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Repentance Revolution

Part 1

Gen. James Green

W E'RE GOING to be in Jeremiah 26 today, and then we'll jump back to chapter 7; and I want to begin the kick-off of this "REPENTANCE REVOLUTION" teaching today. The Spirit has been putting forth prophetic Words, two-a-day, for about a week. And not only if you're interested…but you NEED to go to these websites: www.youtube.com/user/shimrana, www.youtube.com/user/operationdevastation, and www.youtube.com/user/righteous1revolution.

You will find Operation Devastation and Repentance Revolution up there with a lot of these prophetic Words that God's given us. And you will see a lot of visualization of especially Operation Devastation. We've been doing this for over a year now, every day—every single day we've been putting things up there showing you, unbelievers, what God can do to a nation…and to a world.

There's plenty of footage of disasters—every kind of DISASTER that you could dream of is shown up there—AND THOSE ARE FROM GOD. God is doing that—He's bring this. It isn't the devil, it's God doing this. And, of course, the devil loves it when God destroys people and they all go to Hell…because he's going to be lonely down there without them.

But anyway, that Operation Devastation has been going on, and it's going to continue. But NOW THIS REPENTANCE REVOLUTION IS TAKING THE LEAD, and we're getting Words now that you can find on those channels, and also in the printed Words of the Spirit that we publish. Also, in many of our teachings, you will find those Words.

So, I would adjure anybody to go there and listen to those Words, ponder those Words, and obey those Words—because God is not fooling around. The church is so damned DAMNED that it doesn't even have an idea that God is angry; now that's the truth.

You listen to some of these Words that God is telling us. If you really tune in and listen, like the one we heard today, people are not perceiving that God is angry, they're not perceiving that they need to repent, and they're not perceiving that they have angered God. And Israel, as we're going to be studying was in the same condition many times.

They got so far from God into their idolatries, their adulteries, their luxuries, their enjoyment of the world, and doing all the things that the pagans were doing, plus more, that they didn't even understand why Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Amos, and Hosea, and all those prophets, were continually HARPING on their sins. They say, "Well, what are we doing that you have to constantly say these things against us and our city?"

Well, America's in that condition right now, friends. And God's not messing around. If God's people—the true intercessors, the true people—do not pray as He's commanding us right now, God is going to destroy this country quicker than you can bat an eye.

Now, He's had intervals in-between these great disasters, and He's told us: "I'm going to bring disasters,” and you see them: tornadoes, floods, fires, droughts, famines, horrible things, and HORRIBLE DESTRUCTION of possessions as well as the land itself.

The loss of life has been minimal (very small), but that will pick up in the future if people don't repent. And then He will back off, and it will just seem like there's nothing going on...for awhile. God is telling us that He's seeing if people are paying attention to those warning signs that He's angry. And NO, we've got Samaritan's Curse, aka Samaritan's Purse running around with their big trucks, giving little trinkets and little packets to people, and hugging on and kissing on them, and telling them how much "God loves them, and that it is the devil doing that to them."

Billy Graham association and these pukes out there are nothing but demons in human bodies, operating entirely against God. Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, all of them are involved in making big money off of God's disasters. When God is bringing these disasters—OPERATION DEVASTATION; HE'S DOING THAT TO WAKE PEOPLE UP—SO that they will repent of their sins, that they will miss Hell, and go to Heaven. That's God's intent.

It's not His intent for His ministers to run around and tell people that God loves them, and make them feel good in their sins. That's what these people have been doing for a long time. Every time there's a disaster, there they go out running off to here, running off to there, hugging people, telling them how much God loves them and all this stuff. AND THEY NEVER TELL THEM TO REPENT; THEY NEVER TELL THEM GOD'S ANGRY. Well, that's not popular, and they won't get any collections. And they do this to get collections...every disaster.

As I have been preaching since the early 80's, DISASTERS ARE BIG BUSINESS FOR MINISTERS. They make lots of money. And they will get up on their TV shows and cry (well at least fake it) about how much they care about all those suffering souls, and "We need to help these people."

