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Repentance Revolution


Gen. James Green

N OW TODAY, we will be in Jeremiah 26; this is part 2. I’ll finish this message up today. I’m going to read a few news briefs that I was talking about yesterday. But, I want to start out in Jeremiah 26. We were there, and then we went to Jeremiah 7; but I’m not going to go there today. My main text in this chapter here will be in verse 3.

Now, if everybody has their Bibles, and if everybody is there, It says: “If so be, they will hearken,” talking about the backsliders, “and turn every man from his evil way...” Now the Lord is saying, following up with that, “that I may repent me of the evil.”

Now, if you want to get God in a Repentance Revolution, then we’ve got to repent, you see? You say: “Well, I just don’t think I need to repent over anything.” Well, God needed to repent over something—He was going to repent over the evil that He was going to do to His own people. But, He was giving them a chance thorough Jeremiah, for them to repent of their sins; if they repented, then he was going to repent of the evil that he was going to levy against them.

SO, IF GOD HAS ENOUGH HUMILITY TO REPENT, AND HE NEVER COMMITS ANY SINS, HOW MUCH MORE ARE MEN WORTHY OF JUDGMENT, AND IN NEED OF REPENTANCE? And the same applies to Jesus. Jesus came, dear ones, to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. He did not come to the sinning, pagan, idolatrous, adulterous, murderous pagans—He came to His own people—because they were in such a damned mess that it took Jesus leaving His throne in Heaven to come to this filthy earth, in the form of a man, to walk the earth as a man, and to pay the penalty of men’s sin by His own manly, or human, death; painful death, as a matter of fact.

These priests, these prophets—false prophets in the days of Jeremiah, or in the days of all the prophets, major and minor prophets—they hated to hear the Word of the Lord. They wanted to kill Jeremiah, you can read the rest of that. They wanted to put him to death. It was the religious people that wanted to do that, and they wanted to do the same with Jesus. Jesus committed no sins, but yet He came to free His people of their sins, to save them out of their sins, not save them in their sins, but save them OUT of their sins.

And He was a man that had humility. He prayed in a repentance revolution for His own people also, and He never committed any sins. So, if you think you have nothing to pray over, and you’re so self-righteous that you just want to see God smash everybody because you think that you’re so good, we all need to remember: WE’RE ALL SINNERS SAVED BY THE GRACE OF GOD, and we were all going to Hell without the intervention of Jesus dying on our behalf.

Now, God has told us that there is an intermission time here between judgments. His judgments have not stopped. They’re continuing on, and they will continue on. But He told us this morning that He is giving us a break, or giving America right now a BREAK FOR REPENTANCE.

And if America does not take the challenge and repent, especially God’s own people, and God’s intercessors or “prayer warriors” don’t really get down to business with God, then God is going to pick up and take off worse than He was doing before in judgments: smashing and bashing, and crashing, and throwing things around. And it’s very possible that He may entirely destroy America as we know it.

Your president’s just about done that job already. He’s just about destroyed everything that has any sanity left to it. Leave it to that pink pervert and there will be nothing left in the two remaining years that that slime has left.

Now, we are doing our share here: we are praying everyday, that’s how we receive these messages. We teach four or five times a week, we pray, we sacrifice, and we do all these things that all Christians are supposed to be doing; and we don’t mind doing these things. This is our reasonable service to God. But for you church slime that go and play goo-goo with the world, and go to church and play goo-goo in the church, there’s nothing awaiting you except damnation and hellfire. That’s all. Going to your church and having your name written down as a member won’t get you out of Hell.

Now, I’m going to tell it to you straight: IT’S EITHER HEAVEN OR HELL; THERE’S NO IN-BETWEEN. You need to get out of the Joel Osteen mindset that you have your best life now and go to Heaven living like a demon; and you need to quit repeating what Joyce Meyers is saying, that “God’s just crazy about you, and he chases you around because he’s so in love with you” bull crap. There are times that God is literally disturbed, and as a result He destroys His own people, as Jeremiah is proof of.

