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Cataclysmic Judgments

General James Green, Nov. 14, 2011


NEEDLESS TO SAY, after the great earthquake and tsunami (Dec. 2004), men are seriously debating whether it was a judgment or just a happenstance.

     The LORD has been telling us for several years now that He was going to alter the earth and bring severe weather changes world-wide. This cataclysmic event did not surprise us, neither will greater ones, yet to come, shock us. If one dares to read the recorded messages we print on Words of the Spirit, you’ll soon realize that God IS BRINGING HIS JUDGMENTS UPON THE SONS OF MEN…because of their sin!

     The dynamic quake and tidal wave that killed so many is letting men, in their pride, KNOW that God, with one swipe of His hand, can destroy instantly. This cosmic event moved the tectonic plates permanently! This means that other places all over the world will be affected permanently. This awesome and tremendously powerful shift not only caused the water to rise with great force and speed, but brought about physical changes that will be remembered. The axis of God's earth was moved slightly as the tectonic plates shifted into a new position. Islands disappeared, atomic clocks set back—God does work in time among the sons of men.

     One writer states that “all geography books, maps, and globes are now forever inaccurate!” The tsunami had more than the force of an atomic bomb at several locations, causing many islands in the Bay of Bengal to be eradicated. Also towns and villages and certain cities on existing islands and coastal areas were completely erased from sight. Friends, man is no match for the Almighty God. Other islands and parts of coastal areas have been drastically re-shaped. The large island of Sumatra which sits on the Burma plate was moved several feet, the experts tell us.

     Of course the after affects will cause many more deaths and the cost to rebuild will break certain countries. We do live in an apocalyptic time—should not we fear the LORD more and more? Cities, towns, and villages that were left standing—the infrastructure is seriously damaged, unsafe for living. This, of course, causes hundreds of thousands to wander and look for safety—our India team near the coast tells us that thousands are looking for food and shelter.

     God has told us here that His misery for the sons of men is only the beginning. The calamity in the Indian Ocean and surrounding nations is only a foretaste. Psalm 89:8, 9 tells us “O LORD…you rule the raging of the sea; when its waves rise, you still them.” God can work for or against the people—for a blessing or a curse! Nature is subject to God's command. Even Jesus, in Luke 8:24, rebuked the wind and the raging waves in order to save His disciples.

     I believe that judgments can be for purifying and refinement purposes (if God does not spare), punishments are to bring men and nations back to God.

     Romans 8:20 tells us that “the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of him who subjected it, in hope.” You see, when God's first created humans disobeyed His command and fell into sin and bondage to sin, the whole natural creation suffered a “fall”. So we must learn to live among “fallen” men upon a “fallen” earth.

     The interdependence of the different parts of God's world is so real that man’s recklessness and rebellion result in the creation being subjected to futility. Judgment is not futility only, it offers equally a ground of hope—to repent of our rebellion against the LORD God. The rest of creation was bound up with man’s destiny, not of its own choice, but by God's will, who subjected it in hope. When mankind finds deliverance from bondage of sin and enters into the glorious liberty (freedom) of the children of God, and some day that will come to pass, nature will also experience in her own way a parallel emancipation. Since the earth was cursed for man’s sake, so shall she be blessed for good in man’s redemption. But in the meantime, God's judgments will be poured out. We will continue to see the pathos of nature along with the pathos of mankind. We cannot question the fact why God cursed the earth because of what man did upon it, we simply must observe and accept this fact. You see, the earth decays as does mankind. But there is a bright future ahead for both mankind and nature—a redemption and resurrection in eternal life (if you are saved by the blood of Jesus!), and a cosmic redemption, a new heaven and a new earth.

     We all alike, Christian and pagan, suffer in this world. Christians also die in natural disasters, but God's wrath is not directed towards them if they are living upright. This is why it is so very important for as to be ready to meet our Creator if and when our time comes to die. Death, to the upright in heart, is merely a door to eternal paradise. But for the wicked, eternal damnation—separation from the light, love, and life of their Creator. How sorrowful.

     Babylonian Christians too often interfere with God's judgments. They want to rush in and play “merciful God”, when in reality it is God's way of dealing with the sin issue. Don’t you think if He sends devastating judgments that destroy lives and property, He does so for His good reasons? Why do we think we can rush in and patch things up? Maybe the sinners need to feel the impact of His wrath and if we keep our hands off, maybe others will fear God. American churchianity has become like unto the United Nations when it comes to disasters. The LORD once told me that it grieves Him when His people interfere with His work. He also told me that disasters mean BIG BUSINESS—lots of $$ is taken up, but less is given. Men playing God! It might do us good to let God run things the way He sees fit—without our “religious” input.  Think about this.


[Study material has been adapted from its original sources.]