And they'll have special TV shows for beg-a-thons for people to give to them. Then, if say 5 million, to 10 million, to even some 50-60 millions dollars rolls in, they will take the smallest amount, and buy the little China packs that are cheap. They take the rest, and stick it in their fat bank accounts—so they can live in their luxury, and they can build statues to their founder—like Billy Graham, and have museums like "The Billy Graham and all the great things he's done." And that old fart hasn't even died yet. And they've got a museum built to him, they've got a statue built to him, and they have a road named after him; on and on it goes. The idolatry and the adultery is thick.

Now, I'm delivering this message November 24th, 2013; it's cold outside...that's why I have a nice warm jacket on. It's been blowing heavy winds for 48 hours non-stop, and we have snow coming down; we have cold weather.

And God is telling us "This is just the condition of the nation." He wasn't talking about the weather. He was pointing out the fact that the SPIRITUAL CONDITION IS 0 DEGREE WEATHER—COLD TOWARDS GOD—freezing towards God; they're not warm towards Him. We are living in a nation that has departed from God, and the atmosphere is cold.

So, things are going to heat up when God's fire of revolution gets kicked off—if people don't repent. You say, "Well, you've been threatening people for a long time." We've been threatening people because God has had us do that; and you are seeing what God's doing. If you don't believe it, turn to those channels, get an eye-full, WATCH EVERY ONE on Operation Devastation that's been put up there. There are a couple hundreds up there.

Take a good look at all the disasters. Take a good look at how God levels whole civilizations, whole towns, whole cities...every building flattened. This happened last week up there in Illinois—whole towns were leveled, every house in it was just flattened out; that's the hand of God. Now, God never turns His weather over to wicked men, or to the devil. And if He uses the devil on wicked men, God is still the one in control.

Ok, with that said and done, let's go on with this message today...in this cold atmosphere, and we'll see if what God is saying is true. Now, we're talking about repentance. This is a season not to be jolly, not to wait for santa claus to show up next month—with his bag of toys to give to the privileged, and to the rich, while the poor kids get nothing. BUT, THIS IS THE SEASON THAT GOD IS BRINGING FORTH A PERIOD OF TIME THAT HIS PEOPLE SHOULD BE PRAYING IN INTERCESSION EVERY DAY FOR THE SINS—not that we're committing them, but the sins that others are committing, and also we repent of our own sins.

And if you say, "Well, I don't want to pray for them because I believe they deserve what they're getting." That's not what God's saying. There was a time I deserved what I should have got, and that's Hell, and God had mercy on me. He had mercy on you, so we need to remember mercy. And God knows when mercy's up. Until it's up, we pray for mercy, and when the door's shut, sweetheart, it's shut—no man's going to open the door. When the ark was shut in Noah's day, it was shut. God shut the door. He shut them in the ark.

God closed that door, and it was shut up. When the waters began to come up, and those people were taken away—not in a nice fairy-tale rapture, but they were taken away in a flood—I'm sure there were millions of people wishing that they would have listened to old Noah, that old fool out there preaching. There had never been water on the earth like that before; they thought he was a lunatic: “Look at that crazy old man and all his family out there building his big boat…for what? We're on dry land!”

Well, you know what? IT CAME. It said: "in the self-same day (that God appointed) that door was shut." So, we're in a point of time that the ark of safety is open to whoever will repent, but at the same time, God is still bringing forth His Operation Devastation, and He's still destroying. He's still killing people right now. He's still destroying the earth, and stuff, and things—trying to get people to repent.

But, it's our job to at least pray for those professing Christians that are far from God. Of course, we pray for the unbelievers that don't know God—that they will know Him. Now, in Jeremiah 26, we're reading here about the story of the last three kings before the Babylonians finally destroyed Jerusalem. God was warning Israel that if they didn't quit their sinning, God was going to destroy them; and He raised up Nebuchadnezzer to come in.

