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—General James Green—

THE ABOVE TRI-UNITY has been in the earth ever since Cain SLEW Abel (see Gen. 4:8). In one of our recent magazines, “Evil and War,” I try to cover the morality of war.


    The Promise

     ISAIAH 2:4 AND MICAH 4:3 declares that WAR would cease with the new dispensation of Christ…but EVIL and WAR are still with us. We all await such a “world peace,” which has such a supreme and crucial relevance. Isaiah and Micah both wrote of a united world, a TRUE league of nations/united nations made ONE, not by mere men’s treaties, but by a COMMON FAITH.

Friends, this “promise” will never be realized/experienced, until the sovereignty of the Almighty God is acknowledged!!...where men/women no longer pay lip service to it, but are prepared to organize life in keeping with it—that is the only way that the whole face of the world will be CHANGED. Are you ready for change?

Note in v. 3 that, “Many people shall go and say, ‘come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and He will teach us of His ways, and we will walk in His paths…’” The “many peoples” are of course the many nationalities of the world (see also Isa. 42:1-4), the real point of contact is with the promise of the people’s response to Hebrew prophecy (torah=”teaching”) as a missionary message to all humankind.

BUT, dear ones, to realize this great promise, we must “walk in His paths,” something today’s world is not doing! This familiar Biblical idiom (“the Way” in Acts 9:2) connotes both a Christian belief and the moral behavior according with that belief. In other words, “WALK THE TALK.” The pictorial idea here, no doubt, has two paths/ways in mind; one that leads to the true place of worship; the other leading to the temples of strange/queer gods (Ex. 32:8). I dare say that MOST, and I do mean MOST calling themselves “Christian” are on the second path…leading to religious Babylon Whorehouses (e.g. modern churches) or to secular/political whorehouses.


The Bible

THE BIBLE NOWHERE DECLARES WAR intrinsically immoral. There are dozens and dozens of Scriptures where God approves it (for starters: Ex. 17:11; Num. 21:3; Deut. 7:1; Judg. 3:1-4; 1 Kings 15:2). In Judges 4:6, 7 we find God commanding WAR…even working miracles to ensure victory for Israel (Gen. 14:19; Jos. 10:11-14; Judg. 4:15 and Mach. 10:29).

After all God is the “God of Armies” in Isa. 3:1; 5:7; Amos 5:14. In our two “Wrath of God” magazines I point out that He uses/sends war as a punishment for men’s sins (see Lev. 26:24; Deut. 28:40; Jos 17:13; Jer. 5:14).


His Chief Commandment

THERE IS NO DOUBT that God’s chief commandment was/is “love of God” and “love of neighbor.” Again, today’s world fails at this. Nevertheless, if this was done there would be NO WAR!

Some ask about Luke 3:14: “And the soldiers likewise demanded of him, saying, And what shall we do? And he said unto them, Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages.” Here the Baptist is not condemning military service but merely giving sound advice to the enlisted soldiers of his day. Even Jesus praised the faith of the Roman centurion in Matt. 8:10. War and soldiering were part of fallen humanity, this is why Christ does not ask the Centurion to abandon his profession as immoral. Some question 1Chron. 28:3 as God’s disapproval of war, but out of context. This text merely speaks of David’s punishment for the murder (“thou shall not kill (or murder)”) of Uriah in 2 Sam. 11:17. There is a line drawn between actual “war-killing” and “personal-murder.” But, let’s face the truth here, much of what is called WAR boils down to MURDER…and I would say that the USA is NECK DEEP IN IT. The whole (1990s) Gulf War was a call to MURDER; the whole 9-11 (2001) was a false flag, thus, MURDER for political reasons. You who participated in those “murder campaigns” need to REPENT (even though you were tricked by the “God and country” BULL!!).


Matthew 5:39?

“BUT I SAY UNTO YOU, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

This particular saying involves not War, but a counsel of perfection addressed to the individual (by Christ). While St. Paul forbids private vengeance as a sin, it was Christ who rebuked Peter for an imprudent act of violence (Matt. 26:51-53).


Church Fathers?

TERTULLIAN AND ORIGEN, especially, did not condemn war as immoral. However, they did object to Christians serving in pagan armies. You ought to consider this also. To say that any branch of the US military is “Christian,” is to DECEIVE YOURSELF. All the more reason to refuse to “sign up” is the United States’ acceptance of the GLBTQ and the acceptance of bestiality (not to mention the heterosexual sex-sins, drinking, gambling, cursing, murdering!!!)

