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Battle Cry's 31st year

Gen. James Green


31ST YEAR! (JUNE 83-JUNE 2014)

B ATTLE CRY (Sounding)…the SWORD that CUTS, the FIRE that BURNS!!

"Where'er it enter in,

Is sharper than a two-edged sword,

 To slay the devilish man of sin!"

"I came not to send peace on earth, but a SWORD"—Jesus (Mt. 10:34).


The defense of the New Testament apostolic faith against heresy, insult, and blasphemy will bring DIVISION!!


The "church": DYING—stinking and rotting—for lack of sword and fire…no cutting, no burning, no holy living!!

The "church": stinking with dry hides, dead formality, sick sentimentalism/socialism, hypocritical half-heartedness, wretched, vile, conscience-seared, and dead in trespasses and sins.

Satan, with all his legions and hellish machinations, rules today's church. FLEE Babylon!...be not partakers of her SINS, receive not any of her plagues (Rev. 17)…she has become a haunt for every evil spirit, a haunt for every unclean and detestable thing.


The Battle Cry has Sounded! Have you heard the call to WAR??

"Give us the nerve of steel,

And the arm of fearless might,

And the strength of will that is ready still

TO BATTLE for what is right!!"


Cease Fighting?? NO!!

NOT FOR an instant. We keep on fighting with the sword that cuts, and the (Holy) Fire that Burns!!


Get off your lazy behinds and get to the frontlines…there is a WAR ON!!

Make NO compromises or agreements with DEATH. Preach to the lost sinners, rebuke the "sinning saints." Reprove those who cover up sin and wink at abominations, who give Satan and his emissaries the whole field of battle; in doing so, you please God.

Away with these emergent perverts, apostates, and backslidden reprobates who have perverted, misconstrued, and falsely interpreted God's Holy Word and standard of conduct.

Make NO covenant with death, or be in any agreement with Hell; the unrepentant sinner and the "sinning saint" will BURN FOREVER!!

Make not LIES your refuge, hide not yourselves under falsehood (Isa. 28).


CRY ALOUD, SPARE NOT…sound the ALARM…THE LORD comes with fury of judgment.

"There' re words and there' re pens to be wielded,

There' re thoughts that must die if unsaid;

Wouldst thou saunter and pine among roses

Or sepulchre-dreams that are dead?"


Churches are FULL of unsaved and unsanctified souls…sleeping and slumbering, dull and dumb, demonized and damned—Churches are pernicious and deadly today. Ease and sleaze reign…FAT, sickness and DEATH have befallen most churchites—some have already become stinking and rotting corpses.

MOST LEADERS ARE SATISFIED, NOT SANCTIFIED: dwarfs, pygmies, and skeletons in the spirit...yet bloated from too many visits to restaurants (aka, hog-troughs!), saltless, spiritless, Christless, Godless!

Church leaders have become "fire fighters"—putting out God's Holy Fire that is meant to save, sanctify, and purify.



Achans in the camp…death will follow!!

Who will RISE UP for the LORD?

Who will work the white fields of harvest?

Who will put their shoulder to the wheel, trumpet to the mouth, knife to the throat (if given to appetite)?

Go to work, else OUT of the way!

Go to war, else OUT of the way!


If you will not raise the trumpet to your lips, raise the warning voice—cry aloud against popular evils (like homosexuality etc.), sin in high places, national sins, church sins…clear the WAY! MOVE OFF!! If you are determined to hold your peace and let iniquity reign/triumph, we entreat you to go sit in a corner. Let the real men/women of God do the job. Suck your thumbs, mess your pink diapers, and stay afar from us PLEASE.

"WOE!" said Jesus our War Captain, "to those who shut the Kingdom of Heaven against men, who neither go in themselves, neither suffer them that are entering to go in."

OUT of our way, ye panty-waisted cowards/ popularity-seekers. Clear the track, lest the seekers do it; clear the track, lest the car of reform, yea, REVOLUTION ride over you. Move aside or be smashed.