The first round they got a black eye. They came in and sacked some of the city, took away a lot of the people in chains, and took them to Babylon. Ezekiel, Daniel, and others were in that first wave of incarceration when God allowed the Babylonians to come in. BUT, THEY STILL DID NOT REPENT. They got another king for a short reign of time. He didn't obey God, and then Nebuchadnezzar's army came again and did a lot of damage: they burnt the temple down, they took away all the treasures out of the temple, they hauled it off, they took away more prisoners, and they just devastated. And the last king, Zedekiah, refused to listen to Jeremiah. He refused to believe Jeremiah or hear what Jeremiah had to say.

I'm getting to the end of the book of Jeremiah, but the whole story goes that THEY DIDN'T REPENT, THEY DIDN'T LISTEN, AND THEY WERE DESTROYED BY GOD; and God used an enemy force to do the job. God didn't personally come down and do it. God used an invading army to do it. And you think America is beyond that?

You'd better wake up. If God wants to use plagues and diseases, He will use that. If He wants to use meteorites coming through the atmosphere, and crashing down in cities, and starting fires, and smashing things up, He will do that.

If He wants to bring a whole drought to dry everything up, or a whole flood to flood everything out, or a whole fire to burn everything down, He'll do that. Or, if He wants to bring evil men in the form of armies, or raise up an army WITHIN...and the president in charge, He will do that too.

Ok, let's look at this a minute in verse 2: "Thus saith the LORD; Stand in the court of the LORD'S house, and speak unto all the cities of Judah, which come to worship in the LORD'S house, all the words that I command thee to speak unto them…"

"Oh, I want to be a prophet. I just want to tell those people where to go and what to do; I want to prophesy." Oh, I'm sure you would love to prophesy, and tell the future. Maybe you, too, could sign books at Barnes and Nobles, and maybe you also could have a big television show with millions of viewers. And you're up there, a prophet of God delivering a message—while collecting millions of dollars, and living in indulgence; and your effeminate carcass reeks with its own sins that have never been repented of…I'm sure God is going to use you!

It's surprising how many people would love to prophesy and love to be a prophet. Do you know what a prophet's true job was? It was not foretelling the future, that's a small part, THE PROPHET'S JOB WAS TO REMIND THE PEOPLE OF THEIR SINS—TO REMIND THE PEOPLE OF THEIR COMMITMENT AND THE COMMANDMENTS FROM GOD; THAT'S WHAT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO DO.

God commanded them to do that. They were commanded because they were under command. You can't be a true prophet of God when you live in sin, and you run around committing every sin—while you're pointing your stinking, bony finger at others for doing them. We have enough of that out there in ba-ba land.

Ok, they said, "Don't diminish—not a word. Don't cut it short, and don't compromise. Don't say, 'Well, excuse me, but I really don't want to say this, or I'm sorry I have to address this issue with you about your adulteries, and your idolatries, and the killing of your children, and blood-letting, and your sex-sins, and all this. I'm sorry I have to tell you this, but God's commanded me, so here goes…'". Jeremiah delivered all the Words.

And then He says, verse 4, "And thou shalt say unto them, Thus saith the LORD; If ye will not hearken to me, to walk in my law, which I have set before you, To hearken to the words of my servants the prophets, whom I sent unto you, both rising up early, and sending them, but ye have not hearkened…" Look, God's been harping on this issue for a long time—I know in this work He has.

Now, I don't know about other people out there because it's hard to find anybody that's really in-tune with God. But, I know there are some ministers that are the mouthpiece of God, but they're small, and no one's listening.

Now, verse 6 is my main text for today: "Then will I make this house like Shiloh, and will make this city a curse to all the nations of the earth." Now, what happened at Shiloh that God used as an illustration is that, "If you don't hearken to My Words and repent of your sins, I'm going to do to you what I did to Shiloh."

Well, if you just hold your finger there and go back to chapter 7, we'll find out something here. Now, remember that this is part 1 in the teaching on “REPENTANCE REVOLUTION.” If you start reading in verse 1, chapter 7, and catch up on that, He's hitting on their sins: lying words, stealing, murder, adultery, swearing falsely, burning incense to Baal, and walking after other gods. That's what He's upset with—He was upset with what they were doing.

