BCS, an idea time bomb. . . .not for the squeamish or selfish. Aggressive Christianity’s “Cutting Edge” magazine since 1983, teaches Spirit-Warfare and challenges you to GO to the world’s battlefront and FIGHT the GOOD FIGHT of FAITH!!! (1 Timothy 6:12). BCS has been training, equipping, and gearing up Christian soldiers for the coming REVOLUTION, which is NOW here, which is called the New World Disorder, a.k.a. New World Order. For those covered in Babylonian churchianity (pleasure puke seekers) BCS is the antidote, full of antibodies against compromise. BCS is considered by many thumb-sucking churchites to be over-the-edge critical and incisive, skull-crushing, compulsively anti-just about everything. These same languidized dastards also accuse ACMTC of fratricide, matricide, and regicide. But the Generals Jim and Deborah, and their H.Q. team, do not recoil at such accusations from those of the demon underground repository (church la la land). From sysops to psyopts, BCS exposes conspiracies and sexual sicknesses, along with church heresies and heretics—with occasional rants and rages.

Order your Battle Cry Sounding magazines—the “Sword That Cuts and the Fire That Burns,” “incendiary and too often too graphic” our critics complain—poor babies!! ACMTC is not only pseudo-anarchy but strange, or should we say anti-strange (queer). . . taking the readers to extremes by being anti-America First (by this we mean anti-global power structure whereby U.S. citizens are used/abused by the U.S. Gov. in sundry and dirty ways.)

Let’s face the harsh reality: The American church, state, and family unit is ROTTEN to the CORE—ODIOUS—MORIBUND, ultra-militaristic (we do not condone the use of physical weapons in our warfare). BCS is avant garde in its fervent defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: “Taking Jesus to All the World” (see Matt. 28:19). If one wants to do the “Jesus Only” thing, get ready for lots and lots of hate mail from irate groups, moral fascists, GLBTQ sickos and pro-American folks who are steeped in idiosyncracy and democracy. ACMTC is both LOVED and HATED: the oxymoron is on the table.

No, our material is not like cyberspace—a medium that gives people the “feeling” they have been transported, bodily, from the ordinary to the imaginary: NO! We practice what we preach; we go where others merely read about. We’re not like you churchites who sing and dance and prance, but your reality is ZERO . . . your spirituality is a mile wide and an inch deep. Sorry, you would be miserable around us.

NO! We’re not about transrealism: the two basic principles of which are: 1) write about immediate perceptions in a fantastic way, and 2) base your character on real people. We base our experiences on ourselves, not what others have done or what they say they intend to do: Hey! “Get off your lazy behinds and get to the frontlines, there’s a WAR ON!” Are you one of the millions (with a capital M) bobbing around, shucking and shirking, waiting for your ministry to fall into your lap? Well, Get real—get BCS and get motivated for movement . . . lots of good ol’ persecution, hard times, discipline, denial, suffering and, of course, blessings; not your typical “hyper-dimensional church hallucination”. None of this church tryptamine stuff (DMT produces a “visionary experience,” but EKKLESIA living produces the real thing. Stop seeking a galactic kind of experience—there are genuine ones in true Biblical Christianity . . . angels, demons, and all.

Combat! Not your churchy kind whereby one swings and sways your hips and arms while under the influence of rock ‘n’ roll music (or rap etc.), swinging your invisible sword, cutting demonic forces into tiny pieces. You know the kind. The kind we see in almost all mega-Churches, and wanna be mega-Churches. Well, I hate to give you the “Bad News”, but all that ABSTRACTION is not what Biblical combat is all about. Not to say we don’t fight demonic forces (as in Eph. chapter 6), but your kind is devoid of godly characteristics. This type of “spiritual warfare” is fundamentally deceitful, yet taken for granted as the REAL thing. Churches are literally full of armchair warriors who wouldn’t know a demon if it bit them on the butt!

There is an undeniable reality which isn’t up for grabs by the Christless Church; it is Aggressive Christianity. It is as old as the Bible itself; eternal—flaming, eternal—cutting . . . legendary stuff. Are you ready for BRAINWASHING??

We live in a rebellion-against-God generation, rebels of reptilian origin, the new and terrible American dream: 50 states without God; a lucid dream (designating an interval of sanity in a mental disorder) . . . as long as America remains in this state, no ATROCITY will be past us, for we finally kicked that old holiness God out of our territory once and for all. Hurrah!

Just about everybody’s samplin’ and bitin’ off the rebellion . . . bustin’ loose—that’s a whole nother thing than restraint, maggot brain. The WHOLE thing. But not all is lost, oh no, some are tryin’ to analyze or figure out our sordid predicament. Others have puked in their cup . . . their cup runneth over.

BCS does not leave any stone unturned. It’s brutal truth—can you handle it? It’s intense truth—can you eat it? It’s a whole new way to hurt—can you take it? Chaos junkies take nibbles now and then. The whore of Revelation despises it; subversive dominatrices ponder it; malcontent idiopathics are afraid of it; and those with carpal tunnel syndrome can’t destroy it.

You know, the Bible is a book of many authors, who, by the way, were not passive but aggressive, and who wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost—TERROR on parchment and paper. Terror to the lawbreaker; blessing to the law keeper (I speak of the O.T. Law and N.T. moral law).

With today’s emergent Church (those most notable jellyfish-like creatures who HATE Biblical ABSOLUTES), the non-emerging believers are a real pain in their butts. The latter read BCS of course. Of course!

Think about it. Just about the entire thrust of churchianity is unscriptural in one way or another. Do we need a Spirit revolution? “The solution to the stinking pollution is bloody revolution!” . . . the blood of Jesus cleanses us from ALL SIN.

One of today’s obsessions is living in a world where one does damn well as they please. Well, we’re just about there. America, year after year, has lowered the standards and barriers to entry and let ordinary people participate in this “do your own damn thing” party. Wherever there’s a new medium, there’s always a struggle to find out whether the Bible or the Constitution is going to allow it. So, America has become the age-rage. But frankly, all this is a recipe for disaster. America’s DNA is skrewed. It’s genetic code is in question—abeyance, i.e. temporary suspension. Articulation of what one sees, feels, or hears is in a breakdown mode. In reality, deconstruction is the cultural norm. The Bible says a lot about this if one cares to read it. Make no mistake about it, most Americans are literally scared-to-death to chance an introspective view of themselves—they don’t want to know that this CULTURE known as the United States of America is in the breakdown mode. Trust me, if we continue to make major alterations in the collective USA mind, we court total disaster. We’ve been writing about this for years now.

What have we said? We’ve said that we Americans have to come to grips with what we’ve done against God and country and the world. We’ve got to face the AWE and TERROR inspired by demonic forces. America—the Church, State, and family unit has IMPLODED —no nuclear Armageddon, just plain ol’ rebellion against God and His Truth.

You, dear American, track the procedure. See if we’re right or wrong. See if you, dear readers, have a place in the rebellion-against-God ethos. Or is what I write unnecessary and insulting? You feed the Beast, the Beast becomes a totalitarian controller over you.

Agenda 21st Century is controlled by wicked politicians, preachers, and perverts! Political, religious, and sexual subversion is GRINDING AMERICA DOWN. Don’t expect official Babylonian and organized conservatives to do much about this MENACE. Oh no! They might have to fight. Imagine that?? It is time to REPENT!!!