there are no other options, and when the center of the global economy is the god of money and not the person.”

     The Pope’s comments came hours after Muslims throughout France attended a Catholic Mass following the death of 85-year-old Father Jacques Hamel, whose throat was slit by two men who attacked the church near Rouen.

     The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, France.


A Religious Worm in a Dress!

By: General James Green


I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Here we have a world leader of millions upon millions of Roman Catholics saying such a thing as this. God help us all.

     May I ask all you political and religious cowards one question: “Where do these ISIS and other militant radicals get their instructions and inspirations to MURDER and TERRORIZE?” Furthermore: “If they are NOT Muslims, who in the HELL are they??”

     If we can’t equate VIOLENCE with Islam, what do we equate it with?

     Why is it that you PC (“Politically Correct”) COWARDS won’t cite anything out of the Islamic Qur’an and Hadiths? Are you too afraid to let the public know what one will find concerning jihad/terrorism?

     The Qur’an/Hadiths of all Muslims . . . are the Qur’an/Hadiths of ISIS! No difference. Period!

     These “holy acts” of murder/terror are commanded by their books . . . to be emulated by ALL Muslim men: they (the “acts”) are the sunna recorded in the Hadiths of Bukhari, not Scriptures from the Christians or even any other religious book. The emulated sunna (sayings and deeds of Muhammad) are strictly Muslim.

     While there are “peaceful” Muslims in Islam, this is no excuse to say that Islam is ALL about PEACE. To call Islam “peaceful” flies in the face of what one can read in Islam’s books and view from Islam’s own history. And I’ll add, all ancient and contemporary Islamic scholars themselves agree that the concept of an OFFENSIVE WAR to SPREAD the new-founded (and modern) faith of Islam was (and is) a genuine Muslim concept.

     One of Muhammad’s popular claims is cited in the Hadiths (see Bukhari vol. 1, p. 13): “I have been ORDERED by god (Allah) to fight with people till they bear testimony to the fact that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is his messenger, and that they establish prayer and pay zakat (tax $$). IF they do it, their blood and their property are safe from me.” All Islamic scholars agree that this claim meant “offensive warfare” against the infidels in order to FORCE them to EMBRACE Islam. (Please write for our booklet, “Offensive War to Spread Islam,” in which the reader will find quotes from both ancient and contemporary Muslim scholars and historians, etc. These historians cite both the Qur’an and Hadiths — one cannot miss what they say about Islam.)

     I don’t care which “Islamist” terrorist group we look at: they, whether they are big or small, are ALL truly Muslim in their desire to spread Islam by the SWORD of steel.

     Rome’s sissy Pope in a dress says “the characterization of Islam as violent is untrue” and that “violence committed by extremist groups such as the Islamic State should not be attributed to the religion as a whole.” Really? Who should we attribute their depraved, criminal, perverse and unholy acts to? Muhammad is their model, my dear DUMB kafirs!!

     The Pope, like most all other political/religious leaders, is a disgrace to the human race. This siding with Islam only gives the Muslims more fuel for their “holy fire.” You Roman Catholics ought to pray for your sissy Pope — he is doing a real disservice to you.

     If you knew that Islam has two “houses” — “House of War” and “House of Peace” — you would understand that BOTH “houses” are Islam.

     The Holy Spirit has been giving us several prophetic messages lately concerning the Islamic INVASION of nations. Number 10610 (Aug. 1, 2016) tells us that instead of resisting their invaders (thru restricting/stopping immigration, etc.), the host nations themselves become SLAVES to the immigrant Muslims! We have these Words of the Spirit posted on youtube and also have them in print.

     For your information: both the Qur’an and the Hadiths repeatedly COMMAND ALL MUSLIMS to follow the “perfect example” of their prophet’s life. Therefore, Muhammad’s words and actions (sunna) are recorded in detail.

     Practicing Muslims are actually far more governed by the Hadiths than the Qur’an. Of course, I talk to Muslims who have never read the Hadiths — is it any wonder that they are IGNORANT of what their prophet said and did?

     On the other hand, practicing Muslims who have read the Hadiths say they are proud to be Muslim and praise their prophet for the many battles he fought in (chopping heads off, ordering the death of many men, women and children; the first woman he had put to death was a poetess).

     SHOCKING FACT — It is estimated that there are over 300,000 derogatory statements and commands in Islamic scriptures to: kill (MURDER!), humiliate, torture, subjugate, and so on. The victims? ALL non-Muslims. (Remember also those commands concerning the mandatory MURDERING of anyone who leaves Islam, along with necessary DEATH for those who commit various offenses).

