No Other gods

by General Deborah Green

"Thou shalt have no other
gods before me."
Exodus 20:3

In the ancient scrolls there is a writing of a God who once had a true and faithful people and He lived with them in harmony. Everything that was of goodness, this God brought forth for the benefit of His people. But, His people were not the only ones who were, for there were some others. These others did not live in harmony with the good God, but they lived in disunion and disharmony. They were full of problems and they could find no solutions and so they made for themselves gods of everything. They would worship just about anything, and because they were not in harmony with the good God, some of their gods were evil. But, what could they do? For they lived in fear most of their days and sought to appease the gods they had made.

It was almost foolish to observe, for first they would make the gods, then they would fear the gods, then they would seek to appease the gods all of their days. They would constantly see to it that their gods received offerings and many of their days and even nights were spent in trying to appease the gods that they themselves had created. But, they did not see the foolishness of their own actions, nor could they be expected to see, for they were blind. They would have great and elaborate holidays to worship their gods and pay mind to them, and they would involve themselves in great expense, labor, and emotion, for the satisfaction of these gods was never really satisfied.

All of this time, the people of the true God, the good God, served him in peace, harmony, and abundance. They did not expend themselves in inane oblations nor continual sacrifices, but they sought only the direction of the good God and He gave it to them. They were in harmony with their God, with their surroundings and each other. But alas, the time came when some of them began to look upon the people round about them and they began to see their frivolous business in respect of the worship of their gods, and the people of the good God began to wonder if they needed more gods just like their neighbors.

So, quietly and secretly at first, the people of the good God began to make to themselves idols, and to imitate some of the people who lived around about them. They were very secretive at first, building altars in groves and other hidden places and offering incense to the false gods. But, as they committed their spiritual whoredoms, their hearts became hard and they were separated from the good God and they began to be more blatant in their worship of the other gods. In fact, they even copied and made replicas of the gods of the problem people and set them up in their temples and began to offer oblations unto them. Of course, the good God became angry with his people for He could not believe they were so blind, so stupid, so foolish.

Because of their idolatry, the good God had no choice but to curse the people who were offering unto the false gods. As the curses for their idolatry came upon them they began to have many, many problems that they could not solve. And so they too became problem people, unable to live at an elevated level, but forced to grovel at the feet of idols and live in wretchedness and emptiness.

As time passed and children were born, some of them were not even taught of the good God at all, but they were dedicated and given unto idols and taught to worship false gods. Of course, these children were doubly cursed for they had not only the curses of their fathers' sins, but the curses of their own idolatries to deal with.

They lived in more wretched conditions than their fathers who were the first transgressors, and their lives were one big tangled mass of problems. They had more problems than the problem people 'round about them. So, the darkness only compounded itself over the people and the good God was sorrowful that His people were so estranged from Him.

Year after year, He would send his prophets to declare to His people their sins and let them know their guilt, but still they would not listen to the prophets but preferred to stone them and seek to shut up the truth instead of listen to it.

Needless to say, the next generation that came forth was worse than the one before and none of the children even knew that there was a good God, the one true God. Instead, all reference to him was outlawed especially in the schools for the young, and the children were taught to pay homage to a multitude of false gods and idols. The children became as the idols they were taught to worship, they were dumb, they were hard of heart, they were destructive. The good God watched in sorrow as the generation waxed bold in perversity, addiction and madness. The children were taught to do filthy and vile things which were against nature and they were told that the murder of their own children was good, so that they could continue in corruptedness. They openly and blatantly mocked all of the old laws of the good God, and their lives were full of troubles from morning 'till right, and even through the night. The good God had sorrow, for these children were triple cursed by their sins.

As time progressed the children who had been taught perversity and wickedness and vileness, began to die of diseases which were incurable. No matter what they did, they could not cure themselves and their death toll mounted day after day for they had departed from the ways of the good God and had given themselves over unto wickedness, therefore, death became their cup. Many of them died in vain, for they did not know of the sins of their fathers but they only did what they were taught and they were taught destruction. And so, because their fathers had departed and not taught them the ways of life, they were helplessly taught destruction and death. They were taught the ways of perversion, vileness and wickedness which only led them into greater sorrow and suffering.

The dead continued to mount up and the stench of their carcasses could still not change the reality that the people who had once had harmony with the good God, were now dying like flies and none of their false gods or other lovers could by any means redeem them, for they had turned from the One who was life through the transgressions of their fathers.

When the good God beheld them in their suffering and in their dying, He could see them wasting away with what became commonly called the "wasting diseases", as their flesh would waste away and they would become as skeletons. They had no resistance to this disease or to any other disease, for the sickness was a sign of their condition before the good God. They had no resistance, their immunity system was not able to defend them at all. They had no resistance to sin, but fell prey to every evil suggestion, and they reaped the accompanying sorrow and havoc.

When they had all but just about been destroyed, the good God looked upon them and declared He would give them one more chance to change, that is the few of them who were left. Perhaps they would hear Him and turn from their wickedness and turn unto Him with all of their hearts. And so, the good God, who always wanted goodness for his people, sent His prophets once again, declaring unto them their sins, and the sins of their fathers. A few of them, though weak and dying, began to listen. As they listened to His prophets, they began to gain strength and to destroy the other gods they had been taught to worship. As they destroyed these idols, they found themselves being restored to health and their problems began to be solved, and their lives began changing for good. A weak end sparse remnant sparked to life at the words of the prophets of the good God and they set forth to become once again the people of the good God. They were determined to return to the place where they had once lived in harmony and known the benefits and goodness of the one True God. So, they made a covenant with the good God and it is recorded in the scrolls, that they would have no other gods before Him but that He alone would remain their God.

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