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THE GUARDIAN (UK) RAN AN ARTICLE (Dec. 8, 2015) titled, “ISIS Benefits from Iraq: Awash with Weapons,” in which the writer stated: “Isis fighters are using arms, mainly looted from Iraqi military stocks, which were manufactured, designed, and supplied, by more than two dozen countries, including the UK, Russia, China, USA, Germany, and France, a report published on Tuesday by Amnesty International reveals.” The article goes on to say that “the weapons ended up inadvertently among ISIS...”

          This is only half the truth. We KNOW that (primarily) Israel, USA, and the UK have INTENTIONALLY supplied IS/ISIS/ISIL with both weapons and ammo, along with training. This has gone on for several years now (see our free DVDs).

          It is no secret that the UK has also sold weapons to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Iraq, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, and others. It is a sham to claim that “arms supplied by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey to rebel groups in Syria also ended up in the hands of extremist Islamic elements,” as the Guardian stated. The “sham” is that the UK, USA, and Israel have supplied weapons/ammo to the very enemy that was THE ENEMY—ISIS etc.

          Russia has proved (by satellite surveillance) that the USA has failed (over the past several years) to inflict damage on ISIS, and that Turkey was involved in buying oil from ISIS and protecting them as much as possible.

          I declare that these NATO nations have committed treason on the first degree. Think of how many Syrian Christians (as well as Muslims) have been MURDERED by NATO's proxy army known as ISIS.

          It is time to sound the alarm. STOP supporting NATO (except Russia — at least at this point) and IS/ISIS/ISIL etc.

It is time to REPENT, REPENT, REPENT!!!