Once upon A time, there lived in the beautiful valley near to the great river, a happy tribe of people. These people were known as the "Care Free" Tribe. All of the Tribes around them envied them because they were very rich or so it seemed. They did not seem to have a care in the world and that is why they were known as the "Care Frees". The Care Frees as a people wore very little clothing for the land where they lived was sunny and warm. Once in a while, when they winters came the Care Frees would find some brush and build them a small shelter. But they never worried about tomorrow, and whenever they got food from the fish in the river or the wild berries that grew along the banks of the river they would never worry as some tribes did about putting any away, they just did not care, they lived each day as they pleased for they were free from the burdens that obligate other men.

When the Care Frees had children, they just let them grow, and if they got sick they just let them die, to worry about health was too much care for the Care Frees. The children never had to brush their hair or their teeth and for sure they did not have to take a bath! The only time they went into the water was when they got too close and fell into the river. Oh, and of course they never had to study or learn to read and write at all for one of the great qualities of the Care Frees was their ignorance. They were proud to be an ignorant people, for they felt it gave them a superior place in not having to worry about such foolishness as this learning.

The chief of the Care Frees was a very tall young man who was the epitome of everything the care Frees loved in a leader. He was selfish, greedy, lazy and cruel. He knew how to hurt others and never accomplish anything, especially work. His name was Dawdle. Now Dawdle was the son of Sluggard who refused to plow, and Sluggard was the son of Laziness who was the son of Excuse Maker who was the son of Liar who was the son of Foolish. As you can see, Dawdle came to the throne with a long history of failures for his role models and ancestors, but amongst the Care Frees they were remarkable men for each had their own way of doing nothing, wasting alot and using others.

As time went by, sometimes there would come to the village in the valley a very strange man, he called himself a "Servant to the Master". The Care Frees could not understand what a servant was because they never served anyone, they were selfish and only cared about themselves. To them he was a fool. When he came he always wore a long robe and carried a staff, he would go to the small knoll overlooking the village and stretch out his staff and begin to speak strange words to the people, he said he was speaking the Holy oracles of his Master and giving them prophetic utterances. But they knew he was a fool because he was always so serious when they laughed at him and mocked him. Sometimes they would come and throw stones at him and rotted fish. If only the servant would stay away, how care free they would remain! But when he came, he troubled them with his words even though they knew he was a fool --still some of the women who were not fully developed in deceit would listen to him and they would try to cover their bodies with their hair and some of the weaker children would stop throwing stones just when he would begin bleeding. He was a nuisance to their care free life and they loved it when he stayed away.

For five years the servant of the Master came to the Care Frees and he told them many things. During that time, Dawdle was getting more and more uncomfortable and trying to think of a way to kill the servant without a lot of effort. But every time Dawdle would think too much he would get a headache because he wasn't used to thinking but just doing whatever felt good!!

At the end of five years the servant began to tell the Care Frees that they had not always been care free but that they were a people who had wandered from the ancient teachings of the Master and had followed other spirit beings. These beings wanted to see people die so they taught the Care Frees a new way of living. They taught them to be lazy ...to lie ...to cheat ...to steal ...to hurt ...to have many children and wives and to not take care of them. They taught them to get bad diseases and told them they were entering into sexual freedom. They told them to kill their babies if they did not want them. They also taught them not to work but to lay around and chew the leaves off of the la-la tree. They taught them that someone else would always take care of them so they did not have to worry, they could be "care free." They taught them songs about the principles of being care free. They gave them all the leaves from the la-la tree they wanted. They told them to stop working so hard, stop building houses and securing foods and to live on the leaves of the la-la tree all day long.

At first some of the people resisted these spirit beings, but the younger people loved their words because they were tired of the old ways of the Master. They wanted to try something new and not follow all the old laws of the ancient. So the young ones and the children began to chew the la-la leaves, as they did that they began to take off their clothes and run around. They no longer would work but they would chew la-la and laugh and frolic all the day long. Soon they stopped combing their hair, and brushing their teeth. And for sure they never took baths any more! Oh, how fun to be care free!! Soon the young ones found they could have children if they wanted and they didn't need to get married! Someone would give them what they needed for the children and if they wanted to they could eat it all up themselves for they always got hungry after they chewed the la-la leaves.

