We live in a time and age when lying and being a liar is the norm. We might go so far as to say, “The prescription for a world in crisis is LYING!” Purposed lying and deception and false flag frauds is now so common who even notices or cares???

It used to be that perjury was considered the worst kind of lying. Even crooked judges overlook this when it fits their fancy. The Psalmist had it right when he wrote: “Men of low degree ( in the social scale) are emptiness-futility, a breath; and men of high degree (in the same scale) are a lie and a delusion...” - Ps 62:9

Set the Record Straight

Let us start out with God. Numbers 23:19 tells us this: “God is not a man, that He should tell or act a lie...” And in Heb. 6:18, we read, “This was so (v.17) that by two unchangeable things (God’s promise and His oath), in which it is impossible for God ever to prove false or deceive us (other translations use the word “lie)... because it is Impossible for God to lie.” His Word and promises to Abraham are true (v.14). This truthfulness of God applies not only to His Word to Abraham, but also to His Word in ALL SCRIPTURES - like Rev. 22:15 whereby LIARS will be barred from the New Jerusalem/Heaven; Rev. 21:8 tells us, “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable (like the GLBTQ perverts!), and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and ALL LIARS, shall have their part in the lake of fire”. Romans 3:4, we find, “Let God be found true though every human being be false and a liar...”

O.T. Hebrew (meaning)

It is pointed out by Heb. Scholars that there are three (3) spheres that can be differentiated. Legally the worse offence against truth is perjury, Ex.20:16: “You shall not witness falsely against your neighbor” (see also Ex. 23:1; Prov 19:9; 24:28). Along with this, comes “slander” (see Ps. 15:3), which is also a legal matter, and so is lying in relation to that which is committed to one’s keeping (see Lev. 6:2), see our PX2 files on the internet). Both the Old Testament (O.T.) And the New Testament (N.T.) condemn these sins/crimes.

Lying is a serious transgression because God (Yahweh) is the protector of the right. Proverbs 6:16-19 lists six or seven things that He HATES, one is “He who scatters lies or false witness”, (v.19). Perjury is a particularly HEINOUS crime because the LIE is in Yahweh’s name. A curse thus rests on the man or woman who commits it. (See Zech.5:3)Liars Condemned

In wisdom and everyday morality, lying/liars are generally condemned (Ps. 4:2; 62:4, etc.). Wisdom (Proverbs) however, works out refined distinctions between calumniation, action, and silence (see Prov 6:12-15; 20: 17; 26:23-28; Sirach 5:14; 7:12). On the margin is recognition of the LIE of necessity, as in Genesis 12:13 where Abraham lied in order to save his life. Actually, Sarah was Abraham’s half sister. They had the same father, but different mothers (see Gen. 20:12). Jeremiah 38:24-27 is another place where dishonesty is employed.

“A typical argument of Wisdom”, says Prof. Hans Conzellmann ( of Gottingen, TDNT , Vol. 9, p. 598), “is that lying is folly”, (see Prov 17:7). He says that, “it is futile to try to heap up treasures by means of a false tongue”, something that the ex-member of ACMTC has tried for 30 years now. We’ll wait and see who wins out! Proverbs 21:6 says, “Securing treasures (or $$) by a lying tongue is a vapor driven to and fro; those who seek them seek death.” Wisdom saves the suffering righteous and convicts the unrighteous, (see Wisdom 10:14; Susanna 45-64). So, God and the fear of the same are the guarantee.

The connection between ethics and the concept of God is not just external. There are lies against God Himself, as in Ps. 78:36: “Nevertheless they (rebellious Israelites) flattered Him with their mouth, and LIED to Him with their tongue”. Sounds exactly like today’s Churchites!

In the O.T. days ( as today), His law must be kept pure (Prov 30:5-10). The charge against LYING attains prophetic intensity in Hosea 7:1,3,13; 10:13 and Micah 6:12: “For the city’s rich man are full of violence, and her inhabitants have spoken lies, and their tongue is deceitful in their mouths”. (sounds like both Church and state) Zeph. 3:13 reads, “What is left of Israel shall not do iniquity or speak lies, neither shall a deceitful tongue be found in their mouth...” This is because God’s severe judgment upon them...He punished them for their SINS!!!