     Again, the sunna (sayings and deeds of Muhammad) are found in the traditions of Muhammad called the Hadiths. The al-Bukhari Hadiths are the most accepted and received of these collections, consisting of 9 volumes which give us fascinating accounts about Muhammad. Meanwhile, the Qur’an contains over 200 war/terror verses.

     Realize also that many Muslims put the Hadith a very close “second place” to the Qur’an, while still considering it “scripture” and absolutely binding upon ALL Muslims. It is said that the Qur’an does not contain enough information to really practice Islam without the Hadiths.

     It is absolutely untrue to say that “terrorism grows when there are no other options, and when the center of the global economy is the god of money and not the person.” What a CROCK OF BULL! Islam teaches WORLD DOMINATION. Period!

     Dr. ’Afifi Abdul-Fatlah, a well respected Muslim scholar, encapsulates the WHOLE principle in a few explicit words:

     “Islam has acknowledged WAR in order to exalt the word of God (Allah). This is a FIGHT for Allah’s cause” (see “The Spirit of the Islamic Religion,” p. 382). To add a bit more for you, he says, “Before the Islamic state declares WAR against another state, it should give (the other state) the choice between Islam tribute or war” (see p. 390). Other scholars and authors echo the same. In fact, this “spirit” (DEMON!) comes directly from the Islamic scriptures.

     Dr. Abu Zayd, in his “The Rightly Guided Caliphs” (pp. 66, 67), states the following:

     “The thing which compelled Abu Bakr to invade Persia and the Byzantine Empire was not to seize their abundance, but rather to spread Islam. This claim is based on evidence that the generals of the Islamic armies used to call the countries to embrace Islam before they started fighting them. Khalid Ibn al-Walid sent a message to the princes of Persia saying: ‘After all, accept Islam and you will be safe, or pay the tribute; otherwise I will come to you with a people who desire death as you desire drinking wine.’”

     While the above was true, it is also true that Islam sought booty (women and children included, EVEN BOYS — for SEX SLAVES!). The Qur’an states that, “Allah promises you much booty that you will capture” (48:20). Muhammad says, “You see, God will soon make you inherit their land, their treasures and make you sleep with their women.” These words were recorded by Ibn Hisham in his famous book called Al Rod Al Anf (p. 182 vol. 2).

     We all are aware of the terrible war being waged right now in Syria — so much death and destruction — all in the name of Islam. But Syria was targeted centuries ago by Muslims (Dr. Abu Zayd Shalabi writes about these Islamic wars which were initiated by the 4 caliphs who ruled after their prophet passed away; these caliphs were: Abu Bakr, ’Umar, ’Uthman and ’Ali. Zayd writes:

     “Muhammad had prepared an army to invade the borders of Syria. When Muhammad died, Abu Bakr sent an army headed by Usama Ibn Zayd and ’Umar Ibn al-Khattab. The army marched towards southern Palestine and invaded some parts of the land, fighted [sic] the people and captured some booty.”

     Well, page after page could be written about Islamic TERRORISM AND WAR. To say that “violence” is not Islam is to DENY Islamic history!

     Dr. Buti, Azhar scholar who wrote the Jurisprudence of Muhammad’s Biography, says:

     “The apostle of God started to send military detachments from among his followers to the various Arab tribes which were scattered in the Arab Peninsula to carry out the task of calling (these tribes) to accept Islam. If they did not respond, they would kill them. That was during the 7th Higira year. The number of the detachments amounted to ten” (page 263).

     Roman Catholics should know that, for centuries, Muslims and “Christians” (RC’s) fought over various possessions and places, especially the Mediterranean basin. Saracen, impelled by the fanaticism of his genuine Muslim faith — driven by the prospect of the Islamic paradise of houris (houris are “the dark-eyed virgins of perfect beauty” waiting in their so-called “Paradise” for the men; see Qur’an 9:111 and other suras where the houris are seen, in paradise, as big-eyed beautiful virgins — 70 in all, for EACH male who has killed or been killed for Allah; each virgin regenerates back into a virgin after each sex act!). Houris were and are the prize of the Muslim warriors that fought and fight in jihad.

     It is amazing that a RC Pope would deliberately deny Islamic/RC history.

     There are plenty of books written about the wars, battles, victories and losses between the “Christians” and Muslims (not forgetting the other religions and political powers that also fought Muslims worldwide).

     Let us speak again of Qur’anic Islam, foundational Islam, historic Islam, whatever you want to call it — the same Islam that is said to be “peaceful” and “tolerant” by both moderate Muslims and duped non-Muslims. View history, which tells us that the most spectacular and continuous conflict between Islam and Christendom was on the military and naval planes in relation to Constantinople, the supreme goal of Muslims. Constantinople was the crowning goal for Muslims much like the recovery of the Christian Holy Places in Palestine and the Patriarchal seats of Antioch and Alexandria were goals for the Latin Crusaders.