Some of the old ones cried out against these teachings of the spirit beings but the young ones thought they were just old fools still locked in bondage to the oppressive laws of the Master. So no one paid much attention to them. Of course they still kept their old writings but the young ones didn't bother to learn to read because they were care free and living in la-la land. The spirit beings even taught the young ones how to smoke the la-la leaves and stuff them up their noses. The old people wept in sorrow but it was in vain for the spirit beings were bringing in a New Age and a New Order, the way of death and destruction. It really did not take long for the people to change and forget the old laws and the old ways and soon some of the old people were chewing the la-la leaves and taking their clothes off and running around laughing like children. They had become care free!!

Then one day the servant went on to tell the Care Frees that the Master had sent him to warn them that His judgments were coming and that the Care Frees were going to pay for their sins and the sins of their fathers and mothers. Of course, the Care Frees laughed and chewed more la-la leaves and the servant shed tears and he pled with them to hear his words...he warned them that they would not be able to live care free for ever but the day of reckoning would come. They knew then that he was crazy because they did not have a care in the world, let alone having to worry about a day of reckoning and the judgment of the Master. Besides, the servant could rant all he wanted, they did not have to serve the Master for their God was the la-la tree and in that they put their hope, their trust, and their faith. And so the day came when the servant knew that he would never come again to the village of the Care Frees in the beautiful valley, that he would never see them again, alive ...for he knew what the Master was telling him to tell them was the truth, and that the Master, because He loved them, was trying to get them to listen and to change...but they would not for they were care free.

On the last day that the servant came, he walked very slowly to the knoll overlooking the village and he shook his head in sorrow for the things he must say to them ...even though they would laugh at him and throw stones and rotted fish and even spit la-la juice on him, still he had to tell them, for the Master had commanded him. He was a servant and he only did as his Master told him. And so that day, with tears in his eyes he began to speak to them the prophetic utterances:

"I the Master do speak to you people of the Care Free Tribe and I tell you that you shall soon see my wrath upon you for you have refused to pay heed to my servant that I have sent to warn you. I say that you will die because you refuse to turn from wickedness. Thus you will die of the drought and the famine and you shall see your sons and your daughters wither and die before you and you will not be able to help them. Your women will be blown away as the wind and even your la-la trees shall die before you and you will have no god. You will have no food and no water and you will reach forth your hand to the la-la trees and the branches will be bare. The rotted fish you have thrown at my servant you will long to eat for that will be all that is left and the river shall run dry and the fish shall rot in the sun. The flies shall swarm your dead and the rats shall make them their feast. Furthermore I the Master say to you: There shall be a few of you who have heard my words and they will come to you as waters in a parched land and you shall remember them and pay heed but not before you have suffered, likewise will you remember. Then there shall rise up one from the midst of you and he shall pay heed to the words my servant has told you of the times of the ancient Master's rule over your fathers and when he does hearken to those words, he shall find his way to the hill of the ant and he shall learn to live."

As the servant finished the utterance the people began screaming at him, calling him a murderer and a hate messenger and a devil. They threw stones at him and rotted fish and hit him and spit la-la on him. He was bleeding and his robe was torn and his beard half pulled out and still they continued to assault him. Finally he reached the edge of the village and they turned back for they were tired and they needed some more la-la leaves and some music and dancing. Dawdle was very shaken, he called the people together and told them to have a good time for the old liar would not be back to trouble them again and they could live happily ever after in care free love and never have to be troubled by the Master through His stupid servant. No, Dawdle assured them, never again would they have to be troubled, everything would be care free once again. All of the people rejoiced and began to make the most horrifying music and to dance and to chant.

But now even their music was strange. It was not care free but it began to feel heavy and hard and empty and their dances were sorrowful and their chants were unto death. Something had come over the Care Frees and they began to hate each other more and to hurt each other more and to kill more of their children and to use all the la-la they could get hold of. They no longer were innocent in their care free life but they had been told the error of their ways.

