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Blessed With Curses

General James Green, July 15, 2011


“The land and the earth also are defiled by their inhabitants, because they have transgressed the laws, disregarded the statutes, and broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore a CURSE devours the land and the earth, and they who dwell in it suffer the punishment of their guilt. Therefore the inhabitants of the land and the earth are SCORCHED and PARCHED [under the CURSE of God's WRATH], AND FEW PEOPLE ARE LEFT” (Isa. 24:5,6; AMP).


THE CURSE OF HOMOSEXUALITY is DEVOURING the land and people of America—PERVERTED SEXUAL LUST, homosexuality (and all sins connected with it), has invited God's WRATH.  And God's wrath is a CURSE in this land.

     The “everlasting covenant” (v. 5) was that covenant God made with Noah in Genesis 9:1-17 (see also Deut. 29:20). When we break God’s laws and covenants, we suffer the consequences.

     Isaiah 24:1-12 reports that the world is scourged by the wrath of God. This poem describes the desolation (vv. 6-16) of Judah as the fulfillment of a prediction (vv. 1-3) and the consequence of the transgression of the covenant (v. 6). Verse 5 tells us that the inhabitants “…changed the ordinance, [and had] broken the everlasting covenant...” (v. 5a). If God's wrath was kindled against His very own people who were guilty of sex-sins, idolatry, murder of their children, etc. back in those days, we can be sure He feels the same today. There was and is the “parallelism” between the “land” of Judah and the “world” today.

     One thing we can be sure of is that changing the everlasting covenant of MARRIAGE between one man and one woman will invoke God's anger, His WRATH.

     Even though the world (pagans) did not have God's written/spoken Word as did the Israelites, nevertheless, all men have always had a God-given conscience; therefore, they too were held responsible for certain sins—sex-sins being one of them.


Eschatological Prophecy

WHAT CAN WE MAKE of this “eschatological prophecy”...with all its symbolic language? To be sure, the New Testament carries this theme of the “curse of God’s WRATH” (e.g., see Rom 1). Our liberal churchfolks (and those of the world also) try to convince us that Jesus did not win men by preaching judgment (Hellfire, etc.) but by “love.” This is not entirely true. Jesus preached love/mercy/compassion as well as WARNING men of the CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR SINS.

     True Biblical/Christ-centered love has the element of judgment in it. There is NO WAY the liberals or anyone “can inculcate morality while being silent about a reckoning.” And no one can honestly present the Gospel and Bible instruction of Divine Love in its FULL magnitude while remaining silent about God's judgments/wrath.


To HELL with HELL!

SO OUR liberal backslid churchfolks scream. And so, Hell has been “extinguished forever” among them. Modern churchianity warrants the return of the old-fashioned HELLFIRE belief and preachings…and the inescapable judgments of our loving God.

     Laying aside the eschatological reference, there is still “the contemporary life, which is the scene of the operation of the moral law; the WAGES of SIN are still paid—and paid very well!”

     The world still suffers the judgments of God—look around you, look behind you—MISERY, PAIN, SORROW, DESTRUCTION, DEATH!!! All witness to what I write.

     Isaiah 2 and Romans 1 deal with a truth which the backslid churchite and the apostate and the very liberal churchgoer dare not ignore.


Romans One

I’VE WRITTEN several articles on this chapter already, but for the sake of remembrance, look at 1:18-32. Verse 20 plainly tells us that “for ever since the creation of the world”—this was before man got the Law written on stone—“men are without excuse—altogether without any defense or justification...” The conscience of man recognized God. Verse 21 pretty well seals it up: “Because when they KNEW and RECOGNIZED Him as God, they did not honor and glorify Him as God...their senseless minds were darkened.” They were judged, just as men are today.



THE ROMAN, like the Greek, readily condoned men being prostitutes. The profession was even legalized, though restricted; brothels were, by law, kept outside the city walls, and could open only at night; prostitutes were registered by the aediles and were required to wear the toga instead of the stola. Some women enrolled as prostitutes to avoid the legal penalties of detected adultery.