And then in verse 10 He talks about abominations. And then verse 12 says, "But go ye now unto my place which WAS in Shiloh”—PAST TENSE—"where I set my name at the first, and see what I did to it for the wickedness of my people Israel."

Ok, here is Jeremiah in another time, in another day, probably in a month here, way before that in verse 26, where He's talking about Shiloh. Of course, remember, prophets were delivering messages everyday to the kings and to the people. It wasn't once a year on christmas, and maybe thanksgiving, and easter thrown in there…but EVERYDAY.

"And now, because ye have done all these works, saith the LORD, and I spake unto you, rising up early and speaking early…" He's repeating here: at first He's saying this, and He's repeating this in chapter 26. Here's the original if you go to chapter 26, and it's repeating chapter 7 about rising up early, sending my prophets, telling what I tell you to tell them...and it says, "but ye heard not; and I called you, but ye answered not; Therefore will I do unto this house, which is called by my name…" Now see, you can almost read that in chapter 26.                 And then He says in verse 16, "Therefore pray not thou for this people…" Now, here's the difference between the message I'm delivering today, and the message Jeremiah was delivering back then: God is telling us right now that we are to pray for this nation. We are to pray for His erring, sinful, rebellious, adulterous, cantankerous, sleazy, slimy, filthy, perverted people right now. But, there is a time-limit on it—if they don't hear, then God is going to smash things up a bit.

Now, I remember distinctly mentioning that little phrase I just said, when we lived in California. This was in the mid-80's/early 80's when this took place. God had me and my wife to go to San Jose, California. We were in Sacramento, and God said: "I want you to go down there and prophesy against San Jose."

Now, I lived in San Jose. That's where I did all my hippie sin-life—in San Jose, California. I lived in that place by the college there, and I did all the sin. I was in the 60s rebellion. That's where I lived, and I knew how sinful that SLIMY PLACE was.

So, anyway, He had us to drive from Sacramento to down there, and we got down there about midnight. We drove around, and I thought, "Where are we going to prophesy at?" Well, we finally ended up going around a great big church there. I knew that church when I was a sinner because I used to go by there when I was stoned out of my mind on dope; and I'd go by and look at the structure of that big church.

So I said, "I'm going to go there." So we drove to that huge church in the middle of the city. There were quite a bit of people there {sometimes}, but it was late, and there were not too many people. So we parked in front of that church and God gave forth a Word, and I still have that Word printed—that He was “going to destroy San Jose in His time, for their sins.”

And we delivered that Word, it took about 10 minutes, and we drove all the way back the same night—from Sacramento down to San Jose, delivered a message, and drove all the way back. We got home very early in the morning, just about the time everybody was getting up, and here we come driving in.

But, when we were coming back, God gave us a Word in our vehicle, and He told us that He was angry, and He compared Himself to “a DRUNKEN MAN. That he goes to a table, and he takes his arm and knocks everything off the table and smashes everything off.”

Well, my wife has told me many times that her drunken Native American father was just like that: he would get drunk, come home to the kids after he had his fling with other women and had been drunk all night, and he would be enraged. He would take his arm and knock everything off the table in a rage, and cuss everybody out…for what reason, I don't know.

But, she was telling me that many times that's the way he would act. And of course, she knew all this, and I'm sure it was vivid in her mind—her own father doing this. God says it's like a drunken man when he's out of his mind; he just KNOCKS EVERYTHING OFF THE TABLE. Well, that's the first time I heard God mentioning about Himself being so mad that He was going to be like a drunken man and knock everything off the table in a rage.

I do remember that very distinctly, even to this day. That's why I'm telling you about that. And I have seen that rage in God this past year, and the year before that, and the year before that.

But, back to the channels. If you go to these channels, you will get a very good view of God knocking things around like a drunken man in a rage. You'll see cars smashed up, you'll see cars laying in broken down trees, you'll see houses caved in, and you'll see everything imaginable. GOD HAS DONE THAT WITH HIS WEATHER.