     The militant Muslims (not ISIS or modern-day “fanatics,” but Qur’an/Hadith-believing traditional Muslims) achieved their goal in taking Constantinople BY FORCE in 1453 — opening up for the Ottoman Turkish imperial expansion (by the sword!) into the Balkans and elsewhere. This opening gave Islam economic and strategic DOMINATION.

     Within all this arose the Assassins, who were religiously inspired Muslims, Muslim “warrior-fanatics” if you will — but not doctrinally fanatic. These were not mere radicals using Islam (as is claimed by these dumb-dumbs today), but were genuine Muslims adhering to historic Islam. They were the ghāzi or mujāhid. History records this and is backed by Muslim scholars themselves.

     Syria and Persia have retained a favorable connotation in the modern Islamic world for the Arabic term applied to such a warrior: fidā’ī, to be revived in the Persian/Arabic worlds and applied to religiously or politically motivated TERRORISTS — the fedayeen. These Muslims are the ones, my dear Pope, who are eager to sacrifice their lives in terrorist acts in “holy war” for Islam.

     So, as the medieval Islamic world evolved, much of its governmental apparatus retained its historic gears for making WAR! And within the cultural/social backwater of Arabia, the basic military feature of tribal life was the razzia (or raid — from Arabic, ghazw, ghazwa = same meaning), aimed at AGGRESSION / TERRORIZATION AGAINST, or REVENGE UPON, a rival tribe. Any way we cut it, terror/war was (is) all part of Islam and always has been.

     One needs to be reminded of the poet Zuhayr ibn Abi Sulma’s words:

     “Whoever is in TERROR of the ways DEATH may come, DEATH shall yet slay him, though he aspire to mount to heaven on the wings of a ladder . . . whoever assaults not others is himself assaulted.” This is Islam.

     Ancient Assassins were the ISIS of yesterday — the practice of political murder takes its name in most of the languages of the West.

     History books use the words “invasion,” “invaders” or “offensive warfare” to spread Islam, all describing the Muslims’ gaining of new territories and creation of political structures whereby they ruled. Does this sissy Pope Francis, so-called “leader” of the Roman Church, even know his “a, b, c’s” of Roman and Islamic history? There is no mush-mouthing the truth: ISLAM, NOT SOME “SMALL FRINGE GROUP OF ‘FUNDAMENTALISTS,’” VICIOUSLY CONQUERED and gained worldly dominion BY THE SWORD.

     Francis is either TOTALLY UNQUALIFIED to be a Pope (I guess that really shoots down his “inerrancy”!); or he has TURNED COWARD — which would now disqualify his supposed credentials to be Pope; or HE’S GONE INSANE — another very disqualifying mark against his appointment. Whatever the case, HE HAS UTTERLY BETRAYED HIS OWN PEOPLE BY SIDING WITH THOSE WHO WOULD RATHER SEE ROMAN CATHOLICS DECAPITATED, THEIR CHILDREN MURDERED OR TURNED INTO SEX SLAVES (INCLUDING THE BOYS! — FOR MUSLIM MEN), AND THEIR CHURCHES INCINERATED OR REMODELED INTO MOSQUES.

     This is a wonderful time for Roman Catholics to make a MASS EXODUS out of the false “mother church” and realize their need for personal salvation, and truly come to Christ — be born again and filled with the Holy Spirit and walk with God in obedience.

     Sure, we all would like to believe that Islam is “peaceful,” but the truth is that Islam’s books — the Qur’an/Hadiths — teach war/terror for all Muslims (yet it is true that not all Muslims adhere to that command). Reality is that it is dishonest to claim that Islam is all about peace, love, tolerance, blah, blah, blah. If ISIS and others are not embodiments of Islam, then Islam should get rid of these fraudulent militant groups, one way or another. It should not be left for people like ourselves — Christians — to battle it out with them in debate, or for the other forces of the world to have to contend with them. Why don’t you “peaceful” Muslims do your share — prove to the world that Islam is truly a decent religion, a way of life, that is peaceful?

     You attack us for doing your job. And you “moderate”/“non-violent” Muslims still wish our destruction, assault us verbally, even physically. Really, where is your “peacefulness”??

     We’re waiting for a good answer. We’re waiting to see “peaceful” Islam as a reality.

     FINAL NOTE: It would be good if Rome’s sissy Pope who wears a white dress would read some Islamic chronicles of war. This guy is denying reality as well as history.

     — General Jim