The Bank of Aunt Clara

I remember so many times when we were kids how that Aunt Clara would tell us about how much she had in the bank. Sometimes we would wonder how come if Aunt Clara had so much she didn't even own a car, but she always said, why waste money on a car when she could walk. Aunt Clara walked alot, in fact she walked everywhere just about that she went. She walked to town, she walked to our house, she walked to church, always walking.

Sometimes, we would see holes in Aunt Clara's shoes and we would wonder why she didn't take some of the treasure she had in the bank and buy some shoes, after all she was always telling us that she was rich. But when we would ask her, she would just say that holes in her shoes let in air so her feet didn't stink. Made sense to us, besides we knew Aunt Clara was so rich that she could have bought the shoe store if she had wanted to.

Aunt Clara wore the same coat year after year and never bought a new one. When you would see her coming a long ways off, you always knew it was her because she wore that coat, it was gray and red plaid. It never bothered Aunt Clara that the arms were threadbare at the cuffs, she said that she was so rich that she didn't want to flaunt it by wearing a brand new coat. Besides, she told us if she put on a new coat then some truck would come by and splash muddy water on it, so why should she get a new coat. Besides, Aunt Clara probably had so much money in the bank she could have had a fur coat if she wanted it.

Always we used to beg Aunt Clara to take us to the bank where we could see all of the treasure and riches she said she had there, we believed that Aunt Clara must have had big stacks of gold and piles of money because she always told us that she was rich. We never found out where the bank was but Aunt Clara said it was a long ways off and that we had to work real hard to get to it, but she said we could go there someday if we worked real hard, and were good, and if we loved God. We thought maybe that God was the president of the bank because the way Aunt Clara talked He had a lot to do with the bank, so maybe God was a banker.

Aunt Clara was a skinny woman, probably because she walked so much of the time, but we knew that if Aunt Clara wanted to get fat, she could buy all the food in the big store over on main street. Sometimes when we would think about Aunt Clara we would laugh and tell each other how great it would be if Aunt Clara bought out the store on Main street. Of course, we would always be sure that Aunt Clara would have something for us, like some candy, or soda, or potato chips. But Aunt Clara never bought out the store because she said that she didn't need to get fat because then it would be too hard to walk to get to the bank and that she had to keep track of her treasure she had in the bank so she better not buy the store but just stay skinny and keep walking.

Aunt Clara was always busy, walking, working, telling people about Jesus. We couldn't quite figure it all out because if God was the banker, and Jesus was His son, we wondered if He was the man who took the money or the one who counted it, but we figured that Aunt Clara knew because she always talked about her treasure in the bank, so we left that to her.

We often wondered why Aunt Clara lived in a little tiny house with a yard that had fruit trees. But when the fruit came in, we were too busy eating it to worry about the house then. But Aunt Clara said that if she bought a big house then the thieves would break in and try to steal all her treasure so it was better she stayed in the small house so they wouldn't know how rich she was. Of course, she said someday she was going to her Father's house where there were many mansions. So then we wanted to go to her Father's house too, but she said we would have to wait and see on that. Our whole lives we wanted to see Aunt Clara's treasure, then when she died, we thought surely some of her riches would come to us, but we found out that Aunt Clara's bank was in Heaven and that she had stored her treasure in heavenly places. After we talked about it, we decided that Aunt Clara had kept her treasure in the best bank of all and that she was probably counting all her treasure right now, so we decided to see if we could invest something in the same bank Aunt Clara had used if God was the president.

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