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Dream Turns Nightmare!

Gen. James Green


Dreams and Dreamers

F OR EACH NEW stage of life, crucial dreams are born. The sixties were such. Daydreams and daydreaming became a way of life, especially if one lived in the "golden state" called California (which is where I lived when the "revolution" got underway). I was "employed" in Uncle Sam's military for a few years, so I couldn't LET GO all the way to be a California dreamer—but in time I did.

Images, obsessions, and romances; all had different flavors, colors, expectations and different phases. Drugs, booze, trips, visions, some more complex, diversified, mystified. There were heroisms and villainies; there were catastrophes and triumphs; ugly and beautiful landscapes, props and backdrops; celebrations, sentimentalities, cruelties and ironies. There was the Viet Nam War—-America's BIG BUMMER (which was a mere number). There were protests and protesters…MAD and GLAD! As one person put it, "it's ever-changing, never-changing rituals."

Behind-the-scene FLOWER Power Play

The force behind the REVOLUTION was MUSIC. It was the driving force. Electronic or otherwise. All was thrown together in a type of anarchic marriage of sort (although traditional marriage was denounced by the revolutionaries themselves).

Within this 60s Revolution, two beings coexisted intertwined, but were incompatible: good and evil. The "flower power" and the "eternally mistrustful." NO matter! Music madness created both love and hate…battalions of converts surged to California. Haight and Ashbury became a "freak mecca" where young and old grooved together…died together. BAD DRUGS, BAD TRIPS, DREAMS TURNED NIGHTMARES!! I saw them growl on their knees for a fix, a joint, a drink, a sandwich.

Satanic Halos

The storm grew nasty with the war in Asia and the war in American cities. The culture and counter-culture clashed. Niceties hardly mattered in all this. The accumulation of RAGE turned into violent protest. The Weatherman Underground became America's terrorists— bombing and more bombing as the music played on. Out poured torrents of pent-up RAGE, INSANITY, MALICE, grotesquerie. "Flower

Power" had turned into "Hell Fire." Now the rebel had a cause—destroy capitalist America or die trying.

The golden, the young, the beautiful people forever faded into the technicolor sunset. Teen dreams were doomed. Anti-America revolution grew intense. So did the war in Asia. Thousands were being sent home in a box…DEAD. Tens of thousands wounded, not in body only, but in psyche and in spirit.

More rock bands joined in the revolution. Itinerant minstrels roamed the country throwing gas on the FIRE that appeared to be OUT OF CONTROL! The spirit of "crusade" was catching like a nasty disease without a cure. There were combatants in the Red Army…combating tyrannies, righting America's wrongs, and heaping scorn upon the hypocrisies, upon the ungodliness…until "peace" and "love" prevailed—rushing pell-mell to every protest, sit-in, be-in, rock concert to get refueled.

Some of these 60s Revolutionaries became messianic, wholly holy, sacred, whose every word was scripture, or so they and their fellow comrades thought. They became the poets and actors in action, sitting in judgment like Moses—like Jesus.

America was no longer in adolescence; she had transcended into a transmogrifying crucial. America scandalized and slandered, but still had enough police to knock heads and kick butts when necessary; and she fought back.

War Machines

The "movement" grew both idiosyncratic and fragmented. Not all freaks and rebels agreed on strategy and tactic in the revolution. Inevitably, there came a point at which the revolution and revolutionaries had grown too big, and too self-confident. Internal rivalry caused the overall revolution to break apart into warring factions. Some wanted to remain parsimonious (hippies), other avaricious. In fact, the whole USA was in a skewed condition, even within the anti-counter culture camp. The overweening and the pachyderm fought over strategy and tactic to win the war.

I would describe the 1960s as chaos: sometimes hopeless and sometimes splendid confusion. I know— I was part of it. As one observer once wrote (1973), "Every few months, one would see a brand new villain, more anarchic, more satanic, and more hideous than any of his predecessors." He, of course, was speaking of Rock N Roll Bands…the music behind the madness.

