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March 1995, Newspaper Issue 53

I speak to thee, haughty, proud giant that ye are, ye shall be brought down, ye shall be brought down and reduced to size once again and ye shall be devastated in your pride and your haughtiness, and ye shall be left in shambles. For I say that it is not going to be done by men this time, but it is going to be done by me, the Living God. And I shall bring thee down and I shall reduce thee.


About the

Judgments of God

General James Green
THE SPIRIT OF GOD began speaking to us way back in the early 1970’s. It wasn’t until the late 1970’s that God began to speak to us about His wrathful/judgmental side. At that time we weren't awakened spiritually to how serious He was about His disdain for rebellion—the sins men commit worldwide against Him and His Word.

     It wasn’t until the mid-1980’s that God really began to speak to us about what He intends to do to both nations, certain cities, individual groups of men and individuals themselves. Personally, we saw several persons, who came against us, be judged by God—they DIED unexpectedly, unprepared to meet Him. This, God told us, was a sign to us that in the future, we would witness this kind of thing on a LARGE SCALE, both on individuals and on nations themselves.

     In the beginning, when the Spirit would come to us, speak to us, we listened. As the Words He spoke became more and more prolific, longer, He instructed us to write down His Words. This I did (Gen. Jim) the best I could, as my wife (Gen. Deborah) spoke forth His Word.

     So, every time we went into prayer together (which was quite often and still is), we went prepared to record His spoken Word.

     As the Word grew, I could no longer keep up in writing down what He said, so He instructed us to get a tape recorder. This we did. My wife carried a small one always on her person, for God's Spirit would speak at times other than our prayer times. This has continued even to this very day.

     Then we were instructed to publish these Words for the public, which we did, putting them into both booklets and newspapers...which we give out freely today.

     The volume of Word, the flow of Word, has been so great, we, to date, have literally thousands of recorded Words that have never made it to the printing press. Many of these Words are judgment Words, warnings...which, for the most part, have been and are ignored by men. Many are also personal Words to us (us personally and our community), to the Church universally and locally—a mixture of both “blessing” and “cursing.”

     In the 1990’s the Lord had us personally go to certain cities here in America and prophesy JUDGMENT over them. He also had us go to a dozen European nations and do the same. This we did (we have that list of nations put away—one particular one was Germany). But before we went on that three-week European journey, the Spirit of God spoke to us (while we were living in Oregon) that He was going to put forth His hand against both Germany and Japan.

     This morning (at 3:15 a.m.), God spoke again to us about Japan (He had already given several Words to us on the day He brought destruction to that country), telling us that He has pled with them over the course of another generation for them to repent, and He said THEY HAVE IGNORED HIM, and now they are faced with their denial, with their rejection of His pleadings. He said that MONEY WAS THEIR GOD!; therefore, their god has failed them. All their $$ did not stop His judgments...and He said that He was not through with Japan.

     MANY NATIONS OF THIS WORLD ARE YET TO BE JUDGED. In fact, several years ago (and we have it recorded somewhere), God said that some nations would cease to be a nation; new nations would be born.

     Now, we have been crying out against the sins of this nation of America ever since the early 1980’s. This nation will, WILL!, receive the CURSINGS it has sown—murder of the pre-born and sodomy being the CHIEF SINS. America has exported these sins without shame. THE TIME IS AT HAND THAT AMERICA WILL TASTE THE WRATH, FURY, AND INDIGNATION OF GOD. This nation has tried to eradicate God from it’s presence...mocking His holiness, His standards, His judgments.

     As Japan has exported DEMONIC (AND MANY NASTY!) VIDEO GAMES, CARTOONS/VIDEOS, ETC., and has been involved in GROSS SEX SINS, GOVERNMENT-SANCTIONED MASS RAPING OF THEIR OWN WOMEN (AND YOUNG GIRLS!), AND INTERNATIONAL CHILD PORN RINGS for many years—which have all ruined lives and horribly wrecked men, women and children, mentally and physically, FOR YEARS!!—we see clearly that THE JUDGMENT YOU NOW WITNESS PHYSICALLY IS THE REAPING OF THEIR SOWING—lives taken, properties wrecked! JUST THINK HOW SEVERE AMERICA’S REAPINGS WILL BE.....

     It is not God's desire to take such drastic measures, but the time is here—NOW!—that His WRATH, FURY and INDIGNATION will NOT BE STOPPED. His Spirit is fed up with the rebellion of the sons of men—both Family, Church and State.

     The world will no longer ignore God, for He will visit them in His WRATH, FURY and INDIGNATION—what He does will be right and just. Don’t mourn over the wreckage that will transpire, for men/nations will NOW REAP WHAT THEY HAVE SOWN...and AMERICA WILL REAP


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Paris, France -May 6, 1998

Brussels, Belgium -May 6, 1998

Rome, Italy -May 8, 1998

Berlin, Germany -May 10, 1998

Two major American cities were also prophesied against at this time:

San Francisco, CA & New York City, NY.


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