Now, God was going to repent of the evil “which [He] purpose[d] to do unto them because of the evil of their doings.” Now, let’s turn to Malachi, that’s the last book in the Old Testament, and I’m going to read you something really nice, and very pleasant. And I’m going to start in verse 1, chapter 2: “And now, O ye priests…” here you have another prophet, at another time, speaking to the same people, not the same individuals, but the same group of people—the priests and the prophets—the false prophets, those that were in charge of Israel, the leadership.

Here you have another prophet putting forth this message: “This commandment is for you.” I’m sure their ears perked up. I’m sure they thought they were going to hear a nice prophesy that God loved them so much, and God was going to bless them in their sins; I’m sure they were waiting to hear that. Verse 2, “If ye will not hear, and if ye will not lay it to heart, to give glory unto my name, saith the LORD of hosts, I will even send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings: yea, I have cursed them already, because ye do not lay it to heart.”

Ok, curse their blessings. Friends, this is already happening. This has already happened in America: GOD HAS ALREADY CURSED THIS COUNTRY. It’s because, in one sense, you people that will not lay it to heart, and will not repent of your sins, and will not walk right. You brought the curse—you invited the curse in, and God has promised throughout His Word that He will curse your blessings if you don’t lay this to heart.

Well, obviously, America has not laid this to heart—about repenting of their sins. And preachers are getting worse, and all they do is talk about: “We need more finances; we need to build bigger buildings; I had a dream; I had a vision; God spoke to me,” and all this junk you hear constantly. It’s all of the devil. All God is wanting people to do is to get right, and to live right. And if they don’t, then the curses come.

Ok, that’s not all. Here you have verse 3: “Behold, I will corrupt your seed, (or your children) and spread dung upon your faces.” That doesn’t sound very politically correct or religiously correct, prophet. Well, it says that here.

“Even the dung of your solemn feasts; and one shall take you away with it.” So what’s God saying? God’s saying, “When you offer sacrifices that I ordained in the beginning—doing them right, for the right motive—when you go to do that, I’m not going to accept those sacrifices. I’m going to take dung and smear it on your stinking face because that’s exactly how I feel about you.” That’s not very loving.

Now, I know that’s an expression, and I’m sure God didn’t do that physically—put dung on their faces, but there’re other places in your Bible in Jeremiah where it identifies that God says their bodies will be strewn about through wars and diseases, and they will lay upon the ground like dung lays upon the ground. That’s how God feels about his own people (25:33).

You’ll find this quite often. Those are expressions of God’s disdain for: the wrong kind of worship, the wrong kind of relationship, and we are in that place now—America is in that place—where God is going to wipe crap on your faces, church folks.

Well, you probably will like that—being part of the homosexual agenda; you know, they eat crap—there are crap-eaters in the homosexual movement. And I could get really vulgar here, and it’s not even vulgar. It’s reality about some of the filthy, filthy things that these perverts do. So, eating crap would not be too hard these days if you’re part of the homosexual agenda, which churches are now inviting into their churches. NOW, WITH THAT SAID AND DONE, HOW FAR WILL WE PUSH GOD BEFORE HE ANNIHILATES THIS COUNTRY?

Now, I was saying yesterday, there’re many ways God can destroy America. Now, if you heard the word this morning, He was saying that He’s giving America a short time to repent. He used those words “a short time,” which means that we are in the blessed state right now that we can repent of our personal sins. We can repent for those that can’t repent or don’t want to repent, but God says: “IF you’ll do it”—if His intercessors would do it, He could move on those people that can’t do it or don’t want to do it; He could move on them in such a way that some of them will see their sins, and repent, and get in the revolution itself.

Friends, we need people in this revolution. We need numbers, not because I need your money, and not because I’m building some big something. God is wanting people to stand up for Him again in this nation.

It’s a queer thing that 3%-4% of Americans are homosexual, and that includes lesbians, and bisexuals, and transgenders, and all those filthy maggots. They have this whole country terrorized, and they have this whole country in a state of total confusion: “I don’t know if I’m gay or not! I mean they’re telling me the whole country wants to be gay. Am I gay? Am I straight? Am I gay? Am I straight?” Confusion.

