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Ultimate Agenda

Gen. Deborah Green

P RAISE GOD. Welcome to Battle Cry Sounding, Battle Cry Pounding. What a privilege it is to serve the God who is alive. Now, if you look upon all the dead gods that rule in this world, where do they take me, except to damnation? But, the God that we serve is the ultimate God. In fact, He's the One that has the ULTIMATE AGENDA that we are meant to cleave unto, to obey, and to tell others of the same. Now, that's the name of today's message, "Ultimate Agenda."

Now, for all of you conspiracy buffs, and those who love intrigue and mystery, you're not going to find it. Because, this is the ultimate agenda that Jesus came preaching and teaching, when He came as the Son of God, when He came amongst the sons of men, when He came to declare His Father's desire—through the Kingdom of righteousness.

And, that ultimate agenda that is given forth by Jesus, and that we are meant to obey, not just one time, but throughout our lives as Christian believers, is the agenda of REPENTANCE. Now, you say, "Oh, General Deborah, how boring! I repented back in 1975, and that's good enough." No! If you have that attitude, you'd better repent today.

Because we can never be too repentant—in the sense that, yeah, everyday, there's some place, some way, that we fall short, that we fail God. We should be willing to repent over those failures, not letting them mount up until we are counted as ultimate sinners before God, but ever taking and exercising the right that we have to repent, and teaching others to repent and get it right with God; that is, by changing, and THOROUGHLY AMENDING OUR WAYS.

Now, today, I'm going to take you to Luke 13, and this is out of the Amplified version. But, there are several factors here that we want to look at because it shows us that JESUS DID NOT DEVIATE from what it was that His Father desired of Him—what it was that His Father gave Him to do, and what it was that was His commission.

Now, one of the devil's favorite tactics, and of course, our carnal nature, being demonic as it is, is right there to join in with the demons. One of the favorite tactics that is used against Christian people and those who are zealous for the Lord is to get them deviated from the purpose of God to all these other causes.

There are multitudes of causes, there are multitudes of atrocities, and there are multitudes of injustices. And oh, you will become so ‘noble’ if you forget the preaching of the Gospel, and go chase after this cause, and you know, rescue all these children, or you know, rescue these sand fleas, or rescue this or rescue that. AND SO YOU GO TRAIPSING AFTER THAT DEVIATION AND YOU DEPART FROM THE WAY OF THE LORD. Now, you know, years ago, we were traveling through Utah, and we were on our way down to New Mexico; we didn't know that at the time. We were just on this missionary journey that God sent us on. Little did we know the ultimate agenda of God in it.

But, we were on this missionary journey, and we were going through Utah. And, we ran across these people who said they were a “refuge,” or, you know, like a place of safety. And so, we were asking them what they did, and they claimed they were “Christian believers” and on, and on, and on.

But, as it came to the conclusion, what they really did was this: they rescued animals, they poured all their strength, their resource, and their lives, in helping these animals to get rehabilitated, to get over their issues, to be able to be loved, cuddled, petted, and combed.

And we said, "Well, what about souls? What about the great commission?" And they said, "We don't care about that anymore because souls are a failure, and animals are a success."

So, they had given up on calling men and women to repent; and they had put the love, they had put the care, they had put the time, they had put the money, they had put the energy, and they were even living communally. So, they had that much right, I guess, so everybody could clean the dog-pen. But, the point I'm getting to is, THEY HAD ABANDONED THE ULTIMATE AGENDA OF THE LORD to take up the cause of rescuing animals.

Now, when they stand before God, and they say, "Well, God, I helped Fido to get over his issues. And, you know that when I petted Melinda, the Persian cat, she purred so beautifully. And, when I combed her fur, and she was all fluffy, and she didn't look like that little, mangy, starved, thing we brought in, don't you believe I deserve some reward dear God?" That's called getting yourself DEVIATED from the purpose of God.

Now, we are called to fulfill the great commission: "Go ye into all the world and make disciples." Well, you're not going to make disciples without repentance, without genuine, heart-felt, deep-repentance whereby a person is moved to the motivation to change and thoroughly amend their ways. Because, if I still have MY OWN AGENDA, and you have YOUR OWN AGENDA, we're not going to be disciples of the Lord. But, likewise, we can start out to be disciples, and we can become deviated, and be taken to other causes that are totally nonsensical.

Now, we worked for a very large, well-known, wealthy, famous, splendid in the eyes of man, Christian social-work organization. It is THE most famous one in the entire world. And, OH, if you just could hear their causes!

