God’s Super Sign of the End Times

Gen. James Green


“Don’t touch the apple of God’s eye!” say those who support, and even PRAISE, those living in Israel.


J ESUS (whom both the political Zionists and the Orthodox “Jews” REJECT!) made this astounding statement: “…Love Your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them which despitefully use you, and persecute you” (Mt. 5:44). We can rightly say that all the above is true: the present-day “Jews” (orthodox) have not ever [to date] accepted Christ Jesus as “their” Messiah, therefore they consider Christians (and Gentiles in general) as enemies of Judaism.

Oh, most keep this to themselves, but their disdain for Christians and Christianity erupts at times. And for the Zionists, well, they disdain both Orthodox “Jews” and Christians, but use them for their ends (see our DVD series which includes much video coverage on all this entitled: “America’s Golden Calf: The Constitution” and other related DVDs).

First Off

WHAT IS A JEW? You don’t really believe that the Hebrews (later called “Jews” in the land of Babylon) are still a pure race, do you? Thousands of years have passed since their going into exile among the Gentile “dogs”—the Babylonians, and then returned to Palestine in 1948. Can anyone call the “Jews” a homogenous race? Can it be proved that those living in Israel (State) today are descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?

Well, the true answer comes by way of DNA science. THE WORLD’S TOP SCIENTISTS AND RESEARCHERS CONFIRM BY DNA THAT TODAY’S’ “JEWS” HAVE ZERO ISRAELITE GENES! That’s right—they are descendants of king Bulan and the Khazars (exposed by a “Jew” scientist!!). DNA science, joined up with archaeology presents the TRUTH: “Jews” are of the Turkic bloodline. And we also know that many “Jews” are Luciferian conspirators intent on destroying Biblical Christianity (read their damning Talmud for proof, plus read their Cabala).

Only a blind person could not perceive the “religious cleansing” going on in America. Only a dumb person could not see that ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) runs and rules America. The church is being targeted as a “domestic terrorist” system; the WHOLE population is being re-programmed to HATE Christianity and LOVE Israel. The “Jewish” Matrix has America in a death grip.

I’m not going to throw a bunch of “end time” Scriptures at you, you see all this yourself. It was decided years and years ago (by the Hidden Elite, who are not so hidden anymore!) that the U.S. would be the HQ of the N.W.O. (New World Order). Why do you think that Amerika is Israel’s protector, as well as provider—giving those Khazar Jews, which are Jesus/Christian-haters billions each year?

United States of Israel rules/controls this nation thru its economy, media, and entertainments et al. The Khazars in the U.S. government are the same as the Khazars in Israel—many are from Israel. One political ruler (from outside of the U.S.) has lately said: “The U.S. is Israel’s proxy.” Thank you for that TRUTH.


THE KHAZARS are a European people who converted from paganism to Judaism beginning in the eight century. History proves that by the tenth century, Khazaria was conquered by the Russian Czars. This caused a scattering and they set up “Jewish” communities, which eventually became communist affiliated with Stalin and Russia.

The 1948 Ingathering

WAS IT GOD or man who was responsible for these poor-persecuted “Jews” (because of Hitler) to obtain Palestine? Does Biblical prophecy tell us anything? Yes! But trust me, most “Christians” misapply those Scriptures (I’ve already written and have DVDs on this). By crying BIG crypto-Jew tears, they were granted their “homeland” (this was planned during the First World War by the way).

God’s Super Sign!

AS MUCH as “Christian Zionists” praise Israel, and as much as they push Zionist support (in Israel), when penned down on “prophecy,” they have to admit that Israel is regathered (before their supposed “Tribulation”) in UNBELIEF. That’s right. The Rev. John Hagee and the Rev. Tim. LaHaye (both staunch promoters/supporters of Zionism) do not take Jesus’ Words seriously: “Love your enemies” (knowing full well that both Zionists and Orthodox “Jews” hate Christianity), they refuse to tell them the truth. They have now gone so far as to tell them that Jesus was not/is not their Messiah. This is a BIG LIE!!

On page 29 of LaHaye’s “Charting the End Times” (2001), we read: “It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of Jesus’ claim to be the Messiah, for it proves beyond all doubt the validity of using Old Testament Messianic prophecies to prove His identity. And Jesus clearly stated this claim in Luke 4:16-30, where He quotes from Isa. 61 while visiting a (Jewish) synagogue.” So, dear readers, since Jesus personally claimed to be the Jewish Messiah, why tell the present day “Jews” that He is not?

