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Willfully SINNED

Gen. Deborah Green

P RAISE GOD. Welcome to Battle Cry Sounding, Battle Cry Pounding. Yes, the Lord is on the move. He's POUNDING this horrid land, He's even pounding the whole world with His wrath, His fury, His indignation; He's manifesting His sore displeasure with the sinful state that men are in.

And, He's pounding, and pounding, and pounding away to get through the impenetrable wall of pride—that men will be humbled down, and see their wretchedness, see their ugliness, see their separation from God—because of their sin, and repent and cry out unto the Lord Jesus, and be spared.

Because, you know, if we genuinely repent, it is God who will give mercy. But, as long as people wall up in pride, as long as they go on in self pity, and self love, and self concern, and self idolatry, and self worship, what happens? THEY KINDLE THE ANGER, THEY KINDLE THE WRATH, AND THEY KINDLE THE FURY OF GOD AGAINST THEM.

Now, today, we're going to be reading out of Hosea chapter 10, and that's in the Old Testament; I hope you know that. But, today, the main topic that the Lord has brought to our awareness in His spoken words to us prior to this broadcast, is that He wants, at this time, in the midst of His wrath being displayed, not only on the land of America, but throughout the world, by these natural disasters that God continues to bring forth, and devastating human lives, but, not only human lives, but millions, and billions, and even trillions of dollars of property damage, and possession loss.

And, for America, that's like losing your eyesight—to lose your stuff and things. But, that's where God is hitting this whorish nation, and the whorish people in the nation, and even the ones that claim they're the people of God whose hearts are far from Him because THEY HAVE WILLFULLY SINNED and gone a whoring after the gods of the heathen.

Now, that's the name of today's message, "Willfully Sinned." And that was part of God's indictment against His people back then, and that is a part of God's indictment against His people NOW. Now, God has drummed it into our heads again, and again, and again, that He is the One who raises nations up, He is the One who brings nations down. But, we have to consider in all of that, what is it that brings about God's favor, and what is it that brings about God's disfavor?

Now, America obviously is moving quite rapidly from the position of being favored by God, to the position of being hated by God. Now, why is that? It is because of the factor of willful sinning.

Now, when you are born in a sinner's household, you have no training in righteousness, you have no fellowship with godliness, you do not know the way that the master would want you to walk—because you are a degenerate, that is, not born-again, but only following carnal lusts, carnal desires, and carnal understanding.

Then, you are in a particular category before God. You are what God qualifies as a lost, dying, sinner—because you are in that place by heritage, you are in that place by generational curses on your life, and you are in that place because of a complete lack of any sort of religious training or upbringing, by your parents, grandparents, or whoever raised you.

So, you are in one qualification, classification, and you are looked upon by God as the damned. But, you are also looked upon by God as the wretched sinners who are HOPELESSLY LOST, WHO ARE IN NEED OF THE SAVIOR.

Then, there is the other category, and those are the ones who have the knowledge of God, who have, even, at one time in their lives, perhaps, believed in God, walked with God, loved God, praised God, but they have willfully sinned and departed from that place of acceptance, or I should say, a status, of acceptability unto God.

Now, the ones who have willfully sinned, after they have the knowledge of God, after they have relationship with God, after they have the presence of God in their lives, are FAR MORE ACCOUNTABLE in the sense that they have known the truth and departed from the same.

They may still call themselves by His name. They may still say, "Oh, I go to church; I know the Lord." But, they don't because of their own willful status of sin. When we put ourselves in the category of willful sinning or willfully sinned, as our mark, then we are putting ourselves as the outright enemies of God.

And, we are putting ourselves in a place where God does not owe us compassion, or mercy, or pity. Because, it is by our own wills that we determine to sin against God. Now, is that true? It is! When you determine to sin, and you have known the way of righteousness, you are willfully sinning—YOU ARE WILLING YOUR SELF TO SIN, RATHER THAN TO RIGHTEOUSNESS.

So, turn with me to Hosea chapter 10, and I'm going to read here, beginning in verse 9. But, before I do, let me reiterate that GOD IS CALLING FOR REPENTANCE REVOLUTION, and that means that we, who want to be in right standing with God, who want to be classified and qualified as righteous, that is truly righteous, according to God's standard, and not our standard, but truly righteous in the eyes of God, we MUST be enlisted, drafted, pulled into, birthed into, brought into, this Repentance Revolution.

Now, there are some people who think, "Oh, good, if I say 'sorry,' then God will give us back all the good ol' days." No, if we say "sorry," and we truly mean it, then God will bring the infusion of His light, and EXPOSE the works of darkness, including the darkness of the mythology of "Let the good times roll."

