Gen. James Green

W HAT WE’RE experiencing is not new. When anyone tries to tell the truth—as some whistle-blowers are doing—“terror” is added to “terror.”

Jeremiah the prophet of God tried to warn the king of Judah of impending disaster (because of Judah’s sins against God), but he was met with scorn, a good beating and put into stocks (Jer. 20:1-2). Upon releasing Jeremiah, Pashhur (the chief officer in the house of the Lord, and also the priest) received this from the prophet:

“The Lord does not call your name Pashhur, but Magor-missabib (that is, TERROR on every side)” (v. 3).

Jeremiah Continues…

“FOR THUS says the Lord ‘behold, I will make you a TERROR to yourself and to all your friends. They shall fall by the sword of their enemies while you look on. And I will give all Judah into the hand of the king of Babylon; he shall carry them captive to Babylon, and shall slay them with the sword’” (v. 4).

Because Judah DID NOT REPENT, they were taken captive (but many were slain beforehand!).

This ought to be a warning for all these nations that have forsaken the Lord, especially America. TERROR and FEAR will stalk this land; but those who fear the Lord will find peace.

Jeremiah said in verse 11: “But the Lord is with me as a MIGHTY and TERRIBLE One; Therefore my persecutors will stumble, and they will not overcome me. They will be utterly put to shame, for they will not deal wisely or prosper (in their schemes); their eternal dishonor will never be forgotten.”

It would be good if those of you who think God would never allow America to be taken captive read chapter 52—Jeremiah’s words (which were the Lord’s) that came to pass.

These two small Words of the Spirit were given during the writing of this article:


Dec. 1, 2015

I speak unto thee and I say when I the Living God do bring my terrorization upon a land, upon a people, there is no man that will be in control. For I say that it is me the Living God who will bring fear from every corner, from every hand, and I say none will be able to trust any at all. For I say that men will utterly consume and ravish one other in fear. That is, they will be driven mad by fear, possessed by fear, I say they will be totally terrorized in fear. I say when I the Living God do release terror on a land so is it to be. That is that men will be utterly consumed and driven, possessed and overwhelmed by fear. I say thank me and praise me that you can abide in the fear of me and be kept from the terrorization, from the demons of the same that will inhabit the land. For I say if you keep in the fear of me then I the Living God will cover you. I say that you will not need to fear with their fears nor be terrorized by the same. But you can come forth uplifted, and serving in gratitude unto me. I say thank me and praise me, thank me and praise me that I reign supreme.    


Dec. 1, 2015

I speak unto thee and I say remember that it is me the Living God you are meant to look to and not the circumstance, remember that it is me the Living God who can always make the way for my people. Remember that it is me the Living God who even had my people in captivity to be given favor by their captors. It is me the Living God who even calls certain men to be leaders amongst the captors. I say that it was me who did that great and mighty work for they were my people in the midst of captivity. I say I the Living God am able to provide for my people, make a way for my people and honor my people if they will honor me. Therefore I say do not be looking at the circumstance of the present state of affairs in this nation for I say you are not meant to base your life upon nation but upon me. I say you are meant to realize that if you keep trusting, believing and looking to me, that I can make the way before you, and you will know that it is my work, that it is my purpose, that it is my mercy. I say that indeed you are my people, you are called, chosen of me and directed of me. Therefore I say be thankful for the privilege to believe upon me, to trust me and obey me in every circumstance and you will see that I prevail. You will see that I do miracles, you will see that I do wonders, you will see that I make the way when it appears there is no way. I say therefore be thankful, be true, be steady in me, your maker, your keeper, your God. I say be rejoicing that it is me you can look to, that it is me you can believe in and trust for I am well able. I say thank me and praise me, thank me and praise me.

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