“To Be Able”

“Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be ABLE to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.” Eph.6:16 (1410)

I n this writing, I want to concentrate on the Gk word ABLE, δύναμαι/ dunamai (dooʹ-nam-ahee) = “to be able or possible: - could, may, might, be of power.” Along with this particular word, we will look at the word group “ἰσχυ-”, which has the meaning, “to be able”, “to be capable”, “power” and “strength” - ἰσχύω, ἰσχυρός, ἰσχύς, and κατισχύω. These words and their derivatives overlap. In the case of ἰσχύ-, there is more emphasis on the actual power implied in ability or capacity, i.e., on the power which one possesses, for the stem is linked with ἰσχ — ἔχω.

Along with these is another word group stemming from δυνα — all have the basic meaning of “being able”, of “capacity” in virtue of an ability; in contrast to ἰσχυ-, which stresses the factuality of the ability, the stress falls on “being able”

This ought to be a very interesting study. We hope that we will see that the Holy Spirit has provided us with ALL we need- as His soldiers- to BE ABLE to defeat the enemy/enemies. Eph. Chapter 6:10-18 are considered the “warfare” verses for the spiritual conflict we’re all involved in. This conflict is also described as a “warfare of faith” in 2 Cor 10: 4; 1 Tim 1:18-19; 6:12 etc. Our VICTORY has been secured by our Commander-in-Chief (Jesus Christ the Lord) Himself through His death on the cross. We have lots of booklets/magazines, CDs and DVDs on this subject, all free for the asking.


This Gk word means: “power”, “strength”, “ability,” also “military power.


This Gk word means: “to be strong or powerful” physically; in this context the meaning can be, “to be healthy”, as opposed to ἀσθενεω. It also means “to be able” in respect to psychic qualities.


Like ἰσχύω, it means: “to be strong or able”, “to be superior to someone”, “to master”, “to overcome”, “to strengthen”.

Acts 19:20

Let us look at the above text: “So mightily grew the Word of God and prevailed”. Here we read of God’s Word being preached - the Word which is preached acquired FORCE through the effective POWER of the Lord, hence the force which it acquires can overcome demons and create faith (see Acts 19:13 where “certain vagabond Jews... took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the NAME of the Lord Jesus, saying, ‘We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preacheth”.) One small problem: Paul had a relationship with Christ, hence, “POWER”. These Jews did not and were overpowered by demons (v.16).

The source of all Paul’s capacity in face of the reality of human life was Christ - “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Phil. 4:13). We can trace the lack of strength/victory over demonic powers back to the lack of personal relationship with Christ. Today’s Church is literally a pathetic Church lacking strength, for she is full of the world, not faith.

Negative Sense

In Luke 23:23 we find κατισχύω: “And they (Jews against Jesus) were instant with loud voices, requiring that He might be crucified. And the voices of them and of the chief priests prevailed.” Here this Gk word means “to be strong,” “to penetrate.”


This Gk word means, “strong”, “powerful”, and is used in the absolute in the NT, and can be applied either to man or things (see Lk 15:14; 1 Cor 4:10; 10:22; 2 Cor 10:10; Heb 5:7; 11:34; Rev 18:2,21 etc.)

In 1 Cor 1:25, we have the Gk telling us, with reference to the revelation of God’s salvation, is in the cross of Christ. Mere human efforts in ethics and religion, human knowledge and wisdom, have no POWER! in respect to eternal, Biblical salvation (see also Heb 6:18, “strong consolation”).

First John 2:14 the young men are called ἰσχυροί: “because... the Word of God abideth in you as LIVING POWER, and you have overcome the devil”. And Rev. 18:18 we read: “...for STRONG is the Lord God who judgeth her (Babylon)” (ἰσχυρὸς). Verse 10 God demonstrates His POWER against Babylon.


This Gk word means, “ability of man” (see Mk 12:30 where we’re to love God with all our soul-mind-strength). Actually, all human strength must be concentrated on the “love of God”. The κράτος της ἰσχύος of the Lord (Eph. 6:10, “strong”/ “power”/ “might”) is the basis of the strength to which the Christian Ekklesia is called. But where, oh where, is that strength? GONE!! Only men’s humanistic strength (of the carnal flesh) remains.

