Thunder in the Heavens

Gen. James Green

“The adversaries of the LORD shall be broken to pieces; out of heaven shall He thunder upon them: the LORD shall judge the ends of the earth; and He shall give strength unto his king, and exalt the horn of His anointed” (1 Sam. 2:10). 

G OD HAS DECLARED WAR upon the whole world! (see our postings starting Dec. 25, 2015 called “Daily Dose”—prophetic Words of the Lord). Make no mistake, the LORD’S WRATH will increase in the weeks, months, and years ahead. His providential intervention, on the behalf of His true ones, and for His name’s sake, is now being evidenced. Those of us who have been warning and warning and warning will be validated.


Actions Weighed

VERSE 3 states: “Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth: for the LORD is a God of knowledge, and by Him actions are weighed.”

God has been longsuffering, and even merciful to the world in ALL their ABOMINATIONS...the time has NOW come for Him to weigh the actions of both individuals and nations. His mercy has passed for the rebels, the apostates, the proud in heart, and the arrogant; changes will now occur despite men’s unbelief. HA! The RIGHTEOUS JUDGE of the whole earth, the whole human race is going to REWARD both the righteous and unrighteous—according to their deeds (and lack of deeds). He is going to PUNISH the wicked and bless the righteous.

The LORD’S punishments are an active quality which is seen at work when He has had enough! Because He IS holy—WHOLLY HOLY!—He is unique, and because He is unique in this way, there are no mistakes on His part.

The righteous are always quick to discern the power of deity. They perceive WHY He does what He does when He does it.

Rebellion / Pride

THE SPIRIT has identified the two major ruling demons over this nation of America: REBELLION AND PRIDE. These two demons destroy lives and ruin souls; they are disciples of Hell!!...sucking the lifeblood from American moral and social institutions (including the Church!). The whole of the U.S.A. is corrupt, debased, perverted, and insidiously evil. Rebellion and pride have fathered hatred against God and His Word, filling men’s hearts and minds with disdain for any sort of righteous rule or moral disciplines.

A FEW lonely voices cry out in protest. “Political Correctness” has muzzled both saint and sinner; fewer yet lament America’s condition. These two rabid demons are an affront to both God and His (true) people. They have become a despoiler of human dignity and Christianity itself.

Because the Church has been “charmed” by snakes, flakes, and fakes (called religious clergy), those who should have been AWAKE and in a FIGHTING mode are now reprehensible and morally debased. Few, precious few have refused the snake’s charm, therefore, very few work/war to ameliorate the terrible effects of snake bites. Whole congregations, organizations, and denominations are under the SPELL and in a backsliding dazed stupor. Now, what was meant to be an (spiritual) Army, is now a sickly effeminate thing called “Church,” which is WOEFULLY feeble, drowned in human apathy, and a complete failure.

The Church’s influence is gone, sunk in worldly behavior, fashion images and money lust.


Blistering Indictment!

GOD’S BLISTERING indictment against men’s sins is sure to irk most of the “religious peaceniks” who view Jesus as forever smiling upon the proud and rebellious who belong to the “Red Light Districts” (aka churches).

Cities and towns of America are dying in shameful immoralities and worldly philosophies which cast an eerie cloud over traditional America (which still believes in God, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; which still believes in one man with one woman marriage, hard work ethic, and etc.). Political correctness is strangling this nation TO DEATH!! REBELLION AND PRIDE, IN GOD’S ESTIMATION, IS THE SUM OF ALL VILLAINIES.

And what is most disturbing is that the Church of Jesus Christ has become a soul-damning organization instead of a soul-winning organization with: men, women, boys, and girls sinking into a religious immoral abyss.


Under Assault!

TRUE, AMERICA is under assault from both God and Satan: God’s judgments/punishments vs. Satan’s gutter licentiousness. Who do you stand with “Christian”?: Satan’s soul-damning message, or God’s whip-cracking, fire-burning, sword-cutting sermons?

Rebellion against God and His Word has fastened itself onto the public like glue.

Away with powder-puff religion! Away with these money-grabbing liars who have no guts to “fight the good fight of faith” (2 Tim. 2:3 and 1 Tim. 6:10-12).

Rebellion and pride are formidable, mashing and grinding everything moral and holy in their path. Their nefarious spirit is CRIMINAL; sordidness and misery know no bounds. Look what these two demons alone have done to America.

But, thank God the time has come for God’s RETRIBUTION: enemies will be destroyed: slain with the sword that comes out of His mouth. I could go into a nauseating recitation of the effects of these two demons on any society, but you all know what I write is TRUE. These two demonic nemesis, dastardly and evil as they are, are still honored by most Americans. Hell soaked America, when will you ever learn that you can’t fight God and win?

Fighting God!

SATAN’S DISCIPLES lie awake night after night hatching out schemes to attack God, His Word, and His messengers. Their “movement” is of GIGANTIC proportions these days—lying tirades of ABUSE and VITUPERATION (abusive language). Satan’s captains and lieutenants are causing widespread TERROR among the masses. Well, it’s time to fight Hell...but I don’t expect these “church inebriates” to join in; oh, no, they are part of the problem, not the solution. But God does have His Eagle Force out there who have earned their “wings,” full of martial fury to do battle against the BIG 4 (see Eph. 6). This is God’s HOLY WAR!! (and He invites the grassroots soldiers into His war also).


The Battle Cry!

GO FORWARD! We don’t need the crowds stirred by Babylonian oratory and celebrity figures (who live like devils themselves!), NO!, all we need is truth in our inner parts. All one needs is a love for Jesus to fight this kind of “dirty war.”