Now, the good times rolling in America is what has seduced people to a spiritual condition of SLOTH and SLEEP whereby they refuse to accept the fact that they have backslid. They refuse to accept the fact that they are far from God; they refuse to accept the fact that the whole nation is moving into an abyss of moral decay and wretchedness, and they are the ones pushing it that way.

God does not want us to be in the good ol' days. He doesn't want the good times to roll. He wants us to accept accountability and responsibility, and quit willfully sinning against God. Because when we, who are meant to be the children of the light, refuse to walk in the light, then we bring the world into greater darkness.

The Christians are RESPONSIBLE, totally responsible, for the moral decay that is in this land. Because, when God's people—who are the light, who are the salt, refuse to bear their responsibility to portray that light and declare the very salt that would keep men from moral decay, when God's people refuse to do that, they are willfully sinning against God. When they become so accommodated to prosperity, to comfort, to pleasant lives that they refuse to stand for Christ Jesus the Lord and His righteousness, then they are the ones who are the most GUILTY before God.

Did you know that a backslidden, compromising, proud, defiant, willfully sinning 'Christian' is as much an abomination unto God as a raving, insane, perverted homosexual?

It's true. When you, as a Christian, refuse to repent unto God for willful sin, when you, as a so-called 'Christian,' refuse to walk in righteousness, refuse to stand in the counsel of God, refuse to walk uprightly, refuse to do the things that God commands you to do because of your pride that you love more than God, you are as much ABOMINATION as a pervert. Now, what do we have in this country? We have people crying out, at last, against perversion, while they, themselves, are so proud that they will not repent of their sins—while they, themselves, may say, "We stand against the transgender, the lesbians, the homosexuals" and all the time they will sit in front of their television and indulge themselves in ENTERTAINMENT that is put forth by all of the PERVERTS of HOLLYWOOD.

They will laugh, they will love, they will cry, and they will jump up and down in excitement, as this parade of perverts is brought into their home, into their living room, into their family, every single day! Then they want to act like they're, oh, these stalwart champions for truth, and for righteousness. HEY, RIGHTEOUSNESS BEGINS AT HOME. And how many, you know, "big macho men that are not going to be queers!" have stacks of Playboys in the garage, that their kids can even look at?

You know, we've got to get this thing back to the factor that we have to be holy through and through. We have to walk in the righteousness of God by giving ourselves over to LIVES OF CONSECRATION, DEDICATION, AND SEPARATION UNTO GOD. That is what will move mountains, that is what will bring God's ear near and He will hear—when God's own people will truly cry out in Repentance Revolution.

So, this repentance that God is calling for is not a selfish repentance. It is not a repentance whereby you say, "sorry," so you can get back everything you want back. True repentance makes you give up that which is offensive to God.

If you really are repentant, and you went and bought yourself a Mercedes Benz, and God says, "That thing is an idol in your life, an abomination unto me; that thing is a proud mechanism in that you always think you're a king when you drive it," and God burns you on that, true repentance will make you RID YOURSELF OF THOSE THINGS, rather than accumulate more.

So, if you think you can pray a few prayers and God will restore to you your tornado-devastated home, you'd better PRAY GOD RESTORES RIGHTEOUSNESS TO YOU. Because, what is the whole purpose of Repentance Revolution—which God is declaring it is the time for—except to restore righteousness to the land, that God will stop the reign of His terror upon this land.

Now, there are many enemy factors right now that are current in America if you open your eyes, and you open your ears and get the blinders off of your eyes, and the plugs out of your ears. You have so much chewing gum stuck in your ears that your whole cavity's glued shut. You don't put your chewing gum on your bed post; instead, you put it in your ears so you don't have to hear from God. Pull it out of there! And open up your stupid eyes before you go blind, and realize what you're doing. When you lend yourself to the world garbage, you cannot perceive what God is doing.

Oh, and we can be seduced into worldliness in the most SUBTLE of ways. We can become blind by what we're looking upon. It's true. You can be blinded by what you look at. If you're looking at the world, if you're ogling the riches of Sodom and Egypt, if you're looking for this and looking for that, you know, eyeing the shapely woman, or looking at the big handsome brute, or even looking at the fag as he wags his tail end, if you do those things, you are blinding yourself. Because God does not want us to look upon evil. He wants us to look upon Him, and He is righteousness revealed.

Now, as I was saying, we cannot go into this Repentance Revolution out of the wrong motivation, but we need to go into it with the fact at hand and the light of God upon our eyes, and in our eyes, that we see that this land will be utterly destroyed by God if repentance does not reach the ears and the heart of God: GENUINE, TRUE REPENTANCE.

