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Intro: How And Why The 60's Revolution


WANTED: The truth of why America has so drastically degenerated since the 60's.

The Beginning

Y ES, WE KNOW men are evil, men have always been evil, and men always will be evil. We even know how the 20's brought in the bobbers and flappers—MANIFESTING the demoralization process. However, what many don't know is the TRUTH about HOW and WHY the American nation has so drastically degenerated from the 60's, up until the present day.

     In a conquest to tackle the problem of America's degeneration/demoralization, General James Green utilizes methodic explanations of the militaristic strategy of MASONIC/COMMUNIST MEMBERS such as Lenin, Marx, Stalin, Billy Graham, Walt Disney, presidents, and many others who may even surprise you! Consider the damage done by the Beatles, and many other rock and roll gurus, who were operating under the influence of old age/new age beliefs and religious philosophies. Are pictures revealing Satanic hand-gestures just innocent mistakes or only happenstance? Be on the look-out for in-depth accounts of illuminati and satanic plots for the death of American Christians and America itself—including how we have seen, and WILL SEE MORE of this.

WANTED: What do you do with a nation that has many Christian roots, moral adults, and a rigid formalistic Biblical system—if you’re trying to “CHANGE the world” into a Bolshevik society?

The Music Stratagem

When a nation will not accept communist/Marxist philosophy by name, get them to accept it another way!…but what other way? Easy: poison a nation slowly, cordially, sweetly, deceitfully, syrupy, and psychologically with CANDY TO THE SOUL; but not the godly soul—the one that is quickened by Christ— but the CARNAL soul, the thing that indulges itself upon base notes of impulses and vibrations—the part of the human that thrives upon the beauty of youth and the sexually sensual—the soul-self that desires a gratification of rebellion—while escaping the ramifications of war. What do you have? A society that desires sin and a sinful government, without wanting to face the accompanying negative complications: you have a society INVITING MUSIC to be their pleasure-worship.

The Consequence

This is how the psychoactive Beatles, and others, became involved in the American lifestyle—they flowed in on bass and treble clefts, they deluged the metal boxes called radios with electronic drugging, and they floated upon the clouds of prosperity and indulgence—into what was evidencing itself to be POISONOUS EUPHONY.

Location, location, location!

The Scene: The American college campus/the college-aged, and other radicals outside the campus—California.

     Violence, distemper, drugs, dissatisfaction, mixed-emotions, sexuality/sensuality, and revolutionaries…what could propel a crowd such as this towards a common goal? MUSIC-ADDICTION.

     What a time to insert socialism into America—not in word, but in deed! Listen to General Jim in “Christ Vs. Satan’s Revolution” (pts. 1-4), and discover vital secret truths as he goes into communist planks, the religion of masonry (free masons); and notice the manifestation of its morals on society today. You will understand more and more exactly HOW this has come about, and be amazed that life has turned into a perverse dictatorship—without anybody even noticing...right under their noses. NOW IT IS TIME TO FACE THE MUSIC.

Christ Vs. Satan's Revolution

A MERICA IS CELEBRATING the Beatle's 50th year appearance here in America, they—Paul, Ringo, John, and George—appeared on the Ed Sullivan TV Show back in 1964 (Feb. 9th). Gen. Jim points out that these Englanders brought with them a most POWERFUL weapon—MUSIC! As a Beatle fan himself, he knows how they used this "Music Weapon" to DAMN a whole society. Most don't know the real reason for their coming to "straight Christian" America; it was to start a revolution (the seeds already had been sown back in the late 1950's).

One perceptive Christian wrote: "The Beatles did not show up in America by accident. They were brought to America for a purpose. They sang that purpose loud and clear in their 1968 hit song 'Revolution.'" General Jim listened to this song dozens and dozens of times, he says. Here is some of that song:

"Say you want a revolution.

Well, you know we all want to change the world.

You tell me that it's evolution.

Well, you know we all want to change the world.

But when you (speaking about the straights) talk about destruction,

Don't you know you can count me out.

Don't you know it's gonna be!"


And so, IT HAS BEEN! IT IS! There is no mistake—the drug oriented/occult oriented "Rock" music CHANGED America FOREVER!! This music was and is a part of the Bigger Picture—to seduce "Christian America"—to bring her down, down, down! It was, and is, your president Obama who has used the word "CHANGE" hundreds of times...meaning to bring America into a communist/socialist state.