While we must not close our eyes to the fact that war is one of the greatest evils that can confront any nation (because of its brutality in the sight of God), war is part of the lostness of humanity. I personally don’t have all the answers for this subject. There are times when war must be waged—let’s hope we’re on the right side! There are a lot of ungodly things done in war time, but, there are plenty done in peace times too. Fallen humanity is just that—FALLEN.

There are many things that keep wars going—greed, power, pride, hatred, etc. The false assumption is that militants, who hold that wars are inevitable, keep the fires burning. Why not wage PEACE??


Back to Jesus—

“YE HAVE HEARD that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment.”

Here, Jesus reminds His hearers of what the OT says, “Thou shalt not kill,” which was the command of Ex. 20:13; Deut. 5:17; etc. The following phrase sums up the OT laws: “Whoever kills shall be liable (RSV) to judgment, i.e., conviction and punishment.” Following this, Jesus institutes the new law on murder (murder can be done in military service as well as private life). Note that this new law includes the words “brother” and “every one” (Matt. 5:22, RSV). His law has universal sway, and “every man” is a brother-man under God’s Fatherhood. Some scholars call this warning rhetorical, but we must not dilute its astringent passion for life.

Note also that the Bible distinguishes between human anger, and righteous indignation. Human anger leads to murder too often. But Jesus goes deeper than physical murder: HE TARGETS ANGER JUST AS MURDEROUS IN ITSELF. Actually, what Jesus did was confront the demonic / satanic in human nature.

The “without a cause” (KJV) is not found in some of the best manuscripts and earliest fathers. Scholars point out that it is a gloss which seriously weakens Jesus’ teaching. Under Jewish law, how could an angry man be liable to judgment? and, can Jesus mean that the courts should punish anger? I THINK HE HAD DIVINE JUDGMENT IN MIND. There was a common rabbi saying in the first-century: “He who hates his neighbor, behold he is one who belongs to the shedders of blood.” Put pretty well.

Jesus believed that murder was wrong, and He also believed that to hate, be bitter, towards another, was a kind of spiritual murder. There is, according to Scripture, a righteous indignation, “Be angry and sin not” (Eph. 4:26). Following upon this we read, “let not the sun go down upon your wrath.” Following upon that we read, “Neither give place to the devil” (v. 27).

“Do not let the sun go down on your wrath” (KJV), “anger” (RSV). This is a Pythagorean saying; and it gives the writers interpretation of the enigmatic injunction of Ps. 4:5: “Be angry but do not sin.” This is the LXX (Gk. OT) rendering of the texts. The Targum, according to Prof. F.W. Beare and Prof. T.O. Wedel (TIB), interprets it as meaning, “Tremble [before God] and you will not fall into sin” (so KJV= “stand in awe, and sin not”).

Hebrew scholars say that the Hebrew lends itself to either interpretation, and the rabbinical commentators generally give it the sense which we find here. The perfect advice is to RID OURSELVES OF ALL ANGER/HATE before it takes root. We must be careful not to nurse our anger. This may be hard, at times, to do. We must distinguish between what is godly anger and what is human/devilish anger.

Anger and hate are obvious social faults (sins) which have and will continue to cause one Hell of a destruction on earth. Nations have one remedy for such things—go to WAR and KILL!!

Again, in v. 31, we run across anger along with bitterness, wrath, clamor, and evil speaking, and also malice—all fruits of the flesh.

This Christian (ethical) ideal is not alone. One can read classic literary deposits of the ages and one can find such ethical ideals—all denouncing anger / wrath etc.

The “why” of morality is the important question. Revelation of the “love of God” is the WHY of Christian morality. It should be the fruit of a divine gift and not the product of man’s attempt to rival the Deity. Without God’s Holy Spirit given at our new birth (see Jn. 3), one cannot really love the way God loves (see v. 32). Outward virtues are good, but can never be higher than the inward holiness of a reborn heart.



THIS VIRTUE IS OPPOSITE of hate: “as God in Christ forgave you.” This is the mighty act of the cross. This one single fact, apprehended in repentance, can, and does, outweigh a 1,000 textbooks on virtues or ideals. It can, and does, evoke the ethics of forgiveness, of which all philosophers dream of.