Well, I’m going to set the record straight: I AM NOT GAY, AND I’M STRAIGHT, AND THE BIBLE DECLARES THAT THOSE SINS ARE ABOMINATION, and they are a stench unto His nostrils. That’s the truth. Get unconfused here today folks in Churchland; read your Bibles for a change. The Bible is very plain and explicit, not implicit, but EXPLICIT on these kind of sins: God abhors unlawful sex sins, along with murder, lying, idolatry, adulteries, and all these other things. He abhors them, and America, both church and state, are doing these things 90 miles an hour down the freeway headed to Hell. They’re going fast. No repentance inside. They don’t want to, and probably they won’t do it, but I’m going to believe there will be some to repent.

Now, as I was saying, here’s a headline here about God has many ways He can destroy America, and I’ve been saying, “If you church people will not become militant, and you will not stand in the militancy of God, in the Holy Spirit, and you will not be aggressive and defend the Gospel, and defend your faith, other people will defend their faith and kick your butt out of this country.”

Well, that’s what’s going on right now. They’re saying Obama is literally CRAZY with cutting things out of the Bible, and cutting things out of the constitution, and getting rid of this, and getting rid of that; and to hear him tell it, when he’s standing before Christians, he’s a Christian. He doesn’t believe in Hell, of course, but he’s a “Christian.” When he’s before Muslims, he’s an Islamic; when he’s before the communists, he’s a socialist; when he’s before the Nazi fascist pigs, then he’s one of them; and when he’s before the pinkos, he’s definitely one of them. He’s America’s first gay president. Hang on there a minute. I got some news for you: he’s not the first.

Now, this is the headline here. Several days ago, ABC, which is controlled by the ‘elite’—the bankers, the Bilderbergs, the foreign relation people—all these people out there have billions and billions of dollars and control the whole monetary system of the world. The Rothschilds and all these people, they control all the news media, not the underground, but the news media, and ABC is controlled entirely. They’re told what to say, and what not to say.

And here you have it: “ABC News Uncovers Obama Administration Has Flooded America with Islamic Terrorists Disguised as Iraqi Refugees.” Well, whoever wrote that, and whoever’s saying that, is probably going to have their head(s) cut off. And then it gives all the stuff about this.

And I’ve been saying this for years. If you’ve been around that long, and you’ve been tuning in to our broadcasts, back there in the 1980's I was saying this. Not because Obama was doing it, but they’ve been slipping in here. But anyway, this administration is doing this.

And I told you in Repentance Revolution Part 1, that they have ALL KINDS OF JIHAD TRAINING CAMPS IN THIS COUNTRY; I’ve been saying that for at least five or six years, and the media’s never even mentioned that. There’s been no invasion, no arrest over that, except the person that just got sued over them exposing these training camps. They had some big internet ministry, and it’s gone now, and they’re being sued by the Islamics for telling the public that there are Jihadist training camps on American soil, funded by the Arabs overseas!—some of those rich sheiks that have billions and billions of dollars.

NOW, WHERE ARE ALL THESE REFUGEES GOING? Now, I’m not saying that every refugee who comes here is jihadist, but they’re Muslims; and there’re all kinds of brands of Muslims: the Sunnis, the Shiites, and all those other kinds, wanna-bees, Wahhabis, and all these bee’s out there; there’re plenty of them.

But here, in this story, here’s what the ABC news says. This was reported on August the 8th, 2013. That’s been a while ago. It says, “The news warns you of the plan by the Obama administration to sneak into the country SCORES OF HIGHLY TRAINED MUSLIM TERRORISTS disguised as refugees from war-torn Iraq and Syria. Today, ABC news confirms that this has happened exactly as we warned you it would.” Well, somebody has warned them previously that this was going to happen. Well, you don’t have to be a prophet to know some of these things; you just have to have common sense.

Then here’s what ABC says: “Several dozen suspected terrorist bomb-makers….” Now, they’re only dealing with bomb-makers. They’re not dealing with other people, just people that are experts in making bombs. “Including some believed to have targeted American troops may have mistakenly been allowed to move to the United States as war refugees, according to FBI agents investigating remnants of roadside bombs recovered from Iraq and Afghanistan…” and blah, blah, blah.

