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Give Warning

 And Affirm and Testify

Gen. James Green


"He Who gives this warning and affirms and testifies to these things says, Yes (it is true). [Surely] I am coming quickly (swiftly, speedily). Amen (so let it be)! Yes, come, Lord Jesus!"

(Rev 22:20, Amplified Bible).


M ANY TODAY believe that Jesus is coming soon. For me, I believe that He will come, but I'm not confident that it will be soon. The signs of the times are certainly arresting. One might conclude that His appearing is at any time. I'm not going to concern myself with WHEN, but with what my title states: we must WARN, AFFIRM, and TESTIFY of Him and for Him NOW!

Grant you, I, as have millions of others, have an insatiable longing to see Christ Jesus come. We certainly live in a foul and worthless generation. But others have had to live thru the same in times past. They had to pour forth warnings/affirm the Gospel teachings, and testify to any and all that the Bible is true, Jesus is real, and when it is all said and done, there is only Heaven and Hell; for the "true" Christian there awaits for him/her the fulfillment of all hope, the realization of all godly aspirations, the amplitude of blessedness, and the possession of eternal/everlasting joy that God has promised to those who remain faithful to Him and His Son, Jesus the Lord.


Intellectual Analysis?

NO! THIS ARTICLE is a solemn plea to REPENT and get RIGHT with the Savior, Jesus the Christ. If you have already done this, then I implore you to "hold fast our confession (profession) of faith in Him" (Heb. 4:14) and "let us seize and hold fast and retain without wavering the hope we cherish, and confess, and our acknowledgment of it, for He Who promised is reliable (sure) and faithful to His Word…" (Heb. 10:23).

We, who love the Lord and His Word should have an impassioned and impressionistic concern for the LACK of love that "Christians" profess to have. Too many have settled for avarice and entertainments. We need to, WE MUST DELUGE ourselves in God's Word, not our opinions of it.


In a nation that has gone wild with flag-waving, hyped-patriotic fervor, and homo-hubris, what I write seems dull and meaningless. Well, to HELL! with all these "passions" and "interests" that do not, cannot, and will not honor the Lord.


Hold Fast!

"SEEING THEN that we have a great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our profession" (KJV, Heb. 4:14).

In this text/context, the exhortation to "hold fast our profession" (or "confession" in the RSV) can hardly be limited to the idea of holding on to a creedal formula (it may be included though); but the parallel is with 3:6, "if we hold fast our confidence," which the phrase "our confession" means our Christian faith.



"LET US HOLD FAST the profession of our faith without wavering; for He is faithful that promised."

And look at today's contemporary church: LOST! Most could care less about their faith. But, Biblical Christianity (not mere worldly "Churchianity") is noble.




TO TRANSCEND such hubris, America needs to be reminded of Cicero's words: "Witness of the times" and "light of truth."

This nation, which prides itself on its "intelligence," tends to be OBLIVIOUS to the past, and the (fallen) cultures and societies thereof. This "historical reflection" seems beyond America's capabilities and interests—she is just too busy playing DIRTY (with the sodomites) and doing DIRTY things (like murdering in the name of democracy!). She is just too busy deceiving and being deceived; she is just too busy trying to re-image God, His Son, and His Word, to worry about such a trivial thing as REPENTANCE.

But, all this is about to change!! National subversive activity, national momentum towards satanic ideologies, and social dishonoring is causing nation-breakup.

The composite of a rationalizing (satanic) ideology and an energizing (satanic) ideology is provoking God to bring down His WRATH, FURY, and INDIGNATION.

Instead of "Jesus could come at any moment," try: "GOD'S JUDGMENTS COULD FALL AT ANY MOMENT."

When stripped of the adultery sloganeering of justification, both church and state stand naked. When stripped of all religious-social engineering by greedy men/women, America has built not upon the Rock, but upon sand. This conflux of profit-sucking (mammon) has caused the stinking decomposition to come up into the nose of God. The essence of such behavior is tellingly apparent by the most monstrous of caricatures.


Sick in the Head!

