W ith all of the terrorism in the modern world there is a continuing terrorism which is common amongst Navajo peoples. It is an ancient terrorism that stalks men, women, and children even now in these times. Many live under the fear of skin walker activity, which includes curses, all manner of evil sent against the victims, loss of property and livestock and even loss of human life as well as corpses and bodies parts stolen and used for the dark, fear inducing practice of skin walkers. The Navajo do not usually talk about the skin walkers except in private but they all know of this ancient-modern menace, and all are equally fearful of the creatures of the night, demonically transformed humans who give themselves over to be possessed and destroyed and bring destruction upon others through the power of fear.

Most cruel of forces, fear stalks the victims of skin walkers and some develop sickness, diseases, loss of limbs, accidents, etc. because of the prevailing dark fear that many succumb to hence intensifying the demonic control that skin walkers exercise in their evil practices. When you hear the terrifying tales of those who are victimized by skin walkers, you can easily understand why the Bible clearly states that fear has torment because those subject to the demonic terrorization that skin walkers exercise over their victims and potential victims it is not a peaceful nor pleasant existence, that is experienced.

The psychic power of control through fear is as old as Satan himself and different cultures throughout the earth have practiced such control for ages, from Africa, to Asia, the Isles of the seas, the Arctic even to Europe as well as America. Where ever there are demon forces at play, the psychic control of others through fear continue to exist and many are paralyzed by the same, living and even dying through terrorism exercised against them. To know that this dark medium is still alive even now and being used against so many to cause such upheaval in the lives of the victims of skin walker activity that some live out their days in misery, others die early because of terrorism as a daily impediment to life, and others are in fear of what will become of relatives, relationships, property, etc. because of skin walker activity.

The Lord Jesus Christ offers to believers in Him complete freedom from this terrorism when He calls for souls to come unto Him, believe upon Him and be brought forth in His way. (Matt. 11:28-30) In fact the Lord desires that those believing upon Him would fear only Him and not be driven by the fears that possess those who are in Satan’s kingdom. Many when turning to Jesus Christ through complete repentance and abandonment of their souls to Jesus Christ will tell you that they are set free of the traditional fear of the skin walkers and other mediums of demonic terrorism and fear. As many will pray to the Lord Jesus they are delivered from generational curses of fear and no longer live tormented lives of vexation due to the bondage to fear. Does Jesus really free a person from the power of skin walkers? Yes, and in fact skin walkers are terrified of true born again believers who know the power that is in Jesus name and they know that they have no more power over such believers.

If you have had skin walker terrorism over your life, Jesus Christ can set you free this day. Simply repent of your sins, turn from the same and break all soul ties with demonic activity, traditionalism and Jesus will give you newness of life in Him.