It goes on to say they just caught 2 here about a week ago in my home state {town}, Bowling Green, Kentucky. Bowling Green wasn’t too far from where I was born and raised. But here, you have two of these Jihadists living there, they had jobs, they quit their jobs, and then they got on welfare.

All the Muslims come here and get on welfare, and start sucking the big tit of America. They don’t want to work, they suck, and they plan how to destroy this country. These two bastards were finally caught because they were bragging to other people that they had been over there and they had killed Americans, and they knew how to make bombs. They were being investigated, and the FBI tricked them into telling more because they said, “Well, let’s just supply big arms in this war, and we’ll get you all this stuff.” So they went for the bait, and they got caught.

Well, anyway, what they found was their fingerprints on some of the bombs: the number here is “one hundred thousand impoverished explosive devices that the army has collected, that didn’t go off.” They collected these over there—one hundred thousand. Believe it or not, these two guys’ fingerprints were on some of them, and that’s how they nabbed these two guys. Their fingerprints were on them. So, it proved that they were the bomb makers, and they are now in Federal prison, but that’s only two that are in this report here.

Where are all those other hundreds and hundreds of Jihadists? Probably in those training camps, and probably being paid with black money, not because I’m talking about Obama’s color; black money/black operations is just military terminology for money that’s unaccounted for in government. In the days when I was in the military, they called it the ‘black box’ or the ‘black bag money.’ When they paid informants off or when they paid people to do things, it was money unaccounted for, and they usually just called it the operation black box money.

SO, OBAMA’S PROBABLY FUNDING BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF BLACK MONEY INTO THESE TRAINING CAMPS HIMSELF. He won’t tell you that, but I’m almost sure his little fingerprints are there somewhere, and he knows all this is going on. Don’t tell me he doesn’t know.

Well, anyway, I’m not going to get too far in that. I’m just telling you that in the ABC news, you have a big picture: these are jihadists here, “Meet Obama’s Refugees, All Armed to the T, Bomb-Makers/Snipers.”

These two guys, one of them said he had killed four people with a sniper rifle himself. He confessed that. Listen to this: “70,000 Iraqi war refugees are in the US already.” 70,000, that’s just from one country. What about Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, and all these others? Hundreds of thousands of these people coming in, getting on welfare—while you Americans don’t have a place to live, you don’t have any money, and this black slime from the pink house up there in the District of Corruption is bringing all these people in here, and he knows good and well that a lot of them he can USE when he wants to.

And there’s even a comment in here that says: “These trained terrorists (in the art of bomb-making) that are inside the US, and quite frankly from Homeland Security perspective: ‘they really concern me.’” This is one of the top officials saying that. But they’re saying: anytime that Obama wants to call for war, he will call for these Jihadists in these training camps, and they will do what they want to do.

And you don’t want to see the massacring these people have been guilty of. If you read anything about Islamic history and their wars, they’re bloody: they cut off ears, they cut off noses, they flay people alive, they poke out eyes, they cut off hands, they cut off feet, and they disembowel people. This is the way they operate; they’re very nasty in their killing. This happens all the time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a soldier or you’re a civilian. They just do it. They burn you alive, they hack you up, they love the knife stuff, they cut heads off, and they hang you.

Like I said previously, when we were in Nigeria in the 90's and saw a whole city on fire. THE MUSLIMS, THE NIGHT BEFORE, HAD SET IT ON FIRE, AND THE WHOLE CITY WAS BURNING. And we were going into that city, and millions of people were coming out of the city. They had their big transport trucks. Everybody’s stuff piled all over them; people were hanging all over trucks, coming out of the burning city because the Muslims were in a terrorist outbreak there, and I remember the smoke was so thick you could hardly see anything. And I thought: “My God, you brought us into this mess?”

Well, we went right into that mess because we were there on a mission, and the city had just been burned, and it was still burning when we were there. And we went to a missionary camp they had for us, and THEY EXPECTED AN ATTACK THAT NIGHT WHERE THEY WERE GOING TO COME IN AND KILL EVERYBODY. And of course, usually we would pray all night; we were praying all that night, and we were SPARED. But from there, we drove another hundred miles to Jos.

