The Following Word to Germany Was Given in March, 1995.

I say GERMANY shall undergo a great devastation that I will send. And I say that when it comes to thee that you will spit, you will scream, and you will howl, for you have not thought it could touch you. But I say that your pride has mounted up again and you have imagined that you are great and you are grand and wonderful. I say you are liars and you deceive yourselves, for none of you trembles, none of you trembles within my sight. And I say that I will send unto thee great devastation, and ye shall be as heaps, I say ye shall be as heaps.

I say the nations, all of those nations who have exalted themselves against me, I say they will come down. I speak to thee, I say you will come down, you will not remain in your haughtiness and in your pride, for I will pull thee down and you will be as nothing. I say I will smear the earth with your filth, for I say I will cast you out and I will crush you for your abominable practices and for your pride that has lifted you up, lifted you up.


The Following Word to Berlin Was Given on May 10, 1998, 8:32 p.m.

I speak unto thee and I would ask thee, how long must I be pained with thee? And how long have I been pained with thee? For I say that I have sought thee, and I have desired thee but ye have turned from me. And I say you have grown hard, and you have grown adamant against me. And I say that I have chastised thee sore, and yet you have refused me. And I have blessed thee abundantly and yet you have refused me. And I say your hearts have turned as stone against me. But I say that I have called for thee, and longed for thee, and pled with thee, and I say that your hearts have grown harder, harder than stone. And I say unto thee because you have been adamant against me, that I turn adamant against thee. And I say that I shall send my destroying forces upon thee and they shall devour thee. I say you shall be but a heap of rubble when I am finished with thee. For I say that I am not well pleased in thee at all, but I say I am sorely disappointed in thee. I am disgusted with thee, for I say you are abomination unto me. I say to thee even this night that I will not withdraw my hand this time, but I say that it shall be rendered against thee and I say the blows shall be severe. For I say many times I have withdrawn my hand when I would have abused thee, when I would have destroyed thee, but I say even this time I shall not withdraw my hand, for I say unto thee that while I have sought for thee, you have scoffed me, and mocked me, and walked upon me. Therefore I say ye likewise shall be walked upon and I say no man shall save thee. I say what I have prepared for thee this time, I say no man shall cause me to withhold my hand. I say no man shall stop me, for I say that I shall give unto thee that which you have given unto me multiplied. I say it shall be multiplied against thee, I say no amount of pleading shall change my mind, I will not withhold my hand. It is lifted against thee, this night, it is spoken unto thee and it shall be, for I have thus said it unto thee.