Well, we got the 'privilege' of being on the inside of that organization, and they even keep "Salvation" in their name. But, they told us that in 10 years prior to our coming there, they had not brought one soul to salvation. They had only had ONE INQUIRER IN 10 YEARS! That means that somebody was probably still drunk and lifted their hand: "Yeah, I'll take some of that!"


Now, here, a few years ago, my husband received a magazine from that organization. somebody brought it home to him; well actually, over the years, I've read two of their 'great' magazines, which were called "War Cry." I don't know what it is except a war against God.

But anyway, so they said in there that one of their great expositions that some lady from England wrote about their great 'feats,' that they went out at night, on a cold, damp, foggy, London night, and they took their truck, and they have them all fully equipped with all of this equipment. They took their truck out there, and they were serving hot cocoa: “and nothing felt better than to be able to give a cup of hot cocoa in the name of the Salvation Army.” And you just felt so warm and fuzzy. She said you just felt such a love for human kind that you could give away a cup of hot cocoa on a foggy evening.

And I thought to myself, "Ok, you can give away a cup of hot cocoa, but do you declare the need for that cocoa-drinker to REPENT, to turn from their wicked way, to turn unto the God of righteousness, to repent of the evil that they are doing in the secret closets of their own home?" No. Then, another one I read, that was one of the most sparkling articles I've ever read, that if I just go out and pass out hot cocoa, I'M ALL RIGHT WITH GOD.

So, the next one I read, this is several years later, it was in Seattle, I think. It was one of those North West cities. Ok, here's what it said: they spent all this money renovating this building and making these little cubicle apartments for homeless people to live in. And they're talking about the street-caliber bums, those kind—the perpetually homeless; who love to be homeless, who create their own problem so they CAN be homeless.

They just like it there. I mean we've met guys before who loved living in the weeds. They said they “wouldn't trade it for nothing.” And they said they were “only in there so they could detox and go out and do it again.” But, I mean, people make their choices.

So, they had put all this money into the replenishing, the refurbishing of this building so that FIVE homeless individuals got apartments. And they wrote about that like it was the greatest achievement in the entire universe. And when I read it, I thought, "What happened to salvation? What happened to repentance? What happened to turning from evil? What happened to men having a change of heart—rather than a change of habitation?"

See, that's an organization that's GONE A WHORING. They've gone a whoring for approval of man. They've gone a whoring for approval of the government, and, of course, government money; we don't want to forget that. They've gone a whoring after social causes. They've concerned themselves with the physical well-being while FORGETTING THE SPIRITUAL WELL-BEING.

So, they have been deviated, and they are in a ditch. Period. They can justify it, they can make excuses for it, and they can say, "Well, we don't want to be too old fashioned; we've got to address the social ills of our time." It's a lie.

Now, the way I'm leading up to this is that I'm going to prove to you that Jesus was NOT involved in those things, Jesus was not lured into those things, and Jesus refused the enticement when it was brought to Him. He literally rebuked the ones who brought the enticement. He said, "No way! You're not going to get me out of the Father's will." Now, He didn't say it in those exact words, but He said it indirectly inasmuch as HE REFUSED THEIR ENTICEMENT TO INVOLVE HIMSELF IN SEVERAL THINGS, which I will address as we go into this Scripture. Now, we're going to be in Luke 13, and I'm reading out of the Amplified version. As I've said, the name of this message is, "Ultimate Agenda." Now, we are living in times when people are terribly frightened, they're trembling every day, and they write endless articles on the “Agenda of the Elite.”

You hear everything, "The elite controls the weather. The elite controls the money. The elite controls the bowel movements. The elite controls everything imaginable. Ok, they control the food-source, they control the water, and they own all the electricity. They control the neutrons, the protons, the atamons, and the bogatons, and they control things that aren't even invented yet—the ultimate control by the elite."

And if you just say that word, if anybody's at all alert to conspiracy, as soon as you say, "E-L-I-T-E," the hair will start standing up, which is kind of bad around here because a lot of the women have real long hair, so if you just go up and whisper "elite," you'll see hairs shoot straight up. The buns fall out, the hair shoots up; all of this over the elite!

But, you know what? There's One higher than the elite. I got news for you. I'M NOT FEARING THE ELITE BECAUSE THE ELITE CANNOT SEAL MY SOUL IN HELL, BUT GOD CAN! And it's about time that we quit playing around with all this monkey-funky stuff and get our eyes back on the vision, back on the purpose, back on the ultimate agenda—which is to be repentant in our own lives and call others to repent, and repent for the sins of the wickedness that have been done in this nation by those professing to be “Christian.”

Did you know when you get your eyes on any other lover, you become a whore in the eyes of God? Say, "Well, sister Deborah, you can't say that because I'm involved in a good cause." Oh yeah, like some fat-bellied politician. You'd be amazed at how many Christians will knock themselves out to get people to go to the poles to vote for their candidate because this MAN or WOMAN is going to “change everything.”