Satanic music was used (and is still being used) to degrade the population, get them on drugs, alcohol, and into the vilest kinds of sex. Hurrah! The church and state have now been conquered. This leaves [only] a few of us, who still refuse to be DAMNED, fighting for the sake of Christ Jesus.

If one notes the photo on the “People's magazine,” Paul has his thumb on his chin, a clear Masonic sign, telling all masons around the world that “it is time to KILL Christians.” John Lennon's hand signal is called the Hidden Hand of Jahbulon—secret Masonic hand sign telling that he (they) are a servant of Satan! (Gen. Jim goes into many aspects of the mason religion and other Old Age/New Age religions).

We, who have studied communism know that the FINAL conclusion of any communist Revolution is DEATH to Christianity!! There is no doubt that (what is called) Christianity has been murdered by this movement. Now, most churches use Rock N Roll music for worship!! The whole nation has already been WON to the hidden dark powers of Satan. Yet, Americans are just too DUMB to perceive it.

The DESTRUCTION of a once mighty nation, which once adhered to Christian principles, laws, morals, ethics, etc. has been tranquilized by agents of the devil (the Rev. Billy Graham being one of the best!) who preach, "Once saved, always saved" with glee—“There is no Hell; all eventually will go to Heaven no matter if they live like the devil himself.” This religious poison coupled with music poison has lured the American population into inattention (concerning what the Bible declares as SIN) and has assisted the dumb and damned people into duping themselves.

These shameless agents of Satan have persuaded their fellow citizens to concentrate on the good life—"have your best life now" BULL! They have persuaded the U.S. citizens to ENJOY all the entertainments, the drugs, alcohol, sex, and stuff-and-things from China. They have WARNED them against becoming too religious—a little maybe, but not too much. They have WARNED them to avoid the bruises of reality: hey, live in your very own FANTASY WORLD. If this fails, join the U.S. military—go off to some foreign country and KILL to keep America free: free to sin in God's face and free to kill for political reasons, not anything connected to what really counts—just take your combat drugs and kill old men, old women, young men, young women, and children—just DO IT!!!

Gen. Jim points out that all this political, religious, and psychological chicanery has DUPED and DAMNED the population for over 50 years now. All this intellectual subversion, self-indulgence, clamoring for riches and leisure has BLINDED us to the real dangers of our time.

It is time to REBEL against Hell! People today are adrift in a sea a disinformation and misinformation; and what happens when ignorance is in control? When fear is in control? The current episode in America is an omen with the most frightening of implications...the WRATH of God is at hand.

Heart repentance—Repentance Revolution—is the answer. We need not be agitated into further dissent against God by the “powers that be." NO! It is time to STAND UP FOR JESUS in a real and profound way!

The BIG DECEPTION is being exposed in Gen. Jim's 4 part teaching. TO HELL with guile, flattery, bribery, chicanery, political/religious legerdemains (tricks by a magician; read Prov. 6:12-14 in the Amp. Bible).

You, dear duped and dammed Americans, have given the anti-christs an advantageous position, and they are making the most of your laziness and ignorance. "Politically Correct" propaganda flows from both church and state LIKE SEWAGE from the sewer…and you suck it all up!!

The American public is really STUPID! They have been told that America is at war against terror, all the while the US government is the culprit. We've been told that we stand against Communist oppression, yet you have a full-blown commie as a president…a bi-sexual, and an Islamic-born pervert. We've been told that America stands against tyranny, yet America is ruled by a tyrant. We have been assured by the U.S. government that we have religious rights, yet the very government itself has made it a crime (hate law) to oppose homosexuality—which the Bible calls an ABOMINATION. Even the most innocent of enthusiasts is grist to the will of Emperor Obama and gang. Not only is your present government nosy and belligerent, THEY ARE ALSO BENT ON PUSHING GOD OUT OF THE WAY AND IMPLEMENTING COMMUNISM (IN SOME FORM OR ANOTHER).

Remember what V. I. Lenin said before he died: "First, we will take Eastern Europe; secondly, we will take the masses of Asia; then, we will surround the U.S., which will be the last bastion of capitalism. We shall not have to fire a show; it will fall into our hands like a ripe fruit." And so it has. BUT, we who love the Lord can start a counter-revolution: "The solution to satanic pollution is Christian revolution"—let us go to war!

Write for General Jim's DVD—free for the asking. We offer a whole set of Revolutionary Way booklets (12 of them in total) in which General Jim and General Deborah explain Biblically how to "Rebel against Hell."

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