Wrathful ἰσχύς

2 Thes. 1:9 reads: “who shall PUNISH with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of His POWER”. “Power”, i.e., ἰσχύς, which fulfils the glory of the returning Lord and which plunges all the ungodly into eternal perdition- a POWER which can do what men cannot do (see Lk. 12:4,5). So, all true ministry in the Ekklesia is grounded in, and proceeds from the POWER of Christ (see 1 Peter 4:11)

To a different degree angels share this strength (see 2 Peter 2:11) The Bible points out that doxologies which acknowledge and magnify God’s eternal being and Godhead ascribes ἰσχύς to God and His Christ (see Rev 5:12; 7:12).

Satan vs Christ

The Bible speaks plainly of these two: Satan’s power (Eph. 6:12) and Christ’s (Eph 6:10). Demons are Satan’s agents; angels and Christians are Christ’s agents (although He does not need them, nevertheless, He does use them).

In Matt 12:22-27, we read of a person brought to Jesus that was possessed with a devil. The content is about casting out devils. Jesus explains about this kind of ministry, 28-29, saying “Or else how can one enter into a strongman’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strongman and then he will spoil his house.” Jesus calls Satan an ἰσχυρός, a “strong man” who exercises rule (see Mk 3:27; Lk 11:20-22). Jesus speaks of “when a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his good are in peace; but when a stronger than he shall come upon him, and overcome him, he taketh from him all his armour wherein he trusted, and divideth his spoils”. Jesus starts this saying in v. 20: “But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the Kingdom of God (KOG) is come upon you”. This passage reveals 3 things: 1) The success of the KOG on earth is in direct proportion to the destruction of Satan and the deliverance of sinners from their bondage to sin and the demonic; 2) Satan will resist Christ’s Kingdom on earth (see vv. 24-26; Matt 13:18-30; Rev. 12:12); and 3) Jesus is STRONGER than Satan and He came to DESTROY - have VICTORY OVER! - him (see vv. 20-22). I have lots of teachings on Spiritual Warfare.

This is how the exorcisms are explained. Mark 16:17, 18 speaks of the signs of believers. One sign is “In My (Jesus) name shall they cast out devils.” These spiritual manifestations are intended to CONTINUE until Jesus’ return. But we see very little of these signs, especially casting out demons. Could it be that only a FEW BELIEVE (v.17)?

Death and Resurrection

In reality, the death and resurrection of Jesus ARE the VICTORY over satanic/demonic powers. It was preceded by the TRIUMPH/VICTORY when, “Jesus led up of the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil” (Mt 4:1). Since Jesus (the man) relied upon the power of the Holy Spirit, how much more do we need the Spirit’s enablement? ( see Lk 4:1, 14, 18; Jn 3:34; Acts 1:2; 10:38 etc.)

The whole work of Jesus is compared to seizing the spoils. This consists in taking from Satan those whom he has held and bound. This is what N.T. evangelizing is all about - preaching and demonstrating God’s/Holy Spirit’s/Christ’s Power. The ministry which unites the life and death of Christ consists in the exposure and overthrow of Satan’s dominion. Sadly, all churches offer today - for MOST part- is entertainment with lots of offerings to be taken up!!

So, the exegesis of the Gospels is about the life/death/resurrection and glorification of Christ Jesus. In His earthly life, he preached, taught and demonstrated POWER over the enemy... the great VICTORY was His rising from the dead FOREVER.

The second part of the N.T. exegesis is about the faith of the Ekklesia (or ekklesias) and its/their mighty work. Ephesians 6:10 expresses our position and possession - “Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might.” Verse 11 expresses the mightiness - “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be ABLE to stand against the wiles (tricks) of the devil.”

Greatness of His Might

Isaiah 40:26 speaks of “the greatness of His (God’s) might.” It goes on to say, “and because He is strong in power...” We can trace Eph 6:10 to Isa. 40:26. In Colossians 1:11 we find something similar: “Strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power...” MIGHT and POWER!! (MP). Now, dear readers, just where is this MP today? The churchites are living by their human mp, not His MP!!

