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                                                                        From: Evangelist Cyprien KPADONU

                                                                        IBARA ABEOKUTA

                                                                        OGUN STATE NIGERIA, WEST-AFRICA

                                                                        Friday 8th September 2006.

Subject: Report August 2006

Dear Ministers of God, General J. Green & D. Green

            Report & Testimonies on your materials J. Green

    Calvary greeting to every one of you. We received your materials sent in June 2006. First of all I thank you for that wonderful parcel which has arrived quite safely. The audio and Video Tapes have been playing in schools, Churches, Villages, Homes, Markets, Hotels including the distributing of your booklets and Tracts. And God is doing wonderful things on our side and your materials are lifting up our Evangelism Ministry in West-Africa. They are blessing every one of us and changing people lives. Due to effort operating on the period of June to August 2006, 255 new souls accepted Christ and some Miracles and Testimonies took place.

Even we went to a place around 7: 30pm at Klowkammey area of Republic of Benin to gather people for the video show on 6th August 2006, as the show started to reveal what was on your tapes, we interpreted to them from English to their local language “Adja” which made them happy. The message, the prayer & Testimonies of General J. Green touched their lives and minds and 43 souls accepted Christ that day.

     The second miracle operated on the same day of the video tape show programmed. A pregnancy women, Mrs. Victorine Agbossou, who was about to deliver a baby attended the program. The next minute the screen showed General Deborah Green who began praying. I told the crowd to follow the instruction of the prayer. Praise God, the woman gave birth to a baby girl safely without complain. The baby girl parents named her “Deborah Green”! Through those miracles of 6/8/06 six new souls joined Jesus’ family again. And every day we are receiving many letters from Christian organizations and church leaders in Republic of Benin and Ogun State of Nigeria who wish us to come to their churches and locations to play your Video tapes for them. Below is an example of one letter from Sister Lovinah N. Lybious.

Sister Lovinah N. LYBIOUS

Youth Christian Leader C/O:



Dear Sir Evangelist Cyprien KPADONOU

I bless the Name of the Lord for what God is using your Ministry to do, particularly in the area of Generals J. Green & D. Green tapes ministry. I have benefitted so well through the tapes. Therefore, I am requesting that the tapes can be shown to our youth or people in our church at least 6times in the month. This I believe will go a long way at reaching the people and sharing the love of Christ. I would love it, Evangelist Cyprien KPADONOU if you can avail yourself in this Divine Mission.

            Thanks and God bless

            Sister Lovinah N. LYBIOUS

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