For sure, there were the sincere pagans who wanted nothing but peace to be restored to America. There were the Christians who were praying for the same thing. There was THE MAN (U.S. Gov.) who was cracking heads, putting thousands in jail (some in prison). But, this in no way slowed down or stop the RAGE. Perversion (free love, homosexuality etc.) debauchery, rape, arson, murder, and criminal insanities of all kinds flourished; along with hopeless drug-addiction. The drug dealers became rich (if they were not BUSTED!). The bands became profitable (some like the Grateful Dead did free concerts. But they were not hurting for $$ either).

Evanescent Agenda

The 1960s passed into the 1970s. The apocalypse seemed near…and the magazines and movies took this revolution onward into another decade. Shrewd and calculating, they helped guide it all. The clothing industry produced clothing fit for the revolution too.

Some think that the revolution stagnated into inertia. There were times when neither side knew just what to do, but things did not really cool down till 1975 when America pulled out of Nam. But the self-immolators rose to the occasion when needed; the saintly and the satanic fought on…even though death and destruction was the outcome.

There were some that "raised Hell" just for the HELL of it. They had no vision. I knew some who, as one writer said, "spread plague and consternation wherever they passed" (referring to Zappo's Mothers of Invention, whom I thought were too stoned!).

Many during these days of upheaval sought inner-peace/consciousness. The Jesus movement appeared on the scene. THANK GOD, WE, IN 1971, FOUND JESUS (OR DID HE FIND US??).

New Agendums

By the time the U.S. pulled out of "Nam," much of the inner propulsion was gone—the revolutionary spirit. Sure, the Rock bands performed, not for cause, but for $$, and $$ became their god.

The cause gone, the performers and the audiences did not connect as before. Old "war" songs did not arouse the crusade spirit. Exhaustion and fatigue were obvious. That's reasonable. America had underwent a real revolution. Sins were committed, and sinners needed to REPENT. THE MOMENT WAS PAST. Fads faded, classifications quietly went their own way. Private and personal visions/obsessions were not talked about or sang about. Stars had died, the war had ended, and new movements were forming up (Women's Lib/homosexual rights etc.).

And Now…

Here we are, years down the road. America has a lot of blood on its hands. That is for sure. Sins unconfessed are mountains high. It is time for America to come clean. IF YOU ARE CHRISTIAN, PLEASE PRAY FOR THOSE WHO ARE STILL LOST IN SIN. Someone prayed for me way back then. Let us pray that God will have mercy, and not wrath.

Today's radical (communist/socialist/Islamic/Pink Perversion) politics are deeply rooted and grounded in the social rebellion of the 1960s. Factually, the overwhelming majority of Americans of the 1960s were conservative. I believe it is still so in a way. It is the left-wing media that projects that America is in "love" with socialism/communism/Islamic (bloody) religion/Pink perverts! Socialist agitators who hold positions in the U.S. Gov. Universities/colleges, big bankers, those who occupy positions in secret societies etc. work overtime to destroy this nation's Christian roots.

America is seeing the rise of Authoritarian Government whereby "freedom" will become a legend—if God's people do not stand in the gap and PRAY!

Unless God intervenes, this nation will systematically, lawfully, and satanically be destroyed…the USA will become irrelevant. The ensuing years will become "Hell on earth" if the Christians do not get involved in Repentance Revolution. We may end up having churches converted into "re-education" camps. This transformation of millions into dependent dupes for the Authoritarian Gov., all because this nation FORGOT GOD!

Liberal idealists back in the 1960s (radical students on campus) were presented as heroic romantics (in their own sight). The New Left—political commies—motivated by rock music, drugs, and power, were called “Red diaper babies" by the status quo. Hoffman, Rubin, Dohrn, Aptheker, Boudin, Rudd, Hayden—these were key figures in the early Revolution.

We've all heard of Bill Ayers (and wife Bernadine Dohrn), former weatherman terrorist who, to this day, defiantly stands of the New Left. Him and your current prez, Obama, are friends (but he has called Obama a LIAR lately!).

Right Movement

On the other hand, there was David Horowitz, son of staunch commies. David was editor of the radical left magazine on campus. Through time, this campus left-wing radical underwent a transformation—he switched sides. His writings are now right-wing. He became disgruntled by the criminality of The Black Panthers (radical communists in the "Black Movement"). One may want to look this repentant, former commie up and read some of his writings ("Radical Son" is his autobiography).

