"To another the working of miracles: to another PROPHECY:..." (I Cor. 12:10)

These PROPHETIC MESSAGES have been given since General Deborah Green was RELEASED from prison in early 2022. The LIVING WORD of God will not be stopped. We are privileged to have words of wisdom, knowledge and understanding given by the Spirit of God. THE WORDS OF THE SPIRIT are given just as we have received them. We offer no explanations, apologies or interpretations, nor do we compel you, the reader, to agree or disagree. We have not changed them, adulterated them or doctored them up. THE WORDS OF THE SPIRIT come to you just as they have come to us. These words are guaranteed to kill the flesh, heal the wounds and fill the spirit man with joy.

FIRST SET -Take Heed and Humble Yourself Before God!

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