Legal ----->Religious

We go from the legal sphere into the religious sphere, where the theme is almost the same, “unfaithfulness against God”, or “apostasy to lying gods”, or “false prophecy”. It all boils down to the presupposition that God does not LIE or DECEIVE (see Ps 89, read all 52 verses). As we go thru the whole Bible, unfaithfulness recurs over and over again (see Amos 2:4, Ps 40:4, etc). The prophet Amos complains that LIES are spoken about God. Hosea 7:13 has the same complaint. Job 31:28 finds the LORD being denied by idol worship (denial is not merely negative; it is an active attitude.) “Because thou hast denied Me, and trusted in falsehood” (Jer. 13:25; see also Isa 59:13 where the prophet cries: “Rebelling and denying the LORD and turning away from following our God, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and muttering and moaning from the heart words of falsehood.” (Sounds like today’s Emergent Church!) The prophet Isaiah calls “idols” deceitful (Isaiah 44:20)

Inherited Lies!!

God cries out against idol worship in Jer. 16:18, 19 - “...they (Israel) have polluted My land with ... their detestable idols, and with the abominable things offered to false gods... (then said Jeremiah) O LORD, my strength and my stronghold, and my refuge...Surely our fathers have inherited nothing but LIES, emptiness and futility, worthless things in which there is no profit!” So, LIES, DECEIT, and DECEPTION are connected with idolatry (see also Isa. 57:4; Jer 3:23; 13:25).

False Prophecy

As then, so now. False Prophecy (FP) is especially reprehensible because it appeals to Yahweh (God) (see Ezek 13:6). But, on the other hand, God, however, can send a “lying spirit” (demon or demons) into false prophets in order to cause blindness (see 1 Kings 22:22). Micah 2:11 says , “If a man walking in a spirit (of falseness/vanity) should lie and say, ‘I will prophesy to you of wine and strong drink, O Israel’, he would even be the acceptable prophet of this people”. (see Jer 5:31). Micah 2:11 cites the example of the lying imposter who offered to prophesy for a drink- if the people gave him liquor, he would tell them what they wanted to hear - HELLO!!! Is anyone listening? Just about every modern ministry is guilty in one way or another of this kind of stuff. “You give me $$, God will give you more $$!” This is the “pew” ruling the “pulpit” - people just LOVE cheerful LIES rather than the bitter TRUTH!!

Today’s “Babylon Jesus” Church is siring this unrighteousness. Jeremiah 23:32 states without apology or shame, “Behold, I am against those who prophesy LYING dreams, says the LORD and tell them and cause My people to err and go astray by their LIES and by their vain boasting and recklessness, when I did not send them or command them...” Ezekiel 13:19 says, in part, that “by your (false prophets of Israel) lying to My people, who give heed to lies...”; this inner relation between “false prophecy” and “apostasy” is brought to light.

Jeremiah 14:14 says, “...The (false) prophets, prophesy lies in My name. I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, nor have I spoken to them. They prophesy to you a false or pretended vision, worthless divination... the deceit of their own minds.” Nothing is new!

In Judaism: Qumran/Rabbinic Writings, Philo

In the above writings, “lying” is present. Lying is condemned! The Rabbinic Writings (R.W.) themselves testify against mockers, hypocrites, and liars (see bSota, 42a, see also Ps 101:7). The common wisdom principle that “no one believes...” also occurs in the R.W. (See bSanh, 89b). Superstition is also rejected; “he who conjures up the dead is a liar”, (bBer, 59a).

God has created all things in the world apart from the standard of “lying” and “falsehood” (according to Pesikt.r., 24 (125b).