Let’s get it right here and now; “That ye (Christians) might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God.” (V. 10), Ah! We walk!/Work!/War! in His (not our) might and power. But this takes concentration and consecration, something which are totally ABSENT from today’s modern Church.

It goes without saying that fighting the enemy /enemies is all part of N.T. doctrine and theology. Yet we find it practically absent from today’s Church.

What does Eph. 1:19 say? “And what is the exceeding greatness of His power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of His mighty power”. Well, in order for the believer to ADVANCE ( like in military language), achieve VICTORY over Satan and SIN, witness effectively for Christ, and keep on faith till the end, we must have Holy Spirit power - the same power which raised Christ from the dead (v.20). This POWER is not earthly, but Divine, active and is ABLE to take us into VICTORY. To be “able” is also to be “capable”.

Glorious in Power!

One of the oldest texts about God’s “power” is found in Ex. 15:6: “Your right hand, O LORD , is glorious in power; Your right hand, O LORD , shatters the enemy”. This is followed by, “the greatness of Your Majesty. You overthrow those rising against You; You send forth your fury; it consumes them like stubble.” (V.7; read v.13 also(. This happening at the beginning of Israel’s history is the substance of its religion and leads to its concept of “Almighty God”, which is, as scholars say, personalistic and historical.

All one has to do is read the entire OT - see God’s POWER revealed...invested in His Son, Jesus the Christ, and now invested in His True Ekklesia. “The voice of the LORD is POWERFUL; the Voice of the LORD IS full of majesty.” (Ps 29:4; read the whole Psalm). The MIGHT and POWER of Yahweh (God) are revealed in the fact that He holds all things in His hand, effecting all things and doing all things. Volumes could be written about this. The supremacy of God as Creator also Lord of the world, was/is maintained in Judaism. For us NT Christians, we go beyond Judaism, beyond the Torah, we have Jesus. God “Hath in these last days spoken unto us by His Son, whom He hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also He made the worlds” (Heb 1:2)... “But unto the Son He saith, ‘Thy throne, O God, is forever and ever: a scepter of righteousness is the scepter of thy Kingdom’” (v.8).

O.T. Messiah/ N.T. Messiah

There can be no disrupting the link with the O.T. and Jewish picture of the Messiah. Of the O.T. Messiah, Isaiah 11:1 and 2 is cited, along with 9:6 and 7. Micah compares Him with a shepherd and says that He will tend His flock in the strength (i.e. ἰσχύς) of the Lord” (5:5,6). There are numerous verses that speak of the Messiah - many connected with “strength” and “power”.

In the LXX - O.T. Greek, Micah makes a confession: “But truly I am full of power by the Spirit of the LORD, and of judgment, and of might, to declare unto Jacob his transgression, and to Israel his sin.” (3:8). Here we find ἰσχύς.

You see, in Jesus’ power, which overcomes all the might of darkness and death, He is the power of God. As such He is the theme and content of the Christian Kerygma: “But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the POWER of God, and the Wisdom of God” (1 Cor. 1:24). Hebrews 7:16 tells us that Christ, the Messiah, “... has been constituted a Priest, not on the basis of a bodily legal requirement - an externally imposed command concerning His physical ancestry- but on the basis of the POWER of an endless and indestructible Life”. (Heb 7:16 Amp). This, my friends, is real POWER!! , a power which having overcome mortality and corruption, is now beyond the reach of such. Not only this, we, His people, have a share in this power! So, in this fulness of power, the earthly ekklesia awaits His second coming - the coming which is to complete the work/war which He has begun. UNTIL THEN, we work and war! His appearing means the total destruction of EVERY hostile force and the establishment of the perfect theocracy (see Phil. 3:21).

Power: of Satan, God, Salvation

So far we’ve talked about Satan’s power, God’s power and Christ’s power (salvation).

The NT recognizes δυνάμεις, which was rooted in the Jewish OT which expressed “power” of both angels and demons. Jesus mentions this in connection with the eschatological catastrophes (it matters not if this Gk. Word refers to angels or devils, both are written about).

