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Our Commission and Mission

Gen. James Green


Witness Against Islam

W E, AS BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS, have been commissioned by the Lord Jesus to “GO and MAKE disciples of ALL nations” (Mt. 28:19)…and one of the BIGGEST threats to this mission is Islam. This “BLOODY” RELIGION has its very own mandate—to make disciples of its political-judicial-cultural ideology (as defined by their Quran/hadiths as implemented under Islamic Sharia law).

Islam is an ENEMY to true Biblical Christianity; “Political Correctness” tells us otherwise. Millions of believers (and non-believers) have been MURDERED in the name of Islam. Despite this, Christians still stand up for and die for Jesus the risen Christ. We, kafirs/infidels—as we’re called by Muslims, MUST get more SERIOUS about our Commission and Mission—making them our Christian duty. Don’t settle for being a mere Churchite! NO! GO! This does not mean we always have to travel overseas, but get out, and about, and be a witness...not content to SIT! in your comfortable PIT! called church.


EXACTLY! This is what the militant Muslims use. Hey, we can terrorize them back you know—with teaching and preaching the Gospel. They NEED “REPENTANCE” and “FORGIVENESS OF SINS” as much as any group of people.

Why has the church grown so fearful, not engaging this wicked menace? Today’s church spends too much time, energy, and money on enlarging church membership (many never even repenting of their sins!!), enlarging buildings, and having lots and lots of FUN: while lost souls slip into eternal HELL. This is SIN!


HISTORICALLY, Muhammad spread his religion by the sword of steel; Christians, on the other hand, spread Christianity by the sword of the Spirit (sadly, the Roman Catholic church copied Islam as a means of spreading “their” brand of Christianity [which is not “pure”]). Islam teaches that when Islam is weak, submit to those mightier…until, thru immigration/population it has grown stronger…then rebel like Hell, overpowering host countries. We see this working today folks: WAKE UP!!

Imagined affronts to Islam are claimed all the time and redress demanded. This whole “Politically Correct” BULL helps Islam to get its way/further its cause. Sadly, the Westernized nations are falling for all this Islamic BULL. By the stupidity and fear of these dumbed-down Westerners (be they “Christian” or secular), Sharia law is made easier. Under this satan-inspired law, freedom of speech, religion, expression, and action of non-Muslims is rejected. There is NO GOLDEN RULE folks—there are Muslims and non-Muslims, period…superior and inferior, rights and no equal rights under pure Islam. There are Muslims and kafirs ONLY.

Islamic Community

WHILE NOT ALL Muslims adhere to their satanic-inspired laws, the militant ones takes up the slack. “No matter the temperament of individual Muslims, the Islamic community as a whole, the ‘ummah,’ drives the process of Islamization (codification of Islamic supremacy via Sharia law) in every country where Islam thrives.” This statement, by those who oppose Sharia law, is correct.

Get your heads out of the sand people! All across the world, VIOLENCE, MURDER, and political/religious UPHEAVAL are associated with increasing Muslim populations. America, as I write (Sept. 2014), is being Islamized, while Christianity is being denied left and right—by your prez Obama (who is a Muslim by birth).

Make the Right Choice


Islam is both theological and political in nature (as revealed in the Quran/Hadiths/Islamic Sharia law). Its main goal (and bloody ambition) is to bring the world into a state of SUBMISSION to Allah (the moon god of paganism). Despite what these cowardly and very ignorant “Christian” ministers tell us, Allah is not the same as the God of the Holy Bible (write for our many articles on this subject).

Islamic core tenets are in total conflict with Biblical Christianity (and with the US Constitution). Islam’s “supremacism” endorses the murder of innocents just because they are non-Muslims. Their unholy book is replete with verses that encourage/command killing (see our booklets). Their unholy book, thru words and deeds, encourages/commands insurrection and incites bloody violence.

Don’t be taken in by all this “Islam is a peaceful religion” bull! Pay attention to how they use (and get non-Muslims to use) taqiyya—sanctioned DECEIT, and Kitman—half-truths. These two are being used here in the US as I write. Muslims are permitted to LIE if it furthers the cause of Islam.

Armed/Covert Jihad

THIS IS ALL OVER the world presently. ISIS is the latest example of bloody (armed) jihad. Many times, those who oppose such action, support it by silence. Are you guilty of this? You actually encourage/support their jihad by “zipping the lip”—allowing treason, sedition, and subversive activities to have full reign. Don’t expect the US gov. to do what you, Christian, ought to do. Stand up for Jesus, and stand up for those who can’t stand up themselves.

While you silly churchites play dirty in church, mosques are breeding grounds/propaganda centers AGAINST Christianity. While you, cowardly/effeminate pastor, play church, militant Muslims are planning your execution! And don’t expect your gov. to help. They themselves are part of the New World Order (WHOSE INTENTION IS TO EXTERMINATE CHRISTIANITY). Serge Trifkovic has well said: “the refusal of the western elite class to protect their nations from jihadist infiltration is the BIGGEST BETRAYAL in history.” Muslim Brotherhood’s 1991 memorandum stated that their aim is to be dedicated to “A kind of GRAND JIHAD in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands…so that Allah’s religion is made victorious over ALL other religions.” This, my dear Americans, is NO empty goal/threat!So…

IT’S TIME TO GET OFF your lazy behinds and get to the frontlines…there is a WAR ON!!! Islam is NOT a religion of PEACE: Islam is a totalitarian political doctrine wrapped in a religious garb. The essence of Islamic Sharia law is the DENIAL of basic human rights.

To sum it all up, the trilogy says the kafir (non-Muslim) is: ignorant, blind, arrogant, evil, a liar, disgraced, satanic, doomed, detested, unclean, and cursed; therefore, they can be mocked, tortured, murdered (beheading is their favorite!!), plotted against, terrorized, cheated, insulted, enslaved, raped (both male/female), subjugated, and humiliated; lastly, the dhimmi kafir must feel himself SUBDUED.

Well, I send all curses back to the senders. I stand for Christ, I stand in Christ, and I stand up for Christ. Islam is a religions of HATE and BLOODSHED.

I encourage all Muslims to RENOUNCE THIS ANTI-CHRIST, UNGODLY RELIGION and find forgiveness in Jesus Christ ALONE. Islam may be “religious,” but it certainly IS NOT righteous. Therefore, REPENT and BELIEVE the Gospel. Become a soul-winner for the King of kings…take part in our future eternal life. Amen.

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