So God does get angry. You need to get it out of your mind that God is this loving, effeminate wimp that smiles when you're sinning, and He loves it when you rearrange everything for Him, when you re-image His image, when you change His Word, when you're prophesying lies, and you say it's Him telling you, that really angers God. And there's plenty of that crap going on now—these prophets out there—who are supposed to be prophets are telling us, "This is the work of the devil; God is not like this; God is a God of love…"

He is a God of love, He is a God of mercy, and He is a God of compassion. Why do you think I got saved? He had mercy over my wretched soul when I should have been sent to Hell—for the things I did. But, there are times and seasons in God that we need to be aware of, and we are in a season right now that God is saying: "I've brought a lot of devastation to this land."

Now, take a look at America. America is busted, friends. America is broke. Your president spends more money than can be printed. We're in debt up to his *whistle* and can't get out of it. The military is a sucking freak that now has sex with animals, trans-genders, transvestites, perverts, bisexuals, homosexuals, lesbians, murderers, rapists, you name it; it's in the military now. And they love to let the blood flow; that's how they get their orgasms—when they kill people and whole families in war—when they take their war drugs and all this stuff.

The economics are bankrupt itself. The family unit, I can't even talk about that. There are no families left in America. Prayer is out of school, and abortion is rated high above everything in the world. Homosexuality—the pink revolution—is well under way, and there is an invasion of Muslims coming in by the millions now, invited in by your president, all these refugees from all these other countries. This is what I’m now told.

And I told my wife way before I heard this news, that a percent of those people coming in from those nations that have been in that war that we got involved in over there, a bunch of them are JIHADISTS undercover that OBAMA HAS INVITED HERE.

For what reason? You don't think that Muslim {Obama} is going to let a good opportunity go by, do you? And, in passing here, now, I'm telling you about potential disasters that are on the horizon here, and Muslims in this nation are one menace that you don't want to mess with. You'd better go back and read the history of Islam as I have done. You'll see it is bloody from the very beginning to right now— BLOODY.

And there were two 9-11's before this third 9-11 here. There were two 9-11's that Muslims lost big-time wars, and the government knew that, so they blamed this third one, the 9-11, on the Muslims, saying the Muslims did it to get revenge of those other 9-11's that they lost in Europe.

Well, that's something you probably don't know. You probably think the Muslims actually flew those planes into those towers and all that stuff. But that's your problem.

But back to this, there is a whistle-blower in America, and I know who it is. I've read their stuff before, and I've followed them along through the years. They are strictly anti-Islam; they keep you updated on the news. They just got sued by the Muslim community. Now listen to this: “for exposing all of their {jihadist} training camps within the United States borders.”

Now, if you go back to some of my messages way back yonder—4, 5, 6, 7, 8 years ago—I was telling you about these very training camps. At that time, there were 8 or 9 that I knew of in different states—I'm talking about jihadist training camps where there were 100S OF MUSLIMS TRAINING TO TAKE OVER THIS COUNTRY AT ANY COST.

And some of the big people in those Arab countries are supporting it with billions of dollars, and there is no doubt that your black president is in cohorts with these people, when they come in as refugees from those countries. This has been exposed by the secular media, not a conspiracy group, but the secular media just put this up here in the last couple days, that Obama has been doing this. It's traced back to Obama using some of these people, known Jihadists from those countries. And no doubt he's been sending and funneling these people to these training camps. When he wants internal war, all he's got to do is say, "Now is the time."

So, if God wants to use that menace, God will use that menace. What I'm trying to tell you, people, is that we are sitting on a dynamite keg that could blow any time God says it's going to blow; and IT'S IMPORTANT THAT WE PRAY FOR REPENTANCE, for at least some people to be saved. I do not look for God to lift His hand of judgment on America—because I don't think that America, as a nation, will repent. But I do believe, and God has said, that there will be some within this nation that will see the error of their ways, and repent, and get right with God. But, as a nation, it won't. And I believe the time will come, and I've been saying this for years, that GOD WILL DEVASTATE AMERICA.

