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The Atrocities of Rome

VOLUMES HAVE BEEN WRITTEN about the horrendous accounts of Protestant blood spilled during the 150 years following the founding of the Jesuit Order. Many counter: well, Protestants killed too! Yes, and in answer to that, [the author’s opinion is that] any man worth being a man, when someone comes into his home to rape and butcher his wife, and dash his children to pieces, certainly will fight and kill too, if need be, to save those he loves. To read an account is quite different than having to live through it. To literally witness the terrible scene and to see those you hold dear being mangled and slaughtered before your eyes has to make an image so vivid, never able to be erased. Some of the most horrible scenes ever to take place were during that time period, far too many, and much too savage to try to describe. IT MUST TAKE AN AWFUL COLD HEART AND WILLFUL BLINDNESS NOT TO SEE THE OVERWHELMING ATROCITIES THAT ROME AND HER COHORTS HAVE INFLICTED UPON THE HUMAN BEINGS OF THIS WORLD.

Huguenot Protestants in France united together and became a show of real strength, causing great concern for twenty-two year old king Charles IX and his dominate mother—Catherine de’ Medici—who actually was the real power behind the throne. Upon Catherine’s suggestion, a plan was put forth to get rid of the Protestant Huguenots once and for all. A royal wedding was arranged in Paris, France between Margaret of Valois, the sister of Charles IX, and Henry of Bourbon, Protestant nobleman; a deceptive gesture to bring religious unity and peace to France. Knowing that the royal event would bring many thousands of Protestants to Paris, plans were carefully laid for the date 24 August, 1572, at midnight, and at the ringing of the church bells, to become the time and signal to begin a massacre of all Protestants in the city.

The St. Bartholomew massacre, as it is known in history, began in Paris but then quickly spread to other provinces all over France, continuing for over a week. Without gory details, it was reported that close to 100 thousand Protestants were butchered unmercifully during those few days; the river Seine literally ran red with Protestant blood and could not carry away all the headless, mutilated, and putrefying corpses because it was so full. Upon Pope Gregory XIII hearing the news, (the same pope who had Bavarian mathematician Jesuit Clavius to devise the Gregorian calendar; the one we use today), he rejoiced, ordered a jubilee in celebration, and had a medal struck in commemoration of the glorious Catholic achievement.

In England, fourteen years before the St. Bartholomew massacre, Elizabeth, the younger sister of Mary, took the throne as Queen. With flint like determination, she set a course to rule England that favored Protestantism. Pope Pius V ruled:

“We declare the aforesaid Elizabeth to be a heretic and abettor heretics and We declare her and her supporters to have incurred the sentence of excommunication... We declare her to be deprived of her pretended claim to the aforesaid kingdom and of all lordship, dignity, and privilege whatsoever. Also, We declare that the lords, subjects, and peoples of said kingdom and all others who have sworn allegiance to her are perpetually absolved from any oath of fidelity and obedience. Consequently, We absolve them and We deprive the same Elizabeth of her pretended claim to the kingdom...And We command and forbid her lords, subjects, and peoples to obey her...We shall bind those who do the contrary with similar sentence of excommunication.”

So haughty are the claims of these degenerate men [that they] believe in their minds [that they are] the Pontifex Maximus—God’s representative on earth. As such, they believe they have unlimited power to depose every monarch, hand over country to foreign invasion, [and] deprive everyone of his possessions without legal process. Anyone offering help to one deposed—even basic human kindness— would be excommunicated. This peril stared Elizabeth straight in the face, as behind the scenes, the popes and his Jesuits encouraged civil disobedience. However, the popes, (and as incredible as it seems, in Elizabeth’s forty five year reign, she saw nine popes come and go), they all fully underestimated the patriotism of the English people, and the English Oak heart of their Queen.

A mighty fleet was prepared, with numerous war gun ships and large transports, 131 ships in all, carrying over 30,000 men, two-thirds of which were soldiers. The Spanish “Invincible Armada,” it was called, as it boasted its superior weapons and awesome numbers of strength. They were on a deadly mission, never doubting for an instant anything but success; with breeze filled white sails glistening in the sunlight that put in motion that day on 22 July, 1588, the spectacular and proud Armada glided out of Spanish Corunna harbor. Destination: England. Mission: invasion—to bring the English under Spanish control in full submission to the Holy Roman Catholic Church and to teach this upstart, usurper, illegitimate bastard, heretic of a queen, and all her heretic subjects with her, a lesson—ambitious mission indeed!

The English had advanced knowledge of the coming Armada, and so kept a close watch for it, with preparations made to give warning signals at the first sighting. Then, the “reality” was upon them, as all England became alive with the news that the mighty fleet was approaching, spotted by a patrol one hundred miles off the coast. The English Navy sprung into action, as it put out to sea to engage the enemy. “Catholic” Spain—the most powerful European nation of the time, against small “Protestant” England. The scope of what was at stake here was tremendous—the common man fighting for human rights, in protest of the aristocrat forcing him to be his slave.

As the Spanish Armada advanced up the English Channel, it formed a ‘crescent’ battle formation, with most of their gun ships on either end of the crescent and the transports in the center. The English Fleet met them with sixty gun ships that were smaller but more maneuverable, with heavier and longer range cannons, and seamen who were excellent gunners. To break up the Spanish formation, the English, under the cover of darkness, sent in several fireships filled with explosives, which sent the Spanish fleet into panic. From then on, the battle was in the English’s favor. The Spanish were out-maneuvered, out-gunned, and out-classed, driven on the run into the North Sea. Here the limping Spanish Fleet made a fatal decision to return home by the way going north of Scotland and around the west side of the British Islands and Ireland. Severe storms battered the already damaged and leaking remaining ships to pieces. The whole operation became a Spanish disaster, with nearly half of the ships lost and three-quarters of the men dead (From The Grand Design Exposed by John Daniel).

Final Comment: If the Spanish Armada would have been successful that day, it is very possible Protestantism would have been wiped off the planet. But, God sent a storm and destroyed the Devil’s plans. Nevertheless, the Devil is not finished!!! Without question, the Catholic Church has joined [AND IS!] the One World Beast system, which will unmercifully persecute and kill true Christians in the last days (See Revelation 20:4). This time, however, our Savior and King, Jesus Christ, will destroy the enemy: “And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone” (Revelation 19:20).

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