Gen. James Green

A LTHOUGH JESUS did not have much to say about Rome (political power) in His day (Israel was occupied by Rome for their disobedience!), He did have a lot to say about religion. All one has to do is read Matt. 23 where He gives a solemn denunciation of the Scribes and Pharisees. He pronounced seven “WOES” upon them—calling them “HYPOCRITES.” This of course led to His death.

On the other hand, Jesus was in agreement with the Scribes and Pharisees of His day (see 22:15-33), yet, He still called them “hypocrites” (v. 18). Sometimes he criticized individuals, other times, the whole party.


Religion/Politics Ideology!

WE KNOW Rome was a military and political power in Jesus’ day. Not only this, but they had their various gods/goddesses, hence, religious. Israel had grown very “religious,” but lacked righteousness—just like today’s state and church. Their ideology was to RULE over the people: Rome over Israel; Israel over the people (later on the New Testament Ekklesias collided directly with the religious and political leaders).

Now, should we expect anything less if we’re to “stand up” for Christ? Confrontational? Yes! Their temperamental reflex to the “sword that cuts and the fire that burns” is evident, painfully evident today. Both the Pharisaical church and the Zionist-controlled state (not to mention militant Islam and Catholicism) hate Biblical Christianity.

WHILE MANY PROFESS NO IDEOLOGY AT ALL, THEIR SILENCE SPEAKS VOLUMES! So over all, the “religious” and the “political” has surpassed the inchoate (imperfectly formed or developed); they have become a well-oiled machine of hatred for Biblical Truth. The cadres who populate the ranks of these anti-Christ systems bang the drum for change: change what God’s Word commands and demands…mainly, REPENT!! Oh, that mean 6-letter word.

This two-headed monster combines the “religious” and “political” hyper-mediated anti-Christian culture with chilling zeal to kill the truth!! These ranks are filled with do-good-ers, pragmatists, and puppeteers, as one writer analyzed. He stated that “in their eyes this is an unreflective ‘collective compulsion for positivity’ that allows the good-bad-ugly” to rule. But these poor “lost” and “misguided” souls refuse to reflect on their own impotence—Biblical Truth will never, ever be overthrown. Got it?



THE FLIP-SIDE of all this drum banging and finger pointing is a corrosive and aggressive (that awful 10-letter word!) anti-religious, anti-political force. Boy, oh boy, this enrages these folks—that someone /someones would DARE challenge their authority. Well, we do. We are commanded to preach REPENTANCE (see Acts 17:30). God is NOT going to overlook men’s sins...all must “turn or burn!

The spirit we wish to inspire into those who are enemies of Christ (and us), is humility—humble yourselves unto the living God who waits to forgive (your sins) and to give (eternal life).

Soldiering for Christ is tedious, and Christ’s foot-soldiers can suffer BURNOUT (been there, done that!). But we’re admonished in Isa. 40:31 to wait upon the LORD for renewed strength. We’re promised to soar as eagles; not only running, but flying!!



LET US NEVER SO TIRE as to retire. It is not time to retire, but to refire. I don’t expect to change religion or politics; I aim to rescue the perishing from their ranks. They are obsessed with the here-and-now; we with the after life.

We applaud those brave Christian soldiers who continue to fight the good fight of faith. Christ deserves the best—give it to Him.

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