Look, Germany was devastated, Russia was devastated, Spain was devastated, and England was almost totally annihilated. I mean you go way on back to some of those wars in the 8th century on up to the 14, 15, and 1600's, and in those eras, you will see there's been great, great devastations. And a lot of those devastations were caused by the Muslims and the Roman Catholics; they were a menace. Now, I hope you're happy with this.

Now, we're going back to Shiloh. I got started on my soapbox preaching here about verse 16: "Don't pray for this people," and I was saying there’s difference between then and now. God told them "Don't pray for them because I'm not going to listen. They have went beyond My time limit."

That's what I'm trying to convey to you people: we have a time limit. We are now to pray and make intercession, but that day will come to a close, and then God will tell us, "Don't pray anymore. I am going to bring forth devastation."

What happened to Shiloh? Well, we know Israel was sinful. We know the priests were committing sins; we already knew all that they were doing. Well, what happened there, dear one, is the Philistines took the ark of God into their country 7 months. It was like stealing the heart of God and taking it to a pagan country—desecrating it.

The ark represented God's presence in their midst, and it was stolen at Shiloh because of their sins—God's own ark. His Word was there. A lot of things were represented there: His power, His presence, everything was representative of that ark; and it was taken by the enemy. You don't think the enemy could take the heart of America and desecrate it?

Ok, now that tabernacle at Shiloh was where the ark was, and the people were sinful, and God used these pagan philistines—that worshiped other gods, and did all these other filthy things—and they came in, and they didn't spare Shiloh, and they made that ark a victim of their rage; and THEIR RAGE WAS THE RAGE OF GOD. Well, we know the story, and let's just turn there. My message, today, is in 1st Samuel chapter 7.

Now, this whole chapter 7, verse 1 through verse 17 deals with what I'm talking about. Samuel was the prophet, THE prophet of God in those days. And then in verse 3, here's what's happening: "And Samuel spake unto all the house of Israel, saying, If ye do return unto the LORD with all your hearts, then put away the strange gods and Ashtaroth” He mentions one, “from among you, and prepare your hearts unto the LORD, and serve him only: and he will deliver you out of the hand of the Philistines."

Ok, not only did they take the ark, but the Philistines also made war against Israel, and they were in a vexed place—because when the heart of God was taken out of their midst, that weakened them entirely. Not only was it their own sins, but losing the ark really did a trick on them. That would be like China coming over (to America) and booting everybody out of the capital and putting up a Red Chinese flag where the American flag used to be; that's the heart of America. Could you imagine that?

Or, how about Islam? Islam has already said they're going to do that. They're already claiming they're going to “take that damned American flag and throw it down, and spit upon it, and burn it,” and they're “going to raise their flag with a sword on it, and it's going to fly over this country, right in the middle of this country in Washington D.C.” . The capital building itself is like the ark of God for this nation.

They're already claiming that. They're already saying they're going to do that. That's why the jihadists are here, that's why they have their training camps, that's why Obama's bringing people in, that's why they're doing what they're doing, and God is not stopping any of it. And I've often said to myself, "Why in the Hell don't the FBI go in there? Why don't the police go in there? Why don't the army go in there and stop these people? They know they're there."

Not a word has been said in the media—not one word—all these years that I have read, except lately. And they weren't even talking about those training camps, other than that lawsuit. And now, their website is totally gone; if you look for their website which said all this, it's totally gone. I looked for it the other day; it's gone. They made them take it down.

These are Muslims that have been exposed for having training camps to destroy America right in this land, right here. And one of their top training camps is in New York, in the Catskill mountains. I know exactly where it is on the map because I have said that long ago—that's one of their main ones.

And they're training these people just like the special forces train their people to go in and brutally kill anybody and everybody—when the time is announced. And then these people came around and sued these people that blew the whistle on them; they obviously got away with it because now their website's gone, and they're under a lawsuit for doing it. Do you hear an outcry out there? There's no outcry. Do you know why? PEOPLE ARE SNOOZING AND SLEEPING. THEY'RE NOT EVEN AWARE OF THE DANGER THAT'S IN THIS NATION.