There is undoubtedly a “love of neighbor” which can spring from a unregenerated heart, but, falls short of agapao (Gk. ἀγαπάω) and the corresponding noun agape. These two Gk. words (for love) describe the attitude of the Father toward His Son (Jn. 17:26); the human race generally (Jn. 3:16; Rom. 5:8); and to such as believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, particularly (Jn. 14:21). God’s “love” is seen in the gift of His Son (1 Jn. 4:9, 10). This “love” was and is an exercise of the Divine will in deliberate choice, made without assignable cause save that which lies in the nature of the Father (God) Himself. If one cares to delve into all the Greek words (nouns and verbs), one will discover that philanthropia (φιλανθρωπία) is not agape (ἀγάπη). Philanthropia denotes, literally, “love for man” (phileo, “love,” and anthropos, “man”); hence, “kindness.”

Then we have the adverb philanthropos: “humanly, kindly.” So, one can “love humanly” without being a Christian. We might say it is a pagan virtue, but it will never be on equal grounds with agape (which only the Spirit of God can produce). Only, and I do mean ONLY in the experience of “sinner forgiven” does the Christian’s agape ever fully appear — in himself, and for others.


So Far…

WE’VE LEARNED that murder (killing) does not only mean destroying life physically; it means to destroy the spirit and the soul also.

Even in “wordy warfare” (like “resist not evil” spoken by Jesus), the spirit of murder can occur. This text (Matt. 5:39) has produced much heat and hateful disputation. Sheer pacifism has generated much of this wordy warfare (I have books on this text) which has led, too often, into the very murderous spirit that it was refuting.

First, Jesus is not speaking against the administration of proper justice toward those who are evil (see Rom. 13:1-4). The following vss. 43-48, indicate that He is referring to loving one’s enemies (v. 44; Lk. 6:27). He is telling us not to react to the wrong done toward us in a spirit of hate, but in a way that shows we have values that are Christ-centered. This, of course, is easier said than done. We might compare the following examples: Gen. 13:1-13 with 14:14, and Gen. 50:19-21 with 37:18-28; see also 1 Sam. 24 and 26; Lk. 23:34; Acts 7:60.

Evil, Tolstoy maintained, is not to be resisted. He said that to have soldiers, police, even magistrates, was unchristian. That is taking Jesus’ words too far. Think of a world where we took that statement, “resist not evil,” literally! NO punishment, at all, for any crime! Law and order still applies to the nations of the world. The law exposes evil and keeps it within bounds; and it is God Himself who has ordained all this and He expects the powers that be to ENFORCE IT.

While I admire Tolstoy (I have read his writings), he was off balance—at the end of his life he faced the utter uselessness of it all.

Although much of what Jesus said applied to the Jews (non-Christians), His teachings were also aimed at the behavior of the people-to-come, the Christians.


Resist Revenge!

I WOULD SAY that “RESIST REVENGE” is at the heart of Jesus’ teaching here. And we ALL love to get revenge. The spirit of retaliation, the spirit of self-defense, are characteristic of the natural man. Jesus is pointing out the hidden enemy—SELF!!

This force has a terrible, ugly, murderous legacy that has come down from the fall of man—man wanting to be God, or higher still,…and SELF will protect SELF even if it comes to murder/killing.

So, “do not resist evil” through violent means. The RSV makes it clear: “Do not resist one who is evil,” not EVIL in the abstract (KJV). This saying is an illustration of how we should act, not a rule to be interpreted legally. In plain English, the mere fact that wrong has been done a man does not give him license to do wrong. If so, what is accomplished? We must remember that the servant of God in Isa. 50:6 suffered similar ignominy. How far the principle can be applied to groups/nations, and especially to political life, is constantly debated. I have many books on this debate.

The setting in which Jesus taught the new law, the world, was under the law of retaliation—the wrong-doer should “get as good as he / she gave.”

For sure our human “self” recoils at Jesus’ new law. In fact, everything around flatly contradicts it. BUT REMEMBER—JESUS WAS (AND IS) A REVOLUTIONARY. Amen.

It’s Time For...



Nov. 19, 2013

I speak unto thee this day and I say that I the Living God never called thee to be subject to pride, to be subject to arrogance, to be subject to self pity but I say that I have called thee to be subject to me. I say it is me the Living God who is meant to bear rule over thee, and not the vile spirits of those things I have named.

I say when you give way to any factor, that is indeed demonic, you are giving way to lies. I say you are giving way to cruelty that will indeed destroy your soul. Now I say this day that I the Living God have called my people to walk in humility before me, each and every day. But I say you are living in a time when multitudes of those who have claimed that they are my people are not humbling themselves unto me. That is, they are walking according to the their own religious imagination and loving it so. I say they indeed are having fellowship with the world rather than fellowship with me.