Philo (of Alexandria (c. 20B.C. - 50 A.D.) often speaks of “a false notion” (see legum Allegoriae I, 51; Quod Deus sit Immutabilis, 181 (Balaam); De Specialibus Legibus, I, 309 (on Idolatry); Spec. Leg., I, 53 (on images) and De Gigantibus, 59. De Fuga et Inventione, 208, speaks of the same. Lying comes within the doctrine of Virtue and can be listed, (see De Virtutibus, 195 and 205). It is also pointed out by Philo that a link with the Jewish tradition is preserved when the doctrine of Virtue is presented as an exposition of the Law (see Spec. Leg., IV, 41; De Decalogo, 138 and Decal., 6 with 86). There are lots more that could be said but let’s look at the New Testament (N.T.)

Gospels and Acts

It is pointed out by scholars that the noun and adjective do not occur except in Acts 6:13, “And set up false witnesses...” The verb is found only in Matt 5:11 and Acts 5:3 (Matt 5:11 uses the word “falsely” and Acts 5:3 uses the word “lie” ). Prof. Conzellmann states that the beatitude in Matt. 5:11 is distinguished from others by its compound nature and by the use of the second person (see Lk 6:22). He tells us that 5:11 seems to have been revised according to tradition (see 1 Pet 3:14 = suffering for righteousness’ sake when lied upon). The reductional combination of v. 10 (“Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake...”) and v. 12 (“...for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you”) means intensification in terms of the concept of the Ekklesia in Matthew. He claims that it belongs to the sphere of sacral law, hence, “lying” or “speaking falsely” against the Ekklesia and its sanctity are offences against the Holy Spirit and they will incur God’s wrath.

Pauline Corpus

Paul uses the phrase “...I lie not” in Rom 9:1 (see also 2 Cor 11:31 - “,...I lie not”; Gal 1:20 - “I lie not”; 1 Tim 2:7 - “...and lie not”). In Rom 1:25, Paul, speaking of sex offenders writes, “who changed the truth of God into a LIE...” Here the noun characterizes the TOTAL CONDUCT of sinful humanity. He is not theorizing on the origin of LYING. He makes that known in 5:12 , “Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death (physical/spiritual) passed upon ALL men...”

Romans 3:4 speaks of the dialectical concept of revelation: “...let God be true, but every man a LIAR...” In other words, when truth of God is manifested, every man becomes a liar, i.e., every man (human) is shown to be a liar by revelation (see Ps 116:11)

Paul writes about the mystery of iniquity (2 Thes 2:7) “...whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and LYING WONDERS” (v.9). The parousia (appearing) of the AntiChrist is accompanied by deceitful signs.

Paul also writes about “putting away LYING” in Eph. 4:25 and he lists LIARS in his list of serious offenses in 1 Tim 1:10 (James 3:14 warns not to lie against the truth).

Gospel of John (ψεύστης)

John 8:44 tells us that LYING is a characteristic of the devil; he is the source of all falsehood (see Gen. 3:1-6; Acts 5:3; 2 Thes 2:9-11; Rev 12:9). Lying is the antithesis of truth. But lying has become so common these days it is no doubt the most unmistakable symptom of an ungodly condition. It has crept into the Body of Christ like an ugly disease.

John 8:44 is an answer to the Jews’ question: “Who art thou?” They let Jesus know that they “were never in bondage to any man” (v.33). Jesus goes on to point out that they were “of your father the devil” (v. 44), that the father of lies had children- they were his children! Then the Jews accuse Jesus of having a devil (v.52). Here the lie, like the truth, has a personal representative who again has his children. This is in analogy to Qumran.

Lie vs. Truth

ψεύστης / ψευδος vs. ἀλήθεια (the latter = “truth of statement,” “true teaching or faith,” “genuineness,” “Divine reality,” “revelation”). So what we have is this glaring antithesis between “divine” and “anti-divine” in Jn 8:44 - one gives life (i.e., “Light of the World,” Jn 8:12), the other gives death (v. 51). When truth (divine reality) is present, it shows itself to be a determinative power in godly living (conduct). We can conclude that the LACK of divine truth is the cause of today’s Churches’ backslidings at an alarming rate and the amount of hypocrisy in those who “pretend” to be “Christian” (in reality, they live more for and act more like their father - the devil- than God!).

