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October 22, 2009, Palm Coast, FL, USA -The Evidence Ministry, Inc., an organization leading lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender (LGBT) and questioning persons to true change and deliverance from homosexuality through Christ, today condemned GLAAD's, (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation's) attack on concerned American citizens.

"Gay activists are painting themselves as victims while our nation's school children are being assaulted," said Charlene E. Cothran, founder, former lesbian activist and former publisher of VENUS Magazine. "Parents and citizens have every right to express concern about the appointment of Kevin Jennings as assistant deputy secretary for the Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools."

"As a former supporter of Jennings' work, I agree that he is a committed public servant; but committed to what? Kevin Jennings has NOT worked to make schools safer for all students. He has worked to make schools safer for gay students, at the cost of all students. The result of Jennings' body of work is that any student who does not completely embrace gay culture is himself condemned by liberal classmates and teachers," Cothran adds.

"I support that no one should be subjected to anti-gay witch-hunts but that is NOT what is happening here as concerned American citizens raise questions about Jennings's appointment and how his anti-Christian views affect the quality of their children's education.

"It is deplorable that GLAAD would suggest that Christian activists would have Kevin Jennings fired from his job simply because he is gay. Jennings is WRONG for the job because it is WRONG to introduce and fund programs to normalize homosexuality in the school system as such programs are not only designed to support gay students but are clearly aimed at having impressionable youth to question heterosexuality as an absolute norm. The result of Jennings' work is not merely a change in student attitudes toward accepting homosexuals, but a dramatic increase in school-aged children experimenting with homosexual activity," Cothran said.

"No one is born gay. Homosexuality is a choice. It is a spiritual issue. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender and questioning people decide every day to leave their former lives behind. Countless former gays & lesbians have walked away and NEVER looked back. Change is not only possible, it is a beautiful reality for many of us who have made Jesus Christ Savior AND Lord," Cothran said.

About The Evidence Ministry, Inc.
The Evidence Ministry, Inc. is a global teaching ministry dedicated to assisting those who desire to leave a life of homosexuality through a committed relationship with Jesus Christ. For more information please visit http://theevidenceministry.org.


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