Yet, on page 85 we see a large red chart with this written on it: “Israel—Regathered Before the Tribulation in unbelief, Ezek. 20:33-38; 22:17-22; 36:22-24; Isa. 11:11-12; Zeph. 2:1, 2 and Ezek. 38-39. The red chart points between the current church age and the (7 year) Tribulation, proving that Tim LaHaye (T.L.) knows that the “Jews” are in Israel in UNBELIEF!, not BELIEF!

On page 119 under the title “The Signs of Christ’s Return (which false prophet Hal Lindsy predicted numerous times over the years), LaHaye writes: “The first and most important sign, the regathering of the Jews in Israel after nearly 2000 years of wandering around the world (“Jews” have been expelled in dozens of countries because of their misdeeds—usually $$ involved!), is so highly significant that we have devoted one whole chart on that subject (p. 85).” He goes on with his deceit (lies) saying: “The fact that 6 million (more today) Jews are living in Israel today is a testimony to the faithfulness of our God who always keeps His word.”

Hold on here LaHaye...“the faithfulness of God”? The same Bible you read from is the same one I read from, and NOWHERE do I find God BLESSING DISOBEDIENCE! Nowhere do I find God honoring Israel when they are in REBELLION!

And what of “Israel” in Palestine—will they rebuild a third temple…offering up animal sacrifices again? They all tell us that this temple will be built. Will these “Christian Zionists” really believe that God will accept this? Just how can they explain this to them, and to us? Well, page 95 offers this:

“The presence and purpose of sacrifices as understood in this way neither diminish the work of Christ nor violate the normal and literal interpretation of Scripture.” Really Tim? Wasn’t the whole idea of sacrifice a mere shadow of a thing better to come—Jesus Himself the spotless Lamb of God which takes away sin?

T.L. goes on with his double-talk: “What’s more, the sacrifices of the millennial temple will not be a return to the Mosaic Law…” Really? What then, can we rightly call it LaHaye!

What we have here is CONFUSION.

These phoney “Christian Zionists (CZs)” play it BOTH WAYS. Since the “Jews” won’t accept Christ as their Messiah, the CZs must change the Bible. But this only makes matters worse...lies breed more lies.

Denial of the willingness of Jesus (Yeshua) to die for the sins of the world, the denial of the bodily resurrection, and denial of the sovereignty of the Father are major and fundamental doctrines for a people called “Jews” to deny.


NOT HARDLY—today’s “Jews” are not Semitic. Let it be said that there is a difference between “Zionists” and normal “Jews.” Actually, the Orthodox “Jews” are against the modern state of Israel because “Zionism” isn’t governed by Halaka (Traditional Jewish religious law). They still believe that they are in exile, therefore in Israel in disobedience. There are those who sit on the fence, not wanting to blame the “Jews” for murdering their messiah, yet find fault with their whole corrupt system.

Look, if you tell the truth about Zionism/Jews, you’ll be hated!; if you hold back the truth, you’ll double-cross Christ who died for the Jews. We can’t deny that the satanically inspired New World Order (who certainly has “Zionists” in it who adhere to the Kabbalah’s writings) exists. To say that this is merely a “conspiracy theory” is to deny history. Of course there are secret “Jews” and “Zionists” who work behind the scenes, and there are those who work openly. We must not forget that the Russian Revolution was a “Jewish” revolution (1917). WE MUST NOT FORGET THAT MANY OF THE SUPER-RICH ARE “JEWS” THAT ARE ENGAGED IN SINISTER PLOTS TO CONTROL AND DESTROY. WAKE UP.

We must not forget that almost all movie companies and media outlets are run/controlled by “Jews.” You can’t even convince me that there are not conspiracies/plots/agendas to sway the masses away from Biblical Christianity and into the arms of paganism.

There are many “Jews” who believe that the serpent Leviathan guides them into godhood, and that eventually, they will enter the Messianic Age—this is in their own writings, not mine…and they say that stupid Gentiles will eventually worship their Jewish Masters (see their Talmud for proof). Their Talmud claims that “Jews” are DIVINE, and that “Gentiles” (goyim) are dogs/cattle, Jesus is a bastard, Mary is a whore…and on and on it goes.


WE NEED, MUST, pray for these lost people called “Jews.” Don’t worry about what they think about us, just pray for their conversion.

As I write, Israel is using DNA to keep their nation racially pure. That’s right! Using DNA tests on potential immigrants! I told my wife some years ago when Israel was bringing in “Jews” from all parts of the world that black colored people would eventually be weeded out.

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