I say they have refused the life of consecration, dedication and separation unto me, to take up the way of fools. Then I say they wonder why the whole land is in darkness, I say that it is because they have invited it in. That is, they have refused to bear the light, to proclaim the life of who I am, and walk in the same day by day. But I say instead they have followed their own crafty religious invention while all the time they have eaten of the world.

Now I say this day that I the Living God do not call thee to eat of the world, to live in the transgression, the vileness, the corruption of the same. I say that I do not call thee to keep company with those who are harlots, who are ever giving themselves to every vile and wicked thing. I say there are multitudes in this generation they claim they are my people yet I say that their lives do not reflect the same. I say they are full of the lust, the love of worldliness, and I say they pursue the course of their own damnation.

But I say in this wicked, perverse, and vile generation that it is me the Living God who will indeed hear the cries of the righteous, if they will but repent for the sins of my people. That is, if the ones who are mine will be repenting it is me the Living God who will lend the ear unto them. That is the ones I am qualifying as mine are the ones who walk uprightly. I say that the troop of harlots who live in disorder, and disarray, and discontent towards me, I say that I do not hear them when they cry.

But I say that the ones who will live in consecration, dedication, and separation unto me, I say that I will hear them when they cry out unto me. Now I say this day that I the Living God do not call thee to live, to die, to perish as a fool, because you are estranged from me. But I say that I call thee to walk uprightly, coming forth in the truth, the light, the strength that I provide, ever made glad for my way. For I say when it is me that you will be looking unto, when it is me that you will be believing and trusting in, you are brought forth by me. I say that you will be given the blessedness, the truth, and the light upon the path.

Therefore I say this day be thankful that I the Living God will indeed give thee the opportunity to cry out in repentance, to cry out for the restoration of righteousness, for my light to be restored. I say if the ones who are truly mine will earnestly be repenting, I say that others will be drawn into the same. For I say it is the time for repentance revolution, that is to repent of the wickedness, the sin, the vileness, the darkness, the wickedness that is on every hand. I say when men will mobilize themselves to repent and repent, and repent, even if it is not their own sins, I say that I hear.

I say this day that I the Living God do look for the righteous remnant who will indeed be repentant, repentant, repentant unto me. I say when any man or woman will put themselves in the place of intercession for the wickedness, for the evil, for the vileness and cry out in repentance against the same, then I say that I the Living God will hear them when they cry. I say when I do indeed hear the cries of the righteous, then I say that I will indeed overshadow even those who are wicked, with conviction and a desire to repent.

I say it is me the Living God who is well able to do a great and marvelous work. But I say when the ones who are in right standing with me will give way to the vileness, or give way to the despair, that is in the land, what do they do? I say they put out the light, they put out the fire, they put out the desire for me. I say that they themselves by that become unrighteous because they have failed to keep their faith in me. That is, they have looked at the circumstance, given themselves over to despair, and to the sin of unbelief.

Now I say this day that I the Living God do not call thee to give up, but I say that I call thee to continue to believe, to trust in me. I say that I call thee to be thankful that it is me that you can be looking unto, believing and trusting in. For I say if you are ever looking upon what it is that I the Living God do give to thee, I say that I give thee the fullness of life. I say that I give to thee the mercy, and the truth, and the light upon the path day by day.

Therefore I say this day realize that I the Living God do call thee to remain in the place of consecration, dedication and separation unto me. That is, not giving yourself to worldliness, even what appears to be innocent, when you are not meant to do so. But I say you are meant to keep yourself in the harness of obedience unto me, that you can indeed be found in the place of intercession, against the wickedness that is devouring the human souls in this land. I say if you will really and truly follow the mind of my Spirit, and cry out in repentance I say that I will hear you when you cry. But I say if you shake your head and say that it cannot be, so have you given yourself to unbelief.

Now I say this day that I the Living God do delight when people will believe in me, above and beyond the circumstance. That is, when they will see indeed that it is not how they feel or what they think that matters but their obedience unto me. That is, it matters to me that my people will obey me and do as I command, and walk uprightly in me. I say that it does not matter to me in the sense that I give ear to the same when my people are moaning and complaining, in self pity and pride, in disobedience towards me.