When we speak of God’s power, we naturally speak of Christ’s power (unto salvation). Jesus as the Christ (anointed) is the bearer of Divine Power. His power is not merely omnipotence but also omnicausality, i.e., a power which relates to the individual and his fate - the Magnificat, where He is called ὁ δυνατός in virtue of this rule (according to Prof. Walter Grundmann). Luke 1:49 reads: “For He (God) that is mighty hath done to me (Mary) great things, and holy is His name” (Mighty = “powerful”, “capable”, “strong”, “to be able”).

Power vs Power

Just as God is able to give power to His people (Isa. 40:29; Lk 24:49; Jn 1:12; 2 Cor 13:10 etc.), Satan is also able to give power to his people (Eph. 2:2). Revelation gives us the picture of Satan (linked with ἰσχυρὸς) endowing the state with strength and might to wage WAR on believers (Rev. 13:2). In face of his power - the question arises, “...who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” (v.4). In v. 11 we see another “beast” which “exerciseth all power of the first beast” (v. 12). Paul, in 2 Thes 2:9, wrote about “Even him, (“that wicked”, v. 8) whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders (v.9), and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness...” (v.10). This antiChrist empowered by Satan, works for Satan and against believers.

Spirit’s Power

Romans 8 speaks of “the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me (Paul) free from the law of sin and death” (v.2), This “law of the Spirit of life” IS the regulating and activating POWER and LIFE of the Holy Spirit operating in the heart of the Christian believer. This Holy Spirit (HS) frees us when we repent of and confess our sins unto God. This POWER is stronger than that of Satan’s law of sin and death. This is why Jesus dies, so we could be FREE from Satan’s law.

Paul of course was dealing with the lack of saving power of Jewish belief, i.e. that of the Torah. Exodus 15:26 puts forth what one must do in order to be “saved” in the OT. But if the Jewish OT law was good enough, Jesus the Christ would not have been needed! Paul, in 1 Cor 15: 55, 56, 57 tells us that Jesus, not Judaism gives us the VICTORY !! (V. 57). The O.T. law did not overcome sin and death (this came by and through Jesus’ death /resurrection/glorification). The Torah has no power of life and therefore no salvation proceeds from it. (See Gal 3:21, 22. Only faith in Jesus Christ gives us life).

Jewish sacrifices had no power to effect eternal salvation. Hebrews 10:11 tells us, in reference to OT priests offering sacrifices, “...which can NEVER TAKE AWAY SINS”. Ps 40:6-8 is cited to prove that the voluntary and obedient sacrifice of Jesus is BETTER than that of animal sacrifices under the Old Covenant. Heb 10:12 says, “But this man (Jesus), after He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down on the right hand of God.” So, why do the Jews still want rebuilt a third temple?; for sacrifices of course!!

New Man

There was (and is) needed a new creation of man’s existence by God. This new creation, which consists in faith in Jesus the Christ/Messiah, is wholly the affair of God - Jesus Himself spoke of “being born again” in John Cpt 3:3,5. Paul speaks of this “new man” in 2 Cor 5:17; Eph 4:24.

Old Man

This is the unregenerated person without Christ under the power and dominion of Satan. You see, the superiority of demonic/satanic power is the basis of man’s INABILITY to save himself - the power to save and deliver is grounded ONLY in the omnipotence of God Almighty and must proceed from it. This is the NT teaching. Romans 1:16, that most famous Scripture, tells us that... the Gospel of Christ... is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth...” No amount of Torah reading will bring salvation, (salvation/soteria, write for our free magazine on what salvation means and how to get it - free).

New Man Agent

If the preaching of the Gospel (good news) as the δύναμις θεου is the continuation of the saving activity of Christ Himself, the preachers or agents of the Gospel are logically the agents of the continuation of this activity. Lk 9:1 says of Jesus’ disciples “...gave them power and authority over all devils and to cure diseases”. John 10:19 we read “...I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy...” Serpents and scorpions are terms representing the most dangerous forces of spiritual evil.