Another radical (now dead), a member of the Chicago Seven, Jerry Rubin, gave up his jeremiads against "the man" and became a Wall Street capitalist (pig)!

So, "change" can happen. We need to pray for those erring sheep who have become enemies of God, and friends of the world. We need to pray for their REPENTANCE and RETURN to the fold of God. We need to pray for the plain ol’ LOST souls who have no vision, no direction, no salvation…only DAMNATION.

You college "Christians" need to stand up for Jesus Christ as the Bible instructs. It is a shame that radical Muslims, homosexuals (GLBTQ), socialists, atheists etc. rule, while you play the fool. Why not stand strong for Christ? The students for a Democratic Society (SDS) back in the 1960s/70s were radicals who openly supported Ho Chi Minh, Marx, Lenin, Castro, Stalin, Engels, Mao etc. You are a bunch of sissies for sure.

The Beatles, who sang in their Revolution song, "But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow," who ridiculed the Progressive Labor members for not compromising in order to recruit new members.

After the "war" ended, SDS kinda lost its way/its sway. After disappearing for nearly 40 years, in 2006, it tried to make a come-back. But, with most Americans sucking after the "good life," the old commie nations (like Vietnam/China) adapted a kind of capitalism—the very "enemy" that inspired the zeal to kill in the 1960s.

Apotheosis Worth Living For:

Well, with the soft life that has engulfed America, reforging anti-gov. radicals was proven to be harder done than said. The same goes for radical Christians who will "fight the good fight of faith” (1 Timothy 6:12); who will "…endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ" (2 Tim. 2:3); who will, "…earnestly contend for the (Christian) faith which was once delivered unto the saints" (Jude 3).

The Weatherman Underground took its commitment to a violent extreme. Ayers, now professor of education, shouted "Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents!" We don't engage in physical violence, but we do engage in Spiritual Warfare. We want to SAVE, not KILL!! THERE NEEDS TO BE A CHRISTIAN KIND OF ULTRA-RADICAL WEATHERMAN. BUT, THIS IS HARDER DONE THAN SAID, TOO.

Partners in Crime

It is a well-known fact that Ayers and Dohrn (they are married) were Barack Obama fund-raisers when "O" ran for Illinois state Senate in 1995. Ayers and "O" served together as board members of the (left-wing) Woods Hole Foundation. That is not all. "O" served as board chairman of Chicago Annenberg Challenges (a radical education foundation, founded by Ayers). After "O" became prez of fallen USA, "O"/Ayers were considered "family friends" (Tony Blankley, "American Grit,” Wash. D.C., 2009).

So much for "O" being "Christian!!" (One might want to read "Tenured Radicals: How Politics Corrupted Our Higher Education" by Roger Kimball, 1990). Now America's Universities/colleges are FULL of left-wing intellectuals who believe in and teach Marxist deconstructionist bull. They use their platform to indoctrinate generations of misguided students in HATEFUL and DAMNABLE ideologies (worshiping Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, John Lennon, and now Queen Obama-bisexual, Islamic-loving, commie).


The 1960s was a decade of decadence; the 1970s was a decade of destiny. After all the smoke cleared, America accelerated its social, economic, and political decline…plunging down, down, down. Here we are, 2013. I can truly say, "I witnessed the death of a nation." The US, as we all once knew it, has passed away. We don't need diagnosticians to tell us any longer that America is in her terminal stages (which really started in the 1950s).

Socialist, regulatory agencies of the government spying on every soul, has become a "normal" and "accepted" way of life. HUMANISM RULES!! The spirit of lawlessness is all around us. The government has complete control (without the consent of "We the People"). All "O" has to do is give the word and ZAP!

Proverbs 14:34 rings so true today: "Righteousness exalteth a nation but SIN is a reproach to any people." The source, dear ones, of national/spiritual weakness is always basically character weakness and the inability to self-rule. Both Church and State are a pitiful mess. Look at your prez, "O," totally emasculated. Look at America's pastor—baby-boy Joel Osteen—totally effeminate, like "O." Where have all the men (not "males") gone?

Again, Prov. 29:2 states: "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice." Proverbs continues with, "but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn." Does this reflect our current state of affairs? YES!


