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How God's Spirit Operates

April, 2011

MOST DO NOT UNDERSTAND how God’s Spirit works. You see, God does not operate in the realm of “time”, that is, by our time. He can speak certain things, e.g., His judgment Word, but it may be years, even centuries before that particular Word comes to pass. But at other times things can come to pass quickly, even within a few years, even months or even weeks. We have witnessed this in our own short 40 plus years of Christian service.

And I might add, some times He may speak a judgment against someone or someones, nations, even against places and things, yet He can (and has) withdrew that intended punishment because of circumstances (like how He withdrew His intended punishment against Nineveh during the days of Jonah the prophet; Nineveh was a WICKED city, yet because of Jonah’s preaching, she repented and God changed His mind about her destruction. There are plenty of examples like this. In fact this is the whole reason for punishment is for repentance).


When God had us prophecy against her 16 years ago (in March, 1995) we have just witnessed this Word come to pass, (we have many similar prophecies in our other various Words of the Spirit newspapers and booklets).


April 30, 1999- Plague of Rotting Flesh. (found in Plagues of God Unleashed book #1: “….I say so it is that I am unleashing even this very day, the PLAGUE of the ROTTING FLESH….” (You can read this entire Word HERE). Although we do not see this completely manifested (yet), the very day He spoke it, that plague was set in motion. Case-in-point: Genesis 2:17, “….thou shalt not eat of it (forbidden fruit): for in THE DAY that thou eatest thereof thou SHALT SURELY DIE.” Adam did not die the very day they ate, but literally died some hundred years later, but DEATH set in the very day they ate of the forbidden fruit. So it is with the way God works even today. Keep all this in mind upon reading what we have published.

The Generals


We are offering (FREE) 8 Words of the Spirit booklets under the title: The Lord’s Holy War! The first prophetic word in this series, message 799, was given by the Lord to Generals Jim and Deborah on Sept. 12, 2001, the day after 9-11. You can read it HERE. 100 days later message 898 was given on Dec. 20, 2001. You can read it HERE. Write for this special “God’s Wrath Revealed” pack today.


Dear Jesus, I come to you with all the sins I've committed and I beg you to forgive me. Rescue me from eternal damnation in Hellfire. I confess that I am a sinner and that I cannot save myself. Don't let me die in my sins. Please cleanse my body, soul and spirit with your precious blood. I need your help and I ask you to come and live in my heart. I want to serve you, obey your commands and do what is right. I want to live for you everyday and receive everlasting life. Please lead and guide me by your Spirit into righteousness. Help me live a clean and holy life that is pleasing unto God. Thank you Jesus for hearing and answering my prayer. Amen! Read the BIBLE!

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