Words Of The Spirit


Be thankful even this day that I have so loved you that I have given My Son for you. That is, when you were deeply involved in sin that you were given the Way of return . As you saw your own ugly sins & repented you became acceptable to be returned to My House. Those who are truly repentant are the ones who seek to change and amend their ways & their doings. They do not continue in the way of sin and rebellion against me. Be aware that multitudes may put on a show of repentance but their hearts are far from Me because they are steeped in the love of self. Such ones as these will not prove to be acceptable because their primary god is self. Don't be shocked at such antics for the same is to their own shame and damnation of soul. Rather be thankful to be truly repentant and able to make changes for Life. When you see some you have loved going after the god of self, know they are choosing such deception. Thank Me even now for My mercies that guide you in Light, the Way that is Right. I have no grandchildren & those who think to ride on their parents' relationship with Me are fools. Each and every one will be responsible to humble themselves to Me and live, or to refuse and perish in rebellion.


Dear Jesus, I come to you with all the sins I've committed and I beg you to forgive me. Rescue me from eternal damnation in Hellfire. I confess that I am a sinner and that I cannot save myself. Don't let me die in my sins. Please cleanse my body, soul and spirit with your precious blood. I need your help and I ask you to come and live in my heart. I want to serve you, obey your commands and do what is right. I want to live for you everyday and receive everlasting life. Please lead and guide me by your Spirit into righteousness. Help me live a clean and holy life that is pleasing unto God. Thank you Jesus for hearing and answering my prayer. Amen! Read the BIBLE!

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