I Wish I didn’t Have to Say This . . .
Gen. James Green

I F ONE RESEARCHES (as I have) the U.S. role in the world today, and yesterday, putting this hegemony in the long historical context of the emergence of modern-day U.S. imperialism, unmistakably built on the foundations of GENOCIDE, MURDER, and EXPLOITATION, one will be sickened (as I am!). I once believed in America—until God opened my eyes to the real truth, not what was taught to me in text books and in the military (that is mostly propaganda), but what American policy really is all about. No, I’m not a commie.

Here we are—2015—still engaged in worthless wars (plural) which, by the way, are designed this way…state terror has long been used in the 3rd world to fight what governments have unilaterally declared as “terror.”

Roland G. Simbulon has written a piece (about the nature of modern “Imperialism”) whereby he gives accounts of U.S. imperialism DESIGNS...very disturbing. By now we all should know that America has 2 governments: one public, and one hidden (the shadows of power=a hidden Oligarchy that draws hundreds of U.S. gov. administrators/ diplomats etc. into its ranks to DECEIVE, UNDERMINE, AND EVENTUALLY CONTROL ALL AMERICAN POLICIES, EVEN THE WHOLE OF THE ARMED FORCES). Without getting too deep into historical (past) events, let’s hear a few things from Simbulon:

“Wars and counter-insurgency have long been pursued as a strategy against “terrorism” in the Third World, and the war against “terrorism” has always been made as an excuse by states to promote militarist and authoritarian dictatorships supporting Western expansionist, strategic and economic objectives.

Today, the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the subsequent declaration by the United States of a global war on terrorism has created a pretext for governments to extend and justify the use of draconian national security laws and measures to suppress movements for democracy and human rights. These attacks that have hit the U.S. heartland and the very symbols and headquarters of capitalism and U.S. military might have created events that threaten to roll back the gains of people’s movements all over the world. In responding to perceived threats to “national security,” the security of individuals, communities and societies is often neglected by the state. There is no mention of the “terrorism of poverty,” which in fact kills more people than any war. It is a form of terrorism that is often neglected, especially in the present era where neo-liberal globalization has worsened the conditions of the already marginalized peoples of the world.

Neo-liberal economic policies have resulted in the increased erosion of Third World people’s standards of living and created structural inequality, insecurity, tensions and conflict. Social injustice and inequities, including state policies that exacerbate poverty, unemployment, landlessness and lack of social services, are the NO. 1 RECRUITERS AND BREEDING GROUND FOR SO-CALLED ‘TERRORISTS.’ Thus, when people face severe threats to livelihood, rights and living standards that have been greatly eroded by neo-liberal globalization (it used to be colonialism and feudal oppression), their protests and demands, particularly when voiced by people’s movements, are treated as security threats by the state. The state increases its reliance on the use of force through police/armies that inflict violence on the people. The exercise of state violence is even legalized and justified through national security laws that are meant to ‘establish order.’

As more and more people resist and seek alternatives to the dehumanizing world order resulting from the policies and practices of neo-liberal globalization, there is a need to widen the democratic space, not restrict it or shrink it further. More democratic space is, in fact, needed for the expression of grievances.”

(Note: the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, as we NOW KNOW!, were planned and CARRIED OUT BY AMERICA, ISRAEL, AND SAUDI ARABIA).

While promising “We The People” to take care of “those terrorists,” now the U.S. gov. has declared Christians and Vets (and dissidents) to be “domestic terrorists.” Of course all this was already planned (not to mention the laws put in place to restrict “We the People’s” freedoms. ENSLAVEMENT, dear ones: this is their game!—create a crisis; create a solution. When fearful/hurting peoples seek help from their gov., those same people become TARGETS of “anti-terrorist” measures. It is a fact that militarism and the adoption of Draconian laws/measures as a reaction to people’s demands have too often been resorted to by states under the garb of curbing “terrorism.”

New World Globalization

THIS IS NOT a fictitious boogeyman, this is a real world threat. The “war on terror” threatens to label any form of dissent (like this article!) as dangerous…I am “armed and dangerous” with a pen!! Yes, we can even shake up the “shadows of power.”

