Women’s International Mobilization Movement


Women On The Frontlines of BATTLE!

C hurch history is full of misogynistic leaders who have taught that women are inferior to men and that they have NO leadership role equal to men. They have used, and still use, 1st Corinthians 14:34 and 1st Timothy 2:11 and 12 to keep women from fulfilling their calling. But do these passages express God’s will for all time? If so, why do we find certain counterexamples in our Bible?

As matters stand, however, the Bible contains many examples of women exercising spiritual authority over men. General Jim exposes the misunderstandings of plain Biblical facts in “Women in the Ministry” booklets and magazines. They are a compilation of his teachings that span several decades.

If it were part of God’s creational ideal and order that women NEVER exercise spiritual authority over men, then certainly Scripture would not contain so many counter arguments. The wealth of examples PROVES that the PROHIBITION against women serving as spiritual leaders is cultural, not timeless.

On the other hand, General Jim points out that “certain” kinds of women were prohibited and should be banned from the ministry.

Therefore, ACMTC/WIMM work together in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ universally, no matter the ethnic, racial, national, social, or sexual distinctions with regard to one’s spiritual relationship with our Lord—ALL in Christ are equal heirs of the grace of eternal life and the promised Holy Spirit. Over against this, within the context of spiritual equality, men remain men and women remain women. Their assigned roles in marriage and society remain unchanged. We do not promote, in any measure, the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/queer agenda.

ACMTC/WIMM does, judging every member a fighting soldier, push world missions. We are not a 501c3 church, but individual members who have volunteered our lives wholly in the service of our Lord and King. All Christians should be, not merely church-goers, but combatants against the world, the flesh, and the devil (and demons)!!

Contrary to misogynistic belief, ACMTC/WIMM leadership is shared by both males and females who believe in and practice dominion, discipline, and deliverance. Let us march on into battle!

“The Lord gives the Word of Power; the women who bear and publish the good news are a great host.” Psalms 68:11 (Amplified Bible)