Jos, Nigeria, is the line between north Nigeria and south. The north from Jos on up to north Nigeria is all Islamic, from that line south, it’s all Christian; so you have that country divided. We were in the north where they were burning, and then we drove to Jos which was right on the line. And that’s where we stayed, at that time, with General Masson, and we were ministering there.

But, I’m just telling you, I forgot how many people died. I think they killed 3 or 4 thousand Christians the night that we got there. And of course, the Christians retaliated, as far as I knew. In those days, I think they burnt 3 mosques down: that’s small compared to how many buildings and churches that the terrorists had burnt. Ok, so much for happiness and joy.

Anyway, back to smearing dung on your face. Are you ready for this? Are you people ready, really ready, to have God smear crap in your face, you priests, you false prophets in church la-la land. He’s not talking about He’s going to do this to the pagans. He’s talking about He’s going to do this to His own professing people. HE’S GOING TO DO IT.

Now, to get off the Jihad movement, here’s some really juicy stuff: “China announces it’s going to de-Americanize the world: caps all purchases of US dollar.” In other words, they’re saying, “We’re not going to buy American dollars anymore. Bye-bye America.” They say: “We’re going to use our money,” because they own all American currency.

America owes those people I forgot how many trillions of dollars that Obama, or any other president, is not going to pay back. And they’re saying, “The Hell on you Americans. We’re going to cripple you worldwide; your money will be…you will wipe your rear end on it, because it will be nothing.” That’s what they’re saying. And there’s a whole article on that.

“China is the largest foreign holder of US debt, with about 1.3 trillion in treasury bonds, and is concerned about the impact of US failure to raise the debt limit on those holdings.” You know, they just raised the debt. They raised it a few years ago. They raised it again, they keep raising the debt, and there’s no gold to back it up! So, this is insanity of the president and his administration—Obama: he’s done that twice since he’s been in. Well, he spends most of it on his vacations: 19 vacations and counting since he’s been in office, costing you people millions of dollars.

When he went to Africa this last time, do you know how much that cost you tax payers? 100 million dollars—for that criminal to go over there and try to get gay rights to a few African countries. And do you know what they did to that puke? They booed him out of there. Boo-ed him out: “NObama,” that was the shouting of the population of those countries that he went to: Tanzania and a few of those other places.

We’ve been in Tanzania, and I know how they feel there. And he was hoping he would get somebody on his side. Well, he got what he deserved: “NOBAMA,” that’s what they were shouting. That means they don’t want him there. He’s a traitor. They all look at him like he’s a traitor. Well, anyway, it cost you people 100 million dollars for that little escapade to try to go and get gay rights in other countries.

Thank God we’ve been to many African countries and preached against this crap for 20-25 years before that criminal got there. And we have spread at least probably several millions pieces of anti-homophobic material there before he got there. And thank God Africans took it to heart because they don’t want that there. Now, put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Prez.

OK, CHINA’S GOING TO DO THIS. THEY SAID THEY CAN KILL AMERICA OFF WITHOUT EVEN FIRING A SHOT, all they have to do is say: “No more money; we’re not buying your money anymore. It’s worthless. We’re going to sell our money now, and the whole world will use our money—Chinese dollar/Yen,” or whatever it’s called. How interesting! There’s a whole article on that, in case you want to look that up.

I’m going to get to my last part here. Here is a picture of Abraham Lincoln sitting there on a throne with his hat and staff in shame, and it says, “A rainbow curtain has descended on the land of Lincoln.” And it says, (I’m just going to quote a few things). The person that wrote this is from Illinois, of course. Now, you know Illinois was the 16th state that passed the same-sex marriage. Now, there’re some significance to 16, and I’m going to go into that right now.

Now, in case you don’t know it, and you’re confused, GOD ABHORS HOMOSEXUALITY. He abhors incest. He abhors fornication, adultery, and bestiality—sex with animals. He abhors all those things, along with other sins, but those are sex-sins that God will not tolerate from anybody, at any time in history.

