MISSION: Repentance Revolution Campaign.

March 20, 2016 – April 30, 2016

The Words of the Spirit enjoins all who are truly living and walking in Repentance to water others with the waters of Repentance, that is, they would declare the REPENTANCE REVOLUTION.

When I had the clear conviction to send the message of the Repentance Revolution to all the Regions of Ghana, Capt. Lodo and Lt. Jasper readily volunteered to join me. The start of the Campaign was on March 20, 2016 for a duration of 40 days, spending a minimum of 4 days in each region.

The Campaign is to be in two phases

PHASE ONE: Prayer based. 20, March – 30, April 2016

PHASE TWO: Evangelism. 20, August – 30, Sept- ember 2016.



The primary objectives of the mission were the following:

1. Create the awareness of God’s call to all nations to enter into the Repentance Revolution. That is all have sinned against God, and should seek to daily amend and change their ways, their doings, their speech, in order to be conformed unto God.

2. Take the responsibility as a team to repent daily for the sins of each region we enter.

3. Repent of the sins of the nation, region by region, especially the sins of the Church.

4. Distribute Bibles and tracts and invite the repentant to Christ.

Despite the electrical and mechanical faults the vehicle developed, the 10-region Campaign was an overwhelming success, because the Lord was absolutely in control of the mission.



At Paga in the Upper East Region, we visited the border between Ghana and Burkina Faso, there we reached out to the border guards on both sides and gave them Bibles. Every evening we had a rally in the open where we had public confession and repentance.


We had fellowship with Soldier Bugre and Family in Tamale where we started the Repentance prayer for the region. We stood in for the family and the region.

A group of pastors/evangelists who are outreaching in the hinterland gave us the opportunity to present the revolution to them after we had a time with their leader at our Guest House. A large Church congregation invited me to preach on Sunday morning and I fully gave out the Repentance Revolution message followed by repentance prayers.


The Chairman of the District Pastors Council allowed us to meet the members. The grace of God was with us and He enabled the pastors to grasp the import of the Campaign. Their attitude to the repentance prayers showed how much they embraced the call of God.


The Aggressive Team led by Lt. Oti hosted us and stayed in prayer with us to do the repentance.


We moved down straight from the B.A. Region to the Volta Region in order to catch up with an Aggressive Team. We joined them and we had truly a people who understood the Repentance Campaign.


We had a real encounter with the Lord as hearts sincerely bowed before Him. We received guidance and encouragement for the Repentance Revolution. In the Greater Accra, we took the responsibility on behalf of the whole nation apart from the peculiarities of the region.


We had two stations: 1. Noaso team led by Capt. Emelia and 2. Koforidua led by Cap. Lodo.


We stayed outside Kumasi, the Capital of the region. This time we stayed in the Secondary School where Capt. Bruce teaches French. His Aggressive team of students stayed with us for the Repentance. They were a great source of encouragement as they sincerely braved the night to pray with us, as we lifted up our voices in repentance to the Lord for the Ashanti Region on various serious topics.


Three ladies responded to the invitation led by Lt. Florence Mensah. Glory be to God we had the quality and the seriousness required before the Lord. We repented of the many abominations committed in the region.


We also had three stations in the Central Region. We stayed at the Shalom Community Led by Capt. Edwards and we cried our hearts out in repentance for the region of which Cape Coast was the former Capital of Ghana.

The second part was in Cape Coast with Eagle Eye Community led by Capt. Harley and the third with the Taskforce Intercessory Team, both in Cape Coast.

The 30th April marked the end of the 40-day Repentance Campaign with the Taskforce Intercessory Team.


1.The Lord miraculously led Police Officers on Patrol to salvation after we had preached to them.

2. People readily repented and accepted Jesus as the Lord and Savior, according to His promise.


3. Border guards gave their lives to Christ without compulsion.

4. All workers in the Guest Houses and restaurants we entered were given the call to repentance and the Lord opened the hearts of many to receive Him as their Lord and Savior.


God willing the Second phase of the Repentance Revolution Campaign comes off on August 20, 2016 to September 30, 2016, before the General Elections in November 2016.

All Glory be to God and His blessing to all who stood in with us in prayer and support.

Major Bohyeba Asempatsease

May 2016