With that said and done, Jesus promises to give them (more) power at Pentecost (see Acts 1:8), “Ye shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you...” But Jesus had already had his disciples equipped with power - His personal power! Here in Acts, it will be Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit Power: “And ye are witnesses of these things. And, behold, I send the promise of My Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem until ye be ENDUED WITH POWER from on high.” (Lk 24:48, 49). Acts tells us that this”promise” was fulfilled. In Acts 2:1,2 the Spirit from on high (from heaven) came! This great even no doubt symbolized the beginning of God’s harvest for souls in the world.

Have you received this Holy Ghost baptism? There is a difference between receiving the Spirit at salvation (born again by the Spirit) and being baptized in and by the Holy Ghost (write for our 2 magazines about the Holy Spirit). We can find the mention of this baptism/outpouring in Isa. 32:15; 44: 3; Ezekiel 39:29; Joel 2:28. In the NT: John 14:16, 17, 26; 15:26; 16:7; Acts 1:4-8; 2:33,39 etc. Our magazines examine many Scriptures in light of this promise/fulfilment.

Paul, a late comer, received this same “Spirit baptism” and carried on the Gospel work “through mighty sins and wonders, by the POWER of the Spirit of God...” (Rom 15:19). Verse 18 tells us that Paul received POWER also by the risen Christ - the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost, One in Unity. It is in personal UNION with Christ Jesus that Paul’s work is done in the POWER OF Christ. In fact, all Christians should have this but most settle for Church. Why has the Church grown dead over the years? Well, “Christians” have grown cold towards their Saviour and fallen IN LOVE WITH THE WORLD !!!

You see, the Holy Spirit is the One who dispenses and mediates POWER. The Pauline concept of power is constructed from two different standpoints. On the one side it expresses the mode in which the risen/exalted Lord Jesus is present and there is identification with Him. On the other, it expresses the corresponding mode of existence of believers. The UNITY of the two is to be seen in the synonymous use of humanity and divinity - the Spirit working through yielded vessels.

In the Spirit, Christ is present to the apostle Paul as the Dispenser of power, and in this personal fellowship, the apostle is as His Lord. He is not this of himself, but of and by His Lord. (So, says some theologian).

Anyway we cut it, when we are one in UNITY with God, Son, Holy Spirit, we are the servant of the NT Gospel as Paul writes in Eph 3:7, “Whereof I was made a minister, according to the gift of the grace of God given unto me by the effectual working of His power.” This “grace of God”, given to each believer to accomplish God’s will, is an energizing strength that flows from the risen Christ and operates by the Holy Spirit’s indwelling the believer ( see Eph 1:19; 4:7; Acts 6:8; 11:23; 14:26; 1 Cor 15:10; 2 Cor 12:9; Phil 2:13; Col 1:29; Tit 2:11-13, etc.).

Be Able!

So, it all boils down to this: God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit all enable us to do the “supernatural”. To ENDOW WITH POWER! It is by “Ordo salutis” (“order of Salvation”) by which the repentant sinner passes from a state of SIN to final REDEMPTION, hence, the mystical union with the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost, the new obedience (the reconstituting of the “imago dei”) and final glorification. Many NT Theologians understand ἐνδυναμουν, “to endow with power”, in terms of primitive notion of “orenda,” i.e., a strengthening of “orenda.”

I believe POWER is operative in the support given by the Dispenser of POWER . We are merely vessels the Spirit work through. But, as we also know, we can be both quench and deny the Spirit’s working.

So, we started this study with Eph. 6:11 and 16, both having the word “able”. The “lost sinner” is saved (after repenting of past sins!) by the power of God, the saved also is rescued from the power of Satan and finds itself in a new mode of victory, also found in Ephesians 6, in which the Christian finds himself/herself engaged in spiritual warfare.

Peter describes it this way: “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to His abundant mercy hath begotten us again into a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you, who are kept by the POWER of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.” (1 Peter 1:3-5).

It is the constancy which proceeds from the inner hope of VICTORY. Colossians 1:11 points out, “Strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power, unto all patience and long suffering with joyfulness”. You see, the overwhelming power grounded in the resurrection/exaltation of Christ creates for the Ekklesia the “hope of calling”. As we maintain our personal relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, we can and do experience both inner and outer victories, despite HOSTILE FORCES!!


