T here is a Qur’an out called The Study Qur’an, put together by a distinguished (so called) team of Islamic Studies Scholars led by Seyyed Hassein Nasr (Editor-in-Chief) who is Prof. of Islamic Studies at George Washington Univ. (They are here my friends, right under our red, white, and blue noses!!).

The general intro. to this version says:

“The Qur’an is for Muslims the verbatim Word of God, revealed during the 23 year period of the prophetic mission of the prophet Muhammed through the agency of the Archangel Gabriel (Jibril).

“. . .Verbatim Word of God”? Really? I have PROVED over and over again, by the Qur’an and the Hadiths, that Islam is plenty confused—their supposed “Word of God” is in reality the “word of god”. There are numerous Christian scholars that take issue with the Qur’an itself and the Qur’anic “sacred” history of Islam. They document - from Islam’s Qur’an - and reliable historical sources, that there are chasm-wide differences between the western world and the world of (bloody) Islam.

While the Qur’an contains many self-fulfilling teachings, yet within its pages we find the command of jihad (write for all our back issues of Two Faces of Islam and other booklets/magazines).

One of the first critical evaluations of the Qur’an by a western Christian was The Refutation of the Qur’an, written in 1300 by the Dominican Riccololo da Monteeroce (200 years later, Dr. Martin Luther translated this work into German).

Islam has been a challenge to Biblical Christianity for hundreds of years now (14 Centuries) yet today, political correctness insists that Islam is a religion of peace. HA! Better read there dozens and dozens of suras that claim otherwise. An objective appraisal of this humanistic religion EXPOSES the ABSURDITY of such a claim. All this P.C. propaganda is designed to mislead, deceive, and hopefully convert the ‘stupid’ into Islam itself. The Qur’an is a book of fiction not fact when compared to our Holy Bible.


Continually the West is told—by the media—that Islam is not a “bloody religion” but a “religion of peace”. We can thank God that some media persons will tell the truth, yet the cover-up of the truth is frightening. The pro-Islam spokespersons try hard to convince us that all the TERROR - KILLINGS - RAPES etc. are not done by “real” Muslims but by jihadists, extremists . . . who are not true Muslims but crazies who distort Islam. Well, now, just read their book my dear friends, and see if their authoritative texts actually promote such things. THEY DO!! Liars!

Hey deceivers! Why get ANGRY when we present what your Qur’an really teaches? After all, you are the ones who claim the words in your book to be oh, so true.

And you silly dupes who believe what you’re told by these P.C. freaks - “Islam is peaceful” - have been hoodwinked. Why do you insist on being so blind? And you American service men/women, you have become as bloody as the jihadists you are sent to destroy. To add insult to injury, your American Prez. - Obama - is tricking you. He supports ISIS/ISIL etc. in one form or another. BEWARE of his treachery.


“History demonstrates”, wrote Zakar Botros (a Coptic), “that Christianity was spread far and wide by Christians who altruistically gave up their lives, simply because they believed in Christ.” We all know that God’s Word is also known as the (Spirit) sword, as found in Ephesians 6:17 “. . . and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God”. Botros continues, “Islam was spread by force, by the edge of the sword, by fear, threats, and lurid enticements to the basest desires of man”. He goes on to tell us that “Islam is by far the falsest religion—an assertion that is at once theologically, philosophically, and historically demonstrable.” (Quoted from Front Page magazine, 2009). So, we have the “Sword of the Spirit” vs. the “sword of steel”. For plenty of proof, write for our free booklet, Offensive War to Spread Islam. This booklets quotes both ancient and modern Islamic scholars. They quote freely from the Qur’an and the Hadiths. Bukhari, Vol. 1, p. 13, goes like this: “ I have been ordered by God (Allah) to fight with people until they bear testimony to the fact that there is no God but Allah and that Mohammad is his messenger, and that they establish prayer and pay zakat (money). If they do it, their blood and their property are safe from me.” This was, and is, Holy War.


