Dear Chaplain:


“Have I then become your enemy by telling the truth to you and dealing sincerely with you?” (Galatians 4:16).


     From time to time, we receive letters from prison chaplains. But I must confess, MOST are not aimed at us accusingly, or negatively, but thankfully. MOST are not under the “politically correct” fear bondage. In fact, they invite ACMTC’s input into a demonically controlled prison system. They freely admit that “Militant Islam” and “Militant GLBTQ-ism” virtually control the atmosphere. In that type of atmosphere, as they invite our booklets, etc., we are all given a wonderful opportunity to witness for the historic, Biblical Jesus (as opposed to the churchified Babylonian Jesus!).


     First off, we thank you for writing us, expressing your concerns. This gives the both of us the opportunity to get to know each other on a personal level. Since you view our materials (and us personally) as “unloving,” perhaps we need a more clear understanding of what “love” really is.

     I am going to post your entire letter upon all our websites. The reason being, I assume you will accept my personal challenge to have an open debate — for all the world (especially those involved in prison ministry) to follow.

     I won’t take time to directly answer your inflammatory rebuke. You see, we’ve been in this “WAR” since 1971, so we’ve pretty much become impervious to character assassination, which, indeed, is the case here, seeing that you clearly did not review our beliefs, standards and worldviews, but rather judged us unrighteously.

     We are and always have been open to correction in any area where we may be Biblically incorrect, or Qur’anically incorrect. Therefore, please take the challenge, and I certainly see no reason WHY you would not (since you are a “trained missiologist” and “specialist” in these areas). Please missionize us.

     We could break it up into two parts: 1. Was Jesus “aggressive” or “passive”? 2. The truth about real Qur’anic Islam.

     I await your answer, Chaplain Adams. I’m sure those “out there” would certainly benefit from our dialogue. Sadly, over the years (since 1981), I have offered to openly debate different people from various backgrounds — people who, like yourself, have written us scathing rebukes while claiming that we are “UNLOVING.” They, however, were the ones who refused to show us any true Christian love by teaching us, from the Bible, what they believe is the true way of Christian “love.” If we really love one another, we will be willing to guide each other in the way that is right (Matt. 18:15-17; 1 Cor. 6:5). In fact, we are commanded to do so.

     We’ve seen our share of Muslims come to Christ, dear chaplain. And you don’t have to worry — we’re not violent (see our webpage and materials on God’s “Ungunned Army” and “Nonviolence”).

     Although, we definitely differ with you on the Biblically revealed character of Jesus: Jesus was meek, not weak. Again, would you not like to debate about His Character?

     Lastly, your injurious remarks against us, Mr. Adams, — without even knowing truly who we are, what we do and what we believe — could be construed as aggressively “HATEFUL,” “UNLOVING,” and “MEAN-SPIRITED.” Yet this is what the religionists did to Jesus, and later, to the apostles and disciples. Such a religious spirit continues even in our day.

     I think, if you don’t mind my telling you, that you are motivated by FEAR! You do work for the State, and the State is “politically correct.” Thank God, we here are not under that force, therefore, we can contend for the Faith. Read Jude 3. The Greek words translated “earnestly contend” literally mean “to struggle, suffer, be under great stress” or “fight a fight.” According to Jude (and Jesus and all N.T. authors!), we Christians must exert ourselves to the utmost in the defense of God’s Word and the N.T. faith, even though it may be costly and agonizing!

     We do, chaplain, understand your position. You are a “State-ite”; we are not, neither was Jesus.

     If you deny debate, we offer you a complete pack of anti-Islam materials anyway, for FREE. Even high-level Muslim leaders acknowledge that what we print about Islam comes directly from their Qur’an and Hadiths (9 volumes). They admit this. Why are you afraid to witness to those bound souls in a hateful/murderous religion? Have you confiscated and banned all Qur’ans and Hadith writings from your prison, which not only “incite” violence but UTTERLY DEMAND IT from those who would seek guidance from Islam?

     Being an expert in “missions” and prison outreach, are you not aware that prisons, across the United States, are being used as recruitment centers for VERY AGGRESSIVE Muslims who seek revolutionaries for their cause — and their main “textbooks” are the Qur’an and volumes of the Hadiths? If you are not aware of this fact, look into it.

     Why are certain “Christians” eager to ban materials that expose the true nature of Islam and yet they do not even consider banning the Islamic materials themselves (i.e., the Qur’an and Hadiths) that have not only “incited” violence but brought forth VERY MUCH VIOLENCE for nearly 1500 years to both heathen nations and especially to our Christian brethren?

     Additionally, where has all this misrepresented “love” Gospel gotten us? The world has increased in violence/murder since you “love brothers” and “love sisters” have propagated your gutless, watered-down Gospel of the Babylonian Jesus.

     Chaplain, please answer the above questions. I will share this letter with all the names you refer to in your letter to me.

     We don’t know who placed our materials in the chapel, but I’m sure their intention was to witness to the Muslims. We have no problem with Muslims, but we do have a real problem with Islam itself. Maybe our debate could bring up another issue: The Qur’an vs. the Holy Bible.

     One thing you need to recognize, chaplain, is that Muslims were murdering pagan Arabs, Jews and Christians centuries before there was a United States of America. You see, we Christians ARE NOT to blame for Islamic atrocities — they are. Violence is an integral, inseparable reality for a true Muslim. It is Islam we should be censoring, not those who seek to expose the truth about it.

     We know that you’re in “dire straights,” as they say, regarding your allegiances (you claim Christ, but you are yoked together with the State). This divided allegiance, with obvious monetary motives involved, makes it very difficult when it comes to standing for the truth and declaring Jesus BOLDLY — openly and fearlessly, not under the bondages of modern “political correctness” and the “nice guy” Gospel (which is a Gospel that ends up befriending the enemies of Christ, for humanist reasons, while criminalizing those who are trying to expose darkness in this lost world — a world controlled by satanic forces and violence).

     Jesus wants us to take the Biblical Gospel to all the world — which we have been doing since 1971, and will ALWAYS continue to do.

     You referenced Matthew 25:35, 40 as your closing statement. Very well. Since we are clearly viewed as the most “unimportant,” we ask that you would show “love” to us by specifically correcting us where we are wrong, Biblically and openly, so that we can plainly see where we need to make amends. Thank you for your concern.


   — General James Green