You see, both “divine” and “demonic” reality is expressed in words and conduct” “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us” (1 Jn 1:8). Here John uses the noun “sin” rather than a verb (“we do not sin”) to emphasize sin as a principle in human nature. This reality must not be overlooked, for sin (noun) can and will cause one to sin (verb).

Lying, the lie/lies is not just error but an active contesting of the truth (i.e. unbelief). Too many “Christians” see nothing wrong with disbelieving parts of the Bible they dislike - or- mocking the Author/authors of truth.

John 8:44 also tells us that “lying” and “murder” go together. If we lie against God or His children, we actually have murder in our hearts. Jesus makes it clear that the “religious” Jews “have not known Him” (the Father, v. 55). He confesses, “...but I know Him: and if I should say, ‘I know Him not’, I shall be a LIAR like unto you...”


Why is it that SO MANY people can’t see through the LIARS and LIES and DECEPTIONS that are passed off as TRUTH?... from government officials to church officials. My conclusion is that each generation is trained to respect lies, liars, and that propaganda is the lead on element. There is a natural tendency of people to want to be safe and secure and to believe their government/church is protecting them. Most today accept what they are propagandized to believe, even against stark reality and common sense. Sadly, even within the Church, the Christian faith tends to subordinate to Political Correctness (PCism). Why has the Church even considered the pro-homosexual agenda (the acceptance of the GLBTQ garbage!), let alone invited it into their congregations? Yet, this is CURRENTLY going on. The Bible is CLEAR on this issue: it is ABOMINATION !! The greatest obstacle preventing the Church (in the U.S.) from seeing the truth - that God hates GLBTQ sins - is not the lack of evidence, but what can be called “blind nationalist faith”. We have been taught (wrongly of course) and believed that America is an ‘exceptional nation’, whose leaders never deliberately do anything truly evil, at least not to their own citizens! HA!! If we only knew the half of it.

While the government promotes “God and Country” to get the citizens fighting on what have you, there is a small group of God-haters/Christ-haters/Christian-haters who manipulate LIES/DECEPTIONS behind the scenes. Ministers do the same for fame/$$/power. “Master controllers”. i.e., Satan’s dupes work while the citizens sleep. These demons-in-human-bodies have taken the guts out of the Gospel, exchanged the TRUTH for a LIE.

Vision of Reality?

There was an essay written by theologian John Cobb called “The Vision of Reality” in which he pointed out that people generally presuppose this “Vision” to be real of the society in which they grow up, he wrote: “We may call (this) largely unconscious underlying and overarching view of the world, as well as the more conscious beliefs in which it is expressed, ‘a faith’”. The faith he is referring to was the “Christian faith”.

But the demon-inspired people who work against our “faith” have redefined many things, to disgrace God and His people. Virtue and truth has been redefined in terms of “patriotism”. Saints of God have been replaced by national heroes (whose lives are everything but “saintly”!!)

Bible reading has been replaced by national stories (which ninety percent (90%) are not true!!)...secular education has replaced spiritual/religious education, and on and on it goes. Now, we’re being brainwashed (with a capital “B”) into believing and accepting just about everything Big Bro. wants to throw! One’s loyalty has shifted from godly/Biblical loyalty to national loyalty. In short, the dominant “faith” of most Americans is nationalist. But in order not to alarm or wake up the sleeping U.S.A.-ites, religion is still spouted, hence the U.S. is still a fundamentally virtuous nation. But any one with one eye and half sense can discern that America is a BIG FAT HYPOCRITE!! The government acts like they care for you and I but this is a BIG FAT LIE too. Try and decry this delusion, see how well you’re treated. “Conspiracy theorist” will be thrown at you- the mass media will see to this promptly; PC Churchites will follow up with plenty of verbal abuse.

This label -CT - is not so scary if one looks up the word “conspiracy” which means: “an agreement to perform together an illegal, treacherous, or evil act.” So, are we wrong to say that there is a conspiracy to destroy Christianity from this nation? HELLO!! So, to hold a conspiracy theory about something, accordingly, is simply to believe that it resulted from such an agreement. The truth is, all Americans are C.T. in one way or another. Duh!!

