“God does not forbid you from showing kindness and dealing justly with those who have not fought you about religion and have not driven you out of your homes. God (Allah) loves just dealers.”

(Qur’an 60:8)

M uslims love to quote the above verse! They use it to PROVE that Islam is not a religion of COMPULSION, but of love, mercy, peace etc. But what are we to do with the following FACTS found in the Islamic Qur’an and Hadiths?(all of which I have written about and quoted the references)

Following is a list of prophet Muhammad’s crimes against God and humanity, none of which Jesus ever committed or allowed his disciples to commit. Christians are sanctified by receiving the blood of Christ at Holy Communion. Muslims are sanctified by the blood of murdered kafirs.

Muhammad. . .

-Molested his wife - six year old Baby Aisha (one of Baby Aisha’s wifely duties was to clean semen stains from the prophet’s clothes).

-Raped Baby Aisha when she was nine.

-Advocated sex with baby girls.

-Raped a retarded woman.

-Murdered a woman.

-Had sex with his dead aunt.

-Captured women and raped them.

-Kept women as sex slaves. (Muhammad had sex with 61 women, many he raped).

-Beheaded his enemies (600/900 Jewish men at one massacre).

-Had Jewish boys as young as 13 years old beheaded after pulling down their pants

 and inspecting for pubic hair.

-Ordered the murder, torture, terrorization of Christians and Jews if they did not convert to Islam.

-Forced Christians and Jews out from Saudi Arabia (the mass exile).

-Assassinated people for insulting him or Islam.

-Established totalitarian rule.

-Ordered the extermination, torture and terrorization of kafirs.

-Instigated 60 massacres and personally participated in 27 of them.

-Owned and sold slaves (including many women and children).

-Forbade his followers to befriend Christians and Jews.

-Called his black slaves pug noses and compared them to Satan.

-Treated his black slaves as beasts of burden.

-Subjugated and oppressed Muslim women, requiring them to cover their faces.

-Married his daughter-in-law.

-Approved prostitution.

-Encouraged the rape of women in front of their husbands.

-Recommended wife beating.

-Murdered prisoners of war.

-Advocated suicide attacks.

-Executed apostates and homosexuals.

-Beat children who did not pray.

-Promoted honor killings of Muslim women and children for violating Islam.

-Had eleven wives at one time.

-Sexually abused his wives.

-Mentally abused his wives.

-Lied on numerous occasions.

-Beat alcoholics.

-Stoned adulators to death.

-Stoned a pregnant woman to death after she had given birth.

-Ordered the hands/feet of thieves to be chopped off.

-Tortured a man out of greed.

-Looted and plundered.

-Preached hate for people of other religions.

-Extorted money from other religions.

-Forced conversion to Islam.

-Committed acts of terror.

-Allowed his companions to execute, behead, rape, and enslave.

How long will you deny what the Qur’an/Hadiths teach my friends? While there are “peaceful” surahs (a surah is a portion of revelation; a division of the Qur’an (or Koran) corresponding essentially to a chapter or verse). What Islam’s prophet did was sin against both God and man. Of course the prophet did not start out as a terrorist; his early beginning -at Mecca- was preaching a kind of gospel like what our Bible teaches. He copied, or at least tried to, Jesus. Then he declared WAR/TERRORISM after he spent some years in Medina. From that city he began to create the “War” teachings that would in turn create a perfect Islamic totalitarian system—this “house of War” is in force today!!

Don’t Believe It !!!

Don’t believe the LIE that Islam is all about tolerance, peace, and love. Like I’ve said, the prophet’s early teachings (at Mecca) were of this type, but later, the war/terror teachings became preeminent,

as they are today (ISIS/ISIL etc. are forces that depict what their [false] prophet taught and practiced).

Ibn Qayyimal-Jawziyya, a famous Islamic scholar writes: “When the prophet migrated from Mecca to Medina, Allah ordered him to FIGHT those who fought him only. Then when the chapter of Repentance was revealed, Allah commanded His prophet to FIGHT ANYONE who did not become a Muslim from among the Arabs, whether that person fought him or not. He did not command him to take the poll-tax from infidels.” (See Al-Jawziyya’s book in which he discusses all this “Compulsion.” See part 5, p. 90; published in Saudi Arabia in1981)

Following Al-Jawziyya’s book, the Jalalan (a commentary published by the Azha in 1983) appeared. The authors mention the Chapter of Repentance. Here is what page 153 states:

“The chapter of Repentance was revealed to raise the level of security which the infidels enjoyed because Muhammad had earlier made a covenant with them not to kill them. After that, this verse was given (9:5) in order to free God and Muhammad from any covenant with the infidels. It gives them four months in which they will be protected, but by the end of four months (the end of the grace period), the order comes: Kill the infidels wherever you find them. Capture them, besiege them in their castles and fortresses until they are forced to accept Islam or be killed.”