I tell you this, friend: as cruel as you are towards God, God can turn a people cruel towards you. He did it time and time again, He's done it throughout history, and He'll do it to this nation. If you do not repent of your sins, and you do not turn back to God—get your heart right, and put away your strange gods—God can turn these cruel people over against you. They hate this country, they hate Americans, and they especially hate Christians the most. They will have absolutely zero mercy—in their merciless bloodshed—if God permits; and more than likely, God may just permit that.

Say, "Well, the police will protect us—the government will help." The government is helping them…stupid. This is what I'm trying to tell you. When you have ABC News saying that Obama is found guilty of using some of these jihadists—bringing them in here secretly in this migration of these people fleeing those countries, what's he doing with those people? He's funneling them through these training camps. I'm adding that because I know that is true.

He is not a Christian. His socialist agenda is socialism and communism, his secret love is Islam, and he does everything in his power to protect Islam and everything he can to desecrate Christianity out of this country. So, if you're supporting Barrack—Barry, Barry the fairy—you'd better repent of that. That man is a demon. Let me repeat that: THAT MAN IS A DEMON IN A HUMAN BODY. Isn't that something?

Ok, back to Shiloh. Now, check this out. First of all, REPENT. Do turn; do repent unto the Lord. That's what Samuel said "This is what you've got to do." Number 2, verse 4, "Then the children of Israel did put away Baalim and Ashtaroth, and served the LORD only." They repented. They were commanded to repent; they repented, and then we see over here in verse 13: "So the Philistines were subdued." Their enemies were subdued. Now, dear one, that's a blueprint. Right now, the call to repent is going out by God's messengers, it's been going out—"REPENT,;REPENT."

Now we're waiting to hear back. We are repenting, and we want to see some fruits of repentance. I don't want to see the lights down dim, and soft music playing, and the all-heads-bowed crap! I WANT TO SEE SOME REPENTANCE. I WANT TO SEE PEOPLE HOWLING, MOANING, AND CRYING OVER THE SINS AGAINST GOD. THEN I WILL BELIEVE IT.

I don't want to see this Billy Graham crap you see when people bow their head and act like they're repenting, and as soon as their heads are up, they're running off to the whorehouses. This is Babylon churchianity in people—they don't even know what "repentance" means. Repentance means turn back around; in fact, make a u-turn. That's what it means—make a YOU-TURN. "Well, God will save me in my sins." No He won't; those days are over sweetie; there's a time-limit on this repentance stuff.

 And if we keep crying repentance out, but it is not sufficient, God will say: "Don't pray for these people anymore." I know that time will come for us. I know God will say, "No, they're not listening. They haven't repented; stop praying. Now I'm going to do my devastation operation entirely this time." I believe God is going to do that—if there is not enough repentance.

Now, I believe He's going to do it anyway, but He's giving an interlude here, an intermission time for people to really get right with God because He's going to pressure them to get right with God. But as a nation, as it is now, I don't need a weatherman to tell me the way the wind blows: it's coming anyway—because this country is up to its eyeballs in blood-shed. And unless a country repents of its abortions, repents of its war-murdering and marauding it's been doing for years on end, there's no hope for that nation except BLOOD in this place.

And God has told us, and I don't mind telling you either. God told us we would see the day come when blood would run in American streets knee-deep. He told us this back in Montana days, when we were young Christians in this thing. He said, "The day is coming in this country that you will see, with your own eyes, blood running in the streets of America knee-deep."

Now, that may be an expression. God uses expressions to get our attention, maybe not exactly, but it depends on if you're an infant, then it's not very high. If you're a 6' 8" ball player, then it could be a little bit deeper. But, the expression was "knee deep." That's enough to scare me—in the streets of America will be blood running.

Ok, “repent.” They repented. Then it says, "God subdued their enemies and they came no more into the coast of Israel: and the hand of the LORD was against the Philistines all the days of Samuel. And the cities which the Philistines had taken from Israel were restored to Israel."

Do you want America to be restored? Do you want the good ol' days to come back again? Do you want peace over the land? Do you want these pink perverts and these Islamic jihadists out of this land? Do you want the commies to be gone?


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