     Christian authors charged that prostitution was practiced within the cellas and between the altars of Roman temples (Minucius Felix, Octavius, 67; Tertullian, Apology, 15).

     Male prostitutes were also available; “tolerated by custom, homosexualism flourished.” We can find things in history like: “I am stricken with the heavy dart of love” (sings Horace); “For Lyciscus, who claims in tenderness to outdo any woman”; (and it was said that) from this passion he can be freed “only by another flame for some fair maid or slender youth” (Horaces, Epodes, xi.).

     As recorded, Martial’s choicest epigrams “turn upon pederasty”; and one of Juvenal’s “least publishable satires,” as it is said, “represents the complaint of a woman against this outrageous competition” (Martial, viii, 44; xi, 70, 88, etc.; Juv., ii, vi, ix.).

     Erotic poetry “of indifferent worth and gender,” the Priapeia, circulated freely among both young and old.

     Our so-called “Christian” homosexuals argue that the apostle Paul, in writing Romans one, was not in any wise familiar with the Romans’ homosexuality, therefore, he was not inspired by God to condemn both male and female homosexuals. HA! Paul was very much in tune with that ABOMINATION—it is you, the perverts, who are NOT of God, who CONDEMN Paul for his condemnation of that SIN (which, as Paul explained, has been a SIN since the time of the creation)!


Destroyed from Within

AS WITH Rome, America is being destroyed from within. Homosexuality was one of the major sins that caused Rome to be judged and destroyed by God. Idolatry was another—many gods! HELLO, AMERICA!

     “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within.” There is no doubt that “the essential causes of Rome’s decline and ruin lay in her people, her lack of morals, her sex sins, her bureaucratic despotism, her stifling taxes, HER CONTINUING and CONSUMING WARS!

     America is following Rome’s example. And NO!, the American empire’s misfortunes are NOT attributed to Christianity. Her foiling and falling is attributed to the DEFILEMENT of her people...“because they have transgressed the laws (of God), changed the ordinance (of God), and broken the everlasting covenant (of God)” (Isa. 24:5b).


God Gave Them UP!

ROMANS 1:24 tells us that, “Therefore (because of vv. 18-23) God GAVE them up in the LUSTS of their (own) hearts to sexual impurity, to dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, abandoning them to the DEGRADING power of SIN.” Verse 25 tells us why—“Because they exchanged the TRUTH of God for a LIE.” Has not America already done this? Has not she now exchanged God's marriage covenant (man-woman) for a perverted satanic marriage covenant (man-man and woman-woman)?

     Paul repeats “For this reason (speaking of v. 25) God GAVE THEM OVER and ABANDONED THEM to VILE AFFECTIONS and DEGRADING PASSIONS—the same vile affections that are practiced among the Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgender-Queer nation.

     Paul, for the third time, writes, “God GAVE THEM OVER to a BASE and CONDEMNED mind, to do things NOT PROPER OR DECENT but LOATHSOME.” Friends, this is a CURSE unleashed upon a society.


Earth Profaned by SINS

WE FIND THIS repeated truth all through God's Holy Word—sin corrupts not man alone, but the very earth on which he dwells. The RSV reads this: “The earth lies polluted under its inhabitants; for they have transgressed the laws, violated the statutes, broken the everlasting covenant” (Isa. 24:5).

     With all the natural disasters transpiring on a world scale these days, it is because of this truth: “Therefore a CURSE DEVOURS the earth, and its inhabitants suffer for their guilt….” (RSV, v. 6).


GOD, Not Satan!

IN CASE YOU think satan is causing all these natural disasters, better read the Bible. He certainly is responsible for causing men to REBEL like HELL against God and His eternal laws, but IT IS GOD AND HIM ALONE THAT CALLS FORTH NATURE TO BE A WHIP UPON THE BACKS OF BOTH SINFUL MEN AND NATIONS. Verse 18 tells us that, “For the windows of heaven are opened”—here comes the rains/floods, winds/tornadoes, destroying hail/hurricanes etc….“and the foundations of the earth tremble”—here comes the earthquakes, volcanoes etc.