So, begin here in Hosea chapter 10, verse 9, and it says, "Oh Israel, you have willfully sinned." We might as well put it like it is, "Oh America, you have willfully sinned from the days of Washington when you all but wiped out the tribe of Benjamin." No, "from the days of Gibeah [when you all but wiped out the tribe of Benjamin]! There [Israel] stood [then, only] that the battle against the sons of unrighteousness might not overtake and turn against them at Gibeah [but now the kingdom of the ten tribes and the name of Ephraim shall be utterly blotted out]. When I please I will chastise them, and hostile peoples shall be gathered against them when I shall bind and yoke them for their two transgressions [revolt from the Lord their God and the worship of idols]."

So, bringing it back home again, dear ones, because the Scripture is given, ALL Scripture is given for our instruction, for our admonition, for our correction, that we will come forth in righteousness. Now, what is it saying here? It's saying that these two big sins are causing what? Enemy forces. ENEMY FORCES TO BE UPON YOU. Ok, if anybody dares to open their eyes and look around, in almost every major urban area in America, you will see the great promotion of these TWO FORCES OF EVIL—ISLAM AND HOMOSEXUALITY.

Parades: I saw a picture yesterday of these Muslims who were in some kind of religious show of activity in the streets of New York and their backs were all bloodied. I guess they were either beating one another, or beating themselves. But, they were exhibiting their 'great dedication' to Allah.

If a Christian has to change vehicles to go to church, they won't go; it's too much effort. Or, if your favorite short shorts aren't clean, you won't go to praise service. I mean, the least little thing! Or, if they're not going to serve what you want for the supper, you're not going to go. Or, if the evangelist DARES to even insinuate that you are a world-loving, sin-sucking, vile, hypocritical, demon, you definitely won't go. And, here you've got these Muslims out there parading THEIR DEDICATION TO ALLAH—the god of war, the god of murder, the god of destruction, the god of devastation, the god of hypocrisy. Where are the Christians?

You've got the homosexuals parading in the streets, doing acts of sodomy on floats, for little children to see the vileness and wickedness of the same. And, the grown-ups being entertained by these exhibitions of filth. You have all of those factors parading themselves in their terrorization tactics against the weak, against the ones who are what? Willfully sinning against God.

And, where is the Christian factor that is standing up on floats, preaching righteousness, holiness, declaring the way of the Lord, declaring that it is this GOD THAT WE SHOULD SERVE, that it is this God that we should be willing to die for, that it is this God that we will allow our bodies to be beaten, to be torn, to be imprisoned BECAUSE WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

They're not around. They're eating cookies and buying red shoes—because some fat, lesbian-hair-cut old hag said they could do it. And they're cheering her on as their idol. What are the two sins folks? “Revolt from the Lord their God, and the worship of idols.”

"I just can't see that, General Deborah, that you say anything against Joey. Joey is my favorite preacher. I just LOVE Joey. He makes me feel so good. He just makes me feel like I'm just loved. And he makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. He makes me feel like I just drunk a milkshake."

Well, you know how he makes me feel? Since I'm lactose intolerant, Mr. Chocolate Milkshake makes me want to throw up—with his oopey-goopey lies, and his falsehood, and his saying, "Have your best life now." HERESY FROM THE PIT OF HELL.

What have you done? You've worshiped idols, and they've blinded you. You've worshiped idols, and they've blinded you. Let me say it again—"YOU'VE REVOLTED AGAINST GOD. YOU'VE WORSHIPED IDOLS AND THEY'VE BLINDED YOU, AND YOU'VE WILLFULLY SINNED, AND YOU'VE BROUGHT THE ENEMIES INTO THE LAND. YOU'VE BROUGHT THEM, SINNING CHRISTIANS(?)” and I put a question mark after the "Christian." Sinning liars, deceiving your own selves.

He said, "These two factors have allowed these enemies to be brought to you." Then it says, "When I please I will chastise them, and hostile peoples shall be gathered against them when I shall bind and yoke them for their two transgressions [revolt from the Lord their God and the worship of idols]. Ephraim indeed is a heifer broken in and loving to tread out the grain, but I have [heretofore] spared the beauty of her fair neck. I will now set a rider upon Ephraim and make him to draw; Judah shall plow and Jacob shall break his clods. Sow for yourselves according to righteousness (uprightness and right standing with God); reap according to mercy and loving-kindness. Break up your uncultivated ground, for it is time to seek the Lord, to inquire for and of Him, and to require His favor, till He comes and teaches you righteousness and rains His righteous gift of salvation upon you."