As you see, this verse was inspired in order to free Muhammad (and God) from any peaceful and protective covenant which Muhammad made with the people of Mecca, as if the covenant were shameful behavior from which Muhammad (and his God) must free themselves. Nothing remains after that except the pledge of war and massacre, as Ibn Hisham says later.

So, just what did Ibn Hisham write?

“When Muhammad conquered Mecca and the Arabs realized that they were not able to wage war against Muhammad, they accepted the Islamic faith. But some of the infidels continued to be as they were. (They used to make pilgrimages also because this practice was in vogue among the people hundreds of years before Muhammad). Then suddenly Muhammad sent someone to announce to the Tribe of Quraysh that no pilgrimage would be allowed for the infidels after that year (9H); none would enter paradise unless he were a Muslim. Muhammad was going to give the infidels a respite for four months, and after that there would not be a covenant except the covenant of the sword and war (lit: piercing and the strike of the sword). After this period, people entered Islam by hook or by crook, and anyone who did not become a Muslim fled the Arabian Peninsula.”

(See Al-Rawd al-Anaf- Hisham’s famous book, pt. 4, p. 194) Ibn Hisham already quoted Muhammad’sfamous words: “No two religions are to exist in the Arab Peninsula” (pp. 50, 51).

I could go on and on quoting famous Islamic authors/scholars. (Write for our free booklet, Offensive War to Spread Islam for details.) Trust me, there is NO WAY that an honest reader will believe that Islam is a religion of peace. NO WAY !!!

On the Other Hand. . .

Christianity, Biblical Christianity (not Churchianity), still has a part to play upon the world’s stage. The last commission (i.e. command!) of Jesus Christ to His followers, never abrogated ( like some of the Qur’anic texts), is EXPLICIT and EMPHATIC:

“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost (other places, “in the name of Jesus Christ”): teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you...”

Matt. 28:19,20.

These power Words, this powerful command was/is for ALL His followers of every generation. They state the goal, responsibility, and commissioning of the Universal Ekklesia’s Missionary task. The Gospel = Go!!

There is no doubt that Muhammad tried to copy this Gospel command. . . But he resorted to the “sword of steel”, unlike Jesus and His disciples/followers who relied upon the Holy Spirit or the “sword of the Spirit”. How were/are disciples to be made? By regimentation? Yes and No; God’s Spirit Soldiers (Eph. 6) are to be disciplined, regimented, trained-up for Spirit combat, but not in the way Muhammad/Islam teaches. Are they to be made by indoctrination? Yes and No. God’s people surely need to be indoctrinated in Biblical doctrine, but that’s not all. We also need heart knowledge of our risen Lord, not mere head knowledge. Persuasion, not compulsion, is the WAY OF THE SPIRIT. The Qur’an teaches in surah 9:29; “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which has been forbidden by Allah and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book (Jews/ Christians), until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

There you have it!!

Jesus never taught His people to FIGHT against the unbelievers -killing and terrorizing them. Sure, eventually He will deal with the unbelievers, but not the way Islam does.

You see, compulsion might make conformists but it will not win their hearts. Jesus wins hearts/souls because of what He did while we were yet sinners: HE DIED FOR US!! (see Rom. 5:8). Rom 5:5 tells us “...because the LOVE of God is shed abroad in our hearts (not heads) by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us” (after we repent of our sins and invite Christ to be our Savior and Lord). That verb “shed abroad” (Gk) is a present perfect tense, signifying that the Holy Ghost, or Spirit, continues to flood our hearts with for our Lord and love for the lost! Muhammad LACKED this love. In fact, many professors of Christianity LACK this love- they are “religious” but not “righteous”.