Whatever happened to the men/women of God who obeyed 2nd Timothy 4:2? and 1 Tim. 5:20?

Either we reprove sin, rebuke it, cry aloud, and spare not, or we will face the displeasure of God in the end. Is it really worth it to "rebel like Hell?!" (see 2 Tim. 4:1-4).

Any individual, any "Christian", living in the neglect of this [preaching against sin] is as certainly living in the practice of KNOWN SIN, as he/she who is in the constant commission of theft, sex-sins, lying, or murder!!


Watchmen” Needed

(read Ez. 33:7)

LOVE TO GOD, and love for Jesus requires us to discharge this solemn duty—for the love of our neighbor, to the community, to the world. It is cruel to OMIT it. Will you sleep and slumber while your neighbor's house burns?...his/her soul? I'll tell you the truth, if we fail to discharge our duty—to warn, Eternal Hell Fire awaits the both of you. The neglect to execute our duty, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ, is REBELLION. My silence/your silence gives consent/encourages sin. Don't let this thrust of the sword annoy you.

Again, our own salvation or damnation turns on the pivot of faithfulness or unfaithfulness. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LOVE GOD AND GROW IN GRACE WHILE "ZIPPING THE LIP!"

Holy thunder and lightening imparts light and life. The Bible is not afraid to call names, stamp on toes, raise Hell, and raise the dead.



IF SO, it is time, past time, to REFIRE, not RETIRE.

We offer Battle Cry Sounding, now in its 31st year, free for the asking. BCS is both HATED and LOVED! We're not satisfied with a few sparks, or a little burning or scorching. We want molten lava HOT enough to BURN the HELL OUT of any and all!!

Join the ranks of God's New Breed of Believers—to Hell with DEAD, STINKING REBELLION; away with it; depart from it.

We will have nothing except "All mine are thine, and thine are mine" (Jn, 17:10—Jesus). This MUST be our attitude: "WE BELONG ENTIRELY TO JESUS." This is settling the question for ourselves, this firm, steadfast, unwavering, joyful hope of life eternal is the one thing needful/indispensable to our own success in warring the good warfare, fighting the good fight, destroying everything in our lives that hinders our way to Heaven. Both Old Testament and New Testament Prophets, holy men and women of God, preachers, and authors, all had one thing in common: THEY WERE WILLING TO DIE FOR THEIR FAITH. What about you dear reader?

Jesus went to the Cross, Paul to the chopping block. Paul, a late disciple of Christ, penned this: "Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the Commandment of God" (1 Tim. 1:1, 2). He uses the indicative present, the positive, expressive of the utmost assurance of faith—unlike so many sissies of today who don't know what they want/who they are, nor where they are going. TO THE CROSS my dear coward, to the Cross!!

If you are a coward, ask God to give you the baptism in the Holy Ghost…with FIRE. Don't settle for a dead, dry religion. NO! Get RADICAL! Get REVOLUTIONARY! "Know ye not yourselves how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?” (2 Cor. 13:5).

We see WHY the whole world lieth in wickedness. We see WHY the broad road to death-eternal is thronged! Because the church is full of cowards who refuse to "die to self" and warn the sinner of his/her fate.

We see WHY so many professed teachers/preachers of the gospel succumb to a worldly, man-fearing, queer-fearing, time-wasting policy…who bow to "Politically Correct" views and compromise, becoming barren fig-trees, a hissing and a by-word! COWARD!!

Satan creeps in when men sin. Satan has no space to occupy, nor foothold, nor victory, when God's people are repentant, on fire, and faithful to their post of duty. Sinners will flock to the standard of Jesus the Lord, as doves to their windows, when Jesus' people live the life. SINNERS ARE ALREADY MISERABLE. DON'T MAKE THEM MORE SO BY LETTING YOUR FAITH FALL TO THE GROUND. UP! UP! Don't allow Amalek to prevail.


Put away your folly and fashion; pick up the Sword that Cuts, and the Fire that Burns!!

"Ne'er think the victory won,

Nor lay thine weapon down;

Thine arduous war will not be done

Till thou obtain the golden crown."

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