Now I say this day that I the Living God do call my people to be willing to repent at any time, that I declare the need unto them. I say if the ones who are mine will not be filled with self righteousness and pride but rather be humble before me, then I say that it will not be difficult for them to obey my commands. But I say when any man or woman is full of themselves, full of the conceit, the pride, the arrogance that they so glibly display, I say then they are a shame unto my name. I say they will not receive my commands with gladness, but I say they will resent the same.

Now I say this day examine yourselves if you are resentful towards my correction, my direction, my commands unto thee, why is it so? I say that it is because you are allowing the beast to swell up in pride, to swell up in self pity and vain conceit, and make you think you are better than you are. But I say if you will humbly receive my commands you will see that indeed the same will bring life. I say so it is in this wicked time, that I the Living God am calling thee to intercede and to repent for the sins of the wicked. And, to repent for the sins of those who claim they are my people yet I say that they live for the world. I say likewise to repent for those who claim they are my people yet I say they are worshiping the god of self.

For I say there are multiplied transgressions and evils that need to be repented of, before I the Living God will restore light unto the land. I say if my true ones will truly intercede and repent, and repent, and repent, I say that it is me the Living God who will indeed move by my sovereignty, move by my miracle power.

I say that the things that are possible with men, yes they can do those things. But I say that things that are impossible with men can only be done through me. Therefore I say be faithful that is ever believing and trusting in me, for I am the one who is able. I say be looking unto me, as the triumphant, the victorious, the one true God. I say when it is me that you will continue to look to in faith, in trust, in confidence, it is me the Living God who will move by my mighty hand. It is me the Living God who will reveal again and again, and again my miracle working power that supercedes the agenda of evil.

Therefore I say this day let your trust, your confidence be ever in me, keep believing in me. That is, do not pull back, do not go into a slump of self pity, because of the evil of the times. I say do not be too proud to bend the knee, to cry out, in repentance of sins that you are not even guilty of. I say that in this time I am looking for those who will stand in the gap and cry out, and cry out, and cry out in repentance unto me.

I say that the ones who will stand in the gap will be counted as righteous before me because they have seen the evil, because they have heard of the vileness, because they have even looked upon the wickedness, yet I say they have not partaken of the same.

But I say they will stand in the gap, to keep me the Living God from utterly destroying the land. Now I say this day that it is me the Living God who is well able to move by my mighty power, and men do not even know what brought about the same. But I say that I am the miracle working God, who raises nations up, and pulls them down. I say if any nation will be repentant it is me the Living God who is able to give mercy.

But I say that the repentance must begin with the righteous, that is the ones who are my house. That is, the ones who are abiding in me, partaking of me, and living in me. Now I say this day do not be ashamed to confess the sins, the transgressions that you see on every hand. I say do not be ashamed to be sorry for those things even if you have not committed the same. I say indeed when you will allow yourself to be used in the ministry of intercession, your heart will hurt as I do hurt.

For I say you will see the ugliness, the wretchedness, the vileness that men have chosen above me. I say you will see how much they have wounded me, how much they have sought to destroy me, when I only came bringing them life. Now I say this day do not wax bold in a heart of unbelief, nor wax bold in bitter hatred but I say instead allow yourselves to be used by me. I say this day do not be ashamed to remember that it is me the Living God and me alone who can change the way things are.

I say that men for all of their efforts are futile in the same, for I say that the evil is tantamount in these times. But I say when the ones who are mine will bow down, will truly repent, then I say that it is me the Living God who will lend my ear unto the same. Now I say this day that I the Living God do not call thee to be a partaker of the wretchedness, the wickedness, the corruption that is on every hand. Nor do I call thee to give up in despair and futility in mindless hopelessness and think there is nothing to be done. I say as long as a man has breath there are many things that he can be doing to show his repentance before me. That is, not only his repentance for his own sins, but for the sins of others likewise.

Now I say this day when you consider when I came as a man I came as an intercessor, I came as a propitiation, I came as a substitute for their sins. I say that I stayed in the place that the Father had ordained and I completed my course. I say that Father did hear what it was that I said, what I did, and how I even lived and died. I say it was because I gave myself fully to the will of the father and stood in the place of the sinful when I had sinned not at all. Now I say this day do not be so self righteous that you refuse to repent for the sins of others who are perishing in the same. I say there are many who are full of self righteousness in this wicked hour, and they turn up the nose.

But I say that the truth of it is you are not meant to despise the humility place that I would put thee as you intercede for my mercies to come forth. I say that I the Living God do delight when the righteous will bend the knee, when they will repent, when they will cry out unto me. I say this day be thankful to be a part of the repentance revolution that I the Living God bring forth.

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