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 False Charity

“Sow truth, if thou the truth wouldst reap;

Who sows the false shall reap the vain:

Erect and sound thy conscience keep;

From hollow words and deeds refrain.”

IS NOT FALSE CHARITY (love) a reproach to God’s Holy nature? Then why is so much sin overlooked in the Church, in the Family, in the Nation? Why have church leaders failed to rebuke sin and sinners? Why have fathers and mothers failed to discipline and train up their children in the ways of the Lord? Why has national leadership failed to judge justly and Biblically—if America claims to be a “Christian” nation?


The Culprit

FROM WHERE, when, and who did this OVERLOOKING of sin come from—sin that damns souls, breaks up families, destroys whole nations? Has it not come from these sickly, self-appointed, self-willed, disobedient ministers of the Gospel? Is not false charity the root, the trunk, the branch, the rotten fruit of all this soul-destroying? Why is the pruning knife, the sword and fire of the Lord almost wholly abandoned or laid aside in the Church, the Family, the Nation? Why has discipline been replaced with sickly false charity? Why this neglecting to suspend or excommunicate disorderly members—men, women, and children that commit every imaginable sin in the Bible? Is not a false or spurious love at the bottom of it all? a disregarding of the Word and testimony of the Holy Bible? “Oh,” they say, “we must show charity, for charity covereth a multitude of sins!” Alas! we’ve found the culprit: 1 Peter 4:8.

     “And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins” (KJV). “General, are you telling me that 1 Peter 4:8 is wrong?” No, my dear liberal friends, it is right if you interpret it right, that’s all. Let us take a minute to define this word “love” or “charity” and see how it is to be understood.

     The RSV uses the word “love” (Gk. αγάπη). Love is the cardinal Christian virtue. “Charity” (KJV) is a word that has come down in the world of words; nor is “love” (RSV) itself a perfect rendering, for all sorts of nuances cling to it. “Ερως [Gk.], another Greek word for love, is the love which craves, and, at worst, lusts.” Αγάπη is the love which seeks “not to possess, but to give”. “Caring” conveys something of its meaning. (“Christianity is caring, most of all, it is caring.”) For the rest of its meaning, if defining it is difficult, we have its character matchlessly portrayed for us in 1 Corinthians 13: verses 1-3 teach of its necessity; verses 4-7 of its nature; and verses 8-13 of its character.


Charity Covers Sin

THIS SIMPLE saying has puzzled the exegetes and thrilled the liberals! But what does 1 Peter 4:8 tell us? First, let us make a comparison: James 5:20 seems to echo 1 Peter 4:8—“he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins” (KJV). Also, Proverbs 10:12 and Luke 7:47 say almost the same. Note the part in James about converting the sinner “from the error of his way”. But still, what does this mean?


First and Foremost

A) WE may at once dismiss the popular, liberal and most quoted interpretation: “Love is blind to all sins (some use ‘faults’)”.

B) Others say that “Love atones for other people’s sins”. This can only be true of Jesus Christ, for He alone supremely exemplified this for sinners, and only He could.

C) Still others explain, “Love atones for the manifold faults (sins) of the lover”. Some Bible scholars believe this last is to be preferred. It is in line, they explain, with the Jewish idea that almsgiving atones for sin; it is true to the technical meaning of “cover” (“atone”); as the Interpreter’s Bible notes declare, it is consonant with Luke 7:47.

D) In this last analysis, we ought not divide between B) and C), for “love” has its atoning effect whether it be for our own sin or that of others and should not be restricted to one side only. But does this mean we are not to deal with the “sin issue”? Just overlook it? The Bible does deal with both the sin and sinner. But it is dealt with in God’s love—His correction and judgment are HIS LOVE also!


     In verses 7-11, Peter followed a practice which was frequently employed by N.T. writers—he used the hope of the coming of Christ as an incentive for upright living and responsible service to God and one’s fellow men.

     Peter urged love for one another as an absolute essential, above all, in times “which try men’s souls”. Such “love” covers sin in that it does not purposely look for it, but “love” looks for opportunities to help those who fall into sin. On the other hand, we find the Word dealing with sinners who refuse to repent—this is another way of dealing with the sin/sinner problem in which excommunication, discipline and rebuke are needed.


More Loving Than God?

IF GOD, the Son, and the Holy Spirit denounce sin, who are we not to? Yet in this backslid generation, if one dares to rebuke sin or the sinner, he or she is called “uncharitable”, “harsh!”, “of a bitter and judgmental spirit”. Yet you, dear liberal “Christian”, had better read the WHOLE counsel of God, not just your “pet” Scriptures. How did Jesus handle the sinning scribes and Pharisees? How did Paul deal with the sorcerer Elymas (Acts 13:10)? How did he deal with the sinner (fornicator) in the Corinthian church?—“...to deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh...” (1 Cor. 5:5). Liberal friend, the N.T. alone is replete with Scriptures dealing with sin and sinners. Read them and believe.

     True “love”, God’s “love”, will lead us to help others who are struggling with sin, even being overtaken, at times, by it. We are to forgive as God forgives us, but we are not to let sin continue without judgment.

     Has the offence of the cross ceased? No! “Let us judge righteous judgment. Let the lying lips be put to silence, which speak grievous things proudly and contemptuously against the righteous” (Ps. 21:18).

     Effeminate charity, phoney religious love, delights in honeyed words, smooth speeches, “panegyric praises”, and loud professions of false unity. This is SIN at its “religious” core. This needs to be execrated (abhorred) with all speed, for it is really full of bigotry, which it pretends to despise. Yet the Church in this hour is held hostage to all the religious and politically correct BULL!