But the term CT is used only for people who reject the official conspiracy theory in favor of the alternative theory (think about the 9/11 LIE!!) Of course those who do EVIL don’t want the masses to know about it. In warning people not to tolerate C.T., the perpetrators will defend themselves by calling you a C.T. It can go so far as imprisonment or worse.

Why are “Christians” ever ready to believe lies and liars over the truth? Lack of faith? Faith, do you know, is best understood as fidelity or loyalty. The Gk. Term for faith (N.T.) is “pistis”. Why should we deny our Christian faith in favor of a national faith? Christians can be patriots in some sense, loving one’s country. But when one’s country denies us our Christian faith, it is time to part company. The same goes for one’s Church.


Are they honest? Are they servants to the people? One political science professor and military officer, has said that the U.S. military ( whose captain is the President) has been attempting “to achieve something approaching omnipotence” (A.J. Bacevich, 2005). Well, this was stated under Pres. Bush - try Obama, who actually thinks he is Emperor of the world!! Will the next prez (male or female or what-have-you) have the same attitude?

Absolute Corruption!!

The tree has just about arrived! Family, Church, and State corruption are sufficient, at least, to incur God’s terrorizing wrath.

And what about MURDER, excuse me, I mean abortion? State-sanctioned first degree, cold-bloodied MURDER!! When the American Presidents deliberately sanction this SIN, should we remain silent? And when the (then) President, G. Bush and gang of criminals, deliberately and knowingly was involved in the MURDER of 3000 plus souls, should we remain silent—all justified to invade (again) the Middle East for oil and land (for military bases)?


Liars and lies continue to mar both Church and the States’ landscape. “When Biblical/Christian faith is subordinated to faith in American goodness”, says author and theologian David R. Griffin, “it becomes a blinding faith, producing Christians with eyes wide shut”.

Did Jesus preach Israel first (Jewish nationalism)? Actually He preached an anti-imperial Gospel. The Church has been led into American imperialism, blind to the demonic powers working behind the scenes but we must not be led as it is led.

America is anti-Christian. Look and see. The collapse of Biblical Christianity has happened mainly because “Christians” no longer wanted to defend/contend for the faith (Jude 3). The defence of our faith has reenforce the offence against it. The BIG preachers/teachers/evangelists etc. have led the vanguard into apostasy, hence, the Global Elite now led the non-Christians into a kind of sickly, satanic, elitism whereby they demand honor and loyalty.

This nation has dwindled into both political and religious irrelevance- it is the Global Elite (GE) who rule. Light, Divine light is the best disinfectant and the exposure of the Diaboligarchy’s agendas, in the Church and in the State. The Bible warns us of evil men with evil agendas, or have you just refused to believe the Scriptures?

Why is it so difficult for many people, including Christians, to seriously examine what is pushed off as truth? Why are lies invisible to so many? I think it all boils down to “I don’t want to get involved”. But you are already involved- you are being used and abused by liars every day. You, by merely living in America, live within a cocoon of managed misinformation and disinformation, a synthetic perceptual environment where lies and liars have free reign to hatch out distortions, omissions and lots and lots of distractions. Politically speaking, this nation is run by a relatively small group of ultra-privileged, ultra-wealthy and ultra-powerful persons who give allegiance to LUCIFER! Just a nod of approval can set one on his/her way to destruction (of soul).

Americans have become Mk-ultra Manchurian candidates. They have, over the years, been brainwashed to believe in things that even their eyes don’t believe. America’s soul has been sucked out by Masters of Deceit. Even many Church folks have been programmed to question God and His Word, hence, the Satanic Emergent Church. Merchants of death abound in this nation, both physical and spiritual.It is time, America to REPENT!! Stop being a patsy for Church and State. Stop supporting these cabals of death. Hebrews 3:12 warns, “Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief,... in departing from the Living God” (i.e., apostasy)

It is not time to retire but to REFIRE!! AMEN!

Gen. Jim