     The manifestation of Yahweh’s/God's power in storms and earthquakes is a familiar element in the O.T. (see Judges 5:4, 5; Ps. 18:7-15 etc.). We find it even prophesied by Jesus in Matthew 24—many evils that will befall sinful men.


Did You Know?

THE CONTAMINATION OF EVIL permeates even the structure of the world. The great disasters which RAVAGE both man and earth are not depicted as the work of evil spirits, or satan, but always as the judgment on human sin. It is God that opens and shuts, blesses and curses (see Isa. 45:7).

     Believe it or not but nature is at God's command, at His service 24/7…NATURE RESPONDS TO HIS DESIRE, EITHER FOR GOOD OR EVIL. Eventually the earth will be purged by fire and out of that judgment will spring forth a new earth (and a new heaven—Rev. 21:1). You see, sinful men will perish and the earth contaminated by them will be purged.



IT HAS BEEN questioned, “Did biological factors help in the fall or decline of Rome?” Yes. “A serious decline of population appears in the West after Hadrian…coupled with the mass importation of barbarians into the Empire by Aurelius, Valentinian, Aurelian, Probus, and Constantine—all bringing along their gods/goddesses. Aren’t we seeing this in America?  Peoples from other lands bringing their pagan customs, their idols, etc.   Christianity, which America was founded upon (at least on many Biblical principles), is incorporating these peoples/idols/sins into the very fiber of society. Look at the one-hell-of-a-mess too!

     In Greece the depopulation had been going on for centuries; now Rome. Here in America, she KILLS her sons and daughters by abortion; now wars! Family limitation has ruined America’s family structure. Now QUEERS/LESBIANS “marry”!

     It goes without saying, queers and lesbians cannot produce a family—the whole Homo Movement is a DEATH CULTURE...LEFT TO ITSELF, IT WOULD DIE OFF IN A VERY SHORT TIME!

     Though branded as a crime in Rome, infanticide flourished as poverty grew—hello, America! Sexual excesses also contributed to the reduction of human fertility; the avoidance or deferment of marriage had a like effect, and the making of eunuchs increased as Oriental customs flowed into the West. It is said that Plantianus, Praetorian Perfect, had 100 boys emasculated, and then gave them to his daughter as a wedding gift (Davis, Influence of Wealth, 214).

     Not only all this, but epidemics were another major factor in Rome’s decline. It is said in the plague of 260-65, almost every family in the empire was attacked; in Rome, we are told, there were 5,000 deaths daily for many weeks. This was God's judgment, folks (Gibbon, I, p. 274).



THE HOLOCAUSTS of war/revolution, contraception, abortion/infanticide, homosexuality/lesbianism/prostitution, idolatry, etc., “had a dysgenic as well as a numerical effect.”


Good Bye, America!

IDLENESS OF HANDS (welfare) is a curse in this nation; Luxury weakens the rich; Political Correctness ruins the mentality; loose sexual morals contaminate the land.

     Rome, it could be rightly said, was conquered not by sheer barbarian invasion from without, but by barbarian multiplication within.

     America’s moral DECAY has contributed to her dissolution. The virile character that had been formed by arduous simplicities and a supporting Christian faith relaxed in the sunshine of wealth and the freedom of unbelief/disbelief/no belief; men had become more and more anti-Christ/anti-Christian, therefore the Church that once was the rock foundation became mere sand; immigration brought together many anti-Christ cultures whose differences rubbed themselves out into indifference. Moral and ethic standards were lowered by the magnetism of these masses; and unlawful sex ran riot in freedom while political and religious liberty decayed.

     Some say that Christianity was the chief cause of Rome’s fall. Maybe so, but paganism is the chief cause of America’s fall!

     Without a doubt Christianity shared in the chaos of creeds that helped produce that medley of moves which moderately contributed to her final collapse; the sheer growth of Christianity was more an effect than a cause of Rome’s decay. It was because Rome was already DYING and DECAYING that Christianity grew so rapidly. Men lost faith in the state not because Christianity held them aloof, but because the state defended wealth against poverty, fought to capture slaves, taxed toil to support luxury, and failed to protect its people from famine, pestilence, invasion, and destitution; forgivably they, the Romans, turned from Caesar preaching war to Christ preaching peace, from incredible brutality to unprecedented charity, from a life without hope to a faith that consoled their poverty and honored their humanity.