The more they thought about the Master and His servant, the angrier they became and the more violent with each other. They began doing all kinds of mean things to each other and killing one another. As the la-la was being all chewed and smoked and poked up the noses of the people, they began to steal it from each other and to hit each other over just small pieces of the leaves and even choke each other for it. Every day they became worried that there would not be enough la-la leaves to go around. The Care Free Tribe even began to think of going to other tribes to see if they could trade for more la-la but they couldn't do that because they didn't grow crops or collect or store up or do anything except live every day for themselves as Care Frees.

Soon after this the Care Frees noticed that there was less water in the river and the fish were beginning to die. This went on for a long time and the once beautiful valley began to turn brown and dust was blowing and the fish were dead and rotting. Even the Care Frees started to feel the pains of hunger, and then they began to know the agonies of starvation. Slowly they began to wither as the bushes and trees along the river did. Their skin began to hang loose on their bodies and their children became quite clamorous in demanding food. There were no fish, only bones, there were no berries and worst of all no more la-la leaves!! Life was no longer care free and death became as a grim reaper daily carrying away it's victims. The Care Frees began to kill their children and boil them and eat them. But then they ran out of water and all of the children were dead so then there was nothing except just a few who had survived and even they would soon die!

Dawdle had lived longer than most because he had made the people give him food but now they were too weak and there wasn't any food! He laid helpless upon the earth, his smile was gone, his skin hung upon his bones. His mind went back to the servant and his words on the last day. He began to cry and to weep, then we whispered, "Oh Master, help me." Even the drops of his own tears were as gifts to his parched tongue. Then clearly the Master spoke to Dawdle -very clearly, very plainly, and told him, "Go to the ant."

Dawdle crawled slowly across the parched soil of his once beautiful village, overlooking the dead as he edged his way forward. He came almost to the knoll where the servant had so long stood and given the words of the Master. There before dawdle was a hill of ants. He lay there before them weeping of exhaustion, his body dying of starvation, his heart broken for his transgressions. He lay there for a long time in the blazing sun trying to focus his eyes upon the ants. It had been too much for Dawdle to crawl so far, but finally a cool breeze began to ruffle the dry bushes and cool Dawdle down. He looked again at the ants and began to watch them...oh how busy they were ...diligent ...how hard working, helping one another, carrying loads much too heavy for themselves but constantly working, working, working and bringing everything they collected together. None was sleeping or laughing or chewing la-la but they were diligently working, diligently working together for each other. Hot tears ran down the shrunken cheeks of Dawdle. Sobs shook his gaunt body and he whispered over and over again, "Master, forgive me, forgive me for I have killed my people through my sins, and forgive my fathers for the curses they have brought upon us through their sins. Master I will never want to be care free again but I will be as these ants, working, working, working for the community, for all, for others."

As Dawdle finished his humble prayer he looked up and on the knoll stood the servant and he pointed forth his staff and began to speak to Dawdle the words of the Master:

"I the Master do speak to you and I have heard your prayers and your confessions. I have looked upon your heart and see that it is broken for your sins and the sins of your people. You have received instruction and you have looked upon the ants. You have seen your foolishness and their wisdom. Therefore this day I will have mercy upon you and I will give you a new name and you will become a new man and you will follow my servant and he will take you to a new land and a people whom you have not known will listen to you and you will teach them of my ways that they may turn from wickedness and follow the ways of the ant. The new name which I give unto you is Diligence and you shall live long upon the earth and teach many the way of the ant, training them to be diligent all the day long. I the Master have forgiven and I have spoken. Arise and I shall restore life to thee as you follow my servant to your new life."


I say there are many seducing spirits gone out into the world. I say they seek to beguile men, but I would say unto thee that I do not desire thee beguiled. I say I do not desire thee beguiled but I say I desire thee alert. I say unto thee that in the days and the weeks and the months ahead of thee I say you will go into many places where men will hold objects as reverential, but I say unto thee do not bow unto their objects but bow unto me. For I say men will even offer unto thee and give unto thee cursed objects. I say unto thee do not let those defilements come upon thee, but I say resist them steadfast. For I say I have not called thee to be seduced, but I say I have called thee to walk upright. I say pay heed to the warning I give thee and be not taken in by seducing spirits for I say they have gone out into the world, but I say keep thyselves unspotted. I say keep thy hearts pure. I say walk uprightly in me. I say thank me that I am thy God and thy King, thy Lord, thy Master. I say thank me that I prevail.

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