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Dear Beloved Brothers,

RE: The supply of Christian literature to our churchI have the strong urge and thirsty to write and apply for the Christian literature as per the REVOLUTION PUBLICATIONS. I read the tracts and made me be filled with the revolutionary spirit against Satan, our archenemy.

It increased in me the force of seeking the truth—the know-how that will make me escape the dead spiritual skeleton of the daughters of Babel. Most of the laymen Christians have been cornered by these harlot daughters and therefore millions can lose the Kingdom if they cannot get a timely rescue by the correct messengers of which you are.

To promote this revolutionary flag we need the supply of the knowledge of the Kingdom from our brothers who are more knowledgeable. Again we need to get those brothers who are daring soldiers to pull down the strong divisional systems of that woman of Babel—those brothers who are ready to shoulder all blames, attacks and afflictions for Christ’s sake without counting the cost.

We have found the character afore explained in the Royal Headquarters of the Global Spirit Army. Therefore we shall be gratefully awarded if we shall hear from you, urging us to start the ball rolling against that ancient serpent and destroyer of our brothers. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Yours in love of Christ,

Chrissy Mathew Wanyonyi

KENYA E.Africa



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