ALMOST EVERY conceivable facet of sexual immorality is being analyzed, strutted, and celebrated…from both the homo and hetero camp. The Holy Bible, which CONDEMNS both homo/hetero sex-sins (see Lev. 18, 20 for starters, plus Romans one), is currently in the process of being rewritten (write for our Gay Way booklets). Americans have always held an unusually high degree of respect for God and His Word. But times are a changin'. Legally redefining the meaning of marriage, family and morality, "Political Correctness" has become the standard to judge by, not the Bible. Don't be deceived, the sublime model for ALL families, despite the sexual revolution/homosexual offensive, is still found in God's Word.

So, to equivocate on the meaning of sex-marriage-family as anything less than the Biblical account is to court the WRATH/PUNISHMENT of the Almighty God. Period.


Tyranny in America

TYRANNY IS NOT LIMITED to the political—it has many arms, legs, mouths. The church is Hell-bound. Politics and politicians the same. The backslidden contemporary church, USA, has become hostile towards those who call for repentance. We know about the tyrannical perverts that RULE America—they DEMAND adherence to their sick agendas.

It is quite clear by now that the American people have become disillusioned by church/state leadership. Both have THEIR personal agendas in mind, for both could care less for God or Country. Their self-proclaimed policies are of the laissez-faire, do your own thing stuff.

Whether it be hard tyranny, or soft tyranny, nevertheless, tyranny imposes its will and way upon the masses…it penetrates and undermines its victims. Good men have been maculated by all this "pro-homo" stuff; the women lesbianized. Thus, Americans, by and large, have become deficient in morals.

Let's be honest (if that's possible!), America has become a society that is weak-minded, weak-willed, and manipulated by the media. The (satanic) media makes sure that the (satanic) agendas of both church and state are PUSHED down our throats. This, in turn, they assure, will shape America's sick and sinister thoughts, wills, and actions. A kick in the butt is assured to any dissent.

And so, it is time to FIGHT! Not with carnal weapons, but with the Word/Will of God.

It is time to put our "profession" and "possession" in high gear. If enough of us do this, we could see some good transforming things take place. We've got to get our heads out of the hole and target our enemies that are so artfully camouflaged at times. How long, dear "Christians," are you going to stand by and let Satan rob you and your household? Demons in human bodies have ingeniously cultivated diversions that lead to DAMNATION.

Unless we GO TO WAR against the "BIG FOUR" (see Eph. 6:12), this "New Left Tyranny" will grind on relentlessly with a repetition of the political/religious BULL…as America further decays, and evil men/women extend their hold.

We Shall Overcome

WELL, AT LEAST this should be desired. If we can overcome our distaste/dislike for God's Will/Way, we could put the enemy to flight.

Never should freedoms be exploited and despoiled simply to satisfy our short-sighted cravings for selfish gains. The church has thrown away her heritage for mere acquisition of possessions (usually made by slave labor in China!).


So, what am I saying? I'm saying that we must step up the warnings, continue to affirm the Will and purpose of God (which would have all men to be saved, not damned), and testify to both church and state their need to REPENT. You can't take stuff-and-things to Heaven or Hell.

Let's go for souls.

Some think socialism/communism is the answer. HA! They have failed time and time again. I say it is time for God, our Creator, to receive glory and honor due to His name. Capitalism's tyranny must be dealt with. Communism's tyranny, Islamic tyranny, and Pink homosexual tyranny must be dealt with. The Gospel of the Lord Jesus is the ONLY answer.

The second Declaration of Independence is now in place—independence from God's rule. The unholy alliances that the US has made flies in the face of God. A "REPENTANCE REVOLUTION" IS NEEDED NOW! The ever-increasing dominance of governmental bureaucracy weighs upon all of us. Nietzscheism is everywhere these days. The irrelevancy of theological orthodoxy is the outcome of the "clergy" falling asleep while on guard duty. The enemies slipped in and took over. These sleeping religionists were the ones who were supposed to articulate and disseminate God's Will and purposes.

Sadly, MOST church leaders can't differentiate between the "unregenerate" (pagan) and the "regenerate" (saved). In this generation, in this obscurantist citadel of euphoric and hubris assurance (living like Hell, and expecting to go to Heaven!), churchites have smugly found an impregnable defense of their peculiar (queer) species of Churchianity.

The nation’s political leaders are no better off either. These political demons are a bit smarter though. They have sent their Trojan horse called "political correctness" into the "Christian" citadel. Christians should have learned to be wary of gift bearing Greeks.

Enough said.


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