I knew a woman, she was writing, corresponding with us, on the internet, and she was an American black. She was saying from the get-go, "Why are you guys against Obama?" So, we pointed out to her that Obama, number one, HAS DONE NOTHING for the black people—except shame them by his behaviors. He's done nothing but promote abortion, which is murder. Now, this was a Christian woman. He's done nothing but promote abortion— world-wide! He's the emperor of killing babies, baby-killer. He's promoted the homosexual, the transgender, all perversion agendas. Oh, and he did the great thing of legalizing bestiality in the military. Now, aren't these GREAT causes?

So, she said, "Why are you down on Obama?" so we explained to her WHY we're down on Obama. Ok, so she said, "You know what? You're right." She said she talked to her friend and she said, "I don't even know why I even voted for that jerk! Why did I vote for that jerk?" You know why she voted for that jerk? I'll tell you. Because of the fact that he had half-black skin.

Now, I'm not putting down black people. I have poured out my youth, poured out my strength, to be a servant unto Africans, and I still serve them. They are more black than the American black people. But, he has used that as his POLITICAL PLOY to get the black community behind him, to close their eyes to his immorality, to close their eyes to his agenda of murder, to close their eyes to everything except that he has gray skin. My nick-name for him is ‘gray-rabbit.’ Ok, that's it; it's all because of that.

Now, some American blacks are coming to register, "Uh-oh, we got swayed. We got pulled aside here. We got deceived here." If you think black men can't be deceitful, go to Africa, they'll teach you. They're blacks, ruled by blacks, and you know what they'll tell you? "We'd rather be ruled by white men—because our people are more murderous, more crafty, and more vicious when they turn on you."

Now, I'm not getting into a racial thing here. I'm simply saying that a lot of people got swayed FALSELY, because yes, blacks were oppressed in this nation. Yes, and one time, about 2 centuries ago, or more, 2 and ½ centuries ago, they were slaves. Ok, but, those people are dead, buried, some of them are in Heaven, some of them are in Hell, and now people want to still go back and look at that and say, "Ok, every black man is a hero. Every black woman is a queen—because their ancestors suffered." Well, let's see how Jesus felt about that.

See, a lot of these things that we allow ourselves to be swayed by that play with our emotions, that play with our sympathies, that play with our compassions are FALSEHOOD; they're DELUSION. See, and this man—the trickster that he is, a puppet of the elite—for those of you that want a little more conspiracy, was put in there by money and by falsifying voting records, and people betrayed their own integrity to vote for him.

Like that woman said, "I don't even know why I voted for that jerk!" when she saw what he really was doing. So, see, CHRISTIANS CAN BE LURED INTO POLITICAL INVOLVEMENT, and taken away from the righteousness of God. So, there are all of these traps, snares, and entanglements that try to get God's people off the ultimate agenda, which is to repent and call others to repent.

Ok, now, here we go in chapter 13, beginning in verse 1 of Luke. It says, "JUST AT that time there [arrived] some people who informed Jesus about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mixed with their sacrifices. And He replied by saying to them, Do you think that these Galileans were greater sinners than all the other Galileans because they have suffered in this way?"

Ok, number one: atrocity, ATROCITY; this was a horrifying atrocity. Now, it says here in this other translation, which is the NIV, in chapter 13, "Now there were some present at that time who told Jesus about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mixed with their sacrifices. Jesus answered, ‘Do you think that these Galileans were worse sinners than all the other Galileans because they suffered this way?’"

Now, you go down here to the foot note, and here's what it says: "The Galileans – the incident is otherwise unknown, but having people killed while offering sacrifices in the temple fits the reputation of Pilate. These Galileans may have broken an important Roman regulation which led to their bloody punishment." Ok, that could be the right interpretation. It also could have been that, it says in the Amplified, "Whose blood Pilate had mixed with their sacrifices."Ok, we can assume it was in the temple of the Jews that this happened—that they were murdered, or it could possibly be that it was a Roman sacrifice, and that these people were murdered, then their blood was mixed with the sacrifices that they were offering to the Roman gods. So, either way you look at it, it was atrocity. It was horrifying. It was the shedding of blood, for really no reason at all. It was the manifestation of a cruel, oppressive, hateful, mean, political figure. it showed how ugly and cruel the Roman rule was at the time that Jesus came!