Unholy Trinity

THIS ‘NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT,’ or ‘New World Order’ is made up of the political, economic and military=modern-day imperialism unholy trinity. This 3 in 1 “thing” has, at its disposal, the national and global media to spew forth lots and lots of (dis)information, their own definitions of morality, blah, blah, blah. The “enemies” are defined/classified as ALL those who are OPPOSED to, or are CRITICAL of, U.S. imperialist globalization…no matter how vague and broad the definition.

But, no fear, this BEAST is only run by mere men/women, not by supernatural gods/goddesses (although many within its ranks believe they are). This BEAST has a disease: it suffers from a combination of crises in legitimacy, overproduction and overextension. But, we have God, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit on our side. Trust me, their government is far superior to this BEASTLY thing made up of sickos and psychos. What are you waiting for?...Join God’s Army and fight His way.

Deny/Defy the Architects of WAR/TERROR!!

WAKE UP! Their real power comes from our believing in them. We need not fear their reign of power—it will come to an END!! The Good News is this: “…for He is the Living God, and steadfast FOREVER, and His Kingdom that which shall NOT BE DESTROYED, and His dominion shall BE EVEN unto the END” (Daniel 6:26). Jesus’ Kingdom will NEVER be destroyed; He is the “Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end” (Rev. 21:6).

You see, mere men/women do their thing—good or evil—then pass into eternity: in Heaven, or Hell Fire.

We’ve seen that God’s Kingdom will remain after men’s kingdoms pass away. Daniel, the Prophet of the Most High God, tells us that God “liveth for ever, whose dominion is an everlasting dominion, and His kingdom is from generation to generation” (Dan. 4:34). Daniel tells us in 2:44: “…God of heaven set up a Kingdom, which shall never be destroyed…it shall break in pieces and consume all these (earthly) kingdoms, and it shall stand forever.”

So, dear ones, why are we believing in men’s kingdoms and their puny dominions? They shall pass away. Even if we die in exposing their satanic kingdom, being in Christ Jesus, WE LIVE FOREVER!! The Revised Standard version uses the word “sovereignty.” The reading “its sovereignty” assumes that the sovereignty in the coming kingdom will be in the hands of God’s redeemed peoples.But note: “break in pieces” (2:34, 35): His Kingdom will come in with some violence, BREAKING INTO PIECES ALL EARTHLY KINGDOMS WHO OPPOSE HIM.

Watch What You Eat!

THE CULTURAL hegemony of modern imperialism uses both “fire-power” and “soft-power,” the latter is deceiving… “sweet deceit fools eat”—winning hearts and heads thru McDonalds, Levis, Hollywood, Microsoft, and hundreds of other U.S. commercial icons…captivating this nation. Also, the hard core military image captures the minds/hearts of the patriots: “For God and country.” Well now, since God is currently being eliminated from the military, and being replaced with queers and trans’, one now must pledge allegiance to “country and fag” (not flag). As I write, the sickos of this nation want to do away with the flag—because it—are you ready for this??...it represents imperialism! Nothing like hiding truth in plain sight.

The rule of feast, the rule of force. You see, we can eat without eyes and ears, not just with our mouths.

While America is soooo concerned with spreading democracy worldwide, it is being denied at home. Have we entered into an “ideological battleground” or what?...a war being waged?...well, a revolution being waged for the soul of America. The pimps at D.C. and within the Pentagon would have us (the stupid whores!) work till we drop dead for their One World Agendas.

So, the rabble-rousing and saber-rattling (let’s not forget the flag-waving, oops!, I mean, the fag-praising) goes on…all in the name of the so-called WAR ON TERRORISM.

If America ever got the guts to recall the litany of deceptions that got America in WAR, she would weep. Mass deception/mass murder. NO!, I’m not a commie. America is bipolar indeed. America has given birth to twins: international communism and international terrorism. Oh, by the way, these are Siamese twins. Thank you for listening.