So, what is it saying here? It's saying, "IT IS THE TIME, YOU WILLFUL, SINNING, LAWLESS, BASTARDS, WHO WERE ONCE MY PEOPLE, WHO WERE ONCE MY BELOVED. IT IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO REPENT." Did you know you don't get salvation unless you repent?

You may pray some little puppet's prayer, "With all heads bowed, and turn the music down low, and I will talk in a quivery voice and tell you you're saved because you put your head down. But, the truth of it is, I just want your money honey because it's all religious racketeering and you are a part of it as long as I can tell you lies and you want to believe them." It's true. It's all a gimmick. You're not going to be saved, you're not going to know salvation until you repent, until you REPENT, until you GENUINELY SEEK THE LORD.

Now, what is Repentance Revolution all about? IT'S ABOUT GENUINELY SEEKING THE LORD! When you genuinely seek the Lord, listen to me, you WILL see your sins, you will see your transgressions, and you will see the abomination that you are guilty of before God. When you genuinely repent, those things are made evident. Why? Because repentance brings in the salvation glory. And, what is the salvation glory? IT'S THE LIGHT OF GOD. It's the light of God.

Ok, what is He saying? He's saying, "You know what? All these things are going to happen to you, but, in the middle of all this, I'm giving you the chance to seek the Lord. I'm giving you the chance to seek the Lord." Now, if that is not the infinite, endless, mercies of God, what do you call it?

Now, go with me, if you will, over to Hosea, chapter 11, and He says here in verse 7, same thing, "My people are bent on backsliding from Me; though [the prophets] call them to Him Who is on high, none at all will exalt Him or lift himself up [to come to Him]." How do we lift ourselves up to come to God? On our knees, and in a humble place before God: in a place of repentance, in a place of godly sorrow, in a place of wanting to turn from sin.

And then it says, "How can I give you up, O Ephraim! How can I surrender you and cast you off, O Israel! How can I make you as Admah or how can I treat you as Zeboiim [both destroyed with Sodom]! My heart recoils within Me; My compassions are kindled together. I will not execute the fierceness of My anger; I will not bring back Ephraim to nothing or again destroy him. For I am God and not man, the Holy One in the midst of you, and I will not come in wrath or enter into the city." So, what do we see? We see the mercy side of God, that in the midst of His wrath, that in the midst of His anger…you think about that...that in the midst of His justifiable vengeance, that He reaches out and says, "I don't want to destroy you."

You've set yourself up by your willful sinning against God for destruction. You've set yourself up because you're bent on backsliding. And yet, He's saying, "You don't even know what I have prepared for you in the form of my wrath, but I don't want to do it to you. I don't want to utterly destroy you. I don't want to completely eradicate you from the face of the earth."

And, basically, He's pleading in these passages of Scripture for His own people to quit being bent on backsliding, to quit willfully sinning, and to repent and return unto Him—that He can withdraw those enemies, that He can withdraw His wrath, that He can withdraw the utter ruination that they are destined to inherit by the very nature of their sin—if they will but REPENT.

You know, when you THINK ABOUT HOW COMPASSIONATE GOD IS, and how much mercy He desires to give, when we deserve wrath, when we deserve Hell, when we deserve punishment, when we deserve damnation, and yet He says, "Look, fool, I'm giving you one last call. I'm giving you one last cry. Come into that place and repent unto me, and I will spare you. But, if you won't, then you will be utterly destroyed."

Now, you know, we've grown so calloused in this country, that we think that, "God always has to give mercy!" I think if we would look at the aftermath of these disasters, there's no way you could call those things "mercy." AND, SOME PEOPLE HAVE BLOCKED IT COMPLETELY OUT OF THEIR MINDS THAT IT'S THE WRATH OF GOD and they say, "It's the devil!" No, the devil does not control the weather. Sorry—he's not the weatherman. And, the only wind that he knows which way it blows is his own lies.

Listen, God reigns supreme, and God is, right now, calling for Repentance Revolution. And, if you say, "Well, I haven't done any sin. I have not forgot God. I have not walked disorderly. I've tried to serve God." You know what honey: you've got the sin of self-righteousness on you, and spiritual pride. If God says, "IT'S TIME TO REPENT," I don't care if I've got an A+ on my report card—it's time to REPENT. I don't care if I've got a perfect attendance at my church—it's time to REPENT.

If God says it's time for repentance revolution—lest we all be damned, lest we all be destroyed, IT IS TIME TO REPENT. Let's quit our willful sinning, and let's repent before the Living God. Let's quit being bent on backsliding, and become BENT on RIGHTEOUSNESS and true holiness. IT'S TIME TO REPENT. AMEN.

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