Lion / lion

FIRST PETER 5:8 explains that Satan “as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” This slavering lion, fangs bared, out for the kill, stalks any and all who are not aware or awake. He marks his enemies, stalks them feverishly, and relentlessly attacks, ripping and tearing.

Revelation 5:5 describes the risen/glorified Christ as “the Lion of the tribe of Judah…”: the evil; the good.

Both have large followings, both are king/KING of their own domain; Satan representative of rebellion and pride; Christ representative of submission and humility. It is not the time of fright or flight, but the time to fight. We don’t need ecclesiastical acumen dear friends; we need SPIRITUAL STRENGTH to assert our moral will to resist evil. We should be, must be! a sworn enemy to everything that is an enemy to God and His Word.


Silent Death!

MEN AND WOMEN think they will always get by with their sinning in God’s face! Wait and see what He has in store for these fanciful dreamers. At the end of this article, there will be a Word of the Lord given during the writing of this article (Jan. 25, 2016). He has this day released the plague of silent death. God is fed up with all the rebellion, the pride, and the hate coming forth from this nation (and the world). He is fed up with all these religious lying imps and pimps of HELL who are bent on attempting to change God’s Word and His character to fit their dirty, rotten, stinking way of life.

Church leaders have become moral assassins that will do just about anything to ruin the character of God and Jesus our Lord. They actually want to murder the Holy Spirit’s workings in people’s lives. They want DEATH; they will receive DEATH: both the “religious,” and the “reprobates.” These dynamic duos are intensely committed to make God’s Word Politically Correct, or Hell Correct. The religious and non-religious et al are diametrically opposed to what is Biblically correct.

We here are not a bit fooled by all the Church theological phraseologies. We’re not a bit frightened by all those loud-mouthed Christ-haters who call for our extermination. We do not flinch at their fiendish antics to frighten us. Let them mock and parody us, for we understand that they are pathetically LOST! We understand their deep antagonism against Christ and His Gospel, we understand the infidel journalist, cheap TV show defamations about ACMTC, and their viciously slanderous hysterical atheistic rantings. We do understand that Satan and his odious legions are behind their attempts to dethrone God and enthrone man. Good luck!

All this anti-Christ, anti-Christian stuff is invigorating, even though it is blasphemous. We’re in a time of “isms,” “wicked schemes,” “demonic schisms” and “badologies” / “theologies.” The rancor and vitriolic valley between Christ and the world is 2,000 plus years old! Hostilities and offences are all part of true Christianity. There is nothing new about immoral and ungodly traitors who have sold out Christ for 30 pieces of silver.


ALL THIS RANTING and raving about personal liberties—from the pulpits—is all about personal license to sin. We’re not to use the Gospel message as a cloak to sin. Yet, this is exactly what today’s pimp-preachers are doing: they are waging an unremitting war against both Christ Jesus and His message to mankind—REPENT. There is not a SINGLE verse in the whole Bible that condones the liberty to sin at will. There is not a single verse in the whole Bible where tolerance of sin is virtue. Yet, to hear these politicians and preachers of today, it is a sin to denounce sin! The lack of discipline and prayer has given birth to today’s “religious industry” that has now given birth to full-blown homosexual rights and endless murdering of the pre-born...not to mention the pandering to the Islamic invasion.

Aggressive Christianity!

THIS, MY DEAR READERS, is what Jesus suffered, died, and arose from the dead to bring to the world. He did not, I repeat, DID NOT die to raise up Babylonian churches with their Babylonian jesus. NO! He wants a militant Ekklesia, aggressive, passionate, and full of the Holy Spirit. Jesus wants Spirit-Warriors, not letter-learned Pharisees, whore-hirelings, and intellectual sissies, especially the “pinkos” and “stinkos” who pride themselves as academicians, philosophers and theorists. Did Jesus have a degree? Did He have a preacher’s license? Today’s liberal clergy today is a disgrace to the human race.

Well, you can see why Christ is MAD as Hell can’t you? “The glitter of sin is in.” This one-karat Churchianity shames our Lord; it is time to repent America! Turn or burn! Stop supporting these religious brothels where the Gospel of Christ has been replaced with a kind of vaudeville extravaganza.



Silent Death

Jan. 25, 2016

I speak unto thee and I say do you think that I mourn, do you think that I moan, when proud men are brought down? No, I do not. I say that I laugh at them and I hold them in contempt. For I say they have been so wise in their own conceit, they have been so sure of themselves, that I literally enjoy to see them in their devastated heaps, in their ruination, in their devastation. I say that I laugh at them. For I say they have been mockers and scoffers, who have wanted their way, and I say they have gained the same but I say they have not counted on my war against them and I bring them down. I say this day that I the Living God am also sending to the sons of men, silent death and I say that it shall creep upon them, they shall not even realize until it is too late. I say that it is me the Living God who will plague them, and plague them, and plague them with silent death. I say that sooner or later men will recognize and understand that yes indeed there is a plague in the land. I say that it renders men dead. I say there is no way that they can stop it for I the Living God am unleashing it even this night, that is the plague of silent death. I say you will know what it is to thank me and praise me for my tactics of warfare. I say that it is me the Living God who has my own agenda and my own strategy, and my own desire. I say that I am angry with the sons of men, and I say that I will bring down the haughty, the rich, the elegant, the ones who think they remain and I will laugh at them. I say that I will release upon endless multitudes silent death, and I say that they will be plagued, and they will be rendered dead. For it is me the Living God who will do it in my war revealed, I say thank me and praise me.