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I Don’t Know What To Believe!


Dear people,

            Yes, I’m one of the crazies that is addicted to the Dr. Phil TV program. I have my hate/love relation with him although his ego continually needs petting. But the reason I’m writing this letter to you people there in the cult is that I’m confused and perplexed about your group, especially the generals?

        To my point. On the show this woman who is identified as M.S. said that she was held captive for 10 weeks in a mildewy shed of some sort (I hope I’m getting this right, the show moves fast). Towards the end of the show this woman says that the generals put her in the shed but then said that the door was not locked and she could have left.

        At the beginning of the show, Dr. Phil states that this woman’s worse punishment was being locked in a windowless shed for 10 weeks and subsisted on peanut butter sandwiches. That sounds criminal to me! Why didn’t she call the police? If the said door was not locked, why not escape? Dr. Phil says that she said she was locked in the shed. Which is the true story here?

        About in the middle of the story, M. said she was in the shed for six months with no shower or any kind of toilet. Was she “locked up” or not? I’m confused.


            —End of letter with no name.




Dear Confused,

          Thank you for writing us. We did not watch the Dr. Phil Show because we do not watch TV (we don’t need brainwashing!). But I do have the transcript before me and you are right about the shed story being confusing.

          Apparently, this poor lady (the “peanut-butter princess“) is confused also. Mr. McGraw does state that she spent 10 weeks in a shed with no windows and lived on “stale” peanut-butter sandwiches.

          First, this lady requested that to eat. I know. I was there. But she doesn’t tell the audience about eating ALL she wanted in our mess-hall.

          She told us that she was getting fat and needed to lose weight. Guess peanut-butter sandwiches will make you lose weight?

          She also says in this transcript that she was ORDERED into the so-called “shed”. By whom? Not us. I personally sent her home to her mother before she came back, begging to re-enter the camp—she went into that “shed” on her own. This sorry story about the “shed” was printed many times in many newspapers back then (I have the copies!). Her usual figure on the “shed” was 10 weeks. But this is even a lie. She spent less than that in the “shed”. In fact, she lived in five, I said FIVE different locations within our camp in her six months there. Why not ask the “other woman” who spent the same amount of time in the “shed” with her (She is still with ACMTC. Click here to read the full version of her side of the story.)?

          The newspaper always quotes her as claiming the shed was only 5x12 ft. What she doesn’t tell you is that it was 2 stories high and had room enough to stand up. She just lies about not being able to stand up. In reality, the “shed” was a two-story clubhouse that was 8x12 feet (width/length). It also had 2 extensions on it: one being 4x4 ft. with a window; the other being 4x6 ft. with a wood stove. It was fully carpeted, had electricity, good lighting, and was not mildewy.

          She does not tell her audience that right next to this “shed” was a brand new 30x40 metal building we built that had a telephone, a restroom with running water, heat, and even locked from the inside, not the outside. She spent time living in comfort in this shop building.

          In several old newspaper articles, even her new pastor (after she left us) said she was NEVER really LOCKED UP, only in her mind. I didn’t say this, her pastor said this. She even admits in the papers that she could have left at any time. Why not leave? She finally did, made up a pitiful story, and sued us for “holding her captive”. This BIG lie has been told over and over so many times. But as your letter points out, she is confused about the shed story. Yes, for she lies!

          I could tell lots more about this super pitiful story. Why not call the police and have us arrested? No police, no medical reports, no psychiatric reports (she claimed to be brainwashed!), NOTHING at all—just her story. Seems to me if we did these cruel things to her, she would at least have some proof. NONE! Just her word. And as you point out, her story is confusing.

          We are not some bizarre religious cult—we are an intentional “religious” community—we are The Cult of the Living God. So what?

          In closing, I wanted to mention that the “horrible shed” was previously the camp canteen which our kids sold food and drinks out of—THROUGH THE WINDOW! I have a video describing this “shed” (two-story clubhouse). I feel so sorry for all you people who believed all that peanut-butter bull!

—General Jim

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