Ok, so America is inviting this junk in, and people are confused, “Am I gay; am I straight? Am I gay; am I straight?” If you’re gay, join their crowd and be damned forever; if you’re straight, stand up for Christ and fight. Get it straight morons. Quit having the Joel mentality: “I’ve got these [homos] in my church that are nice people.” They’re nice people? They’re there to destroy your church Mr. Osteen. Stupid.

Ok here: “After the same-sex marriage was passed, just a short while ago...” this writer’s saying: “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that 14 tornadoes hit Illinois this past Sunday.” Now, he’s talking about November the 17th.

14 TORNADOES IN ILLINOIS IN ONE DAY. GEE, IS GOD ANGRY ABOUT SOMETHING? Well, let’s just see. I’m just quoting a few things: “We may be languishing in the toilet under Bush and Rove.” I know who Bush was, but I’m not sure who he’s talking about Rove. He says, “But ever since Obama took office,” here we go: “I’ve been hearing a giant flushing sound, and there’s nothing to cling to as we’re sprawling downward in the toilet” like a turd being flushed.

Now, that reminds me, if you go back and read some of our very early prophetic books, there is a prophecy in there that God says: “there is a sucking funnel descending on America,” and He used the words: SUCKING FUNNEL,” like a tornado funnel, and it’s sucking things up into it, or sucking things down like a toilet would. And here this person is saying this. Well, that prophecy was given maybe 10, 15 years ago? It’s been a long time ago, but here he’s using this about going downward.

“The news doesn’t dribble out anymore; here a little, there a little.” It says, “[now] it’s coming 90 miles an hour, eastbound down a westbound lane.” He’s talking about the news of what Obama’s up to. “So the air force drops ‘So help me God’ from their oaths, while Obama drops ‘under God’ for the dozenth time since he’s been in office.”

He [Obama] hates the word “God.” He hates the word “Jesus,” he hates the Bible, he hates Jesus, he hates you Christians, and he hates me. Your president hates me. Well, I hate him too, thank you. There is no love lost, maggot. I don’t like you. I’m praying that you will repent, but I’m not looking for it. And trust me sweetie, it’s all I can do to pray for that vomitus urp. I should be “praying more for our president.” Well I do. I pray that God will get rid of him.

Ok, now going on here, it says, “The land of Lincoln approved same-sex marriage,” and then they talk about that. And then, it goes on and says: “A day doesn’t go by anymore without story after story detailing corruption, manipulation, extortion. And on the republican side....” Then they’re talking about how the republicans are surrendering to the democrats on everything: a bunch of panty-waisted cowards, red, white, and blue, boo-hoo-hoos. You republicans haven’t got any guts or grit left. Do you know why? Because YOU’VE BEEN GUTTED OUT BY THE DEMOCRATS.

None of you guys will stand for anything. I don’t believe in democrats or republicans, but if you’re going to stand for something, usually, democrats stand for the slime, like Obama; republicans stand for God in one sense…one sense.

Ok, democrats, he’s saying, “They are like socialists and fascists, and republicans aside from Ted Cruz…” (Ted Cruz is the one from Texas who threw a big fit about this thing that just happened about stopping the debt ceiling and all that. Well, it went through anyway.) But, that’s who it’s talking about. “They became the whipping post.”

Then he says, “Wake up America. Your country has just been stolen. Obama and his henchmen are not incompetent; this has been the most well-orchestrated take-down since….” Then he talks about other people there. “WELL- ORCHESTRATED TAKE-DOWN”!

“Obama is a wussified, effeminate, maggot faggot, and he is well-informed; he knows exactly what he’s doing. He is a puppet on a string, and he does everything that his bosses tell him to do…” and that’s to “get rid of Christianity and anything resembling God in this country!” And that’s what he’s working at—to make sure there’re plenty of pinkos out there, because he knows pinks stink, and he knows it’s in the face of God, and that’s why he’s so bent on homosexuality and all this filthiness.

And he knows Muslims hate God—the God we serve—they serve Allah; we serve God. They hate Christianity, and they hate Christians. And that’s why he caters to them, because he’s one of them. He knows if the Muslims are let loose, they will destroy all Christianity at any given time anywhere in the world.

