Dear Generals,

Thank you very much for your boxes of materials with the Holy Bibles for school libraries. Every Sunday at times when I am around I visited the Nsawam Government Hospital, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the sick. I also shared with visitors and nurses around in four different wards: the children ward; female ward; male ward; and maternity ward. As a result, many gave their lives to Jesus Christ. We also prayed for the sick and distributed tracts at times.

We also visited these schools in Nsawam: Methodist J.H.S., Saky Agyakwa J.H.S., Nana Osae Djan J.H.S., Bishop Atu J.H.S., Zion J.H.S., L/A J.H.S., Tieku J.H.S., Osaebo J.H.S., and Dobro J.H.S. where we were preaching and fighting against fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism, abortion, and same-sex marriage. As we visited those schools, we presented Holy Bibles to them for use during their worship. We also visited several community information centers, sharing God’s Word with them early in the morning.

Additionally we traveled to some villages in Northern part of Ghana, sharing God’s Word with them, as well as distributing tracts and New Testament Bibles. Many gave their lives to Jesus. Wealso visited several prisons in Nsawam, sharing the Word of God with the prisoners. Last year the team traveled three times to a town in the Northern Region called Lungni, as well as nearby villages. Here we preached salvation messages to them in open air crusades, distributed tracts and New Testament Bibles, along with praying for the sick and those afflicted with demonic powers to receive deliverance. We also visited different orphanage homes in the Eastern Region, preaching Christ to them and distributing New Testament Bibles.

Last year we organized programs for final year J.H.S 3 students before their exams. This time not only in Nsawam, but in Lungni--Northern Region, Amanase--Eastern Region, and Agona Duakwa--Central Region of Ghana. We preached Christ to the students, and as a result many gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

After the exams, on the day of completion, we also organized a special thanksgiving service for all final year J.H.S. 3 students in Nsawam. This meeting was aimed at instilling the fear of the Lord in them in hopes of stopping those who would utilize that day as an opportunity to visit night clubs and other unprofitable activities.

Thanks once more for the boxes of materials. More Holy Bibles will be needed. Hope to hear from you soon.

Yours in the Warfront,

1st Major Awuah K. Darko

May 15, 2016