The Crusades were of the wrong type (of course they were commissioned by the Roman Catholic Church). We do not, I repeat, DO NOT need to use FORCE to convert pagans or get the already religious to switch sides. See ACMTC’S Training Manual, Christian Patriotism, and WAR publications, all free. These publications show the readers what the Bible actually say about FORCE- WAR- TERRORISM, etc.

The Roman Catholic Church

Before Islam came into being, Roman Catholicism had replaced true Christianity. Biblical Christianity, the kind that Jesus birthed, was and is a personal /voluntary faith that is not to be established by FORCE. Souls are to be won to it, not dragooned into it. Jesus said, “If I be lifted up from the earth, I will DRAW all men unto Me.” John 12:32.

The grace of God is not exclusive i.e. for some (elect only!), but not for others. However, some, because they love their sin-life, nullify the grace of God by their personal, willful decisions and actions (see Matt 23:37). The Holy Spirit wants ALL to be saved -Jesus Christ for ALL, but NOT ALL will come to saving grace. So, what the word “draw” signifies, is “to take for oneself, i.e., to prefer, choose, to expiate sin, and remove.” Nothing about violent force!!

Unlike Islam (the original Islam that Muhammad started), we, as potential believers/disciples of Christ, have the right of self-determination. Islam would like the world to believe that its message is what “draws” the non-Muslim. This may be the case in some instances, but please study the Qur’an and the Hadiths closely and see if this really was the rule. Fear and force were the compelling factors. Convert or die was the norm for the pagans. Convert, pay the poll-tax, or die, was what was issued for the people of the Book. All this is verified in their writings.

Arab Scholars

Taqiy al-Din al-Nabahan published The Book of Islamic State (1953) in which he encapsulates Holy War. On pages 112, 113, and 117, Taqiy al-Din says:

“The foreign policy of Islamic states must be to carry the Islamic mission to the world by way of holy war. This process has been established through the course of the ages from the time the apostle settled down until the end of the last Islamic state which was ruled by Islamic law. This process has never been changed at all. The apostle Muhammad, from the time he founded the state in the city Yathrib, prepared an army and began holy war to remove the physical barriers which hinder the spread of Islam. He subdued the tribe of Quraysh as a body, along with other similar groups until Islam prevailed all over the Arabian peninsula. Then the Islamic state started to knock at the doors of other states to spread Islam. Whenever it found that the nature of the existing system in these states was a barrier which prevented the spread of the mission, they saw it as inevitable that the system be removed. So holy war continued as a means of spreading Islam. Thus by holy war, countries and regions were conquered. By holy war, kingdoms and states were removed and Islam ruled the nations and peoples.”

“The glorious Qur’an has revealed to Muslims the reasons for fighting and the ordinance of holy war and it declares that it is to carry the message of Islam to the entire world. There are several verses which command the Muslims to fight for the cause of Islam. Therefore, carrying the Islamic mission is the basis on which the Islamic state was established, the Islamic army was founded, and holy war was ordained. All the conquests were achieved accordingly. Fulfilling the Islamic mission will restore the Islamic state to the Muslims.”

Then he adds on pages 113, 114, and 115,

“If holy war is established, unchangeable means of spreading Islam, then political activities become a necessity before initiating the fight. If we besiege the infidels, we would call them to embrace Islam first. If they accept Islam, they become part of the Islamic community, but if they reject Islam, they have to pay the poll-tax. If they pay it, they spare their blood and properties, but if they refuse to pay the poll-tax, then fighting them becomes lawful.”

Al-Din is merely one of dozens of Islamic scholars that portray Islam in the true light. Does this sound like the teachings of Jesus the Christ? Jesus did not, nor does not, FORCE His way into our lives; “Behold, I (Jesus) stand at the door(heart), and knock: if any man hear My Voice, and open the door, I will come into him, and will sup (eat) with him, and he with Me.” (Rev. 3:20). Of course, Jesus spoke these words to the lukewarm Ekklesia of Laodecia, who had locked Jesus outside its congregation. The request to repent (v.19) was voiced. This same principle is applied to ALL sinners by the Spirit of the Living God.

In contrast, Islam literally BATTERS DOWN DOORS!!! The only compulsion Christ knows is love, not hate. This does not mean that Jesus never gets angry or chastens us, but His overall character is that of love—not forcing Himself upon us as Islam does.

OUR MISSION - Not Impossible!!

