A True Story By General Deborah

Otuba was once a prospering island with many inhabitants, much food, abundant commerce. The people were hard working and energetic, and seemed to live a delightful life. They were fond of their children and to see many happy, healthy youngsters was commonplace. Then, there came to the island a stranger who began to teach the people about a wonderful goddess, who's name was KORINDA.

Now, KORINDA was beautiful, she loved children, she blessed with sunshine, with carefree living, with liberation, she was a wonderful beloved goddess. She had for her hair, hundreds of tiny snakes, swirling about, her body was gorgeous, beautifully sculptured, she was the most magnificent goddess. As the stranger wove the beguiling tales about KORINDA, the people began to come under the spell of her witchcrafts and to desire to worship her. The stranger told such a lovely tale that none could resist the temptation to turn from the male God they had worshiped and worship this most wondrous beauty.

So, before too long, the people began to build to themselves idols of KORINDA, for she was so lovely and so bewitching, so sensuous. Soon, they stopped completely worshiping the old God and began giving all of their love, adoration, and reverence to KORINDA. Great stone statues of her likeness were built, small statues for individuals were formed, and incense was burned before her all hours of the day or night. Never did a day or even a moment pass that KORINDA was not worshiped.

The people, so eager to please the goddess, asked the stranger to send to them priests who could teach them to please their queen that she would be satisfied and remain with them forever. For, they had been told that KORINDA moved about, when a people did not satisfy her nor give her the sacrifices that she demanded, that she would leave the people and they would be desolated without their beautiful goddess queen. By this time, the people were terrified at the thought of depriving KORINDA of anything, so they begged for the priests to be sent. The stranger went away, promising to return.

When the stranger returned, he had twelve priests, six of them were men who wore women's garments, and ear-rings and had female mannerisms even though they were men, these were well pleasing to KORINDA. It was explained to the people, that these beings, the male priests, were sensitive to her and her desires and that they could satisfy the queen. The other six priests were women who were dressed as men and carried themselves under the aura of men, but they were women. Their peculiarity was explained by the stranger because they would bring forth the sacrifices that KORINDA wanted because they understood her psyche. The people at first were taken aback by this strange group of priests but they knew that they must accept them so as not to cause KORINDA to become angry with them and depart as she had from other people. For, the people remembered with shudderings, the terrible stories of other peoples who had known her and lost her through their stupidity and laziness of not pleasing her.

As soon as the new priesthood was thoroughly established the people began to change in their lifestyles. First, they were taught by the priests that the old style of marriage was stupid and confining and did not free them up to worship the goddess the way that she desired to be worshiped. So, the people, eager to please their beloved queen began to hate the confines and the bondages of marriage and they began to work most arduously at destroying this confining old tradition. Next, the priests announced that KORINDA wanted blood sacrifices, so the people began bringing their best and most perfect animals to KORINDA and giving them over to the priesthood who enjoyed the meat to the fullest.

As time passed, the people did not have as much time for their businesses or crops as they formerly had because KORINDA was making increasing demands upon the people. Because they loved her and feared her, they knew they must obey her for she was their goddess and they did not want her to leave. The priests then announced that KORINDA wanted the people to learn to love each other, and to relish their bodies with each other and to intertwine their bodies as the snakes in her hair. The priests said that the people were to stop worrying about if they were male or female, but to just abandon themselves to loving each other and sharing the love, this would make KORINDA happy. The people, some of them still under the mind set of the old God had a bit of complication with this latest dictate, but they were told to take powerful medicines to release their inner psyches so they could release and abandon to please KORINDA.

The priests instructed the people that they needed their minds expanded in order to fully please KORINDA and so they began to disperse the powerful medicines quite freely and the people loosened up the more of the medicine they took. With the passing of time, the priests announced that KORINDA was no longer pleased in the animal sacrifice but now she was desirous of human sacrifice, and those who loved her would willingly give her what she wanted. The priests carefully explained that for KORINDA to be pleased that she must be given the unborn children because those were her favorite. It was stated that she would require some women to give her as many as ten or twenty of these sacrifices. Again, the people agreed, and got busy making children for KORINDA then sacrificing them to her before they were born. Since the women did not have to raise these children nor even carry them as full term babies, they were able to get impregnated at a higher rate and offer KORINDA more sacrifices. The priests coached the people along and the women priests who looked like men were especially helpful to the women who gave up their children to KORINDA. They taught them how to take pills and then stop so they would be sure and get impregnated and be able to give the sacrifices that the goddess desired.

One day the priests were very serious and they told the people that KORINDA was displeased because they were not giving equal rights to the he-she's who were favorites of KORINDA'S. So, what the goddess desired was that all of the men would begin to act like women and wear ear rings and intertwine their bodies with other men. The men were taught that they were born that way and that it was pleasing to KORINDA, they were also told that if they got diseases from their intertwining which was somewhat upside down, that they were not to worry because they would be regarded as martyrs and that KORINDA would be satisfied if they died from obeying her desire. So, of course, eager to please, the men gladly obliged and began acting like women and intertwining themselves. Of course, many of them died, but they were regarded as martyrs. And, the priests assured everyone that KORINDA was well pleased.

KORINDA wanted more blood, so the priests instructed the people that the youth were to begin listening to a special music which KORINDA loved. The music would be full of things which were once regarded as nasty, but now they were okay. This music would help the young people do more intertwining and also help them to get riled up and murder each other so that KORINDA could be satisfied.

Everyone gladly obliged because she was their beloved, for she was beautiful, lovely, sensuous, and wondrous. The people of Otuba began dying very quickly and with the sacrifice of the children, the population dwindled rapidly, but still KORINDA kept up her demands and they did not want to displease her, so they did everything she asked of them through her channels, the priests.

With the passing of time, KORINDA began to grow increasingly dissatisfied with Otuba and she began to demand that the stranger search her out a new land. In the meantime, the people had grown quite poor and they still continued dying and of course, now they had to give her even more children because she was angry and continually threatening. They could not think of life without her for she was their goddess--they sought all the more to please her. The few who remained had it very hard because they were so few in number that they had to continually work to keep her happy. Finally there ware only three known survivors aside from the

priests on Otuba, and KORINDA said they must leave to the new place that the stranger had found, Mericana.

Mericana was a huge country, very prosperous, very abundant, and the people were very happy with many children. They lived under the old God and it was time now for KORINDA, the goddess to rule. The stranger had already began to adjust the thinking of the people of Mericana, and so KORINDA and her priests left to missionize a new people. The last two followers of KORINDA died when she left.

The one lone survivor had bean a fool who had remained true to the old God and had hid out in a cave during the reign of the beautiful, sensuous, murderous, KORINDA. It was he who told us of Otuba. He shudders and shakes as he tells the story for he remembers the days of old, when life was happy and children ran freely throughout the streets, and there was much food and much commerce, and he wipes the tears from his eyes and walks slowly back up the mountain to his cave. He will not come out and live in the open for he still fears KORINDA and the priests even though they are gone. Also, the bones of the people lay in heaps, and mounds of still rotting carcasses abound.

But, KORINDA and her priests are satisfied for the circle is complete and they are pleased with the results obtained in Otuba. Of course, the challenge of Mericana will be greater, but the people will be seduced more quickly and KORINDAWILL REIGN AS GODDESS, QUEEN OF DEATH! ! !

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