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Dear Fellow Soldiers and Labourers,

Greetings in the name of our wonderful redeemer Jesus Christ the Lord. It is with much pleasure in my heart that I pick up my pen to write to your mission for the first time.

In fact, I must confess that your publication which I have received from my Christian brother has been a wonderful thing to my Christian life. I have read your booklet entitled Wisdom Cry #29. Your gospel is very touching, reaching inside my soul, spirit, and body, making one realize himself in this race which we are running.

However, I’m the only Christian brother among my family members. All of them are Muslims, therefore they try to convert me into their religion by means of condemning Christianity. Due to this there is disunity between us.

Please, my dear soldiers of the Lord, I really need your help by equipping me with all your booklets and tracts on the subject of Islam. Moreover, I’m convinced that if I am able to receive these booklets that they will go a long way to help me maintain my faith in Christ Jesus the Lord. Also, they will enable me to convince others to become Christians by means of giving them these booklets and tracts. I further promise that I am available for your outfit to make good use of me by His grace.

May His grace continually abound in you. I again prayed that the good Lord may continue to prosper and bless the work of all the workers in the mission. Remain blessed until we communicate again.

Your Brother in Christ,

Hammah Eleazer Busanga

GHANA W.Africa


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