We are ABLE through the “power” of the Holy Spirit to fight and win! The place of operation is human, earthly existence which the “flesh” stamps as weak and corruptible. Because of this, this is what gives rise to the power of God in the believer, which only operates by faith. Paul speaks of Christ Jesus here in 2 Cor 13:4: “For though He was crucified ( the human man Jesus) through weakness, yet He liveth by the POWER of God. For we (believers) also are weak in Him, but we shall live with Him by the POWER of God toward you”. (see also Rom 1:4 = “...Son of God with power”).

It might have seemed a total DEFEAT to Satan and his demons when Jesus died on the cross, but no, it was a glorious Victory, for in the resurrection was triumph over the world-flesh-devil manifested. This triumph was concealed under the flesh in human weakness, but asserted itself as the POWER OF God. When we are weak, He is strong in us! In Paul’s weakness, Christ was present to him with His power. You see, we tend to think the our strength is what counts. Paul ends it all by writing, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of POWER and of LOVE, and of a SOUND MIND” (2 Tim 1:7). (See also 1 Cor 1:26; Isa 40:29 - “He giveth strength to the hungry....they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength”).


Since Jesus is equated as “Victory” (Gk. verb νικάω = “to win”, “to defeat”; noun = νικος), by association the believer could also be equated as such.

The only Synoptic saying of Jesus in which the word group (the two I’ve listed above plus “νίκη” and “ὑπερνικάω” occurs in the parable of the vanquished “strongman” in Luke 11:22; νικάω is here used synonymously with δέω (“to bind”), as may be seen from Matt 12:29 and Mk 3:27. The reference of the image is to a superiority obvious to all. But the decisive VICTORY does not rest on the achievement of mere man, but on that of Christ Jesus.

Jesus makes it clear to all that “...in the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer, I have OVERCOME the world”. (John 16:33) Unless we learn spiritual warfare, one will not experience many victories - for this life is full of challenges, war, and tribulations. Too many Churchites today don’t believe this - they expect to win battles with some kind of bewitching magic of success, self-evident success. This is madness in first degree!

When one reads the Book of Revelations, one will see that victories will also be given to the enemies of Christ and His people. The reader of Revelation should have no illusions as to the dreadfulness and reality of these provisional victories (allowed so by God Himself!)

“With and through the Lord Jesus, those whom He engages in His Warfare become VICTORS in a definitive rather than a provisional sense”, says Prof. O. Bauernfeind (TDNT). In Rev. 13:7, we see that “it was given unto him (Beast) to make war with the saints, and to overcome them...” This “overcoming” not in the sense that their faith in Christ is destroyed, but in the martyrdom of many (Rev. 6:9-11). But this is not the end of the matter either; Rev. 15:2 we see “...them that had gotten the VICTORY over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God”. These are the ones that were not martyred by the Beast/Anti-Christ.

Back in the mid-1970s, God told us that in the future there would be three classes of people: 1- those who would be murdered; 2- those who would be martyred; 3 - those who would withstand.

So νικων / νικάω speak of “VICTORY,” words of promise, eschatological words. But the promised νικαν is materially no other than the νικαν of Christ (see Rev. 3:21).

But we do not have to wait till the end of the world, we have this promised VICTORY now according to 1 John 5:4: “For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world and this is the VICTORY that overcometh the world, even our faith.” So, Keep the faith!!

Though the demons in the Apocalypse seems to win in obvious provisional victory, both yesterday and today, the ultimate victory of believers is being worked out in faith and love.

νίκη / νικος.

The use of the noun corresponds to that of νικάω. Gk scholars point out that Matt 12:20 - “...He send forth judgment unto victory”, on the basis of Isa 42:1-4 (in Greek), speaks of the “victory” of the Servant of God, Christ over wrong - “until He leads right to Victory”.

Paul in 1 Cor. 15:54 quotes Isa. 25:8, “He will swallow up death in victory...” The “victory” given to us is victory over death, or, in terms of the Apocalypse over the fourth horseman (Rev. 6:5). Though death and other hostile powers have still to be abolished, those who are called to WAR can already today ask: “Death, where is thy victory?” Finally, in 1 John 5:4, faith is νίκη.

Gen. Jim