Christ does not seek to DOMINATE the world by and through force of fear. He offers eternal life to any and all who will OPEN their hearts to Him. We, as His messengers, must proclaim this freedom: this is our mission, our commission. Do you know how many Christians have been MURDERED by ISIS/ISIL alone over the past several years?...while most believers sit and do nothing?!!

We must, dear Christian, at least match the evangelistic ZEAL of their Islamic Jihadists. We must pledge ourselves as unreservedly to our course as they do to theirs. Are you merely content “playing church” while those in other lands are DYING for their faith? Are you, am I, wholeheartedly committed to see souls saved as Muslims are to killing them??? We offer “ammo” for the battle, for the war. . .DVDs/CDs/ booklets/tracts/magazines, etc. We offer quite a load of materials relating to Islam. Get to know your enemy!!! Most of all, get a burden for their lostness—they can be converted. The “spirit” of Christianity is “love for the lost”. The “spirit” of Islam is “Kill for Allah”.

Dr. Afifi Abdull-Fattah, another Islamic scholar, encapsulates the whole “war” principle in his book called, “The Spirit of Islamic Religion.” On page 382, he writes:

“Islam has acknowledged war in order to exalt the word of Allah. This is a fight for Allah’s cause.”

Too bad most Churchites don’t believe this concerning the Word of God—the weapons of our warfare are found in Eph. Chapter 6.

Dr. Afifi goes on record (p. 390) writing this: “Before the Islamic state declares war against another state, it should give (the other state) the choice between Islam, tribute (tax) or war.”

How nice!! Either the non-Muslims convert or they have to pay tax their whole lives or DIE!!! This was original, true Islam. We know today that they have to compromise, but the “spirit” behind Islam is WORLD DOMINATION!! Again, most Muslims today do not have this “spirit”: sadly, neither does the Christian church.

Commitment Unlimited

Jesus’ ultimatum to those who wanted to be His followers/disciples was, “If anyone wishes to be a follower of Mine, he must leave self behind; he must take up his cross and come with Me...” This should be our slogan dear Christian. Who, in this anemic generation, considers those words? Yet the zealous Muslim is willing to suffer and die for Islam. Radical Islam, militant Islam, calls for surrender of anything, anyone that stands in its way—the way of total commitment to their cause.

Compare their commitment to today’s American church. But it has not always been this BAD!! In times past, Christianity was powerful, undiluted, because the commitment of Christians was unlimited—they had brought their lives into captivity to Christ.

Listen up! Our self-giving MUST be ABSOLUTE!! Marked by a certain recklessness, radicalism, with exaggeration. I know, however, that these are the exceptions, not the rule. But service to Christ, for Christ, should not always be measured by BIGness. Our service should be more than church membership folks. It must be measured by how much we are “doers of the Word.” That kind of dedication allows little relaxation. Retirement isn’t even considered —DON’T RETIRE BUT REFIRE!

Question Asked

Sheikh Muhammad Mutawilli al-Sha’rawi, an Egyptian scholar, calls for the blood of all infidels. Doesn’t this refute Islam’s “no compulsion” in faith policy?...

Consider the Islamic doctrine which mandates the killing of the Apostate. (Al Bukhari tells us, “The ordained penalty for apostasy is based on the Surah which says, ‘One who changes his/her faith is to be killed.’”)

It was Jesus that taught the Sermon on the Mount; nowhere does he use such violent words, let alone violent death, to get people to follow His way. Why has the Church of Jesus Christ stopped being militant?, aggressive?, radically loving? Well, too much of our Christian faith has been escapist, comforting, and comfortable, self-contained and ingrown, privileges enjoyed, and obligations shunned. No church or Christian that drops its disciplines and demands can deepen its life or broaden its outreach or make redemptive impact on the lost world around it.

While there are a few (a precious FEW!) still fighting the good fight of faith (the first Timothy 6:12 style), most are comfortable to give lip service. But does not 2 Timothy 2:3 tell us to “. . .endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ”? It sure does!! But who is listening? The watchword today is ESCAPE, not ENCOUNTER.

While today’s Church should work at reform and renewal, REVOLUTION would be better—overthrow the whole “Churchy” mess and get back to the Gospel, the faith that was once delivered to the saints. Love of God, love for neighbor, must be set ablaze once again. ARE YOU READY FOR WAR??