     You see, Rome was basically an empty house when Christianity rose to influence and invasion came.


Will Americans Learn?

AMERICA CLAIMS to be wise, yet she is basically STUPID! She ought to learn from history what idolatry, adultery, fornication, homosexuality, and all the rest of ailments that plagued Greece and Rome did. Now America is throwing away Christianity in favor of the very same sins that caused other pagan nations to decline/die/decay.

     Rome was great. The Roman state committed thousands of political crimes; “it built its edifice upon a selfish oligarchy and on obscurantist priesthood; it achieved a democracy of free men, and then DESTROYED it with corruption and violence; it exploited its conquests to support a PARASITIC Italy, which, when it could no longer exploit, COLLAPSED!”


Bye, Bye, Rome!

WHEN CHRISTIANITY prevailed over Rome, the ecclesiastical structure of the pagan Church, the title and vestments of the Pontifex Maximus, the worship of the “Great Mother” and “a multitude of comforting divinities,” the sense of pagan festivals, the pageantry of immemorial ceremonies, passed, dear ones, like maternal blood into the new religion. Sadly, Christianity, true, Biblical, genuine, eventually was taken over by the Roman Catholic papacy—this very anti-Christ religion reigns still.

     Today, as I write, the Roman Catholic Church is plagued by homosexuality and child molesters. They say about 3/4 of her priests are perverts. And she is the mother of harlots, for she is plagued with pagan idols/gods/goddesses and all manner of religious filth.


Flesh vs. Spirit

GENUINE CHRISTIANITY lives! Thank God! Biblical Christianity as opposed to Roman Catholicism, produces a “liberating” and “stimulating” effect upon its believers; Catholicism a “constricting” and “obstructive” one. What we have is the “flesh”, i.e., RC, versus the Spirit, i.e., Biblical Christianity.

     Now we have the “State,” i.e., the U.S. Government vying for preeminence.

     May I now suggest that it is time for REVOLUTION against religion—religious or civic. It is time to side with God's truths contained in the Holy Scriptures. If this nation does not TURN from sin and TURN to God, the inhabitants will force even a more bleak and desolate future. THE NATIONS THAT FORGET GOD WILL BE TURNED INTO HELL!

     Isaiah 24 has shown us that there will be a wholesale desolation. It matters not if one interprets Isa. 24 as the destruction upon the land of Israel alone (for we know that came to pass) or upon the whole world/earth in the future.

     Those who see it as referring only to Israel interpret the reference to the “everlasting covenant” (v. 5) as applying to the Sinai covenant. Even that covenant, although it was for Israel in particular, some things are still binding upon the world’s people from generation to generation.

     Nine of the Ten Commandments found in the O.T. (Ex. 20) covenant/law, are found in the N.T.—sabbath-keeping (the ceremonial sign of the O.T. covenant) excluded.

     Others refer to the phrase to the Noahic covenant made between God and the entire human race after the flood (Gen. 9:16). Under this covenant ALL men were made subject to certain moral laws, one especially was the prohibition of murder (Gen. 9:5, 6). And because this law had been violated, the earth had become polluted, as in the days of Noah (Isa. 24:5; Num. 35:33, 34). The prominence of the flood motif throughout chapters 24:18-26:20) lends weight to the view that Isaiah was thinking in terms of a universal judgment. And so, here we are, judgments falling all around us.

     As usual, Bible language is couched in eschatological imagery. We find much that forecasts drastically changed throughout the cosmic order.

     I know the Spirit spoke to us some years back and told us that God was bringing weather changes universally—we see this evident today.


Blessed with Curses!

WE REAP WHAT we sow—and we reap more than we sow too. Since men want evil and not good, men are BLESSED with EVIL CURSES.

     Needless to say, God is showing forth His Wrath-Fury-Indignation, and no one will stop God's judgments.

     The precious freedoms we Americans have enjoyed will be replaced with tyranny and oppression.



[Study material has been adapted from its original sources.]