So, homosexuality/the pinkos/the stinkos, and the Islamics, those two major forces are here. Then we have the big socialist giant called China that says: “We’re not taking your stuff anymore. You either pay up, or we’re going to put you out of business.” Well, we won’t pay up; we have nothing to pay. So, more than likely, your dollar won’t be worth anything by tomorrow.

“130 and counting major officers in the military have been purged.” We’re talking about Generals of all ranks, and Colonels, have been purged out of the military—because they were pro-America. And that’s what they’re fighting for [America right?], and he doesn’t like that: “Get these bastards out of there! We want someone to stand up for Carl Marx for God’s sake; he’s our founding father!...and Harry Hay of course, the gay Harry Hay. We don’t want to forget him!”

They’ve been purged [from the military]. And then they say, “Well, where is all the press about all that?” It says, “Where are the press conferences chronicling Obama’s breeches of the Constitution?” He doesn’t care about the constitution. He’s not an American. He doesn’t give a crap about your constitution: flush it down the toilet. He doesn’t care about it! That’s why he violates it every day. “Meanwhile the Pentagon gleefully...” they got it in quotes “...purges God, Christ, the Bible, and Christians from the armed services, swapping it with the policy that once dishonorably discharged perverts.”

When I was in the army, we called it “SECTION 8.” If anybody was even suspected of being a queer, section 8 came to your attention, and you were kicked out of the military. Section 8, that meant you were a homo or anything like that. Now, these people are praised, and what does Obama want to do with them? Tough Marines, he wants them to wear pink coverings, probably pink hats, girly hats. They call them “girly-hats.” That’s what he’s going to do; they even disgrace the Marines. I’ve said it for awhile that it would only be a matter of time until the military would be in pink uniforms. “Say Bruce, stay off my red high-heels, say!” “Oh, I just love your pink curls Jill!” No, they don’t have butch haircuts anymore, that is the Marines with the shaved heads. Now they have little curls coming down with little pink fighting hats on. They’re pink. Obama is demanding they wear pink, girly hats now for the Marines. Do you know why he’s doing that? Because the Marines are the toughest. He wants to take away their manhood.

Ok, then it says, after they’ve discharged the perverts in the days I was in there: “And you are still waiting for someone else to speak up on your behalf.” You’d better wait a long time. No one’s going to speak up for us Christians. We have to do it ourselves.

Ok, finishing up here: “Meanwhile, in the land of Lincoln, governor Guinn,” this is the governor of the land of Lincoln: “commits double-dog blasphemy while signing a same-sex marriage bill that makes Illinois the 16th state in the union to do so. Not only did this Catholic Guinn defile the Holy Bible by reading from the book of 1st Corinthians, but he did so, and then signed the bill on Abraham Lincoln’s personal desk.”

That’s not all. “Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president, and Illinois the 16th state to ratify gay marriage. Abraham Lincoln was as queer,” and it has some other things the guy said there because I read it in ‘The Advocate.’ ‘The Advocate’ is a queer paper, so they’re saying now that “Abraham Lincoln was queer, so now we need to make Illinois queer! So, we’ll sign the bill on the first gay president’s desk, and then read from the ‘love chapter’ in the Apostle Paul’s epistle to the Corinthians.” Now, I’ve got to finish this up: “While televising the whole thing for the world to share in our glee.”

This governor of Illinois had this televised. He was reading the “love chapter,” I guess chapter 13 in 1st Corinthians, he’s saying that Paul wrote that in favor of loving homosexuals, and them loving one another. That’s what he’s doing. But, this maggot, Guinn (you are a maggot to the core) forgot to read chapter 6 of 1st Corinthians which says in verse 9 to 11 that: “Don’t you know that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Do not be deceived, neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, or men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the Kingdom of God.” And then he says: “And such WERE some of you.” In other words, “You have been saved, you’ve been washed, you’ve been cleansed, now you’re a Christian, and you’re no longer those things,” but why didn’t this guy read THAT?

So what he’s saying, finishing this up here, he says, “If Obama is the velvet glove, and the alphabet mafia is the iron fist, and all opposition were put through a lavender inquisition...” now those are catch words in the homo movement, ‘velvet, lavender, [glove, fist].’ “That would make the other countries that have been under this blush.”

