The Global Apparatus

Gen. James Green

W HAT THE world is NOW facing is not just the Rothschild/Rockefeller agendas, or the Jesuits who have their agendas behind-the-scenes, or the United Nations plan for a One World Order—aka Planet Prison: operating behind the scenes, manipulating events, building intelligence agencies globally…starting small, medium, and large scale wars (all their wars/revolutions are Bankster wars). This stuff is way beyond personal agendas, it is many evil cartels working together, e.g.: Zionism, ISIS, illuminati, cabalism, Roman Catholic Jesuit cartel blah, blah, blah...this is a multiple CRIMINAL endeavor—all to push the world into endless wars for the world’s ELITE.

One thing can be counted on—the LOSS of personal (even national) freedoms. Their strategy is really simple: plan/bring about crisis, get the population fearful and outraged, and then come up with solution. That solution of course, will get the fearful/outraged totally dependent upon the very ones that caused the crisis (or terrorism etc.). All major world events have worked this way.



THERE ARE TWO ways to be fooled: to believe what isn’t true, the other is to accept what isn’t true.

P.S. It would be good if you searched out the Israeli Army Unit 8200. This unit has been in the U.S. (still is, last I heard) before the 911 event. Hmmmm. IAU8200 is Israel’s “cyber spy agency.” Is Israel America’s friend? HA!

By Way of DECEPTION, thou shalt DO WAR



WRITE FOR OUR (free) DVD called “911 Deception” if you have any doubts about America or Israel’s involvement in that ACT of BRUTAL TERRORISM!

WAKE UP! These same people who planted the bombs in those NYC towers have another plan called “The Samson Option”—something BIGGER than 911 (this is nuclear dear ones, nuclear). I expect a whole city to be sacrificed if America does not play ball with this psychopathic nation.

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