     To overlook sin (unrepentant sin in the offender) is a violation to God’s nature and Divine justice, and underestimates the sinfulness of sin. It also denies the effect of the Blood Atonement.

     In Synopis Sahar, p.47, n.17, it is said: “Great is his excellence who persuades a sick person to turn from his sin”. Ibid, p.92, n.18: “Great is his reward who brings back the pious unto the way of the blessed Lord.” This is what James 5:20 is all about. We are to overlook one’s sins only in an attempt to get him or her to REPENT and RETURN back unto the Lord. Our love is NOT to overlook sin as unimportant, for sin will damn a soul F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

     Yama, fol. 87, 1: “By his hands iniquity is not committed, who turns many to righteousness; i.e., God does not permit him to fall into sin. What is the reason? Ans.: Lest those should be found in paradise, while their instructor is found in hell.” This doctrine is both innocent and godly, as Dr. Adam Clarke states, in comparison to the liberal doctrine of overlooking sin entirely; it holds out a motive to diligence and zeal, at least, in reference to righteousness.

     In short, we must not forget that our sins are covered by the Atonement: if we allow anything to cover our sins besides the mercy of God in Christ Jesus, we shall fall into dangerous error. The liberal, backslid professors of Christ sin by maintaining that the gift of God’s mercy can be purchased by our “religious” acts of (comparative) righteousness that ignore true righteousness. Foolishness! We are not covered when we bypass the standard of God.



THERE IS NO DOUBT in my mind, all this “sin-letting” by leaders is nothing but a cover for the leaders’ unconfessed sins!

     Did not Phineas (Num 23:7-8) stay the plague by executing judgment against sin? Did not Nathan the prophet execute judgment against King David because of his unconfessed sins and unrepentant heart? Read all the prophets, dear liberal “Christian”, and see if “love” let the sin and sinners get off!

     Did not John the Baptist lose his head over rebuking sin? He did! Did not Jesus lose His life over rebuking sin? He did! Did not some of the Apostles lose their lives for rebuking sin? They did! Have not many over the centuries lost their lives for rebuking sin? They have! What about church leaders today? Do you hide behind James 4:8?

     To cover sins, as 1 Peter 4:8 says, is to cause one to REPENT—not to wink at sins, but to try to love the person who has fallen into them, by bringing them unto repentance. Yet let us not go beyond the context: It is God’s will that we have true charity among us, and this love inclines believers to forgive offences against the offender, rather than aggravate them and spread them abroad; it prepares for mercy at the hand of God, who hath promised to forgive those that forgive others.

     Therefore, all this hypocritical “love” that lets the sinner go in his/her sins is really HATRED! Leviticus 19:17 tells us, “Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbor, and not suffer sin upon him.”

     What kind of love did Eli have toward Hophni and Phineas (sons of Belial)? Did he, as their father, love them enough to rebuke them for their grave sins? Turn to 1 Samuel 2:27—how readest thou?

     Friends, the Bible is full of examples where the family head falls slack in raising his children in the fear of the Lord. There are lots of examples of false priests and prophets who did evil in the sight of the Lord and were destroyed! Also, kings, princes and the like have been DESTROYED for not walking uprightly. God never overlooks sin! He does expect His upright ones to execute judgment upon the unrepentant.

     Doesn’t happen in today’s phoney Church! Why, churchfolks, including leaders, can literally get away with murder! Why so? Because men are “lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.” “He that spareth the rod (of correction), hateth his son; but he that loveth him, chasteneth him betimes” (Prov 13:24).

     Beloved reader, do you have spurious false love? Are you one of those “super saints” who can “love everybody”...that is, wink at their sin, unconcerned? To “love everybody” is popular and fashionable: it requires very little, if any, self-denying or cross-bearing. I know a church whose slogan is “Come to the church where love is!” And this same church is literally full of sin and sinners, all putting on a “lovable“ act to draw souls into its deception. They smoke, drink; young girls and women have abortions at will; drugs are taken, Rock ‘n’ Roll music is played for worshiping the Holy God, and all manner of loose living is permissible—all in the name of “love”.


Final Word

ENOUGH SAID! We are to love, but never to go along with those who refuse to be corrected for their sinful lives. I realize this is NOT PC (Politically Correct), but nevertheless, it is Biblically Correct. Let the plague of sin run through the Lord’s camp, and our tents will soon be desolate—the Lord’s presence will leave.

     No destroyer can be more mighty than allowing sin free reign. Let us labor after a clear and Scriptural view of the truths of our Holy, righteous and mighty God; learn humbly, depending entirely upon the Holy Spirit; judge deliberately, carefully, doing noting rashly; let us see to it, with all AGGRESSIVENESS, that “when once we know the mind of God, we HOLD FAST that which is GOOD, and are rooted, grounded, and settled in our Christian faith”. We need not be obstinate, but we MUST be firm and uncompromising. But be warned, dear one, you will be persecuted relentlessly by those “love” Christians!

     It will be well for us to prepare for full warfare, for it will surely come. This writer can honestly testify to this truth!!!! And however we may wish for quiet, we shall not find it easy to maintain a peaceful conscience if we join in affinity with error.

     You see, Christian “love” goes ever armed with Holy Ghost ZEAL, and “draws the dagger” against all opposition of truth. Did not Jesus tell us in Matthew 10:34, “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth, but a sword...”? Read verses 35-39 also. His Word IS the Sword—the Sword of the Lord, cutting, dividing causing variance and separation. Do you love the Sword of the Lord?

                              —General James Green

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