Then it says: “You will bow to the rainbow statue when you hear the music play, or you will not be able to do business, join the military, run for office, or get health care.” Then it’s talking about the fact that rainbow is the color of the faggots—they use the rainbow [as their sign]. So if you don’t bow, like with Nebuchadnezzar, when he made a statue unto himself, and said: “When you hear the sound of the music you guys, I want you to bow down and praise me because I am so great.” This is what he’s saying: “If you don’t bow down and worship the gay agenda, the rainbow agenda, then you’re out dear one; you’re out entirely; you can’t do any of this stuff. Basically, you’re just an outcast here.”

“Righteousness is an exile for Christians and patriots alike. It’s time to Daniel up, put the coffer down, don’t rely on any news outlets that are telling you the water’s only a bit warm and raise a next generation of american heroes” blah, blah, blah…

Ok, so it tells me one thing: after that faggot maggot Guinn signed that on television and said Abraham Lincoln was queer and 16th president and that they are the 16th state, 14 tornadoes a few days later ripped that stinking place apart. Look it up on Youtube, and look at some of the damage done. I was surprised how bad that was. They said the whole central Illinois is destroyed. You don’t hear this in the news anymore.

I wonder if Samaritan’s Curse is going there anymore with their China packs to tell everybody how “God loves them”—after they settled the same-sex marriage…oh, they’ll be there probably. If Franklin thought he could get a few dollars, whew! He would sell Billy boy, before he’s even dead, out for praise and publicity, and of course, money.

Ok, it’s time to pray, it’s time to GET REAL, it’s time to get in the REPENTANCE REVOLUTION, it’s time to READ YOUR BIBLE, it’s time to stand up for God, it’s time to BE AGGRESSIVE, it’s time to get MILITANT, it’s time to join the army of God, it’s time, it’s time, and it’s past time dear one for the Revolution. The solution to the stinking pollution is REPENTANCE REVOLUTION!

So, if you have a heart at all towards the things of God, repent of your sins, repent of other’s sins out there, and let’s get going on this thing. Because God is telling us that if we would really pray, He could actually turn things around. He could get rid of the Obama administration. He could get rid of the pinks: one plague could wipe them all out overnight. God can do a lot of things if we will pray. If we don’t pray, I don’t want to be here because this country’s going to be queer; I’m telling you that, dear one! They’ll be molesting your little children as soon as they come out of the womb: that’s how sick some of these people are.

So, we’d better pray right now. We’re going to pray, but in case our prayers are not enough, and there’re not enough people doing it, and God says: “Ok, I’m bringing my judgments,” and God says: “I’m going to smash and bash more,” any of these things that I’ve been talking about can come upon this country.

China can really keep to their word and dismiss America. Not just dismiss America’s debt, but dismiss the money—go around and use their own money, and AMERICAN MONEY WOULD BE WORTH NOTHING. They could disarm America worldwide in one move of a pen—without firing one little 22 shell to kill anybody. All Americans would be killed by one signing of a pen: “I’m done with this debt crap, you haven’t paid up, and you own this to me. No more. I’m not lending…” They’re saying we’re not going to get money lent to us anymore.

As you know, they sent Hilary the hussy over there a few years ago to beg China for more money, that they’d buy more money from us, and of course, at that time, they did. They’re saying now they’re not. What they could do for payment, they could say, “I want a hunk of your real estate. First of all, I’m going to take Washington D.C.,” that’s worth I don’t know how many billions of dollars, “I want that. I want to kick everybody out of the D.C. area—that whole area----and we’re going to take the capital, take the american flag down, and spit on it—what it deserves, and then raise up the Chinese flag, the communist Chinese flag, and that will be our headquarters.”

You think this if funny? This can actually happen. And guess who would probably say “YES” to it? Your president, because he has a socialist heart. He is part of the Comradeship there. And it would not surprise me. He’s already sold America out. He would sell America out all the way if he thought he would still have a part in the Chinese administration; truly. SO ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. I’m hoping that there’s enough [praying and repentance] that will go forth that we don’t have to see any of this stuff come to pass, but in case it doesn’t, I’m here, and we’re going to see what happens.


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