Now, why do you think they told Jesus about it? Because THEY WANTED TO INVOLVE HIM IN REVOLUTION. They wanted to pull Him out of the will of the Father. They wanted to get Him all stirred up over the innocent shedding of the blood of these Galileans and get Him riled up, get Him calling to arms, calling legions of angels to come down and throw out these Romans once and for all; get Him to be a true patriot, to stand for HIS nation, to shed more blood, to show who's boss, to kick butt, to put them in their place.

Haven't we heard that rhetoric here in America? "If you're a red-blooded American man, then you're going to be a pampered, pink panty-wearing member of the armed forces.” Jokes man. It all turns into a joke. Why? Because THE CAUSE IS NOT A REAL CAUSE. Ok, what did Jesus say? He said, "Ok boys, get up the guns. Let's go; let's gun them down! Let's go get old Pilate; let's storm his emperor's abode; let's tear him out of there; let's rip him asunder; let's shed some more blood?" No, he wasn't moved by it.

Atrocity! "Well, we'll get back at them!" You know, Americans were given the atrocity in the form of 9-11. "Oh, what a great day in American history, when America, the land of the free and the home of the brave saw almost 3,000 people go to their death in the terrible bombing done by the Arabs, done by those dirty Muslims, done...by somebody!"

Would you believe it was done by the US government? "Well no, that doesn't go along with my patriotic theme." And how many American men got gung-ho to go war and now have murder on their hands, for nothing—except a scheme, a cleverly devised scheme of oil mongrels who used fools in their ploy of their great cause of "We have to defend America!" Against what? Suitcase bombs? The Muslims didn't do it; the Americans did it, to themselves—in order to get us into war.

So, you see the great cause, the great CAUSE that men gave their life for, was a LIE. So, you think you're going to go involve yourself in a cause and not be involved in the cause of Christ, and not be standing for Jesus Christ the Lord, and not be proclaiming repentance? Then you're going to be defrauding the One who died for you.

And going on, He says here, "Do you think that these Galileans were worse sinners than all the other Galileans because they suffered this way?" He's not moved by atrocity. He says, "I tell you, No; but unless you repent (change your mind for the better and heartily amend your ways, with abhorrence of your past sins), you will all likewise perish and be lost eternally."

So, He says, "I'm not playing your patriot game. I'm not playing your “cause” game. I'm not playing your atrocity game. The cause is REPENTANCE. The cause is repentance unto God in order that men can be redeemed or lost forever." Repentance is the Ultimate Agenda. That is the CALL OF CHRIST. It doesn't change; IT DOESN'T CHANGE!

You know, all the time, we get these things in, "Oh, we're involved in rescuing the children; we're involved in orphans and widows; we're involved with putting clothes on the rag-wearers; we're involved with feeding, you know, 10,000 kids a day on banana leaves." Oh, thank you Joy. "We're involved, we're involved, we're involved." BUT ARE YOU CALLING MEN TO REPENT? Are you calling women to repent? Are you giving even children the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that they can repent while their hearts are still somewhat soft, and not hardened by sin? Have we abandoned the call to repentance? Have we abandoned the ultimate agenda of the Living Christ? Have we done off in all of our causes? Have we built these huge organizations in the name of salvation, while we're afraid to proclaim it, and then we think we're serving Him?

What does He say here? He says, "Or those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them—do you think that they were more guilty offenders (debtors) than all the others who dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you, No; but unless you repent (change your mind for the better and heartily amend your ways, with abhorrence of your past sins), you will all likewise perish and be lost eternally." So, what is He doing? He's saying, "LOOK, THE ONLY CAUSE, THE ONLY PURPOSE, THE ONLY THING THAT YOU ARE MEANT TO DO, IS REPENT."

And look here, it was atrocity, it was horror, and it was tragedy. He looked at all those things and said basically, "They don't move me." ARE WE MOVED BY THOSE THINGS, AND WE FAIL TO BE MOVED BY THE RIGHT THING? The right thing is the eternal destiny of human souls.

Hey, whether you wear your clothes from I. Magnin, or whether you don't wear clothes, the fact is, you need to repent. It's not whose label is sewed in your China shirt. It's not who you can get up a gun and go to war against; that's not it. It's not getting yourself in some social cause, going to save the children.

You know, there's this outfit here in America, something to do with save children, or save kids, or something like that. Have all these big, you know, luxurious trucks and drive across the country with all this donated food, thinking they're saving children. Are they proclaiming the Gospel? I don't know. But, if they're not preaching repentance, food in a kid's belly is not going to save him from Hell. And, food in your belly's not going to save you from Hell.Now, it says here (I'm going to read this footnote), "were sinners and more guilty: In ancient times, it was often assumed that a calamity would befall those who were extremely sinful. But, Jesus pointed out that all are sinners that must repent or face a fearful end."


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