Just One Touch

-By: General James Green- (Written In Prison) - 6/20/19

Matthew 8 records that “Jesus reached out His hand and touched him (the leper),” v.3. Jesus had a “hands on” ministry. Seven times in Matthew we read of Jesus healing people with a TOUCH. Although it was not necessary to actually have physical contact –He could just SPEAK the Word- He did so.

It wasn’t too far back in history that lepers were considered untouchables. In Malawi, Africa, my wife and I were in the wilds holding meetings. I remember one female leper crawled on her hands and knees for prayer, my mind told me “Don’t touch her!”, but my heart said, “Do it!” She was missing several fingers on each hand, and I believe her nose was gone. I see why Jesus had compassion on the sick and diseased. They are pathetic. We've touched all kinds of people with all kinds of sicknesses and diseases.

The need for a touch, a prayer, a kind word, even a harsh word has not gone away. Our years in the world’s mission field have been fruitful. Few times have we had the luxury of conveniences. No 5-star hotels for us. No big offering or fanfare. Just stark reality. We buried a young ACMTC officer in Africa. We’ve seen several die at the hands of Islamic jihadists. We’ve seen bad things happen to good people. We’ve seen miracle healings as well as those who died even though we prayed.

Sadly, social media, e.g., Facebook, YouTube, and dozens of other media outlets have moved human contact with each other into the back room. Humans are losing contact with each other, Now “touch” is associated with improper sexual contact, scandals, immorality etc. One must be careful to give a hug or friendly cheek kiss or hold hands. One must be extremely careful when it comes to children. If Jesus was here today, He would have to count the cost of sitting a child on his lap. Yet, the media is replete with porn and every other kind of interaction between children and adults. Even a godly pat on the back is dangerous. Are we going to lose touch as we go through life?

When Jesus entered Peter’s house, He saw his wife’s mother lying sick. It says that He TOUCHED her hand, and the fever left! (Matt. 8:14,15). Actually, the book of Matthew is a book of ACTS. Don’t be afraid to reach out and touch someone. Jesus did.

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