Believe it or not, Muslims have no greater enemy than their very own scriptures (the Qur’an, the Hadith and Sira). The reason WHY Muslims get so enraged at those who quote the WAR/TERROR surahs is because they condemn them. Their own “Holy Books” scandalize and embarrass them.

I have read dozens and dozens of books, papers, articles, etc. over the years by both Christian and Islamic teachers/scholars/priests/authors/researchers etc. While some Christian scholars/authors downplay the VIOLENT aspect of Islam, most do not. And for the record, these “crazies”, “jihadists” who do the violent acts we all see and hear of, quote their books rightly. They do not deny Holy War whatsoever. But the ones who try to conceal the damning words found in their writings, only arouse suspicion. They try hard to

rationalize, deny, reinterpret, minimize and even refute what their “sacred texts” really teach.


Since all Muslims belive that their “sacred books” are true, why do they hide these questions —asked by non-Muslims—from both the infidels as well as from their own people? It is really sad to see ulemas (prominent Islamic theologians present and past) explain away what a certain text plainly says. Is this any way to have dialogue?

In our booklet, Offensive War to Spread Islam, you’ll find many names of ulemas—ancient and present. You’ll also find top Islamic scholars from al-Azhar (the most authoritative institution in Sunni Islam located in Egypt). Scholars like Ibn Taymiyya, Sheikh al-Islam, Dr. Muhammad Sa’id Ramadon al-Buti, Dr. Muhammad al-Amin, Ibn Hisham, and dozens of others. These men are widely read by Muslims. But be careful, not all agree on certain texts/surahs etc.

It is reported that Islam’s prophet had up to 66 wives, was a pervert (according to Islam’s own scriptures), dressed in women’s clothing at times, had sex with underage boys and girls. Many Muslims do not deny this whatsoever. His whose idea (perverted of course!) of Paradise was the deflowering of virgins (one might want to check out Jihad Watch [] on the web).

Where does one start? According to the Qu’ran alone (33:37) , Allah made it legitimate for Muhammad to marry his own daughter-in-law, whom he lusted after. A few verses later (33:50), Allah made it legitimate for Muhammad to have sex with any woman who “offered” herself to him—a privilege which was allowed for Muhammad alone. Indeed, these “revelations” which granted Muhammad all his sexual desires were so frequent that his child-wife, Aisha, would often say to Muhammad, “My, your Lord is always quick to fulfill your desires!” And to his faithful followers, Muhammad permitted all the infidel women that they could capture, as concubines (Qu’ran 4:3). All this is from the Qu’ran alone; it would take several hours just to go over the hadiths and sira accounts dealing with the sexual perversions of Muhammad.


When one spends any time reading Islamic literature, one will certainly come away with the thought that Islam has a supremacy complex. Islam, without a doubt, CLAIMS superiority over all other religions of the world. Jesus the Christ and Muhammad (the false prophet) were worlds apart. Their books are worlds apart. . . with the equality-of-faiths-be-DAMNED attitude held by Muslims.


The statement, “Islam has always been part of America.” espoused by those who are wise in their own eyes, is a BIG LIE! America was basically founded by Christians, not Muslims. The Islamic society of Baltimore has come up with this lie. Don’t believe it for a minute. Actually, the West has a long history of resisting this deceitful and bloody religion (Islamic imperialism = Dar al-Islam = the Domain of Islam = “Allahu Akbar!”)


Islam is NOT the world’s solution; it is the PROBLEM!!! While most have focused on the One World Order (really DISORDER!) or One World Government, Muslims believe in the establishment of the Islamic State or Sharia (law of Islam), a FATAL IDEOLOGY to say the least. We need to focus on getting right in the sight of Almighty God. . . “Repent!” not “Allahu Akbar!”


Let Islam destroy Islam! This should be the world’s primary counter-terrorism strategy. With the Muslims HOT tempers, this could become a reality. This is already happening BIG TIME in the Middle East. Do I believe that all Muslims are violent? Not at all—thank God! Nevertheless, their scriptures and books do teach, condone, and even encourage violence.