Warning of Alarm

If America does not REPENT, "turn around" (Gk. metanoeo) and "turn to Christ" (through Him; see John 14:16; Acts 8:22; 26:18; 1 Peter 2:25), America will receive God's full WRATH.

Repentance, dear ones, involves a change of lords—from the lordship of Satan (Eph. 2:2) to the Lordship of Jesus Christ the Lord and His Word (Acts 26:18).

All that has transpired over the last 50 years needs repenting of. Repentance is a free decision on the part of the sinner, made possible by the enabling grace given to him/her as they hear the call to REPENT and believe the Gospel.

Talk about "radicalism"; here it is—a radical break with sin by and through faith in Jesus the Christ! TO HELL with Socialism/Communism/Humanism!

Check this out if you please: "The wicked shall be turned into Hell, and ALL the nations that forget God" (Ps. 9:17).

Treating the symptoms, which is a common practice, will not cure the patient. The disease must be treated. America's disease is a BACKSLID HEART. The ONLY cure and remedy is found in God's Word: REPENTANCE!!



Aren't you tired of being a "Useful Idiot Extraordinaire?" Haven't you grown tired of all the mythologizing "America the Great"? Aren't you sick of Obama's photo, his really empty speeches, his many vacations? Aren't you really sick of all this "Political Correctness" CRAP: ultimate radical chic fashion, Obama's face emblazoned on t-shirts, hats, stickers? This is what the 60s radicals did to commie Che Guevara, the radical who organized Cuba's labor camp (prisons) and personally EXECUTED enemies of the revolution. Will "O" do this? Don't discount what your Christ-hating prez will do.

Actually, "O" is worse than Guevara. He counts communism, fascism, militant Islam and Pink Terrorism. He has the perfect profile of an advanced leftist icon: that of a PSYCHO-PATH. Not only this, he counts the Hollywood lunatic fringe crowd who would do just about anything that degrades God and Christianity. Why wait till we have to rebuild America out of the ashes? It does not need to go this far—if we all join in on the Repentance Revolution (ad hoc). America's future depends on what we do, NOW.

America can go from "Big Brother" welfare state to "Big Brother" warfare state: the government declaring WAR on the masses, stopping the flow of tranquilizers, locking up the populace, and starving them to death.

A people void of godly absolutes will not take the challenge to right the wrongs. Currently, the masses don't wish to think—they prefer to let uncle think for them. And so, here we are, sheeple, with an "I don't give a damn about the people!" shepherd—Big "O."

It’s either one joins the New World Order, a new SOCIAL structure for the last days, or gets in the New ReBorn Order, headed up by the Holy Spirit of God. We either are going to serve god or God.

Mass Dupes

Let me not go on and on here. My point in all this is this: AMERICA HAS A HUGE MOUNTAIN OF SIN THAT NEEDS TO BE DEALT WITH. This nation cannot afford to avoid this great problem—God isn't going to. Either this nation does business with God, NOW!, or God will continue to execute His Wrath-Fury-Indignation against her.

We don't need to hear anymore speeches/ lectures/sermons from professional "experts" who provide public analysis of current trends that propose new solutions to America's pollutions. As usual, these "solutions" cost the tax payers more $$$ and nothing gets settled. All this SYMPTOM-TREATING, while avoiding the CAUSE, is useless. The CAUSE is REBELLION and PRIDE. Humanism has replaced Biblical principles. It was because of the Bible that America became great; not because of Socialism/Communism/Homosexuality/Islam /Humanism etc.

Amend Yourselves

Only God's Word/His Spirit working in, and through the minds and hearts of the people will get us back into favor with God Almighty, and the Lord Jesus Christ. REPENT! America must humble herself, pray, seek God's WAY, TURN from her wicked WAYS (see 2 Chron. 7:14).

This nation needs real men and women of God. Enough of these snakes/flakes/fakes called "ministers." The church has gone on the defensive (many have not even done this). It is time to go on the offensive. We need to do some serious repenting for falling asleep on guard duty, for playing and not praying. The church must stop trying to be like the world. This ACTION must be taken immediately before America gets put underground. America stands at the very threshold of God's SEVERE judgment, only genuine repentance will save this nation.

WE NEED God's healing!

WE NEED God's Theocracy!

WE NEED God's commands/laws!

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